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This is a sequel to 'That Night', though you don't need to have read that to (hopefully) enjoy this story.

100: Cementing Alliances Part 1 (FF,inc,anal)
by LL

"The Commander will soon be here," smiled Octavia. She bent down over the suitcase in the small lean to she shared and ruffled around in it for a moment. "I wonder what she's like. Probably old and wizened, a real shrew."

Raven blushed a little, ignoring her friend as she closed up the suitcase her great-great grandfather had taken from Earth all those many years ago. "I'm sure she'll be..." she didn't finish the sentence and instead look steadily down at the suitcase as if wondering if she could fit in it.

It was Clarke who answered on her behalf, since they had arrived on Earth she had sometimes found herself in quasi-leadership role amongst the younger women, related as she was to a member of the council. "You'll be fine, everything I've heard is that she's only in her twenties herself."

"And you shouldn't be disrespectful," Harper said, turning to Octavia and frowning, "We've just been accepted as the thirteenth clan, she's now our leader."

"Hmpft," Octavia said in derision, "Leaders... telling us what to do, how to do it, how we live and then making us die. We're better off our on own."

Clarke knew that she was as secretly pleased as any of them; without the support and alliance of the Grounders the chance of survival of any of the Ark's inhabitants, whether down on Earth or up in space get ready to descend, were low. "We need them," she said. "Otherwise it'd be chaos and everyone for themselves." It was the truth she had been taught since she was small, society needed an ordered hierarchy, the leaders and the led. Raven and Harper nodded, they'd been taught the same thing. Octavia shrugged, unlike the others she had been brought up under the floor, her views on society were sometimes a little different. "They owe us," Clarke continued, "We helped them destroy the Mountain Men."

"Or rather a well aimed nuke from orbit did," Harper said.

"It showed we were both serious and friends to the Grounders," Clarke nodded her agreement. At times she shuddered to think of the council's original plan to send a hundred juvenile delinquents as the landing party. She couldn't imagine any first contact with the grounders would have gone well, if it had that hot-head Bellamy in it, that moron Finn or the dork Jasper. Luckily it had been her Mom in charge and what could have been a two-way bloodbath had turned into a negotiation, even if it had been slowed and dogged by mutual suspicion. Clarke smiled and reached out to tenderly pat Octavia's arm, "Look, my Mom wouldn't have done the deal and allied us with the clans unless it was a good one and we did get rid of the mountain men for them."

"Hmpft," Octavia snorted again, the mention of a member of the council not unruffling the feathers of the daughter of someone they'd airlocked. She shook the hand free and gave a knowing smile, "Well we all know why you're glad the Commander's finally here." She made some suggestive moves with her hips whilst pretending to slap a bent over butt.

Clarke blushed a little. It wasn't a secret, that when they were all lying in the darkness under the plastic of the shelter, who Clarke was thinking of as she rubbed her pussy. However, before she could think of a reply, Harper said, "You can talk. Will Indra be coming with them you think?" She gave Octavia a pointed look and this time it was the dark haired teen's turn to go red.

You could see she was just thinking of a suitably cutting reply when there was a shout from the guard at the gatehouse. "I can see them, they're just coming up the path."

There was no need to ask who them was. The four teens quickly closed their cases and straightened, brushing back stray strands of hair as they did. Clarke quickly looked over her friends to make sure they were presentable. Raven was in an old-style dress that had been sent ahead by the Commander's party, despite its age it still looked, if not new, at least not threadbare - a creamy cocktail dress which fitted Raven well, hugging her hips and tight over her pert bosoms. She looked beautiful in it, Clarke thought, and hoped her friend knew it - she just wished she'd taken the time to tell her earlier instead of squabbling with Octavia.

She turned to Octavia and Harper, they were dressed the same as Clarke, short leather skirts - no underwear - and leather ankle boots. They wore nothing above the waist, their tits exposed. They all looked hot as well and Clarke gave a small nod to show they were ready before exiting the shelter.

The landing site was a hubbub of activity, the guards clambering down from the watchtowers, leaving their rifles at the bottom before they headed into the landing craft itself. Others were rushing around the wooden tables set out over to the side, making sure that there were goblets and plates for every setting or ran to check that the food was out of the packets and ready to microwave. From the tents the other teen girls exited, all of them in the same ensemble of leather skirts and boots and nothing else, ready to give their new Commander a traditional Grounder wedding.

Raven moved to stand back next to Marcus Kane, who had been in command whilst her Mom had been away in the capital, Polis. Clarke ran forward with some of the other girls and pulled open the gate, she noticed a few of them men giving admiring glances at them, before Marcus ushered them inside, leaving just himself and the women.

Clarke could hear the newcomers before she could see them. The sound of conversation coming nearer, intermixed with the tramp of horses hooves and the jingle of metal. Seconds later they appeared from the woods, first of all men walking in bone armour with skull masks, spears over their shoulders, then more men on horseback, heavy swords swinging by their sides. And then the Commander...

Clarke didn't look at her new leader, instead she looked at the woman riding next to her. Abby Griffins was wearing a set of canvas combat pants with a matching jacket, her hair done up in a pony tail as she rode a horse like she was born to it - even though she'd only seen her first one a few months before. She saw Clarke and gave a quick smile, before subtly gesturing for the teen to lower her head.

