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100: Cementing Alliances Part 3 (FF)
by LL

It was strange, thought Raven, to see so many of her friends dancing, women in their teens and early twenties coming out one at a time, to strut and pose and twirl, stripping until they were nude or nearly so. It was even stranger to think that they were doing it for the young woman sitting next to her, barely older than the dancers herself. Raven wasn't naive, she wasn't a lesbian, but she knew lots of the young women on the Ark were or at least experimented before their marriages and she'd heard rumours of lesbian parties, where young women danced and flirted and paired off. But this wasn't a small get together in a hidden corner of the station, this was out in the open surrounded by dozens of onlookers, cheering the good, jeering the bad. All the time the dancers were ignoring them and concentrating on Lexa, the Commander, the person who now held their lives and lives of all their friends in her hands. They had given their loyalty to her, become the thirteenth clan and now they were showing it in their debasement.

Raven turned her head slightly so that she could see Lexa. She had tried to avoid doing so all night, as if not looking could change the situation. Lexa was staring ahead, smiling as she watched Fox gyrate and slip out of her bra, and it allowed Raven to spend a moment studying the young woman's face without them locking eyes on making contact. She had to admit, that Lexa was attractive, if you liked women - Clarke would have probably found her stunning - with her face painted round her eyes and her hair braided. She had the visage of a warrior as well, stern, unyielding, strong - what Octavia wet herself for. But for Raven the terrible beauty meant nothing...

In the Ark they'd never have arranged her marriage with a woman, she wasn't the type. But here the rules were different, pictures had been taken off her - nude and wanton - offer made, agreements negotiated - now here she was Lexa's new wife - alliances cemented. She wished it could be different, but it couldn't be - she had become the sacrifice to allow the Ark's people to come back to earth.

Suddenly, the dance ended and almost as quickly Lexa turned her head so that she Raven looking at her. A small smile passed her lips, "Skaikru is gifted with many beautiful women it seems."

Was it a compliment ? A statement of fact? Or a hint? And if it was the latter what was it hinting? Raven smiled and nodded. "Yes," she said, it seemed the safest thing to say. She tried to glance round to Abby, but she had gone shortly after Clarke's dance. Without anyone on that side she was forced to turn back to Lexa or just stare into the darkness, which was tempting.

Luckily she didn't have to continue the conversation as Lexa was back looking at the next dancer, Octavia. The young brunette was striding forward confidently, not very successfully concealing that she was dancing for Indra not Lexa. The Commander didn't seem to mind, which as she had the power of life and death, was a good thing. She briefly murmured something to Indra, making the older black woman smile before turning to look at Octavia. She watched the teen strip for a few moments before she turned to Raven, " I have heard this one, Octavia, has her eyes set on Indra. Is it true?"

"Yes," Raven said, keeping her answer short in the hope that the conversation would end.

"I've think Indra if of an age where she should be married again. She was once, he died, but they had children to carry on their line. Now, she fucks every pussy on legs," Lexa turned to watch Octavia again, the teen strutting her stuff like she was born to strip. "I think sex is more enjoyable in a marriage," she continued.

"Yes," Raven said automatically; after all what else could you say to your new wife? - it wasn't?

Lexa turned back to her briefly and flashed a small smile only Raven could see. "I shall tell Indra that, remind her that Octavia is also unmarried, and by the look of her, just wanting to be fucked by a strong warrior."

"It's what she wants," Raven agreed. Lexa turned back to Octavia, watching her for a moment before turning to speak to Indra, the black woman nodding and smiling, her gaze still fixed on the dancing teen. The music reached a crescendo and Octavia leapt on the table, exposing her nakedness to further lustful gaze. Raven wasn't looking at her but at Lexa and wondering what the other woman thought about having the naked teen so close; was it making her horny? would she soon be wanting to release that horniness on Raven. The young woman shivered in fear, knowing what was to come.

Octavia was off the table and scurrying away. Even as she left Indra was standing up, asking the Commander's position to leave and then striding away. Raven wasn't naive, she knew where the older woman was going and that her friend would get her wish soon.

"Let us watch one more dance and then to the bed," Raven said. She reached out and took Raven's hand so that she couldn't escape. Not that Raven would have done so, she would do her duty. Another teen dancer came out, stripping to the beat of the music and then gyrating naked for the Commander and the rest. The dance seemed to be slow, but it went fast for Raven.

