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100: The Commander's Ambassador Part 3 (FF,anal,slave)
by LL

It came upon them so suddenly that Abby's heart leapt. One second she was sitting in the coach, looking out at the unchanging trees and the next there was a gap and she could see it, the tower in the centre of Polis standing as straight and tall as if it had been built by Gods for eternity. Abby was a woman of science and learning, she knew the real history that the Grounders had turned into myth. Still her eyes locked to it in the distance and even as it again vanished behind the trees she found her neck craning to try and get a last glimpse. It wasn't a surprise, she had known she was nearing the end of her journey. But it was home and she had found herself missing it...

Or more accurately missing what was at home...

The Commander...


Her lover...

Just the thought of her brought a smile to Abby's face. The older woman had never met anyone like Lexa, funny and smart, wise and cunning, beautiful and sexy, strong and firm, womanly and adorable. They had connected at once and if they hadn't consummated their love until after Abby had negotiated the entry of the Arc into the 'thirteen clans' that had made it all the sweeter.

Not seeing her for the last month had been terrible. Abby would have loved nothing more to stay in Polis, but there were rumblings of revolt among some of the Arcers who couldn't get used to being Skaikru. As a trusted ambassador for the clan and a loyal member of the Commander's inner circle Abby knew she had to go and support Marcus Kane, as the Chancellor dealt with the problems. The hanging of ex-Chancellor Jaffa and his main supporters, the arrest and taking into slavery of his outer circle and a couple of weeks of several dozen well armed Citadel guards lounging around had left Skaikru firm once again in their loyalties.

Still she missed Lexa.

Of course that didn't mean she wasn't getting pleasured. She reached down and pressed at the sex slave, kneeling on the floor of the bouncing coach, her head between Abby's open legs, her tongue gently rolling over the older woman's pussy. She hadn't got the slave going hard or fast, but was keeping her licking at a nice leisurely pace, a feeling of pleasurable warmth emanating from her cunt as she was kept just above room temperature. "We'll soon be back Harper and you can service some new pussy and dick, you must have been bored with the lack of variety."

Like a good slave Harper realised when a question was rhetorical and didn't answer - after all no-one really cared whether a slave was sexually satisfied or not, it would be like wondering if a goat had enough reading material or a horse enjoyed the view from its stable. Which wasn't to say that having Harper and Raven among the bed slaves provided for her force hadn't been a good choice - all the dozen were good for the soldier's morale; they cooked, they cleaned, they fucked. But Harper and Raven as ex-members of the arc, now slaves, added an extra string to her rebellion-stamping bow. Seeing Raven being led around naked but for a collar and leash as the rain teamed down or Harper being sodomised by a Citadel guard after she'd served dinner reminded even the most stupid potential rebels that there was a price for failure, not just for them, but their daughters. And Harper and Raven were a pair of damn good cunt lappers and strap-on holes.

That reminded Abby of her own daughter Clarke. She had briefly considered taking the blonde slave with her, the teen had been a leader of the original failed landing party and one of the most resistant to being broken in as a slave. Seeing her being paraded naked and ready for a group butt-fucking after dinner would have been even more a lesson than with Harper and Raven. But Abby had feared she was not yet ready to treat her daughter as a hunk of sex-meat. Anyway, she hadn't allowed Lexa to bring Clarke to their bed since she and the Commander had been together, so it was only fair that whilst she was away Lexa got time to use Clarke's sweet ass and tongue to her heart's content. Abby smiled, hoping her lover had enjoyed her slave daughter.

"Woah," the driver reined the horses in.

Abby pushed Harper back from her pussy as the coach slowed to a halt. She was curious rather than worried, only a fool would attempt to ambush the Skaikru ambassador when she had an escort of fifty men (two of them with rifles) especially this close to Polis. The driver turned round, opening the small shutter between them so they could speak, "It's Anya and Indra, Ambassador."