Clarke blushed and did so. She'd been so happy to see her Mom she'd forgotten that as the Commander approached her new subjects had to show the appropriate obsequience. They had been told it was traditional for a new Commander to tour her liege's villages and towns and at each the guards and men would go inside leaving only the women to greet the Commander. It was both as a sign of their trust in her (that she wouldn't take advantage of their disarmed state) and a reminder of their faith that if they did rebel that this was how they'd end up (without men and the women as slaves and bed-things). As the horses got nearer and stopped Clarke could only hope that Octavia didn't use this moment to have another fit of rebelliousness.

There was the sound of dismounting and Clarke could hear people approaching her. She kept her eyes down at the ground. "Commander, this is Clarke," her Mom said and gently put her hands under the blonde teen's chin to lift her face.

The Commander was dressed in tight leather armour and with warpaint round her eyes, but she was just as young and pretty as the messages had said; whilst her expression was stern, there was a smile in her eyes as if being this warrior Goddess was only part of her. Raven need not have worried, Clarke decided and then quickly curtsied, "Commander," she said in greeting.

"Abby has told me much about you," the Commander said, gesturing to Clarke to rise. She gave a small smile, noticeable only if you were close to her, which confirmed Clarke's initial feelings about the young woman. "She's very lucky to have you."

"I'm the lucky one," Clarke cast a brief look at her Mom and smiled.

Her Mom gave a quick one back, before turning towards Raven - who was now standing on her own, Marcus having gone inside. "This is Raven."

The Commander stepped away from Clarke and looked at Raven, gesturing the young woman closer. "You're painting was very true to life." Clarke smiled, in the messages they'd received from her Mom it seemed that the Commander hadn't really understood the concept of photographs and still thought of them as particularly well done drawing.

The Commander continued forward, walking round and inspecting Raven like she was a product she was considering buying, which in a way she was. The young woman was the sweetener to the deal after Indra had mentioned to Abby she was exactly the type the Commander liked and reminded her that the Commander was both currently unmarried and under competing pressure from the clans to choose a wife. Clarke could remember the photo session, as they took snap after snap of Raven in various states of undress right down to her nude and spread to tempt the Commander. It had worked and straight away not only had the Skikru been accepted into the alliance, but found themselves amongst the most influential of the clans, vying with Ice Nation. Or they would be once the Commander accepted their tribute. Clarke realised she was holding her breath as the Commander circled Raven; she glanced at her Mom - she was holding it better but Clarke had known her long enough to realise that, she too, was tense with last minute worries.

"Raven Reyes, I take you as my wife," said the Commander.

There was a pause as Raven seemed struck dumb like she'd forgotten the words or was suddenly going to decide the Ark be damned, this was a bad idea. But it was only for a couple of seconds, though it seemed longer, then Raven gave a nervous smile and said, "Lexa, I accept you as my wife."

And that was that they were married. It was a lot longer than Clarke's own wedding which she remembered had followed an elaborate ceremony with lots of preaching from the Chancellor and hymns to a God that had taken a break from looking after the Earth. She smiled as she remembered that night, casting a small sideways look at her Mom to see if she was thinking the same; she just hoped Raven enjoyed her first night as much and that the next morning her butt ached as much as Clarke's cherry popped one had.

She put the thought of it to one side and stepped forward "We have prepared food for you." She gestured at the tables set out.

The Commander nodded as if it was her due (which it was). She took Raven's hand, "Come let us eat." Her entourage, Abby among them, headed to the tables. As they did the topless teenagers sprang into action, some running to get the wine, others to get the guitars and violin with which to serenade the Commander and her new bride. Others like Clarke were heading to the kitchen, where the first pre-packed meals were coming piping hot out of the microwaves.

Clarke picked one up, holding it gingerly between her fingers as she placed it on a plastic tray. It was strange, how people's tastes differed, to her one of the best thing about coming down in the ark was the chance to eat real meat and fruit which had been grown on a real tree. To the Grounders the tasteless pre-packed goop that the Arcadians were forced to eat every day was a luxury; from the messages the column had sent as it approached, many of the Commander's people, were looking forward to tucking into some into the tasteless muck more than anything else.

Clarke deliberately timed her exit, behind Harper and Fox and at the same time as Octavia (who luckily seemed to have got over her rebellious moment). The four teens walked as quickly as they could towards the tables, their boobs bouncing over the steaming plastic plates. As she'd planned Harper and Fox arrived a few seconds before her, serving the Commander and Raven; unsurprisingly Octavia turned towards Indra, sitting on the Commander's right side. It left Clarke free to serve her Mom...

She walked over, slowing down over the last few feet, to gently swerve her hips as she came forward, making her titties jiggle. They continued to bounce as she leant forward, her Mom's eyes following them, as the teen placed the plate in front of her. She continued to look at them as Clarke slowly straightened and gave a seductive smile, "Would you like me to refill your wine?" she asked, nodding towards the goblet. It hardly needed topping up, her Mom had drunk no more than a sip, but the Milf nodded and continued to look at her daughter's wonderful boobs, which she hadn't seen in weeks as Clarke reached across for a bottle and as glacially as she could poured some in. When she could no longer fill it she placed it down and turned her back to her Mom, wiggling her sexy ass she went back to the kitchens to get more.

