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100: The Commander's Ambassador Part 2 (FFF, f-dom, anal, double-anal, slave)
by LL

Despite the hour Abby Griffin was awake, sitting by the window and looking out over the city; Fall was coming but the room wasn't cold, as ambassador of Skikru she was one of the few inhabitants of the tower lucky to have glass. The light from her lantern, glowing against the pane made it hard to distinguish the small burning fires of the torches below as people below went about their business, in a city that, like the Ark even if for different reasons, never slept. There would be slaves working to repair the roads, replacing cobbles and clearing mud and shit from the way, others would be helping traders set up there store or packing away the stock to sell another day. A few slaves would be moving between the brothels and private houses, ordered for the night by rich merchants or the aristocracy. And then there were the free-people of the clans, the warriors guarding and patrolling, the farmers haggling with merchants, the aristocrats continuing the entertainment from after the feast.

And it was the feast Abby was thinking about. It had ended hours ago, when the Commander, Lexa, had stood up and announced she was going to her chambers to work. Sure a lot of people stayed in the hall, eating, drinking and fucking slaves, but the banquet was over once Lexa left. Indra had gone soon after, though she had invited Abby to come with her to sample some of the delights of the lower city's brothel. Abby had turned her down, saying she was tired. That wasn't the reason, and perhaps Indra knew it, you didn't become a warrior chief if you weren't able to read warriors. No, Abby didn't want to go to a brothel as it'd make her think about her daughter Clarke, and seeing her anally gang-fucked.

It had left Abby conflicted. On one hand she was a mother and she should have had maternal feelings. On the other it had been damn hot to watch and Clarke was now a slave who's only role was to provide pleasure; and it that she had succeeded, several of the guests commenting after what a fun show it had been. She wasn't sure how many of them had been making polite conversation with someone who seemed to be a favourite of the Commander and high up in the aristocracy of a new, small but well armed clan. Or whether they'd known that Clarke was her daughter and it was a subtle jibe in the on-going jostle for power. In either case Abby had left as quickly as she could, barely stealing a glance as she passed at her teen daughter on her knees, blowing a man neither of them knew.

The light had gone down as Abby sat in her room, thinking and wondering. She was a bad mother that much was obvious, but she'd had to trade off her daughter for the greater good. Still she couldn't help but be a little turned on by watching her get fucked, which made her even worse. She wondered how much of the quiver in her pussy was from seeing Clarke getting penetrated and how much was due to watching it with Lexa sitting next to her; she and the young Commander had a spark. The thought of Lexa made her pussy itch; it would have been easy to call a slave to take care of that, but it was such a pleasant thought that she let her mind flow that way and just gently rubbed her pussy under her robe.

She was just remembering Lexa's smile and how she could still be as beautiful when sternly passing judgement as she was when she was relaxing with a cup of wine in a hot-tub, when there was a knock at the door. She wrapped her robe tighter round her otherwise naked body and walked across the carpet, a luxury few others had even in the Citadel, to the door.

"Who is it?" she demanded, it was best not to open until you who was the other side, despite her being a close friend of the Commander. Or equally likely because she was.

"Lexa," came a familiar voice and Abby couldn't stop her heart leaping in momentary excitement.

She opened the door, "I was just thinking about you."

"Nice thoughts, I hope," the younger woman was still dressed in her dark leathers from the banquet, the war paint still dark on her face, but the smile was Lexa. "Can I come in?"

"Of course," Abby held the door wider as Lexa gestured for the two burly and bearded bodyguards to remain without. A topless slave followed her into the room carrying a bottle of wine and a couple of cups. She was not one of the 100, but one Abby vaguely recognised - she had used her mouth and holes a few times to sate herself.

"I thought we could toast your joining of the clans," Lexa gestured towards the slave who held up the wine bottle for inspection. It wasn't a rebottle, but one that had been laid up before the Armageddon. Abby didn't have much of a taste for wine, but she knew that this must be rare, possibly one of a kind even, and hardly something that should be just wasted on an ambassador in a late drinking session. She paused momentarily. Lexa filled the silence, "If you want and it's not to late." She almost sounded like a nervous teen boy asking the prettiest girl in class out, not the most powerful woman in the known world.

"No, its not too late," Abby said, smiling. If Lexa wanted to waste a bottle on her she shouldn't complain, it would give her the excuse of the younger woman's company.