"Yes," Abby said as if she'd known. She pushed Harper back and pulled her pants back up, slipping on her boots. The ground was soft as she got down, she could never get used to walking on earth and grass instead of metal and plastic, it almost felt like she would spring up with every step. She paused a second to let herself acclimatise and then walked down the convoy. The guards were relaxed but vigilant, the wagon drivers patient but ready to move. The sex slaves looked curiously out of their covered wagon, no-one would bother to tell them why they'd stop. They were all naked, or at most wearing a skimpy bit of cloth, and Abby gave a quick glance at the female flesh as she passed. The rest of the slaves, the cooks, the porters, the wood-gatherers were taking the chance to have a brief rest, sitting and waiting - unlike the sex-slaves who were driven so as not to wear them out, most of the slaves had to walk.

Abby continued to the front of the column. As she got there she could see Anya and Indra standing talking to the leader of her guardsmen, laughing and joking. The three of them stopped as Abby approached, the guardsman taking a step back and Indra and Anya stepping forward. Abby smiled as Anya arms opened in welcome and without saying a word the two women gave a friendly hug. Anya had been the grounder who had first encountered the 100, but far from bearing a grudge she had become friends, she loved Lexa too, even if her love was more that of a warrior for her apprentice. "Successful trip?" she asked.

"Yes," said Abby and said no more as she turned to Indra and hugged her too. The black woman was the one who had tamed Clarke, but she was also Lexa's closest ally and best general, and a strong supporter of Lexa/Abby's relationship - a happy Commander was a Great Commander, she often said, and Abby made Lexa happy. "Are the two of you come to greet me?"

"Sadly not," said Indra. "We've just left the citadel this morning, there's some bandits attacking some caravans near the coast and the Commander's sending out an expedition."

"We're camping here tonight, waiting for some more supplies and levies to join us, then we march," Anya nodded.

For a moment Abby thought. Part of her wanted to push on and get to Polis as soon as she could to see Lexa. But it would be soon be dark and a greater risk of a wagon loosing a wheel in an unseen rut, which would delay them more. Better to rest overnight and start again in the morning. She gestured to her chief guardsman, "Set out the camp, we'll rest here."

He nodded and started to bark out the instructions.

"You should come join us, we've already got some food on the go," said Anya.

"And some hot little holes as well," smiled Indra.

Abby nodded.

* * *

The village's clan chief had more or less happily vacated the 'big' hall when Indra and Anya had arrived, allowing them the use of it. Though 'big' was a relative term, it was certainly larger than the other dozen or so hovels, which were all scarcely the size of Abby's front room on the Arc, but it was hardly spacious. At the top table Abby sat with Indra and Anya, round the sides they'd manage to fit a half-dozen of the most senior warriors.

Not that Abby was complaining, the food was excellent, the company enjoyable and the sex-slaves serving girls attractive. She wasn't the only one to find them so, as the meal finished the slaves were led away one by one to provide the second of their night's tasks. Abby smiled as she watched Harper be taken by a muscular bald black man who rode with Anya, she knew he was in for a treat, Harper's holes were so tight and the blonde knew exactly how to make best use of them. Another man slipped his arm round Raven's waist, escorting her out - she too was an enjoyable fuck, one that Abby had enjoyed herself a number of times.

Soon all that was left were the three women and Octavia, Indra's personal sex-slave. Abby eyed the Slave, once a member of the 100, now a group of holes on legs. The brunette didn't meet her gaze, immediately bringing her head down to look at her feet, fearful of meeting Abby's eyes unless she was told too. The older woman smiled, Octavia was well-trained, a slave should know her place and that wasn't looking back at one of her owner's friends, eye contact was for free people not fuckhole slaves. She sat back and admired the teen for a moment, the younger woman was almost naked apart from a pair of boots and a metal collar. Her pussy was shaven and a small set of tattoos ran round her back, Indra's, showing that the black woman owned her.

Indra leaned closer to Abby, "I see you're admiring Octavia."

"She's certainly a hot little thing," Abby admitted with a smile, remembering the touch of the teen's tongue on her twat from a few months ago.