She carried on serving as the afternoon moved into darkness and lights shone out from the landing ship, illuminating the feast grounds to the amazement of the many grounders who had never seen such a thing before. Clarke continued to serve, through the various courses main meal - reconstituted fish, soya beef, cloned potato - and then through the puddings, which claimed to be fruit but were just a bleurgh of continually recycled nutrients with a tiny bit of flavouring on top. As she served she kept an eye on her Mom, glad to see her Mom was often keeping an eye on her at the same time, admiring the way Clarke wiggled her ass as she passed and bounced her boobs for her Mom's delight. A few of the Commander's men tried a grope, but a stern word worked for most of them and for those it didn't, a reminder that the Commander's new wife was sitting next to Clarke's Mom made them reconsider. She moved past her Mom several times, but as the meal got busier she couldn't stay and flirt.

As the eating wound down the next stage of the entertainment started, the first dancer barrelling past Clarke and she returned with the last of the empty plastic plates. She could hear the band start a well rehearsed tune. Marcus, orchestrating the feast from the kitchen, beckoned over Octavia. Harper and Clarke followed their friend. Marcus ignored them as he instructed the dark haired teen, "You're next to dance. Remember you're dancing for the Commander."

"Who else would I be dancing for?" Octavia said sullenly.

"You know who," Marcus snapped back. Another person who wouldn't put up with Octavia's rebellious crap, thought Clarke.

Her friend gave a half-shrug as if she didn't understand what was meant, but she didn't push back. In the background the music paused. "You're up," he told Octavia.

"Knock her dead," said Harper smiling.

"Yes, show her what you can do," Clarke grinned and patted her friend. She cast a small look at a Harper to check that she too was talking about Indra not the Commander. From the smile on the other teen's face Clarke suspected she was.

"Go and see if the Commander wants a refill," Marcus pushed a bottle towards Clarke and she nodded. She followed Octavia out, she had to admit her friend had a cute ass when you saw her from behind, both curvy and toned. She paused for a moment, watching as Octavia moved to in front of the top table and began to dance, her body moving in time for the music as she twisted her head round, tossing her long hair and wiggling her boobs. She was just a touch off if she'd been aiming at the Commander, but spot on if she was dancing with Indra. Clarke smiled, the teen had been flirting with the older general ever since they'd met and it had been naive of Marcus to think she would miss the chance to show the black woman what she was missing.

"Drink," someone called from the end of the table.

Clarke hurried over and refilled the goblet, going along one by one until she got to her Mom. The teen moved deliberately in front of her Mom, blocking her view of a dancing Octavia. She bent over, letting her tits jiggle inches away from her Mom's face. "Do you like what you see?" she purred.

Her Mom smiled, "You know I do."

"Would you like a top-up?" Clarke leant even closer forward, letting her Mom get a good eyeful of the perfect tits.

"Yes, just a small one, I don't want to be too tipsy for later."

"What's happening later?" Clarke asked coquetishly, tossing her hair over her shoulder and smiling sexually as she poured.

Her Mom just smiled. Again Clarke paused as long as she could before moving onto Raven. Her friend looked tense. "Would you like some more wine?"

Raven looked at the Commander, as if she expected her response to be decided for her. The Commander just said, "None for me," and turned to say something to Indra whilst still keeping her eyes on a dancing Octavia.

Clarke smiled and leant forward to her friend, "Nervous?"

"Terrified, I've never even been with a woman, I didn't even think I was interested in them and now... tonight..."

"You remember we talked on my wedding night? You said you'd have my wife if you were a lesbian?"

"I did? Sorry, was that rude?"

"I was really scared as well on my wedding, it's a big step and I knew it would change my relationship with my Mom a lot. And I was an anal virgin as well, getting my cherry popped was pretty scary as well. But you tell me my new wife was a catch, it helped, it made me think that perhaps I'd landed okay and I had. You remember me coming into the canteen the next morning?"

"Wasn't it nearer lunch?"

"Yes, and I was smiling ear to ear, you mentioned it and said I must have had a good night. I had and lots of other great nights after. You weren't the only who helped though, Chancellor Jaha gave me some advice and I'll give it to you, the first night sets the tone for the marriage, whether it works or whether its loveless and strained. Go for it Raven, full throttle, and you'll have a really great one, I know it."

"Thanks Clarke," Raven smiled, even if it was a little forced.

"I'm going to fill you up and then you're going clink glasses with your new wife and tell her how much you're looking forward to later," said Clarke and emptied the bottle into Raven's. She cast a quick glance at Octavia, coming near to the end of her performance and then headed back to the kitchen.

It was still organised chaos. Marcus stood in the middle of it, shouting, "Roma, you're up next," he turned to Clarke as if surprised to see her, "and you're on after Roma, don't head out again." Clarke nodded as Roma was already heading out.