"Let us go," Lexa stood, almost pulling Raven to her feet.

The dark skinned young woman rose dutifully, her legs almost knocking together. "It's the room Abby used to have. It's been made ready for"

"Good," said Lexa, "I should carry you."

Raven didn't resist as her new wife grabbed her and threw her over her shoulder, demonstrating a strength that Raven would never be able to match. There were shouts and cheers from Lexa's guards as the Commander first of all leapt on the table, one of her hands reaching up to crack firmly across Raven's buttocks, before she jumped down onto the floor, the landing making Raven's teeth lightly bang against each other. She bounced on Lexa's shoulder as the Commander carried her across the ground and into the landing craft, up the corridor and to the room that had been set aside. For a moment she paused, as if unsure of how to open the door, then she pressed the panel (instructed no doubt by Abby, who wanted nothing to go wrong). She continued into the room, letting Raven back down to her feet, as the door hissed and squeaked close behind them.

"You are nervous," it was a statement not a question.

"I'm not a lesbian," it was another statement not a reply.

Lexa smiled, "Many women think that, but I've never met one who still thought it at the end."

Raven didn't want to say either she was likely to be the exception or else Lexa's previous lovers might just be lying to someone so powerful, so instead she just nodded. Lexa took a step closer to her, her hand reaching out for the front of Raven's dress. The younger woman flinched, but didn't try and stop her new wife as Lexa slowly undid the buttons until the dress was flapping open revealing her bra and panties. The Commander slipped her hands under the material, her hands moving up to the shoulders so that she pushed the dress off and down. For a moment Raven thought she was going to be kissed and mentally prepared herself, but whether that had never been Lexa's plan or whether she changed it at the last second the Commander's head moved back slightly, looking down at Raven's bra covered tits. For a moment she admired them before her hands reached round and she unclipped the bra, giving her a better view of the light brown globes with their dark nipples.

"These are lovely, can I lick them?" Lexa asked as her hands massaged the two round bosoms.

"I'm your wife," said Raven, unwilling to say she could and unwilling to say she couldn't.

Lexa leant down and began to lick the titties. At first Raven felt nothing against the wet flesh slipping round her nipple, but then, to her surprise, she began to feel little hints of pleasure; not much - sparks rather than fireworks, but it was definitely there. Raven continued to lick, her tongue running round and round the nipples, which seemed to harden off their own accord as the Commander's mouth slid over and began to suck them in. She switched from tit to tit, licking, suckling, playing - her teeth teasing the nubs as they became erect, pulling them gently. Raven shivered, this time not from fear, but from the pleasure that was slowly rising in her chest.

And there was more, the Commander's hands reached down for the young woman's panties, dragging them from her waist to down her thigh and leaving the pussy, that she had so carefully shaved under Clarke's supervision earlier that day, exposed and naked. Lexa's fingers began to rub and massage the outside, the knuckles skimming back and forth over the slit. If the mouthing of her tits was bringing Raven pleasure, this added to it and she felt a sliver of ecstasy race up her back and then another and another. It was too much and she let out a small moan.

Lexa lifted her head and smiled, "I knew you would enjoy it."

Raven bit her lip, wanting to deny it, but unable to. She nodded briefly. Lexa grinned wider and brought her head forward. This time she did kiss Raven, her mouth powering onto her new wife's. For a second Raven didn't respond and then she acted as a good wife should and opened to receive the kisses. Their lips twisted and shoved around each other as Lexa pressed forward with her tongue. And to Raven's surprise she found that she enjoyed this as well, much better than Finn's artless fumblings, Lexa was kissing her like she was alive, not a plastic dummy being practised on for resuscitation. Raven kissed back harder, her lips at her new wife's. She shuddered as Lexa's hand returned to her pussy, stroking and rubbing it even faster and harder. Her wife tongue flickered pressing into the mouth and Raven found that she was slipping her own tongue back, letting them slither against each other. Lexa's hand moved faster, her fingers pressing at the slit and forcing it open so that she was rubbing at the inside. It made Raven wet, she could feel her juice seeping out, her body unable to deny the pleasure.