"She's very obedient," said Indra and took a sip of wine. "I hardly have to beat her anymore."

"Good slaves are worth that extra effort," Abby said and thought briefly about Clarke. She assumed that Lexa was making full use of her.

"Yes, but I'm thinking of selling her, you grow a little bored of them after a while," said Indra. For a moment, Abby was still thinking about Clarke, and the comment confused her - how could you get bored of a body's like the blonde's? It was only as Indra continued speaking she realised that her friend was talking about Octavia, "I only brought her along because I hadn't had time to arrange to take her to the markets. I'll probably let my men have her, she's great morale booster and I'm sure they'll enjoy seeing how many cocks she can take at once."

"A lot I bet," added Anya.

"She'll do for warming my bed for the next few weeks," Indra said.

"Though you won't need her tonight," smiled Anya.

"No?" asked Abby raising a quizzical eyebrow.

"The village's headman is sending his two teenage daughters to our tents," smiled Indra. "A gift and one we'll gratefully receive."

Abby nodded and smiled, it was only fair that those who received the protection from Polis paid their dues. She looked over at Octavia, "When you're looking to sell her, let me know. I might be interested if the price was right." Christmas was coming up and the submissive Octavia would be a perfect present for Lexa, one they could both share.

Indra nodded her agreement, "I won't lie, she's enjoyable, but not as inventive as Clarke."

"What is Clarke like?" Abby found herself asking the question without even thinking it was her daughter, momentarily imagining the blonde as any other slave, to be talked about like an object.

Indra didn't seem to notice, or didn't care, "Clarke was a little fire imp once she got going, she can take anything and still keep going for more. Don't get me wrong |Octavia can tongue cunt, but Clarke was born for it. She started off slow when I broke her, that's why I chose Octavia as my reward, but Clarke's built up. She's very popular..."

"I assume Lexa's being using her a lot, whilst I've been gone," Abby smiled, missing her lover desperately.

"No, not at all," said Indra, "She's being getting her bed warmed all right, but she's not used Clarke."

"Oh," Abby wondered if Lexa was avoiding the blonde due to some misplaced worry that Abby would disapprove of her fucking her daughter. Abby felt guilty if that was the case, her daughter was no longer a free woman who could make her own choices but a slave who should be used as her owner wanted. It would have been different if the 100 hadn't screwed up when they landed and immediately made enemies of the Grounders, getting themselves into a war they couldn't win. If they had negotiated it could have been Clarke enjoying the delights of slave butt, perhaps it would even have been her who'd caught Lexa's eye and be sharing a choice fuckhole with the Commander. Abby dismissed the thoughts and turned back to Octavia, the teen might not keep her interest, but she certainly had it at the moment.

* * *

One thing Abby had learned on the ground is a good leader looks after their men and after dinner she walked round the camp, checking that the sex-slaves had been shared fairly. Then that the sentries were warm and fed, with rotaed replacements and the horses had all been scrubbed down and were blanketed by the grooms and wagon drivers. Finally she checked the remainder of the slaves were secure and far enough from the tree-line that none would think to make a midnight crawl to freedom. Only then did she return to her own tent.

She opened the flaps and was not surprised to see an almost naked Octavia sitting on her rugs. A lit lamp illuminated her naked body, the only cover to her nudity a small metal collar around her neck. The teen looked up, "Indra sent me over to you," she said in way of explanation, "So you could sample me."

Abby smiled to herself. She was going to enjoy this. "Stand up," she ordered the submissive teen.

Immediately Octavia stood, her hands falling to her side so she wasn't accidentally covering herself - like all bed warmers she had no modesty left. The ambassador looked down at the slit, freshly shaven and smooth as silk. Slowly her eyes moved upwards, taking in the toned stomach, flat and firm, and the round tits with their beautiful little nipples. Finally she looked at the face, gratified that as she did so Octavia obediently lowered her eyes, Indra was right about her training.

