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100: Cementing Alliances Part 2 (FF,anal)
by LL

The violin and guitars started to play a near good rendition of 'Baby One More Time' by some long dead classical musician from before the apocalypse. Octavia took a deep breath and then half-ran, half skipped into the circle of lights, waving all the time and making sure she bounced her boobs artfully. She could see the men and the few women behind the wooden tables staring at her lustfully, as well they should clad as she was in nothing more than a tiny leather skirt and a pair of ankle length boots. She ignored most of them, partially because she was secretly shy and reserved (a life below floor did that to you), but also because she wanted to concentrate her efforts on the top table.

She bounded over to it and just before intro came to an end, dropped her ass on the wooden surface, just inches from her new Commander and recent wife, but also - and more importantly - Indra, the Commander's favoured general. The brunette could almost feel the eyes from all across the banqueting benches admiring the shapeliness of her body; the firmly tone stomach, the pert tits, the arch of her back as she lent against the table. It was only Indra that mattered to Octavia...

Her friends had teased her about it, but ever since the scary warrior had rode to their first meeting, surrounded by equally terrifying skull-faced soldiers Octavia had known that she had to be hers. She didn't know why she knew that, or even if it was a good idea - as Indra held a power of life and death over the teen and the others, but she did know it. The problem was Indra didn't yet know it; to the mighty warrior Octavia must seem a scared little girl, who could barely talk to anyone else; even more anxious than her fellows that the sky was a long, long way above.

Which was true...

All her life Octavia had dreamed of being a mighty heroine, a warrior who'd smite her enemies and the enemies of her people. But when they'd come for her Mom, she'd just cried and snivelled and sobbed. She knew Indra would have fought and won. However, if Octavia couldn't be an Indra, she wouldn't be a cow in a herd that Indra despised. Which was why, taking every bit of effort she had she reinvented herself almost in front of everyone's eyes - rebellious, surly of authority to the Arcadians; flirtatiously cheeky and sensually arrogant to Indra. If during the talks Abby had asked her to get some wine, she'd have flounced away with a sulk, but when pouring it would have almost rubbed herself over Indra. She'd scowl whenever leaders and command were mentioned and lean sexually against a tree as Indra practised her swordsmanship. During meals she'd let it be known what she thought of the Chancellor - and it wasn't high - whilst licking her lips seductively if Indra had been invited as a guest.

If she couldn't be a warrior, she could be a warrior's wife.

Now Indra was here, inches from her, looking at her naked body and still Octavia had no idea of her flirting was having any impact at all; if it was Indra was keeping it well hidden - but that was Indra.

With a sudden crash of guitar the main song started and at the same time, or at least close to it, Octavia threw herself from the bench with a push of sexual energy. She swung round so that she was facing the top table, a little off from the Commander and more directed to Indra. Not so much it would be noticeable, but enough that Indra was getting the full force of her sensual beam as she moved. She jerked and shook her lithe body, bending and bouncing her tits, always keeping the smile. Her hands were slithering down her body, her hips wiggling as she found the leather skirt and with a little effort pushed it down, shaking her body to help it fall.

Was there a little smile from Indra now her naked pussy was on display? Octavia wasn't sure, but she hoped so. However it was important she carried on with her dance, her body waving back and forth twirling like a radar dish, her fingers stroking at her cunt in a pattern which spoke of hot sex, a warm up to the Commander for her night with Raven. At the right time in the song she swung around and bounced her butt cheeks. When she practised in front of Clarke and Harper, the three of them critiquing each other, she'd said it was to remind the Commander where to put her dildo tonight. Clarke and Harper had joked back that she wasn't aiming the move at the Commander - they were right.