"Pour it," Lexa said to the slave. The young woman put down the cups and scurried back to the guards one of whom pulled out a corkscrew from beneath his voluminous black cloak and opened it for her, working on the theory no slave should have a sharp object near the Commander. The slave came forward again, carefully pouring out a mug and handing it to Lexa, who was briefly looking round Abby's room. She nodded that the wine was satisfactory and the slave hastened to fill a second mug for Abby.

"Leave us. And close the door, I'll be safe with Abby," Lexa instructed.

"Yes mistress Commander," the slave curtsied and fled.

Lexa looked at Abby and there was definitely a hint of unusual nervousness in her expression, "Is the room satisfactory?" She sat down on the side of the bed and Abby followed her

"It's very nice," said Abby and it was better than the one she'd had before when she'd only been a negotiating Chancellor; it seemed Ambassadors were a step up the luxury scale.

"It's near mine, just down the corridor," Lexa said, unnecessarily as Abby knew and given the number of times they'd relaxed in her private chambers after negotiations, Lexa knew she knew.

"In a favoured spot," Abby replied and sipped at her wine. It tasted nice, but whether it had been improved by lying for over a century was harder to tell.

"I chose it specially," Lexa was gabbling and it was hard to tell whether she was referring to the room or the wine.

"I'm okay about what you did with Clarke," Abby wanted to put her friend's mind at ease, to let her know she shouldn't worry about it, "Clarke's a slave and I need to realise that."

Lexa's expression changed and for a moment she seemed to become the Commander again, to whom a slave like Clarke was a fucktoy at best, "Her holes are mine. To use or not."

"I'm not complaining," Abby reached out to touch her friend's hand to soothe and reassure her, "Seeing her get gang butt-banged I saw her as a whore slave, not a daughter."

Lexa nodded and relaxed, "I'm sorry the lesson had to be so tough, but I couldn't think of another way." She paused, "Though you don't fully think of her as a slave yet."

"I do," Abby replied, only half-truthfully - some part of her was still in denial.

"If she came in now and spread her butt would you fuck her?"

Abby paused in her answer, for a couple of seconds considering a lie. Then she slowly shook her head, "No. I wouldn't."

Lexa smiled at her, there was no anger in it, just friendship so deep it might be almost classed as love. This time it was her who patted Abby's hand, "Would you care if I did?"

"No," this time Abby could answer straight away, if fucking her daughter brought even the smallest degree of happiness to Lexa she should do it and not care about the slave's feelings.

The younger woman laughed, fully Lexa again, "Perhaps that should be my ambition, getting to you to butt-fuck Clarke's hot ass. It's a fine one."

"I'm sure it is," said Abby, she didn't reply on whether she thought the idea was a good one, because she didn't know. Fucking Clarke like a slave would certainly end her troubles of thinking of the teen like a daughter.

"The ceremony went well," Lexa changed the subject.

"I enjoyed it. I thought I'd have been nervous about swearing fealty, especially with all the blood and treachery, but you made it so easy, like I was doing you a favour," Abby smiled.

"You were, I mean, not just politically, but personally," the young woman gave an uncharacteristic blush. "Agreeing to stay here as an ambassador and advisor."

"I wanted to," said Abby. She held Lexa's hand and the other gripped it right back. Abby looked into her eyes and found herself going slightly red as well, was she misreading things or was Lexa as interested as her in moving beyond friendship and into something more. She had to chose her words carefully, "I enjoyed spending time with you, during the negotiations, alone, just the two of us. It was enjoyable."

"It was productive," Lexa smiled, "We got more done when there were not others to complicate things."

"I'm still holding out for enjoyable," Abby replied.

"Things will change now, you're my vassal not a potential enemy," Lexa smiled, "We will no longer need to negotiate. Now I can just tell you."

"I am yours to command," Abby said.

Lexa paused, thinking. Then she took a deep breath. "Kiss me..." she said and then quickly added, "That's not a command."

"Like hell it isn't" said Abby and did as she was told. Her mouth closed on Lexa's opening as it me the warm lips. Lexa met her heatedly, kissing hard back, her mouth trying to move round Abby's and eat it as her tongue shot out. There bodies pressed at each other, two hands clasped tightly as the others held the wine.

For a moment and then they pulled back. Lexa blushed, "That wasn't a command," she repeated.

"Was it a request?" Abby said putting the cup of wine down on the floor.

"I find you deeply attractive Abby Griffin of Skikru," Lexa said.

"I feel the same Commander Lexa of the thirteen clans," Abby replied. She gripped the younger woman's hand tighter and was gratified by the squeeze back.

"I do not want you to be pressurised or feel that this is something I am ordering you to do, my earlier words, they were a mistake. I want you to want me properly, as another woman, not as a liege to her lady."