"Turn around."

Octavia obeyed without question, allowing Abby to look over her round rump and up her, the lines of the tattoos at the bottom wrapping round the bottom of it. The older woman reached down and slid her hands over the cheeks, kneading them softly and pulling the apart to show the hole between. It was closed, but a quick probe of the finger showed that was deceptive and it opened with just a touch of pressure - the teen was kept well prepped. Not a sound escaped her lips as Abby pressed the finger deeper and twisted it round, feeling the warmth of the hole suffuse the digit. She pulled it out, "Did Indra say anything else?"

There was perhaps a hint of a quaver in Octavia's reply, but then again perhaps there wasn't. "She said I'm yours for three thousand rounds of ammunition."

That was an expensive price for a second hand bed-slave, even won as sexy as Octavia. Still, she could probably negotiate her down in the morning. But before she agreed any price she knew the sample the goods, even if she and Indra couldn't find a price she'd have enjoyed an evening's entertainment. She slipped off her jacket, "Undress me," she ordered.

Octavia turned round and hastened to obey, dropping first to her knees to unlace the leather boots, Abby raising a foot to allow the naked teen to pull them off and place them neatly to one side. Raising herself the teen reached up for Abby's pants, undoing the leather cord and then unbuttoning it. She reached in and pulled them down to the older woman's knees, keeping her eyes level with the cunt, which was already starting to water in anticipation. Abby grinned and stepped out of the pants, watching as the well-trained slave folded them, before placing them next to the boots. Finally she stood and placed her hands under Abby's sweater, as she pulled it Abby raised her hands allowing the teen to get it easily over her head. Naked she walked over to the rugs and blankets, settling herself down and relaxing against the propped up pillows. In front of her Octavia was folding the sweater and adding to the rest and then adding the leather jacket, making sure it too was neatly placed.

The teenager turned and bowed her head. Abby smiled, "I'll think we'll start with some pussy licking."

Octavia didn't need to query who was doing the licking as she got down on the rub, crawling forward on her hands and knees. Her hands were gently placed on the inside of Abby's thighs and with the same gentleness she pushed. Abby allowed herself to open them, presenting her cunt for the teen's mouth. Octavia lowered her head and let her tongue slowly run over the pussy. Abby smiled and let the teen have her way, she could have forced her into a real cunt-pounding tongue-fest straight away, but she often found the well trained and best slaves started slowly to build up the pleasure and delight.

Octavia's tongue continued to move slowly, a long gentle lick that trailed around the slit, up and over, to the top and down to the bottom, slipping round the lips in a circle and then back again, leaving the outside as moist as the inside was rapidly becoming. Abby lay back on her elbows and looked down at the teen's head. It was gently swinging and swaying as she moved round the cunt, her ass wiggling below it, slightly raised so that Abby could admire its roundness. The teen was in no hurry, they had all night and once the darkness came down there was little that could be done apart from fucking.

"Mmmnn, that's good, slave, you're doing well so far," Abby threw in a compliment, even slaves responded to them and it was obvious that Octavia took a pride in her work like all the best bed-warmers. In fact, so far Abby would have rated her as high and she wondered if Indra was perhaps a little too fussy. A feeling that wasn't dissipated as Octavia pressed her tongue gently between the slit and tasted the top of the pink. She briefly looked up to make sure Abby was content and the older woman nodded and gestured for her to continue, "Good, good."

The teen continued to lick round the pussy, slow and steady, her tongue tracing circular patterns and leaving a light saliva trail, but now she started to slip over the slit and gently probe in as she was doing in. Frissons of delight rocked Abby and she gave a giggle of pleasure as the teenage tongue entered her. For a moment Octavia wiggled and teased, the tip of sliding over the warm wet walls and then, she was out again, licking over the lips and round the smooth flesh, down and up and left and right. Down to the mons and up to the clitoral hood, her tongue so gently moving over them it was like a feather.