As the music began to play again she sat on a table next to Harper, her feet dangling. "You think Raven will be okay?" Harper asked.

"Yes, I'm sure she will," Clarke grinned, "I was."

The music rose to a crescendo and then stopped. Marcus turned towards Clarke, "You're next."

The eighteen year old jumped off the table as Harper called out, "Knock her dead," and Clarke knew she wasn't talking about the Commander.

Clarke walked out into the light, hearing and ignoring the whistles and caterwauling from the audience as she sashayed towards the top table. She saw that Indra had left and in her place was sitting the flamekeeper leaning forward conspiratorially to talk to the Commander. However Clarke was glad to see that Raven was now holding her new wife's hand as she sipped at her wine and tried to appear relaxed. It wasn't them that Clarke was interested in, she positioned herself artfully so that she wasn't quiet dancing for her Mom, but wasn't exactly not dancing for her. She paused in situ and waited for the music to start.

Behind her the guitar started to play and Clarke launched into the routine she had been practising the last week. First she bent over, shaking her head and letting her blonde hair flow down, before suddenly jerking upright and making her tits jump and bounce. She shook her waist in time with the music, dancing sexily to the only audience that counted, her hands sliding sensually over her sides and up and over her titties. After a few moments she turned and bent, making the small skirt ride up over her ass so her cheeks were exposed. She shuddered and shook making them bounce as she twerked. But even as she was dancing with her back turned her hands were finding the front buttons of her skirt undoing them and then holding it together so that it didn't immediately fall down.

No, for that she waited until she had turned and twisted again, pulling apart the skirt and throwing it as far to one side as she could. She could see both the Commander and her Mom smiling as she danced in front of them, her shaven slit exposed to lascivious gaze. As the swayed to the music her hands slid down her front to her cunt and naughtily she pried it apart, dancing to show of her pink. From the lustful smile that had appeared on the Commander's face she was sure Raven would enjoy her wedding night. She only hoped that she might enjoy her own night as much. She swayed quicker as the music sped, opening her pussy wider and putting on her most sensuous look as she met her Mom's eyes briefly, the Milf grinning broadly.

And then the music stopped....

Clarke remained as still as a statue for a moment, her cunt wide open. Then she smiled and curtsied, "Commander..."

"Your Mom is a lucky woman," the Commander smiled and nodded towards Abby, who just grinned and gave a small shrug of agreement.

"Thank you," said Clarke and as the Commander didn't say anything else she took it she was dismissed. She turned from the table as the band started the next tune for the next dancer.

Now, the next question was where she had thrown her skirt. She had put as much strength as she could muster into the toss and from the corner of her eye she had seen flying over the side table to land in the semi-dark outside the ring of lights. She gave a sigh and went to find it.

Outside the tables the illumination rapidly dimmed, not helped by her vision having become used to light. The teen started to look around the ground, covered with boxes and clumps of bushes and without a leather skirt in sight.

"EEeeek," Clarke gave a sudden squeal as a set of arms wrapped round her stomach, squeezing her close.

"Mmmnn, you're so gorgeous," said a familiar voice in her ear, lips moving down to kiss the side of her throat.

"Mom," giggled Clarke, relaxing as quickly as she had tensed, "Why aren't you at the wedding feast? What will the Grounders think that you're not there?"

"They'll think I've not seen my hot and sexy wife in several weeks and that I'm horny to get reacquainted with her," she slid one hand down from the teen's belly to her pussy, gently rubbing her fingers over the lips, "I have so missed you."

"Oohhh," Clarke quivered against her Mom, arching her back so that she could press herself against her Mom and further enjoy the older woman's kisses upon her neck, "I missed you as well. Every night I've finger fucked myself thinking of having my face in your pussy or bending over whilst you strap-onned me so hard." She moaned again as her back slid up against her Mom, and Milf's finger slid round and round her pussy, "Urrhhh, urrrhh... But seriously Mom, aren't you supposed to be celebrating the Commander's wedding? What if someone asks where you are?"

"I'll just direct them to the Commander, it was her who suggested I might want to leave a little early and find you."

"Uuurhhh, urrrhh.... I'm supposed to be waiting, we all are, to welcome the Commander," Clarke moaned in pleasure, her own hand rubbing her Mom's as her Mom rubbed her.

"You've been dropped from the rota," her Mom purred and kissed Clarke just under her ear.

"I'm searching for my leather skirt," giggled Clarke. She twisted her head to one side to allow her Mom to kiss her better to show that she didn't mean what she said to come over as a litany of excuses.

"I don't think you'll need it do you?" her Mom kissed her again, her lips sliding up and down the side of the teen's neck down to her shoulder.

"No," giggled Clarke, "Do you want to go to my shelter whilst the others are working?"

Her Mom laughed and smooched her lips at the teen as her hands stroked her pussy and belly, "I think it's in use. Octavia can't pussy tease Indra for months without there being consequences."

Clarke grinned, "I'm thinking Octavia might being enjoying the consequences."

"She may well," her Mom smiled back.

"We can't use your old room, Marcus has it now," said Clarke, "Unless you fancy doing it here, where do you want to go?"

"I'm so horny for you I could do it here," her Mom grinned.