"I know, I want that too. I wanted it during our negotiations, I wanted it during the ceremony, I want it now," Abby replied.

"Many will be jealous. Some may even try to harm you. It is not an easy job being the lover of the Commander, others have tried" Lexa sounded nervous.

Letting go off the younger woman's hand Abby stood up. The Commander's face fell showing disappointment and confusion and for a moment Abby had power over her, and she didn't like it one bit, she wanted to be Lexa's lover and to be equal in that, not to hold dominion over her. She quickly moved to show that Lexa had the wrong impression, opening her robe she shrugged it off and let it fall to the floor. She stood naked and proud before the younger woman, "I think the first mistake they made was thinking it was a job," she smiled.

"You are beautiful, I knew that," Lexa said, looking up and down Abby's body.

"You are as well," Abby smiled, "Are you worried about me? Don't worry you won't be the first woman I've made love to."

Lexa nodded as Abby sat down next to her but said nothing. Instead she leant forward and Abby met her half way, their lips straining against as their hands clasped, the fingers stretching over and between the other's. The kiss was long, slow and passionate, their mouths gently moving and their lips massaging the others. Abby pressed closer, her naked leg brushing at the leather clad thigh. Lexa kissed harder and Abby kissed hungrily back, she continued forward, her naked body draping itself over Lexa so they fell backwards onto the bed, their mouths only breaking to giggle and smile before they returned. Lexa's hand was drifting over Abby's naked belly, the fingers sliding smoothly over the skin and leaving a sense of light pleasure where they touched.

Taking hold off the wrist Abby guided the Commander's hand downwards. She didn't say a word but Lexa knew what to do, her fingers stroked the pussy lips and then headed towards the clit, rubbing at it under the hood.

That broke the kiss, Abby turning her head and gasping in pleasure. Lexa rubbed harder, her fingers joined together and pressing down on the bud like she was trying to either squash it or rub it away. "Ohhh, yessss, oooohhh," Abby grunted, her pussy starting to wet up. Lexa's mouth moved to a naked tit and she began to kiss and lick it, before gently slipping her teeth round the nipple to pull and tweak at the erect nub. Abby gasped in excitement, her body filled with ecstasy. This was making love, it was as different from fucking a slave as volcano's were from tidal waves; there was a connection there, a pleasure made sublime not by the touch, but by who was doing the touching. She gasped louder and shuddered as Lexa's mouth went from the tit to her stomach, lining the route down with a series of kisses and licks, both so juicy and pussy watering it was hard to tell which was which.
"Oooooohhh, yesssss, oooohhh fucccck, God," squeaked Abby as Lexa's mouth came down to her pussy. The young woman continued to play with the clit, showing she knew exactly how to please a woman as she used a finger on her other hand to open the slit for her tongue. It pushed it, slithering over Abby's wet, pink flesh and filling her so completely with pleasure she almost levitated off the bed. The Commander's tongue went faster and harder, probing deep into the pussy, licking out the wet juice and sprinkling over both their lips.

"Aaarrrrghh," Abby shuddered again, her hands gripping the bed. She forced her upper back into a sitting position, looking down at Lexa as the young woman's head rocked between her legs as she tongued back and forth. Another wave of pleasure crashed through Abby and she grunted and squealed again, throwing her head back momentarily gazing at the ceiling above, the light of the lantern casting strange shadows across it, the power pleasure tearing through making the shapes seem to blur and twist. "Aaarrrrghhh," screamed again and fell back on the bed.

Lexa carried on loving her with her tongue and fingers, driving Abby into throes of ecstasy. She needed to return the favour and show Lexa what she could do. But even though she wanted to do it to Lexa it took all her effort to push the other woman's head away from her cunt, even gently. Lexa's head shot up, her expression hurt. Abby's throat was dry, all the liquid in her seemed to have headed to her pussy, "You seem to have the advantage on me... you're still dressed."

The younger woman's expression changed from sadness to delight. "I can soon deal with that," she said and stood up.

Soon was a relative concept, Lexa didn't waist anytime getting undressed, but unbuckling her leathers took time, especially the boots. It would be worth the wait, though, Abby knew, she had seen Lexa nude or semi-so before when they'd be sharing a couple of slaves. Nothing would be a surprise, not the tattoos which curled round her belly-button or the scars on right where an arrow had gone in and out, not the sexy little pussy religiously shaved by a slave every morning or the beautiful boobs still firm with their suckable little nipples. And Abby wasn't disappointed as Lexa shed the last of her small clothes and stood naked in front of her lover. Abby smiled, "You are so hot and sexy."