"Ooohhh," the dark skinned young woman groaned as Lexa's mouth came back from hers. "Oooohhh, yes." Lexa smiled, looking at her face as she continued to finger at her pussy. "Oooohhhh," Raven groaned again.

Her sounds were cut short as Lexa's mouth descended on hers again, except this time Raven was ready and eager, her lips opening and moving to encompass her wife's. She shuddered as they kissed, Lexa's hand still rubbing her cunt, the other moving to gently fondle a naked titty. Their mouths remained together a long time, Raven finding herself relaxing more and more into her new wife's embrace, her pussy tingling as it was stroked. Her lips moved, clinging to Lexa's mouth as her tongue touched and teased, sliding around and across Lexa's. She no longer felt worried about the night, only wondering why she had not realised before that she craved another woman's touch. So much was she enjoying it that she felt a flash of disappointment when Lexa broke the kiss and took a step back.

"I should undress," the Commander said with a smile and began to unbuckle her leathers.

Raven watched as her new wife undressed, realising as she did how beautiful Lexa was. Her body firm and slender, with toned muscles which didn't bulge and just the right amount of fat on her ass and tits to make them yummable, even the few scars and the tattoos were attractive, making her seem like a woman and not a plastic doll. The Commander smiled as she stripped, it lit the room, all the more so as it was in a face that was often stern and could only relax in private; Raven felt special in seeing it. She licked her lips as the Commander undid her final strap of leather, the one that covered her pussy like a codpiece. The cunt was revealed in its bald glory and looking at it Raven felt a flush of lust so powerful she almost dropped. Instead she stepped forward and pressed her naked body against Lexa's opening her mouth invitingly for her wife to kiss.

Lexa did so.

Her lips crushed at Raven's as her tongue shot forward, probing and punching. Her firm tits pushed against Raven's, the nipples hard and firm. Raven shuddered in pleasure as her new wife's hands reached down and grasped at her ass, kneading and squeezing the cheeks as she pressed against her and kissed with a passion that made Raven wet with anticipation.

This time, however, it was Raven who broke. She reached out to Lexa, taking her hand and then leading her to the bed, before gently pushing the Commander backward, "Let me be your wife," she purred, easing the Commander's legs apart so that her pussy was easily accessible.

"Yes," Lexa replied, her fingers easing apart the slit.

Her new wife got down onto her knees in front of the bed, her hands on the inside of Lexa's thighs keeping them spread. Raven had never realised how mouth watering pussy could look close up and her own twat tingled in excitement as she lowered her head down. Her tongue slipped out, sliding over the hole and round the lips, gently dabbing at her wife. The Commander groaned in anticipation, reaching down to hold Raven's head in place in case she got second thoughts. Not that that was likely, Raven was finding she enjoyed women, or at least this one; she could start to taste her on her tongue, feel her shiver in delight, smell the sexual perfume of the pussy. Her tongue slid into the gap between the labia, pushing into the soft pink flesh. Lexa moaned again, "Oh, oh, yes,"

The dark skinned beauty began to lick faster, her tongue sliding over the wet insides, dipping into the tunnel. Cum oozed from the walls and covered Raven's tongue, more and more of it, so she could savour the flavour as she lapped it into her mouth. She quickly found that the harder and faster she licked the more the juice filled the pussy and then her mouth. Her tongue went into overdrive, hammering down into the hole, finding spots to pound and then slamming at them. Lexa seemed to enjoy the attention, her body bucking and shuddering, as she rocked with wild excitement, her hand still, unnecessarily, on Raven's head. "Oooohh, yes, oh eat me, eat my cunt. Yes, yes, stick that delectable tongue deep. Oooohhh, you're going to be the best wife ever... oooohhhh."

Raven inwardly smiled, all her nervousness and concerns forgotten, swept away in the tide of cunt cream she was drinking down. Her tongue probed further, exploring her wife's sweet hole. The Commander, gasped and squeaked even louder as Raven found a new spot and the young woman decided to concentrate her tonguing on it, slapping and lapping at the same spot again and again with a vigorous enthusiasm. Lexa squealed and gasped, her hips rising to shove the pussy at Raven's mouth, encouraging the young woman to slurp even more violently, her tongue slapping in and down like it was a spitting live wire.