The music continued nearing its end and the teen swung round again, moving nearer to the table, so that just as it reached its crescendo, she leapt up onto the table. She landed her ass firmly on the surface in front of the Commander with one leg drawn up and the other swinging gently, so you could see a touch of her smooth pussy from the right angle (not coincidentally the angle Indra was at). For a few moments she remained in situ, her head turned so she was looking away from the top table, towards the musicians. It meant she couldn't see how much Indra was admiring what was on view, if at all. Then there was small nod from the lead musician that they were finished with her and Octavia slipped off the table. She made sure she bent low when picking up her skirt, her ass wiggling. Then she sashayed from the field passing Roma on the way.

Stopping away from the lights she bent down again and stepped into her skirt, straightening as she pulled it up.

"I liked the dance," a voice came out of the darkness. Octavia turned as Indra approached, wearing her leather armour top and the wrap around skirt, which covered the scaled leggings

"Glad you enjoyed my show for the Commander" Octavia flicked her hair coquetishly, hoping that Indra saw the real truth behind the words.

Not replying, the older woman stepped further forward, not stopping until she was well within Octavia's personal space. Her hands reached under the teen's leather skirt and Octavia gasped in shock as Indra found her slit and pushed in. The older woman clamped her other hand on the young woman's shoulder holding her in place as she wiggled round, exploring the hole, a slow smile coming to her face. "Tight," she grunted. She twisted her fingers a little more and Octavia dampened. Indra's mouth move a little, not so much as a smile, more a slight upwards curl of a lip, "You ever been fucked?"

"What type of question is that?" Octavia tried to appear flirty and coquettish, which was becoming increasingly hard to do with Indra's fingers in her cunt.

Indra pulled her fingers out and examined them in the darkness, "I want to know what I'm getting," she said arrogantly.

Her commanding tone made Octavia as wet as her fingers had done, but she didn't want to surrender too easily - not when, as Indra had probably guessed, she was about to do it for the first time (at least with someone else). She gave what she hoped was a confident smile back, "What makes you think you're getting anything?"

"Oh I'm getting it," said Indra and this time her lips went high enough to be classed as a smile. She gripped Octavia's shoulder hard at the same time as one foot swung out with enough force to take the teen's legs away. Just as she thought she was about to tumble Indra's other hand was round her back, grabbing her. For a second they remained like that, Octavia's feet trying to scrabble for the ground, as her body went stiff as Indra held her at an angular slope. And then the older woman was lifting her, heaving her as she was a pack not a person and had the teen over her shoulder.

It had taken Octavia so much by surprise that was down, up and over before she'd even got her thoughts enough in order to squeal, "Oooowww, what are you doing?"

Indra lifted the skirt up and delivered a ringing swat to the naked rump underneath, "What do you think I'm doing?"

"I don't know, kidnapping me," squeaked Octavia aware she was immediately contradicting herself. She waved her legs uselessly and hammered a fist against the back of Indra's leather armour, not because she either thought it would do any good or because she actually wanted the older woman to stop, but because in the legends and tales that was what the heroine did.

In reply Indra slapped her ass again and began to walk. "Youch," Octavia gave another squeak as she was bounced, her long hair flowing down past her face. Indra ignored her and the teen girl gave Indra's armour another useless hammer. "Stop it," she called, hoping Indra didn't.

"You've been parading like a strumpet ever since I first met you," Indra slapped the teenage butt again, the crack sounding like a gunshot in the dark. "And tonight displaying your pussy like a hussy, it's comeuppance time."

"Ouch," Octavia gave another squeak as Indra's palm smacked down on her round cheek. "You could ask..."

"I don't ask, I'm a chief of the Trikru, I take," Indra stopped at the teen's shelter that she shared with Raven, Harper and Clarke. She pushed aside the plastic cover that acted as door and stepped in. Octavia grinned to herself and then gave a small gasp as Indra reached up and pulled her skirt all the way down, throwing the garment outside onto the ground as if it offended her, "And now I'm taking you."

With that she had Octavia off her shoulder. For the briefest of seconds the teen's feet were on the ground and then Indra was twisting her round and pushing her to the ground. She landed half on Harper's mattress, half on Clarke's, uncomfortable between them, but still happy she was there with Indra. "I am a virgin," she said with a quiver.