Clarke giggled. She was wet as well and horny and desperate for her Mom. It was only however when her Mom moved her hands to the teen's shoulders and gently guided her forward further into the darkness that she realised that her Mom wasn't joking. She gave a little gasp, "What if anyone sees us?"

"You've been wandering all afternoon with those gorgeous titties on display and just followed it up with a display of your pink, I didn't think you'd be shy," her Mom grinned, "But if anyone does find us and asks, I'll just tell them you're eating your wife's pussy."

"Okay," giggled Clarke, "If you put it like that I can't say no."

Her Mom guided her a little further away from the light, but still within the compound. Finding a spot near the plastic wall she stopped and twisted Clarke to face her. "You are so sexy, I missed you so much over the last few weeks, Mrs Griffin."

"Me too Mrs Griffin," Clarke giggled as she replied. Her lips met her Moms and they kissed hungrily, making up for lost time, tongues stabbing forward, lips trying to engulf each other. Abby's hands moved up and down over her daughter's naked waist, massaging the sides with her palm, gently skimming over the smooth skin. Clarke's hands meanwhile were down at her Mom's pants undoing the buttons.

They broke the kiss as the last button came undone and Abby pushed her pants down to past her knees as Clarke got down on her knees in front of her. She reached up and hooked her fingers under the elastic of her Mom's panties, the knuckles colliding with her Moms as she was doing the same. Clarke looked up at her Mom, both smiling at each other. It didn't need two people to pull down the underwear, but they did it together anyway, Abby bending forward far enough that she could kiss the top of Clarke's forehead, "Love you baby."

"Love you too Mom," agreed Clarke, her gaze focussing on her Mom's snatch as the Milf straightened. Even in the darkness Clarke could see the slit she'd been dreaming about so much over the last couple of weeks, the beautiful cunt that she loved eating so much. She pursed her lips and gently kissed, starting at the top of the thin strip of hair above the hole, down to the clitoral hood and the slit finally to the mound beneath. And then up again showing her love without words.

As she kissed she could feel her Mom quivering in anticipation, the older woman resting her hands on her teenage daughter's shoulders. She gave a small moan as Clarke gave a quick stab with her tongue, drawing it up the slit and running quickly back down. "Oh Clarke, eat me, gobble my hot twat, make me cum all over your darling face."

The teen began to lick faster. She knew her Mom also enjoyed some finger with her tongue so she brought one of her hands up and slid a digit into her Mom's cunt, opening it for her tongue to follow. "Ooohhh," moaned Abby in pleasure as her teen daughter pleasured her, "Ooohhh baby."

It had been too long since Clarke had eaten her Mom and so she tongued with enthusiasm. It wouldn't be true to say she'd forgotten she loved the taste of her Mom's cum in that time, it would be true that licking it down made her remember exactly how much... Her finger plunged in and out of the soaking hole, making it wetter for her tongue to reap the rewards. She lapped with an eager enthusiasm, her tongue driving at the pink walls, slurping back the cum they secreted.

"Yes, ooohhh, uurrrhhh, yesss," moaned her Mom. In the background Clarke could hear the sounds of revelry, the feasters unable to hear her Mom's gasps and sighs above their own laughter and ribald shouts at the sexy dancers. Clarke went faster and harder, slamming her tongue into her Mom's cunt and using her spare thumb to rub the clit. Her Mom shook harder, gripping her shoulders, "Fuck, oooohhh, yes, Clarke yes, eat my cunt, lap it out, you're close to making me cum, do it baby, do it."

The teen lapped and fingered with an eager intensity. Her Mom tasted so good and the teen had missed the pussy so much - not just the taste, though that was lovely or the texture, though she loved the soft, warmth, but also how her Mom shuddered and gasped, her obvious appreciation turning the teen on even more. "Aaarrrghh, ooohhhh, make me cum, ooooohhh fuck make me cum," Abby screamed out, her hands clawing at her daughter's shoulders, leaving little red marks over the skin, "Aaaarrrgghhh, fuuuccckkk, aaaaaargghhh."

As her Mom bucked and shuddered in orgasmic ecstasy Clarke carried on lapping, she knew from experience her Mom could take (and would want) more. The liquid slid over her tongue as she dived faster and harder into the soaked pussy, loving every second of enjoyment she was giving her wife and mother. The Milf continued to buckle, her knees bending as she shook so hard that if she hadn't been leaning on Clarke she'd have fallen, "AAaAaarrrghh, fuuucckkk, aaaaarrrghh."

A man stumbled out of the darkness, drunk and looking for somewhere to piss. He saw what was going on and mumbling some apologies staggered off. Clarke didn't let the interruption disrupt her flow, her tongue driving deep with her finger thrusting in. Her Mom shuddered more, her back bending and arching as she squealed her pleasure, "AAAaarrrrghhh, yessss, yessss, Clarke, aaaaarrrghh, that's wonderful, aaaaaarrrghhh..."

The teen sped faster and harder, she was in so deep now that her finger seemed superfluous, she continued with it anyway, slamming hard and fast. She wanted to make sure her Mom knew how much she loved her and their relationship was no longer primarily Mom and daughter, but of wives - top and bottom.

