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Zoey 101: Part 1 - A New Start by Jeff_Paw2001 (mf, inter)
Zoey 101: Part 2 - OMG Daddy by Jeff_Paw2001 (Mf, inc)
Zoey 101: Part 3 - Bi Birdies by Jeff_Paw2001 (Mf, mf, ff, m-mast, oral, inc, voy)
Zoey 101: Cupid's Valentine's Day Vengeance Part 33 by Hamster (fff, voy, magic, mc)
Zoey 101: The Elixir by DiGiovanni (Mf, MMf, mf, mmf, nc-cons, reluc, drugs)
Zoey 101: Justice Is Served by Skibbiez (Mff, reluc, first, grope, nc-cons)
Zoey 101: Making The Team by Skibbiez (Mf)
Zoey 101: People Auction by Lisa Welles (ff, mm, mf, inter)
Zoey 101: She Picked The Wrong Costume by NuggettDane (mmmmf, f-mast, oral, anal, ncon)
Zoey 101: So You Want To Make Some Money? Part 1 by Tricksterson (Mfff, anal, cons, first, f-mast, inter, oral, reluc)
Zoey 101: So You Want To Make Some Money? Part 2 by Tricksterson (mmmfff, mf, inter, oral, anal, buk, exhib, voy)
Zoey 101/7H/BIOAON/D&J/LID/Mammoth/NDSSG/YMAO: Hallowheart Haunted School For Girls Part 1 by Hamster & Vermillion (Ff, ff, f-mast, inc, nc-cons)
Zoey 101/Ned's Declassified School Survival Guide: Sex Education Video by Lil' White Rabbit & Tricksterson (mm, mf, mff, ff, cons, first, oral, rom)

Victorious: Jade & Tori Part 1 by Red Butt Wrangler (MFF, anal, spank, bond, viol, ncon)
Victorious: Robbie's Hard Night by Marc S (mFFfff, oral, anal, nc-cons)

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