Lexa didn't reply with words, instead she moved onto Abby sitting astride her legs and kissed down hard. Abby responded in kind, her mouth moving in a soundless conversation. Their tits crushed together, squeezed between their bodies as they hugged each other close, the nipples hard and erect like little pebbles. Abby brought her hands up and down Lexa's back, stroking over the skin and the spine, arching and bent as the younger woman thrust forward. Her fingers skimmed over the flawless body, tendrils of lust, stroking and massaging, going all the way down to the shapely butt to grip and hold. Lexa was doing the same to her, her fingers playing Abby like a concert piano, leaving the older woman wet with lust.

Somehow they rolled onto the bed, so that Lexa was half on top and half on her side. Abby slipped one hand from her lover's butt and down to her pussy, she stroked and teased it, sliding the digit round the lips and over the crack, zipping along it and rubbing at the clitoral mound. The young woman groaned in excitement, her mouth moving to kiss and suckle at the side of Abby's chin whilst her own hand moved down to the cunt.

"Oooooohhh," Abby groaned in pleasure as her pussy was teased, Lexa seeming to delight in stroking the slit without entering - though as Abby was doing the same she could hardly complain. And anyway even if it wasn't yet the main course it was still good. Her body shook with excitement as Lexa's touch went upwards, trailing over the pussy and round the hood and down again. "Oooohhh, finger me baby."

"You as well," Lexa lifted her head and grinned widely, her look that of a lover not a Commander.

"Coming in," giggled Abby pushing her finger into the gap.

The pussy was warm and wet, sucking at her finger like a hot marshmallow; it felt good and tight and sexy as Abby worked it in and out, jacking her elbow. But even better was the look on Lexa's face, an expression of bliss and joy, pleasure and excitement. The young woman bit her lip and sighed with ecstasy, "OOohhhh, urrrrhhh, Abby don't stop."

Abby had no intention of doing so, especially as within a few seconds Lexa was returning the favour and sliding a couple of digits into Abby's moist hole. The two women worked together, thrusting and grinding, pushing their fingers into each other and rocking their hips to meet them, exploring each others holes with loving passion and lying against each other, their tits touching and rubbing. As they finger fucked they returned to the kissing, their mouths slurping at each others as they gasped and grunted hot air into each other's mouths and battled with their tongues.

It had been a long time coming, all the way through the negotiations They had fucked slaves together, hammering ass and pussy and mouth with strap-ons and watched each other get pussy licked and fingered and feeling their bodies heat up. However that was fucking a slave whore, this was making love to your soul-mate, the difference was as wide as between the orbiting Ark and the Citadel. But now they were together and Abby had no regrets; and, from the way Lexa kissed and fingered, neither did she. The young woman shuddered and gasped, her head arcing back and then forward to fall back onto Abby's mouth. They kissed passionately.

And then it was Abby's turn to cum, her pussy exploding with excitement and the waves of ecstasy pouring through her like flood. Her head and body pushed into the bed, every muscle straining like she was trying to push through. Her moth opened and she screamed, "Aaaarrrghhh, yesssss, aaaaarrghhhh." Lexa continued to pound the fingers in, thrusting it into the soaked hole. Abby body was aflame, "Aaaaarrrrghh, yessss, aaaaaarrghhh." She hammered back at Lexa, ramming a finger deep into her new lover.

Lexa grunted and gasped, her body pushing at Abby. Her face was a mask of ecstasy, contorted and twisted in a way that shouldn't have been beautiful but was. It made Abby finger her hard, desperate to make her lover cum and bring her joy. Lexa gasped and shuddered, each shiver vibrating against Abby. The older woman went faster and harder, her own thrusts matched in speed and passion by Lexa; they rocked and shook against each other - like an earthquake. Lexa came at pretty much the same time as Abby, their shrieks and squeals complementing each other - the chorus of a sexual choir.

They fell away from each, gasping and panting; but even as Abby turned on her side to look at Lexa she knew the evening wasn't yet over for them. "You are so beautiful," the Commander said, smiling and stroking Abby's cheek.

"Not as much as you," replied Abby, both truthfully and with false modesty. She slid her hand down again and stroked the pussy of her new lover, it was so mouth-wateringly smooth and wet, almost as if it was designed for Abby's mouth. She smiled and in the flickers of the lantern she saw Lexa smile back. "I want to eat your sexy pussy," the older woman grinned, "You've had mine so I should return the favour."