"Hmpf," Indra grunted with what a pussy dampening lack of interest. Her belt and sword landed on the mattress next to the teen, showing that she knew that Octavia wasn't a virgin who was prepared to protect her virtue. "Don't worry I'm going to start with your ass anyway."

"Oh," Octavia gave another gasp of surprise. She'd always assumed she'd loose her anal virginity, just that it would be on her wedding night. She put her hands up and round covering the cheeks over the hole, "We have a tradition in our people that don't have our butt cherry popped until after we're married."

Indra feet kicked forcefully, but not painfully at the teen's arms forcing them up, "We have a tradition with my people that to the victor goes the spoils and guess what? You're my spoils." She paused, "Unless you want to fight me for it?"

She didn't wait for an answer before dropping herself onto the teen's back. "You're still wearing your armour," Octavia gasped as the rough leather pressed at her naked skin. Indra ignored her and Octavia could feel the older woman, reaching down for her midriff, the wraparound skirt moving upwards as she lifted it and then the press of a fake dick against her.

One of the black woman's hands pressed at the top of Octavia's back holding her down, as the other pulled at the fake dick - a plastic heirloom handed down the generations. The teen gave a squeal and a wriggle, careful not to do it vigorously enough to stop Indra, but enough to show that she was a walk over - not a complete one anyway. Indra grunted, "Still pussy teasing?"

"Ouch," squeaked Octavia, whilst trying to raise her ass for Indra. The older woman didn't need much help, especially when it wasn't really helping at all. She pushed the teen's back again, forcing her into the mattress as she found the backhole. For a moment Octavia felt the tip of the toy rubbing at her virgin rosebud and then the sphincter started to expand as Indra pushed it in.

The older woman was surprisingly gentle in the entrance, instead of shoving it violently down, continuing to ram her weight on it until it was all the way in, she eased it slowly, letting the ass get used to the interloper before easing down another inch. She slowly worked the toy back and forth elasticating the walls and making them flex for the toy, allowing them to open gradually and slip round the dildo.

Which didn't mean it wasn't sore... Octavia's ass stung as hole that was not designed for thick pricks was introduced to one that had to be almost the girth of her wrist. She balled her hands into fists and hit them at the mattresses, biting her lip to stop herself from squealing. She wriggled and rocked, not due to a fake defiance, but to get herself in a position where it didn't feel that her tushie was being filled with a rapidly hardening concrete.

It was worth it though. Octavia had waited so long to be taken by Indra and the reality of being taken by the older warrior was like she had wanted; the black woman was dominating her and taking what they both wanted - and in a (relatively) gentle way.

"Hmpf," Indra grunted as she eased the toy another inch down. She pressed at Octavia's back, using the teen as balance to lever herself up so the cock slipped backwards. She paused for a microsecond and then eased it down, no further than before. "Here's a lesson for you Octavia of Skaikru, don't pussy tease warriors of the Trikru."

"I won't," lied a squealing Octavia, "I'll be good."

"Huh, I don't believe that. Though perhaps this punishment will make you more demure," Indra grunted.

Octavia didn't think it would, but then she didn't think it was a punishment. "Yes!" she squeaked, ambivalently, as Indra eased the dick in. "I won't be such a tease."

"Hmpf," Indra grunted the response in such a way as to suggest disbelief. Luckily, she didn't stop, but continued to feed the dick in, slowly, but surely, expanding the tunnel to fit. The walls clamped round the plastic, suckling it and gripping it. The black women continued up and down, her hand keeping Octavia in position - not that the teen had any intention of moving. The large dick went another inch in, opening more of the chute. Indra let go off it, it was encased enough to no longer need holding. Her spare hand moved to the mattress beside Octavia's face and if the teen turned her head she could see the onyx bracelet Indra wore on her wrist.

"Oh," the teen gave a small moan.