"Aaaarrrghh, yesssss, Raven, yesssss, make me cum, oooohhh by the spirits of the past Commanders make me cum so hard," Lexa shrieked, her hand moving from Raven's head to knead her own titties.

Raven didn't need any encouragement however, she could have eaten this tasty cunt forever. Her mouth pressed down at the hole as her tongue continued to lap, drinking down the juice she was making the cunt secrete. Lexa shuddered and screamed some more, "Aaaaarrrrghhh, aaaarrrghhh, yessss, you are making me cum, oooohhhhh fucccck, yessssss, this is wonderful, aaaaaarrggghhh."

Her words didn't encourage Raven to stop, instead she went faster, driving her new wife to orgasm and beyond. The pussy carried on juicing, the cum as lovely and tasty as the fresh honey they had during the meal. Raven's tongue pounded down, her eyes looking straight into her wife's flesh, pink and pale, beautiful. The young woman squeezed the Commander's thighs, pushing them apart as Lexa's shudders drove them in, her fingers gripping the flesh, pressing deep into the skin.

"Aaaaarrrghhh, yesssss, yessssss, make me cum more, ooooohhh yes Raven eat me like a good wife should, ooooooohhhhh, aaaaaarrghhh, fuuuucckk, aaaaarrrghh," Lexa screamed loudly, so that any guards stationed outside the room would have no doubt how much she was enjoying her new wife. "Aaaaaarrrghhh, aaaaarggghhh, fuuck, you're making me cum again, aaaaaaarrghhh!"

Lexa's screams were like music to Raven's ears, a classical symphony of pleasure. Her tongue continued to hit the spot, tasting the cum as she lapped it down and into her mouth. With every lick Lexa would shudder and shake and scream, getting more and more violent with each, her body bending like rubber and her shrieks echoing round the room like a battle was being fought. Raven continued to lick as hard as she could, ignoring the ache in her jaw and the numbness in her tongue, all that mattered was pleasing her new wife and making her orgasm again and again and again.

"Aaarrrrggghh, fuuuucckkk, aaaaaarrrghh," Lexa screamed at the world. Her hands balled into fists, thumping the bed as she came, "Aaaaaarrrghhh, fuuuccckk, aaaaarrrghh."

Gasping she reached down and pushed Raven's head back, looking into her eyes, "That was wonderful."

"You were tasty," Raven blushed and bit her lip shyly, "I'm going to eat you a lot now we're married. All the time, whenever you want, I'm going to get down and lick this sexy cunt."

"I'm looking forward to it," Lexa leant down and kissed Raven, slowly, but passionately, letting her tongue run round the insides of the young woman's mouth. "We need to consummate it properly," she said and stood up. She walked a few feet to the desk and picked up a strap-on which had been left there. Turning round to face Raven she began to put it on as her new wife looked on, her hand stealing down to her own cunt to gently stimulate it as she gazed at the plastic toy which was going to take her virginity.

"It is big," she said after a few moments.

"It'll fit," Lexa smiled confidently, "I've done this before."

Raven nodded, she had known her wife was experienced; as a top and a Commander Lexa would have had more than her fair share of bed mates, some willing, some less so. Raven came from a different place, where it was expected you married young, but remained a virgin until then (though she'd given more than one blow job and her wrist had sometimes ached from tossing off Finn and few other guys after a party). "I'm looking forward to it," she said and she was.

"Good, onto the bed," Lexa tightened the last strap, so that the dick was firmly in placing, standing out like a puma ready to pounce.

Raven scrambled to obey, quickly positioning herself far onto the bed, her legs spread open for her new wife. Lexa smiled and clambered on after her, lying down across the young woman. Their lips met again, kissing hard, Raven clutching Lexa close. One of Lexa's hands moved to the nearest titty, stroking it and tweaking the nipple between her fingers. The other took hold off the plastic cock and guided it to the waiting hole. The bottom gasped and squeaked as the toy pressed at her slit, remaining in situ for half a second before it forced the lips apart and entered the wondrous tunnel. Lexa smiled and kissed Raven again, her hand continuing to rub and massage the nipple. She moved down slowly, gradually sinking the dildo into the cunt, in no hurry and letting Raven get used to her first time dick.