"It wasn't a favour, your cunt was so yummy I loved it," the Commander licked her lips, as if she was reliving the memory of the cunt's flavour. "I could eat it all again."

"Let's not argue over who should lick who first, we can do it together," giggled Abby.

"Mmmnnn, yes," Lexa nodded her agreement. She got onto her hands and knees and swivelled round so that she was facing the opposite way from Abby and then climbed over her. She leant down over Abby as the older woman reached up and clasped her butt, dragging that down so the wet twat was over her mouth. She slipped one of her hands round the butt and under Lexa, sliding two fingers into the cunt and prying it open. Even as she was doing that Lexa was slipping a digit down her own hole and quickly following it with her tongue. Abby shuddered in pleasure as the young woman began to enthusiastically lap at the hole, swishing her tongue back and forth like she was a cat after milk. The lantern was starting to die, casting shadows over the pussy above her and making it hard to see. Luckily Abby had a sixth sense for finding hot cunt and her mouth went to spot and she began to lick.

The room was filled with the slurps of passions, interspersed with moans and giggles as the Commander and her ambassador pleasured each other with tongue and finger. Abby slipped faster and harder up her lover's hole, guzzling down the juice like it was water and she was in a desert. The sex tasted so good, better than any other pussy anywhere, as if her feelings for Lexa were adding some extra flavour. She hoped the younger woman was enjoying her cunt cream, even half as much - she suspected from the passion with which Lexa was dipping in that she was.

"Mmnnn, mmnnnn," guttural groans emanated from Lexa's mouth as she raised and lowered her head, pushing her tongue and finger down the slick hole. Abby started with pleasure, her head forcing itself upwards and pushing her face deeper into the pussy. Her tongue rushed forward, licking and lapping faster and faster as her own pussy seemed to explode with orgasmic intensity. Her hands squeezed and gripped at her lover's buttocks, so firm and yet round, just made to hold and love. She gasped into the cunt, her entire body arching and sizzling as an nuclear bomb blew in her innards. Her nails dug so deep into Lexa's rump she thought the younger woman would scream, but all it did was make her eat harder, driving Abby to further orgasmic heights.

In return Abby thrust faster and harder into Lexa's twat, slurping down the yummy juice and probing every microdot with her lithe tongue. It didn't take long before Lexa was shuddering in excitement, her head lifting and her mouth letting out cute little squeals and squeaks of ecstasy as she came. Abby didn't stop, letting her tongue run wild in the hot, wet hole, slathering around it like a hungry bear trapped in a pit. "Aaarrrrghhh," Lexa shrieked in pleasure, "Aaaarrrrggghh."

The lantern's light flickered and died and the room was dark, with only a dim light from a few stars peeking through the cloud to illuminate the earth below. Neither Lexa nor Abby needed to see to continue, their tongues knew where to go and with their bodies wrapped around each other, neither was moving further than a shudder or shake would take them. They went for each wordlessly, but not soundlessly. as their squeaks and moans competed with loud slurps and licks. They continued to push each other into orgasm after orgasm, the pleasure they were causing each other evident in their shudders and cries. Eventually they both began to slow, their tongues aching.

It seemed even as they came to mutual halt that Lexa was reluctant to disengage, lying over Abby's moist hole and gently kissing it. Abby giggled and returned the favour, before saying, "I've other lips you can kiss."

"I know, but these ones are lovely," Lexa replied, but she still swivelled and rolled so that she was face to face with Abby. Their mouths met, not as passionate as before, but deep and tender; a relaxation after the hard tonguing. Abby drew the covers around them both and slipped her arm round Lexa, hugging the younger woman and kissing her slowly and lovingly in the dark.

* * *

Abby wasn't one of those people who when they woke up in the morning spent the first half minute getting their brain into gear. Which was why she immediately knew that Lexa was no longer in the bed. She sat up and looked around, feeling a moment - if not panic, at least dismay. Then she relaxed.

Her new lover was standing on the rug looking out of the Citadel window over her city. She was still naked and Abby couldn't help but admire the shapely curve of the young woman's behind.

Perhaps Abby made a growl of appreciation without realising it or perhaps Lexa just had a super sensitive sixth sense as she turned round almost immediately. Abby's attention moved from the beautiful butt to the perfect pussy, the sweet nectar of which she could still taste on her tongue. The young woman walked over to the bed, looking as unlike the stern Commander as was possible. She leant over her naked Ambassador and kissed her tenderly and sweetly. Abby returned the compliment, gently stroking her new lover's soft hair as her lips trembled at Lexa's. After a few moments they pulled away, "Last night was something special," Abby said.