"Aaaarrrghhh, yessss, aaaaarrghhh," Abby screamed once more and gushed.

The juice exploded like a geyser. Clarke knew from experience there was too much to swallow and even as her Mom was cumming the teen was jerking back her head so the warm cunt juice splashed over her face, matting her hair and splattering down her naked titties. The gush only lasted two or three seconds, but it was so powerful it left the blonde teen dripping. She licked the wetness round her lips that she could reach with her tongue and looked at her Mom smiling, "I missed you so much. I love you."

"I love you as well," her Mom smiled reaching down to pull up her pants, "That tongue is something special."

"I do it because I know you enjoy it," Clarke smiled and got to her feet.

Her Mom's hands reached round her, pulling her close, before slipping down to her ass cheeks and gently pulling them apart, "And you know what else I like," the Milf grinned.

"I enjoy it to, my ass is so tight without it being fucked every night, you'll love it," Clarke purred melting into her Mom.

"Let's go and fuck it then," her Mom smiled.

"Where shall we go?" the teen asked. She had been willing to risk licking her Mom in the darkness of the compound, but butt-fucking was much more intimate and she didn't want to have an audience for that.

"What about that old shelter?" her Mom said.

"It's a long way away," said her naked daughter.

"Not now I can ride," her Mom said. She reached down and took the teen's hand, "Let's find your skirt and then go."

It didn't take them long to find it, it had landed on a plastic box filled with spare parts for the generator. Clarke replaced it, "What about a top?" she asked.

"MMmmnnn, I'm enjoying the view," her Mom grinned and looked down at the two teenage boobs, pale and white in the darkness.

They headed towards where the horses were, stepping through the shadows on the edge of the circle of light. The band was still playing and someone was still dancing, but Raven and the Commander had gone; Clarke hoped that Raven enjoyed her wedding night as much as she had.

Clarke waited whilst a guard saddled a horse for her Mom and her Mom picked up her backpack from a pile. The ways he mounted the horse made it look easy, especially as it was such a big beast. The teen approached it nervously, following her Mom's instructions and, with a little help found herself astride it, in front of her Mom. The gate opened and they went out.

The forest was dark, but without the Mountain Men and with the Grounders now as allies safer than it had been - as long as you were careful and avoided anything that looked like it was alive and moving. The horse trotted along amicably and Clarke relaxed into her Mom, letting her guide their mount to its destination. It didn't take them more than twenty minutes, less than half the time it would have taken on foot.

Leaving the horse tied to a branch they climbed down the ladder into the shelter. Finding the generator switch Abby pulled it and there was a clanking sound as the old machine slowly eased itself back into life, the air conditioning fan starting to bang above their heads as the bulbs flickered on, casting the rooms in a faint light. Abby took her daughter in her arms and kissed her, pressing their bodies together. Clarke responded with her normal enthusiasm, her hands gripping her Mom tight as she rubbed herself at the Milf.

They didn't stop kissing even as Abby guided them into room with the wire-framed beds, continuing until Clarke's legs were pressing at the metal and her Mom was guiding her down onto it. The teen sat, looking up at her Mom and starting to undo her leather skirt again. Her Mom was also getting undressed, her eyes on her daughter, her facial expression one of undisguised lust. "I've been wanting to do this for so long."

"Oh Mom, me as well. I am so horny for you," Clarke pulled of her dress and got onto the bed, the sheets were still rumpled from the last time they'd been here. "I want to fuck you."

She watched as her Mom finished getting undressed, looking hotter naked than a woman her Mom's age had any right to be. The Milf opened her rucksack and pulled out a strap-on. She grinned as she dangled it front of her daughter, "Big enough."

Clarke surveyed the ten inches of thick plastic and nodded with a smile, "It'll do." She reached down and spread her pussy, "This..." she quickly flipped herself onto her front and grabbed her ass cheeks pulling them apart to show her back hole, "... or this."

Her Mom slipped on the strap-on smiling and not saying a word, so Clarke remained on her front, her buttocks spread. Her mom pulled the final strap of leather into place and instead of climbing onto Clarke she reached down into her rucksack and came out with what looked like a small toy with a rounded strip of plastic round the end to stop it being lost in the hole. "A present from Lexa... the commander. It's called a butt-plug"

"It looks kinda small," smiled Clarke.

"But it'll open your ass nicely whilst I fuck your pussy," smiled Abby. She leant down and pushed it against the sphincter.

Not having its normal regular usage over the last couple of months had tightened Clarke's ass again and she felt her walls trying to resist the interloper. She relaxed and lifted her ass, wiggling to encourage the toy in. "That's a good girl, let the plug in."

The toy pushed down the tunnel, not as far as a proper strap-on, but far enough that Clarke could feel her chute stretching. She moaned in pleasure as it tickled her erogenous zones, the toy gently within her as her Mom turned her over onto her back. She looked up at the woman who had given her life and now made it worth living, "Come fuck me now," the blonde teen purred. Her legs spread and the toy in her ass wiggled pleasantly.