"MMnnnn," Abby moaned and briefly Octavia raised her eyes to check the older woman was enjoying it, as Abby face was wreathed with smiles, she decided she was and dipped down again, her tongue sliding between the lips. It stayed longer this time and deeper, swirling round the hole and lapping at the womanly juice. Abby gave a small shudder of pleasure and moaned again just as Octavia's tongue retreated. The teen resumed her licking around the cunt, but just as she had spent more time inside the hole, now there was some pressure in her touch and as it hit the clitoral hood it pressed against the bud and Abby vibrated with pleasure. "Good, slut, that's good."

Octavia nodded and her tongue moved down, but even as it dabbed and teased, she was replacing it with a couple of fingers. They pressed down and pushed, stimulating the clit and making Abby shudder. The teen's tongue was returning upwards, sliding over the slit and then pressing upwards. "Yes," moaned Abby, "MMmnnnn, yes." Octavia's fingers moved quicker and harder and Abby stretched and strained, her back arching. She dropped her elbows and fell backwards, looking up at the top of the tent, seeing the distorted shadows of the lapping slave dance above her.

The teen's tongue moved down, slowly toying with the slit. It was enough "Harder, you slut slave, enough teasing."

Immediately Octavia obeyed, with an enthusiasm which was likely to be reflected in her price. The teen shifted her fingers to the pussy, opening it wide and driving her tongue in. It scooped at the cum, lapping it like she was a missing traveller who'd found pure water in a radioactive desert. The waves of pleasure hit Abby straight away, a wall of ecstasy, a burning bliss. The teen's tongue drove down, her fingers back on the clitoral hood, working it as hard and fast as she could. It was like going from a slow walk to a galloping racehorse. Abby cried out and shuddered, her back bending and her naked skin pressing at the soft furs, "AAarrrrgghh, yessss, yessss!"

Octavia's tongue went even faster and harder, and Abby thought that if the teen had fought like she tongued she'd be the one having her pussy slave-lapped. But Octavia hadn't, nor had Clarke, or at least not hard enough - which was why they were the slaves, only existing to give pleasure to their betters. The teen knew this, which was why her tongue went down so fast and deep and her fingers rubbed and circled in a whirr. Abby grunted and gasped again as an orgasm hit her, the pleasure threatening to blow her brain and fry her synapses. "Yeesssss, aaaaarggghhh, yesssss, deeper, harder, you slut slave."

You gave the orders and the slaves obeyed. Octavia was no exception. She sped up and went deeper, thrusting her face hard at the older woman's cunt, so that she was almost part of it. It pushed her fingers out of the way and she moved her hands to Abby's inner thighs, as if stroking them could make up for not stroking the clit. Not that Abby was in a position to mind, the tongue was doing it work, finding her right spots and slamming with a passionate precision. The teen's head was so far in that it was rubbing and stimulating Abby, the nose stuck at the clit, so deep and close that with every powerful lap Octavia must have been snorting up cum like cocaine.

"Aaaaarrrghh, yessssss, aaaaarrghhh," Abby shrieked again, her back bent and arched, so powerfully that it was almost painful. The teen's tongue drove in, pounding and lapping at the cunt walls. "AAAarrrghhh, yessssss, aarrrrggghhh!"

The teen continued to lick, not pausing or slowing, continuing to drive Abby to ecstasy paradise, blowing her brain and enflaming her body. Another orgasm hit like a bullet and Abby screamed so hard her throat hurt, "AAAarrrghhh, yesssss, aaaarrghhh."

She felt like she was lifting off the ground, levitating in the air, her mind becoming disconnected from her physical self, a feeling of so pure a pleasure it was like wafting through a heavenly cloud. Then she was screaming in pleasure again, her body ricocheting against the rugs and her muscles straining and stretching as she rocked and shuddered, "Yessssss. aaaaaarrghhhh!"

Taking a deep breath she pushed Octavia's face away. The teen's head moved up, the lips smeared with cum. Abby, however, knew when they had reached a crescendo of pussy licking, it would be downhill as the teen's tongue tired and ached, no matter what she did to keep it going. It was time for something else. "Fetch me the strap-on from my satchel," Abby pointed.