"For me as well, I...I...I felt things I've never felt before, like we were in unison on everything."

"We were," Abby knew exactly what Lexa meant and it was wonderful.

The younger woman smiled reading Abby like she was a telepath. "Shall we share a slave? I could order us some breakfast as well, have it brought to your rooms."

"Yes, to both," Abby kissed her new lover tenderly after she answered and Lexa gave a little blush of pleasure.

"Anyone in particular?" Lexa asked. She reached down and picked up her leather overcoat, wrapping it around herself like a robe.

"You choose," Abby smiled, confident that Lexa wouldn't chose Clarke for them to share, though if she thought about it she'd have had no problem with Lexa fucking Clarke on her own - it was slaves were for.

"What about Raven? She's got an ass to die, one of the best butts I've fucked," Lexa smiled.

Ironically Abby probably felt more guilty over Raven than Clarke, Clarke had broken the law, Raven hadn't. If Abby hadn't sent her down she'd have probably been safe with the Ark survivors instead of being a fucktoy for the Citadel; however if Raven was recommended... "Your choice, but if you think she's a hot ass that is made for fucking..." Abby smiled and left the rest of the sentence unsaid.

She watched as Lexa walked over to the door and opened it; a couple of guards and a slave girl remained outside. Abby wasn't sure if they were the same Lexa had arrived with, shaggy men with huge beards all looked the same to her and who paid any attention to a slave they weren't fucking at that moment. She could hear Lexa giving instructions, but not so distinctly she could make out the words. Then Lexa turned round and reentered the room, shedding her jacket as she walked towards Abby, "It is done," she said, clambering onto the bed, "Raven and the food will be here shortly." She leant closer to Abby and their lips met again.

The kisses were as good as they had been the last night; combining heat, passion, tenderness and something akin to love. Their lips smooched against each other as their hands massaged and explored, slipping over smooth naked skin. Part-way through there was a knock on the door. The Commander broke her kiss long enough to call out, "Enter," before dropping back down against Abby's lips, her tongue pressing out to touch her lover's. They carried on kissing as the slaves set out a breakfast table, filled with fruits and breads and wines, more than either would eat and drink, but fitting fare for a Commander and an Ambassador. Raven would have been brought in, and they'd feast on her as well.

There was no hurry, however and the two women continued to make out lovingly on the bed, there hands moving down to stroke and massage each other's pussies. Soon the cunts were wet with lust, the juice filling the holes and seeping between their slits as fingers opened them and explored, digging deep. Abby shuddered in pleasure as her lover's digit found her erogenous zone and rubbed the spot erotically. She could feel Lexa shivering as well, a sign that her own finger was doing its work. For a minute they continued, tit to tit, mouth to mouth, loving and rubbing and shuddering. Then Lexa pushed Abby away, gently and without pressure. The younger woman smiled, "We don't want to waste ourselves, not when we have Raven as a fuckhole to share."

Abby raised herself on one arm, so she was seeing over the lying down Lexa and looked at Raven. The young woman was already naked, half-sitting, half-kneeling beside the table. Her face was down towards the floor so as not to be caught staring at her owner and girlfriend as they made love. Looking at the nude and submissive teen, just ready for use, Abby felt her reservations slip away. "Slut, stand up," she ordered. Raven did as she was told, not even pausing to process the command. Lexa rolled over so that she was looking at Raven and Abby gently laid a hand on her side and stroked it lovingly. She turned her attention back to Raven, the sexy young woman's cunt was shaved, her boobs firm and bounceable. "Turn round."

Immediately Raven turned her back to Abby and Lexa. The Ambassador ran her eyes over the firm, round butt cheeks and lusted. "Twerk those buttocks," she ordered.

The younger woman began to shake and bounce her ass, wiggling and jiggling the cheeks. "They look nice," murmured Abby to her lover.

"Wait until you use the hole between," Lexa turned her head slightly and smiled up at Abby, "It's such a perfect fuckhole."

"I should have a look at it then," giggled Abby, leaning down to kiss Lexa on the tip of her nose. She lifted her head and said commandingly, "Spread those cheeks so we can see the fuckhole."

Raven stopped her dance, straightening slightly and gripping her buttocks. She drew them apart exposing her most intimate hole to the other's lascivious gaze. Abby leant over Lexa and kissed her passionately, the younger woman responding in kind, turning so that she could kiss her lover more fully. Without instructions to stop Raven held herself in position, keeping herself spread as the other women kissed on the bed. Abby pulled her mouth back and looked at the slave, the ass did look divine, the hole seemed so tight despite, what she was sure, had been repeat usage. She touched her lover's shoulder gently, sliding the fingers round the curve, "You're right that ass looks so good to fuck. But she's your slave you should have it..."