Her Mom smiled as she got on the bed, moving herself over her daughter. They both took hold off the toy and together guided it to the waiting hole. Clarke was already wet and she became wetter as the tip pushed between her legs and then slid into the tunnel. Her Mom continued forward, slowly fallings towards the teen as she entered her, slipping the cock deeper and deeper into the wetness.

"MMmnnn," the teen moaned in pleasure as the dick found her special places. For the last few weeks the only thing down there had been her fingers, it felt so good to have a thick rubber dong pushing into her. She spread her legs wider reaching up to hold her Mom's back, staring into her eyes as Abby came down, "Oh yes, fuck me, fuck me so good."

Her Mom smiled, pausing long enough to kiss Clarke passionately, her mouth moving over the teen's as her big plastic cock remained buried in the cunt. Then she lifted herself, her tits wobbling above the teen, the cock scraping along the walls as it withdrew. "Mmmnn you're hot stuff, Clarke," Abby purred and went down again, harder and faster.

"Ooohh," the teen gasped in pleasure. The plug moved in her ass, rubbing her sensitive nerve endings and sending matching waves of pleasure to those emanating from her pussy. Even as she was shuddering in excitement her Mom was rising again, smiling down her. And then down she slammed, ramming the full length of the plastic dick deep into the hot hole. Clarke gasped again, her back arching as both her back and front holes sent speedy messages of sexual joy rushing to her brain. "Ooohhh."

Her Mom was quickly moving into a rhythm, thrusting the toy rapidly into the soaked fuckhole, each time slamming it with a violent passion, sending it deep into the teen. Clarke shuddered and shook with each hammering blow, gasping in pleasure, the butt-plug vibrating sexually in her ass. Her hands clawed at the bedding as her back arched and bent. She had missed being fucked so much, she and her Mom had often managed to find time to have two or three fuck sessions a day, plus a quickie or two and to go from that to celibacy was like moving from feast to famine. Except now the good times were back. She squealed and bounced her own titties, banging them at her Mom's as the Milf came down again, "Uurrhh, urrrrh, fuck me, oooohh fuck me so good Mom, I want your big dick, urrrrhhhh."

"Oh fuck Clarke, I have missed fucking you so much, you're the most sexy, beautiful women on the whole planet. I love banging your sweet holes so much," her Mom panted back, going even faster than before, her thighs smacking at the teen as she came in.

"Aaarrrghh, yes, give it me Mom, ram me so hard," Clarke shrieked. Waves of pleasure were zipping through her and she could feel herself cumming even quicker than normal; though whether this was due to pent up desire or the plug in her ass helping her along she neither knew nor cared. "Aaaarrrrghhh, fuuucckk me, fuck me harder, aaaaaarrghh."

Her Mom continued to pound her, the squeak of the old bed competing with bangs of the air conditioning and the clanking from the generator. None were as loud as Clarke's cries of ecstasy, "Aaarrrrghh," she screamed loudly as the orgasms tore through, "Aaaarrrghhh, yeesssss, arrrggghh, fuuucckkk!"

Her Mom continued to pound with a frenzied enthusiasm, her body smacking against her daughter's as she drove the toy all the way in. Clarke squealed again, her hands wrapping round her Mom, pulling her down and deep. The Milf continued to thrust even as she buried her face in the blonde's pert titties, rubbing them with her hair. "Uuurhh, urrrh," she panted, "Oh Clarke you're so sexy, I love you, I love ramming my dildo into your wet twat."

"Yessss, aaarrgghhh," screamed Clarke in reply, "Slam me good, hammer my hole, aaaaaarrghh, fuck it forever." Her back bent and twisted as a powerful orgasmic wave flooded her body, her expression contorting and twisting as her facial muscles seemed to develop a mind of their own, "AAAaarrrrghhh, yessssss, aaaaaarrghh."

Abby slammed into her again. Despite the coolness of the shelter, she was covered with sweat, the perspiration slipping and sliding down her body to land on Clarke. The two of them shone in the dim light, two coupling bodies merging as one. The Milf went in hard and fast, skilfully fucking her daughter to orgasm after orgasm. Clarke had always thought no wonder could be such a wonderful lover as her Mom and the pounding she was getting was yet further proof of that. She screamed and gasped again, her body bending so much she almost doubled, the plug quivering in her ass like it was alive.

Panting her Mom pulled out the dick, the soaking toy dripping cum as it withdrew. "God, that pussy was so fuckable," Abby said, leaning forward and kissing Clarke passionately, "But now I need some ass."

She kept kissing Clarke as she rolled her over, the teen twisting her head to keep her mouth attached to her Mom's as long as she could before they broke. "I want you to fuck it as well, its been too long."

"Let's get this out," her Mom purred and pulled out the plug, dropping it to the floor. "And this in." Clarke felt the tip of toy pushing at her sphincter, the rosebud easing back as her Mom guided it in.

Whilst the plug had helped, without her regular fuckings Clarke ass had started to tighten and it resisted the strap-on. The teen eased herself back, raising her ass and bending her back, pushing her butt up the toy as her Mom pressed down. The walls resisted for a moment or two, before starting to open further - recognising that resistance was futile. The teen remained in position her ass up in the air, her face pressed at the bed . Her Mom began to move faster, each time thrusting deeper into the ass and soon she was in all the way, her thighs beating a tattoo against her daughter's buttocks as she pounded hard.