"Hmpf," Indra grunted. "This ass is tight, you are a virgin."

"I said I was," squeaked Octavia and Indra pushed a little further in. There was a brief flare of pain mixed with pleasure and Octavia automatically tried to bend her back. Indra was keeping a forceful hold on and even as the teen began to arch she was pushed powerfully back into the mattress.

"Don't struggle, it will go in easier," said Indra. She pulled herself back and hovered over the teen for a moment to see if her words had been heeded. Octavia decided she would do and lay still, her hands outstretched in front of her and her naked tits pressed down at the mattress. "Good," said Indra and resumed. thrusting her toy down.

It did begin to slip in a bit faster and if it was still sore the teen began to get used to it and appreciate the more wondrous feelings which came with it. As the ass opened and relaxed Indra began to move faster and harder, her skirt covering the teen's ass and the scaled leggings scratching at the insides of Octavia's thighs. The cock went deeper and deeper and the angle Indra came down at began to change so that the teen felt the older woman's body on top of hers, the leather armour crushing at her smooth skin. It scratched and bit, the ridges stabbing at her and the rivets leaving little dents in her flesh. Octavia didn't mind, in fact she liked it, the armour Indra was wearing remind her that her woman was a strong warrior who could take what she wanted and what she wanted was Octavia.

"Oh," the teen gasped, "Oooohhh." The full length of the toy pushed down her anal chute and for a moment Indra paused, her dildo fully enclosed by butt, as if they had just reached a milestone. Octavia breathed out and ungripped her fists, before gripping them again as Indra began to rise and fell.

"Ooohhhh," Octavia groaned. Above her Indra began to move faster, thrusting hard and deep as the teen's ass got used to the prick in it. Her hand moved from Octavia's back to rest on the mattress parallel to its twin. She rose up and fell, her leather armour crashing at the teen's flesh. "OOoohhhh."

"That's good, let me fuck your pussy teasing ass, I want to show you what happens to little sluts who tease," Indra grunted, but there was no malice in her words. She pounded in and out, quicker and quicker. The toy rammed down the virgin hole, opening it and relaxing the walls, stretching them. Octavia's cunt was so wet there was a damp patch underneath her, the cum staining the mattress. She tried to move one of her hands down there to rub at the cunt, but Indra was pounding her too hard, keeping her pinned down that she couldn't fit and was left with her hand trapped. Indra grabbed the arm and yanked it out, reaching for the teen's wrist and gripping it, pressing it the mattress, "I didn't tell you to touch yourself," she grunted.

"No, ooohh, yesss," squeaked Octavia. The older black woman thrust in and the teen shook and shuddered beneath her, trying to move and trying not to. "Ooohhh, urrrhhh, ooohhh."

"That's better," said Indra, loosing her grip slightly on Octavia's wrist whilst still continuing to hammer in. "I'm not going to ask whether you're sorry you're a pussy teaser...."

"Oooohhh, urrrrhh, oooohh," gasped Octavia, her ass still hurt, but not nearly as much as before and the pleasure was rising and rising. She wiggled it slightly, using all the strength in her hips to lever it towards her warrior woman. Indra rammed down, slamming herself against the risen butt and smashing it downwards, making the cheeks wobble and jump. The teen gasped again as the full length of plastic dick entered her, "OOoohhh, urrrhhh."

Indra was moving fast and hard, her armour smacking at the teen's body, bruising and beating her. Sweat dripped down, the little droplets falling from Indra's head onto Octavia and the perspiration from her hand making her grip slip on the wrist. She let it go, "Don't touch yourself unless I say," she ordered and rested her hand next to the teen's face again.

"Yes," squeaked Octavia, "I'll do what you say, fuck me please, fuck me hard."

"Hmpf," the older woman snorted, but didn't stop. Her cock pounded in and out, thrusting deep and fast, go in with a hard vigour. The asshole sang and stretched, waves of pleasure coming faster and faster.