Lexa's hand moved to stroke back at Abby's, her fingers lightly trailing over the older woman's and at the back of her hand. "We're both going to fuck it, we're sharing her ass."

"MMMnnn, I'm good with that. Who goes first? I can open her for you whilst she pleasures your cunt with her mouth?" Abby suggested.

Lexa laughed, "My pussy has been pleasured enough by you already. No, when I said we'd share her ass, I meant together, both of us, at once..."

Abby's eyes widened as she looked at her lover in surprise, "Two cocks in that hole. Will it fit?"

"Oh yes, she won't be the first slave who's had two cocks in her ass," she smiled wickedly, "When Clarke was being broken in the final act before she was tattooed, to make sure she was a good slave, was Indra and Anya double-ramming her asshole." For a moment Abby had a vision of her daughter being sodomised together by the two grounders, it wasn't as disturbing as she thought. She came back to reality and realised Lexa was still speaking, "...sit down for a week." Lexa smiled at her again, and Abby couldn't help but give her a tender loving kiss, she was so beautiful.

"So how do we do this?" she asked, smiling down.

"You go first, open her hole and then I'll join in," Lexa smiled back. She turned back to Raven, "Come here, slave. Lie on the upper part of your back against the bed and lift your ass up." Raven did as she was told, pulling her legs down towards her ears so entry to her ass wasn't impeded.

As she got into position Abby walked over to the breakfast table and helped herself to a couple of grapes as she decided which off the strap-ons laid out there were suitable. She started by choosing a smaller one, holding it up to Lexa for her approval. Her girlfriend shook her head, "Don't worry about size, she'll take it all."

Abby turned back to consider, popping another grape, before deciding on a nice black one attached to a pair of leather pants to give her lots of stability. She pulled it up her thighs and moved between the bed and Raven, pushing the teen further onto her upper back and holding her as she stood above her. Taking the dick in one hand she guided it to the sphincter, pausing as she rubbed the toy against the hole. Raven looked up at her, almost expressionless; she must have overheard the others talking and knew she was going to get two dicks in a hole not even designed for one, but if she felt fearful or disgusted her slave training hid it well. Not that it would have mattered, Abby was so horny right now she would have fucked her anyway - she might have felt a twinge of guilt, but, then again, she might not have done.

She pushed forward, feeling the anal muscle give way to the toy's tip. She continued down, the walls giving way to her toy's end, but immediately tightening back in so that the ridges of the dildo bounced over them. Raven gripped her thighs pulling her legs further down and levering her ass up the strap-on. She gave a tiny little grunt as the dildo went in further, it was her only reaction to having a dildo half-way down her back passage. Abby eased herself back, hearing the slurp of the ass as it sucked at the retreating dick. She was almost withdrawn before she slammed forward again, putting all her strength into opening the teen. There was another small grunt from Raven and a shudder as she was driven at the floor.

A few feet away Lexa was putting on her strap-on, she smiled prettily at Abby as her lover moved back again, "Pound her asshole open, Abby, make it ready for me and I'll join you." She picked up a grape and slid it into her mouth, no-one who knew only the Commander would have recognised the dazzling smile she gave Abby.

"Mmmnnn; in a minute, let me get this hole nice and ready for you," Abby kept her eyes fixed on Lexa's beauty as she worked up and down, her haunches straining as she slammed the dick down the slave's hole. Raven let out little grunts now and then, keeping her legs back and giving Abby plenty of room; she really was the perfect little fuck slave, just like Lexa said. For a moment Abby wondered what Clarke was like, whether she was a nice a hole as Raven, but then she dismissed the thought and concentrated on speeding up her slam down Raven. The dark skinned slave quivered and shudder as Abby went deeper, slamming against her and forcing the cock in. Faster and faster went the Milf, filling the hole with plastic, until she was all the way in and slapping her legs at the younger woman's cheeks. She didn't stop, but continued hammering away, looking at Lexa who ate another grape and then walked sexily over.

"Is it ready? do you want to join now?" asked Abby.

Lexa licked her lips as she looked down at the cock gliding in and out of Raven's ass. "Almost," she purred, "Hammer her hard, don't worry about her feeling it."

"Like this?" Abby pounded even harder, thrusting the toy into the hole like she was trying to beat it into insensibility.