Raven smiled back, her mouth rising up to meet Lexa's again. The dildo was thick and long, her pussy walls stretching to accommodate it, gripping round the toy like wet, warm hands. Lexa rose and fall, easing the toy deeper and deeper into Raven, letting go when it was far enough in it no longer needed to be held. All the time the two women, kissed and smiled and looked at each, gazing at the beauty. As they connected for the first time Raven realised that this was she wanted, Lexa was the one for her, the woman she wanted to take her virginity and fuck her often and always. She moaned as sexual pleasure and emotional happiness combined. Lexa smiled wider, a smile only Raven would see, and kissed her wife again, "You're so gorgeous."

"You are as well, fuck me," Raven smiled and gripped Lexa's back tighter, encouraging her wife to bang her.

The Commander shifted position so she was fully on top of Raven, her hands pressed to the bed either side of her, her tits bumping at the dark skinned beauty's dark skinned beauties. She smiled down, "Your wish is my command," and began to move her hips faster, driving the toy harder and faster into Raven's fuckhole.

Raven squeaked in pleasure as the dildo went in, deeper than even her fingers had gone before, stretching walls than had never been touched and stimulating hidden nerve endings than had never been stimulated. Her hands crept round her new wife, resting and holding Lexa's back as the Commander ploughed in and out. "Ohhh," Raven groaned, "Oooohhh, yes my love, fuck me, ram your new wife, I am yours to bang all night."

"Oh yes, you're so sexy and hot, your cunt was made for fucking, it's so tight and wet," the Commander grunted in response. Her body landed on Raven's and then rose, their naked tits banging together. She smiled, her eyes lighting up as she came in and out, her beautiful face radiant. Raven hoped she had the same glow, showing more than words could how much they were connecting. She gasped and giggled, stopping only as Lexa's mouth closed on hers, the young woman's tongue puncturing through her lips. "Mmmnn, Raven, so fuckable, so pretty."

"Ooohhh, urrrrhh, give it me baby, give it me good," Raven groaned as Lexa rose again and slammed down, feeding her the entire length of cock. The Commander smiled and kissed and went up, driving down, kissing again, still smiling. Raven gasped and shuddered, her legs opening wider to take the dildo deeper and harder. Lexa took up the unspoken challenge, upping her pace and power, slamming even more vigorously and filling Raven's hole with ancient plastic toy. The dark skinned woman squealed with enjoyment, "Ooohhh, faster, uurrrrhhh give it me so quick, slam my wet cunt."

"I'm loving this so much, loving you," grunted Lexa, going even faster, her body crashing down, the bed shaking. Her hard nipples pressed against Raven, scraping at her. The Commander kissed her, keeping their bodies tight for a second before she rose, sweat visible on her forehead. "You're such a sexy thing, the most beautiful wife around." Down she slammed, driving the toy deep.

"Aaarrghh, aaarrrrgh" squealed Raven as the pleasure welled up in her. Her hands clawed passionately at her wife's back, the nails gripping and nipping into the flesh. Lexa didn't mind the pain, to the Commander it was probably so slight it was barely noticeable, and fucked quick and hard. The toy rammed in, hitting secret and special spots and turning them into blazing novas of ecstasy, "AAArrrrghh, yesssss, aaaaarrghh" Raven screamed again.

Lexa smile was deeper and broader, no words coming from her mouth, but her actions showing Raven how loved she was. They kissed again, deep and passionate, Lexa's hips continuing to move as she slammed in and out, breaking so that Raven could push her head back onto the quilt and squeal to the metal roof, "AAarrrrghhh, yesssss! AAaarrrrggghhh."

She had never felt so good, never be so consumed by pleasure that the ecstasy threatened to melt her into a puddle of goo. Lexa continued to pound, her smile showing that she was not oblivious to the effect her plastic dick was having on her new wife. Raven's back arched, her muscles responding to an a genetic call as old as man itself, "Aaaarrrrghhh, yesssss, aaaaarrghhh." The screams were loud and passionate, "Aaaaarrrrgghh, yessssss!"

Sweating Lexa rolled off her, panting and gasping like every breath was a battle. Raven rolled onto her, "I love you," she murmured softly to her new wife.

"I love you as well," Lexa said back.

* * *

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