"Ooooohh, urrrrrhhh, aaaarrgggh," Octavia squealed in joy as the ecstasy became too much for her. The feeling of sexual bliss overwhelmed her, driving her insides out and sending her heart her head and her brain down to her pussy. "AAaaaarrrghhh, yesssss, aaaaarrrghh." No matter how much she tried to shudder and arch Indra was forcing her down, continuing to pound, "Aaaaarrrghh, yesssss." The teen had dildoed her pussy before, borrowing Clarke and Harper's toys to do so, but she'd never felt anything like this - it was like breathing pure oxygen or perhaps not breathing enough so that her brain flashed and her vision sparkled. "AAAaaarrrghhh, yessssss, aaaaaarrghhhh."

The black warrior continued to slam in, ramming the dick. She was going even faster, no longer needing to go gentle and instead giving the teen the full force of dong. Octavia shrieked and gasped, her body burning with pleasure. She had so wanted to be Indra's woman and it was worth it, she only hoped that she'd done enough - now and before - to make Indra want to keep her and for it not to be a one nighter. "AAaarrrgggh," she screamed, "Fuck me, ooooohhhh God, fuck me."

"Like this? Like my big dick in that perfect butt?" Indra grunted, still giving no clues at to her future intentions. "Take if you do, scream out for me."

"AAAaarrrghhh, yesssss, aaaaarrrghhh, fuck me, fuck me in my ass, aaaaaarrrghhh," the teen stretched and shuddered beneath Indra, her body pressing back at the armour, welding herself to the other woman. "AAaaaarrrrghhh, yesssss, aaaaarrghhhh, bang my ass, aaaaarrghhh!"

The orgasms didn't seem to stop, nor did their intensity decrease. If anything they became stronger, coming in quicker waves like she was being whipped. Her ass was stretched and sore, as it should be when taken by a strong warrior, the hole agape and the toy slipping in easily. "Aaaaarrrggghhh."

Without warning Indra pulled out, the ass suddenly feeling cold without its invader inside. The black woman stood up, her short, frizzy hair brushing the top of the shelter. Octavia lay on her front panting, letting Indra look down at her and waiting for the older woman's instruction. Indra bent over and grabbed Octavia's shoulder, firmly pulling her up and twisting her round, "In your knees," she ordered.

The teen did so, kneeling in front of the warrior and looking up like a supplicant before a Queen. In the darkness, in her armour, with only her white teeth showing Indra looked both terrible and hot and Octavia knew she would do whatever she was told by this warrior woman.

Indra reached down to the wraparound skirt undoing it and throwing it to the floor. Over her scaled trousers was the strap-on, positioned for easy use and Octavia wondered how many women of Indra's vanquished enemies had been raped by that huge dong amongst the ruins of their burning villages. The thought turned her on and she had to resist moving her hand to her pussy to stroke the itchy hole.

"In your people do you have a tradition that after butt-fucking the bottom cleans the toy?" Indra asked.

"I don't know, I've not been married, we don't do it until then," Octavia was aware she sounded plaintive. She wished that she'd barged her way into the session where Clarke instructed Raven on wedding night etiquette and, as a bottom, how to make sure your wife had a great time. "We might I think?"

"In Traikru we make the bottom suck it clean," Indra said proudly. "In Agzeda it is said they use water to wash," she snorted in contempt.

"Traikru's ways are better," agreed Octavia, knowing what she had to do.

She opened her mouth and moved forward. She wanted to close her eyes so she wouldn't see she was about to take in the strap-on that had just been pounding her ass. But she felt that wouldn't show a properly submissive attitude, instead she kept them open and raised them to look at Indra. The older woman's lips were curled in a trace of a smile and she nodded as the teen's mouth approached.