Lexa didn't reply, but just smiled sexily, her hands reaching down to hold Abby's wrists as the older woman gripped at Rave's buttocks. The touch seemed to give Abby a burst of strength and she went even more vigorously at the butt, ramming the toy all the way like she was trying to break a record. Speed combined with power and depth to open Raven's hole like a cavern and even as the cock pounded in Abby could see a gap forming between the toys and the wall as the tunnel loosened under the anal slapping.

"I think it's ready, just stop a moment to let me in, pull it back a couple of inches... that's right," Lexa said. Abby did as she said, pausing the fucking to let her girlfriend in.

Lexa stood opposite Abby, directly over Raven's face so that the slave could see the hard plastic cock that was about to penetrate her. Moving forward Lexa placed the tip of the dick in the gap between Abby's and the anal tunnel. Slowly she pushed forward, her face contorting with concentration as she pressured the toy in. Raven's asshole began to expand, the walls expanding outwards. There was a little sob from the slave as her butt was stretched way beyond what it was designed for, but then silence as if she was too well trained too complain more loudly. But Abby was thinking about her, she was too bust admiring Lexa and thinking how beautiful and sexy the younger woman was and how lucky Abby was that Lexa felt the same way about her as she did about Lexa. As the dick went in further Lexa followed it forward, creeping closer and closer to Abby. She smiled lovingly as she did, her eyes fixed on Abby in the same way Abby's were fixed on her.

"My dick's far enough in, we can fuck her together now," Lexa said.

"I'd like that, sharing her... with you," Abby said and moved forward.

The two women's plastic pricks pushed down the ass; if there had been resistance to Abby when she'd first fucked Raven's hole, it was double that now. Not that Abby cared, Raven's hole was there to be ruined and all that mattered to her was the stunning beauty of the young woman opposite her. She let go off Raven's cheeks and moved her hands to Lexa's waist, sliding them round the firm hips as they worked back and forth. Lexa smiled at her and pushed herself even further forward so that Abby could reach round her, her hands sliding over the small of her back and down over her firm, round cheeks. "You're so beautiful," she murmured.

"You as well," Lexa said back. She pushed forward, sending the dildo deeper into the shared ass, as her mouth reached for Abby's. They kissed gently, but passionately, moving their lips round each other's mouths and slipping their tongues together. The cocks went deeper into the hole, opening it wider and there was an ignored grunt from Raven. Lexa's hands were on Abby's sides, stroking them and moving round the back, sliding up and down the flesh and massaging the skin even as they fucked. "MMmmmn," Lexa's head came back, "I've never kissed anyone as hot as you."

"You can kiss me some more," Abby pushed forward, forcing the dildo deeper into the slaves' hole and dragging Lexa's with her. The younger woman was against her again, their lips moving in a soundless conversation. They split again as they fell back and then came together as they pushed forward, their hips working gently as they lapsed into a long, lingering, sexy kiss which said more than words could. The ass opened wider, allowing them to slip further in and Abby could feel her lover's firm boobs rubbing against her own. She kissed deeper, her tongue tickling at Lexa's as they moved in and out, tit to tit, mouth to mouth.

Below them Raven shuddered a little, but kept herself silent. She was disciplined to realise she was just a hole, not an active participant. Abby kissed Lexa harder, impressed by how well she'd had the slave trained. Lexa kissed her back just as vigorously, her lips moving round Abby's mouth. Their cocks worked in and out of the shared butt, opening it wider. Abby felt so good, sharing the hole with her lover was much more fun than fucking it herself; the touch of Lexa's hands, the lick of her tongue, the brush of her boobs were all magic. And she smelt so good, so sexy and hot, her moves both controlled and passionate, the little noises she made as she kissed and fucked a total turn-on. Abby drove her dick into Raven and her mouth at Lexa.

They went at it for a long while, ramming their dicks into the ass until they could slide them as easily as a chunk of ice across the a sheet of metal. Abby didn't care, Raven's ass was owned by Lexa, she could ruin it if she wanted. Anyway it would recover... probably. But her own haunches were starting to ache, the continual moving up and down was making the muscles sore and tired and her jaw was starting to ache as well from the continual mouthing. She pulled back, smiling at Lexa who smiled back, "That was so sexy," said the younger woman reading her mind and pulling out the dick.

"I'm so glad you suggested it," Abby slipped out her own cock and looked briefly down; Raven's hole was so stretched it was obscene and as a doctor she should have been suggesting urgent care. She ignored it and stepped over the slave, taking hold off her lover's hand, "Shall we have some breakfast and then we can share her some more?"

* * *

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