"Ooohhh, urrrrhh, oooohh," Clarke moaned, her hand reaching under her body to fondle her clit, the finger rubbing at the bud in tandem with her Mom's powerful thrusts, "Ram me Mom, fill my ass with your huge strap-on dick."

Grabbing Clarke's sides her Mom continued to sodomise her daughter with a passion, ramming the thick dildo down the tight tube. Clarke squealed and squeaked in absolute pleasure, rocking back and forth in time with her Mom, her hands out in fist just in front of her contorting face, "Aaaarrrrgghh, harder Mom, harder, you know how much I love it."

Her Mom sped up, thrusting fast and deep into the hole, ramming it with a violent vigour. Clarke gasped and cried out in excited ecstasy. Her ass had missed this so much, no matter how hard she had fingered her cunt, how often she rubbed at her clit, no pleasure could ever compare to having a large dick, wielded by her super-hot Mom, pounding deep into her ass. She rubbed at her cunt harder and faster, trying to match her Mom's speed. Cum coated her fingers, dribbling from her pussy like a cracked pipe. "Yes, pound my butt, make it gape."

"Yes, baby, oh your ass is so divine, its as sexy as always," her Mom panted and slammed. Her fingers dug into Clarke, the nails biting into the teen's slender waist as if they were being used to hang on. Harder and faster Abby went, sweat drops spinning away from her as she pounded against her daughter's cheeks like she was in boxing ring. "Uuuhh, uuuhh, this ass is heaven."

"Aaaarrrgh, yessss, yesss it is, send me to anal paradise Mom, fuck me so good, aaaaaarrgghh, yesssss!" Clarke screamed in pleasure as the waves of orgasmic joy rushed through her like a tidal wave. Her Mom slammed in again and again, driving the teen to even higher realms of nirvana, the pleasure so intense that it almost hurt, blowing her mind and shredding her insides. "AAAaarrrrghhh, yesssss, aaaarrrghh."

"Huh, huh, take it baby, huh, love you," Abby panted as she ploughed the ass open.

Clarke wanted to tell her Mom how much she loved her back, but all she could manage was a scream of ecstasy as another orgasm exploded within her, "AAAarrrrghhhh, yesssss, aaaarrrghhh."

The Milf didn't seem put out by the response and continued to butt-bang with a brutal, albeit loving, passion. The teen's hole was stretched open, the tunnel walls doing the equivalent of sitting back and having a relaxing cool-aid as the Mom continued to slam the now well opened hole. Clarke shuddered and screamed, all pleasure, her butt an ocean of sexual bliss, suffusing through her body. She had missed this so much, her ass getting hammered, she needed it so much, to not let her Mom go again, to get herself anally filled morning, noon and night. "Aaaaarrrghh, yessss, don't stop ever, aaaaarrghhh, fucccckkk!"

"Huh, huh," her Mom upped the speed, making sure Clarke was getting full benefits of the dick. The toy slammed down, whizzing up and down the chute so fast it almost was setting the hole alight. "You're ass is so great. Ooohh, uuuurhh, I'm never going to not fuck it."

Clarke's back bent and her head shot up, before ramming back down as another orgasm hit her. "Aaaarrrghh, yessss, aaaarrghh." She wished they could remain like this forever, the two of them in this little bunker, her Mom continually filling her ass and making her cum, time after time. "Aaaarrrrghhh, fuucckkkk, aaaaarrrghhh!" Her head felt like it was a volcano spewing lava, her ass couldn't decide whether it was a mincing machine, sore and aching, or a paradise beach that she'd seen in the old postcards dotted around the station. In either case it was sending orgasms through her body and making every muscles, every fibre, every nerve ending feel like they were exploding and shattering, "AAaaarrrrghhh!"

"Huh, huh," her Mom grunted and panted. Clarke could feel the sweat on her Mom's palms as the Milf gripped her hard, the hands threatening to slip up and down her waist, only held in place by the dig of the nails. It was painful, but the soreness was drowned out by orgasms, tearing through her.

"AAaaaaarggh, aaaaaarrrghh," Clarke screamed. Hard and fast, her Mom pounded, making the bed squeak and bang against the wall, centuries old dust particles rising and blowing around as the frame smacked back and forth. The air conditioner blew them around, clanking as it did so. "AAaarrrghh," Clarke shrieked even louder.

The final orgasms hit her like a thunderbolt. It was if her Mom's dick was Zeus and her ass a recalcitrant Greek hero. Her body arched and bent, the pleasure burning through it like electricity. If she had been Frankenstein's monster it would have brought her to life, if she'd been a kite it would have left her twisted and burnt. "Aaaaaarrrghh, fuuuucckkk, aaaaaaarrgghh."

"Fuck," her Mom grunted and withdrew, falling to one side, "Fuck."

"You can say that again," smiled Clarke as she rolled onto her side and began to spoon into her Mom.

Her Mom turned her head towards the teen, stroking her hair and smiling, "Fuck," she grinned.

* * *

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