The tip of the toy passed Octavia's lip and it was all she could do not to scrunch up her face and pull back. But she continued as a warrior's woman should, sucking the cock in further and further, her head bobbing up and down as she sucked. It tasted bad, of plastic and things indescribable, but she kept at it, slurping with an eagerness and enthusiasm she was sure Indra would appreciate. The black woman's lips curled a little higher and she began to work her hips, meeting the teenager's mouth with the dick. "Suck it Octavia, clean the dick, I want it nice and shiny."

Octavia went quicker, her hair flowing down her back as her head banged forward. Her naked tits jiggled in the darkness. She placed her hands on her thighs, squeezing them shut as she resisted the temptation to slide one between her legs and massage her soaked cunt. Indra reached round the back of her head, dragging her further onto the prick and shoving the toy deep into her mouth, so that it pressed at the top of her throat. Octavia gagged, but kept on sucking. Indra grunted and her thighs wobbled and her hips jerked as she face-fucked the teen. "I don't fuck pussies Octavia, I fuck ass and I fuck throats, cunt is for pussies."

The teen would have nodded her agreement if her head wasn't been rammed down the huge dick at the time. She choked up some saliva and gagged, instead. Her watery eyes looked upwards, through the blur she could see Indra looking down at her sternly, enjoying fucking her, making clear her ownership. Octavia felt a wave of pure happiness, this was where she belonged, not in the Arc or with Skaikru, but as Indra's woman, fulfilling the black warrior's every need. The older woman might have read her mind, as she gave a small smile, "As I'm not going to fuck it you can finger your pussy."

The teen's hand was down between her legs immediately, quickly rubbing at her clit and cunt, the cum soaking her fingers as she swept. Indra gripped her head tighter and fucked her quicker and more forcefully, showing her ownership of the holes, whether she was using them or allowing Octavia to do so. The teen made sure she concentrated on sucking the black woman's dick, bouncing her head down at every thrust and taking in so much that she was shuddering and gagging. It was more important than her own pleasure and the whilst her fingers moved in a frenzy, she made sure she never lost concentration on Indra's cock. The older woman smiled, "That's good, I can't believe you've not sucked dick before, you're a natural atm'er."

Octavia bounced her head down in reply, inwardly blushing at the compliments.

"Good, good," grunted Indra driving the dildo in as far as she could go. Octavia's cunt gushed, the cum staining the mattress she was kneeling on, which happened to be Harper's - but there was little she could do about that now. The older woman rammed harder and faster, filling the teen's mouth with cock and making her breathe through her nose. With not enough oxygen coming in the teen felt faint and dizzy, but that just seemed to add to her pleasure, her cunt squirting more juice as she rammed her finger up with the same enthusiasm as she sucked the dong.

The removal of the cock was as sudden as it had been from her ass, leaving Octavia panting for breath and shuddering. She slipped her finger from her pussy and looked up at Indra. The older woman looked down at her and then said, "Come, remove my armour."

Octavia stood, shivering a little as she clawed at the buckles and straps. She'd no idea how to do it, but Indra seemed patient, letting the teen remove the shoulders and the breastplate, before helping her with the pants and boots. Soon Indra was standing in just a pair of small panties and a wrap around bra. Octavia removed the bra, carefully folding it and putting it on the armour. Indra herself removed the panties, passing them to Octavia to place with the rest of her things.

Octavia stood still for a moment admiring the older woman's firm and muscular body, tattoos showing her victories and allegiances crossed her body. She had scars as well, across her rib cage and legs, down her left arm and on her right shoulder; they showed what a warrior she was - only a coward wouldn't have war wounds and Octavia felt proud that such a woman as Indra would show an interest in her. She smiled nervously and gestured at the mattress, "Would you like to lie down and I can service you with my tongue?"

Indra nodded. "Yes, you've had all the pleasure so far, it is time for you to return it."

She got down on Octavia's mattress, half lying, half sitting, leaning on her elbows with her legs apart. "Eat my cunt, Octavia of the Skaikru."

The teen got down on her belly in front of Indra, flicking her hair over her shoulder. She crawled and slithered the last foot until her face was next to the shaven slit. She licked her lips in anticipation and then licked Indra's nervously. She was expecting the older woman to tell her to move faster or harder, but she seemed content to let Octavia go slowly. The teen continued to gently flicker her tongue round the slit and up over the clit before back down to the mound. Her tongue touched and teased, slowly building her confidence. She pursed her lips together and followed the tongue with a series of small kisses, barely pecks, on Indra's naked cunt, showing the woman what she meant. Indra nodded in satisfaction, "You are a cunt worshipper."

"I am, if the pussy is delectable like yours," Octavia raised her head and smiled in the darkness, before returning it to whence it had been. Her tongue slipped out again and she began to lick, a little harder this time, pressing between the flaps and at the slit itself. She could taste cum as she pushed in and knew she was doing well, confirmed by Indra giving a small moan and squeezing the teen between her legs. Octavia raised again, "I've been wanting this for so long."

"I had noticed," Indra said dryly and then waved her hand, "Well don't stop..."

Octavia carried on her tongue drawing back and forth over the cunt. Her hand moved up and she gently pried the labia apart so that her tongue was sliding over the pink inner walls. It tasted great, even better than Clarke and Harper had told her twat tasted. The teen tongue began to move faster and faster, lapping up the yummy cum as soon as Indra produced it. The older black women breathed heavily, her teeth gritted together like she couldn't allow herself to break into a contorted grin. "That's it" she pushed out the words, her jaw hardly moving as she clenched, "Lick it."

Octavia tongue swung as fast and deep as the teen could manage, ploughing the wet hole and sending tiny trickles of cum and saliva into the air like waves, before they dissipated in a fine mist. She could feel a slight quiver coming from Indra and the older woman's mouth was set in a rictus smile as small grunts came from her "Uh, uh, uh." Octavia went harder and faster, determined to show the warrior what a good lover she could be. The black woman resisted for a few moments and then her back arched and her face contorted, her mouth opening wide, "AAarrrghh, yessss, yessss, fuckkk, don't stop Octavia, tongue my twat."

The teen licked harder and faster, her nose pressed into Indra as her tongue rammed deep. More cum flicked out over, landing on her tongue and then into her mouth. She swung round trying to explore every crevasse and fold within the pink hole, her tongue leaving no inch untouched. As she licked she moved her hands to the other woman's inner thighs to massage and rub them sensually. Indra cried out again, "Aaaarrrghh, tongue me, eat me."

Octavia did so with enthusiasm, licking and lapping at the wet hole, enjoying every drip of juice she drank down. And with every thrust of her tongue Indra was shuddering and shaking, her body bending in ecstatic pleasure, "AAAarrrghh, yessss, aaaaarghh."

They carried on for an age, until Octavia's tongue was numb and her jaw was aching. Cum coated her lips and chin, Indra almost out of juice so much had the teen lapped out. But still Octavia carried on, not wanting to stop until she was sure Indra was fully satisfied. The older woman gave a groan and pushed gently at Octavia's head, "Enough, enough, my pussy is done."

Octavia raised her head and slowly got onto her knees, looking at the Indra naked in the darkness, the only illuminations the lights from the main festival which burnt through the plastic cover of the shelter, creating a dim world of shadows and dark colours. "Was that what you wanted?"

"It was," said Indra. She raised herself up to a sitting position, "Was it what you wanted?" she asked back.

"It was so much more," Octavia replied smiling.

"Octavia Blake, I take you as my wife," Indra said beckoning the teen forward.

Octavia gave a little squeal of delight before quickly remembering that was only half the ceremony. ""Indra, I accept you as my wife," she said quickly before bounding forward into her new wife's arms, hugging her and resting her head on her shoulder. After a few moments she disengaged enough that she could turn her head and look at Indra, "You know now we're married you get to bang my ass again, whenever you want."

Her new wife smile, "I know Octavia, I know."

* * *

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