The teen automatically did as she was bid, Abby admiring her round buttocks as she bent over to get the toy. Seconds later she was returning presenting the strap-on to Abby. The older woman took it, glad at least some of the artefacts of the old world had survived intact, even if the leather straps had been replaced over the years. She stood up and stepped into the rings, sliding it up her thighs and adjusting it so that the end was rubbing against her clit. "Lube it up," she instructed Octavia.

"At once," Octavia bowed her head and dropped to her knees. Her mouth opened and then closed around the plastic dick. She looked up briefly at Abby, almost as if asking permission to begin properly. Abby gave a short wave of her hand and the teen's head began to bob up and down as she sucked the toy. Abby grinned as the dildo scraped gently at her clit, little puddles of pleasures emanating from it and making her flesh prickle with lust. The teen moved faster and harder, sucking and slurping at the toy, going deeper and deeper.

"Suck it all, I want this dick gleaming for your ass, deepthroat it," Abby ordered.

Octavia obeyed, forcing herself down the toy, driving her gullet at the plastic prick. Abby could hear the gasps and snorts as the teen breathed, her wretches as she fought the gag reflex and the sodden thump of the toy pounding deep into the back of her throat. Abby was impressed, Indra had trained the slave well, but there was a naturalness to the teen's cock-sucking, as if she was born to it and Abby knew even if the teen hadn't left the Arc and come to Earth to be enslaved that she'd have been a champion dick-sucker. However, good though she was everyone needed a little help...

"Take it deep slave-slut," the older woman placed her hand on the back of Octavia's head and forced her down, her hips moving at the same time. "Suck it properly," she ordered and slammed forward. The teen gulped down more, choking and struggling as she did, her eyes watered and white bile dripped from between her lips. Abby still continued to face-fuck her, the feeling of pleasure around her clit was intensifying and a slave existed only to serve. "MMmnn, yes, swallow my cock all the way. Let me see if I can get it out the back of your head." Abby thrust and pushed enjoying every second.

"Mmpppfff," Octavia's instincts were battling, her body trying to pull her head back from the pounding, her training and innate sluttiness pushing her forward to swallow the dick. It was all, however, theoretical as Abby was still holding her in place, not letting the teen escape. She pounded forward, ramming the prick into the teen's throat. "MMpppfff," the teen snorted again and Abby grinned.

"Ooohhh, urrrrhhh, this is so fine, your mouth was just made for fucking. It's so fucking wet and you swallow so good. Uurrrrhh, your a dirty little throat fucker," Abby grunted and pounded. Her hands clawed at the teen's head, the soft hair massaging her palms as she held her. "Ooohhh, all the way in, suck it slave, ooohhh, oooohhhh, my pussy feels so good."

The slave sucked away, making sure Abby's dick was nice and wet. However, whilst the face-fucking was fun it was only ever a starter not the main course. Abby let go off Octavia's head and without the pressure holding it her skull shot backwards, leaving the soaking dick dangling in front of her face. The teen looked up at Abby, water seeping from her eyes and a white trail of bile leaking from her mouth, her expression was questioning, wondering whether the older woman wanted her to suck some more. Abby answered the unspoken query "Get on your hands and knees on the fur blanket, bow down into them and raise that ass. That's right slut, now take hold of the cheeks and open it for me."

Abby licked her lips as she looked down at the naked teen, her buttocks apart and her rosebud exposed and opening. The price that Indra was asking was looking more and more reasonable, Lexa would certainly enjoy sharing her and she'd be a perfect present for her lover. However, it was always best to road-test a slave-hole, just in case the reality wasn't as good as it looked.

She moved behind Octavia crouching down and taking the plastic toy in her hand, guiding it to the small crater and placing it on the hole. She paused for a moment to check she was lined up and to prepare herself. Then she thrust forward.

"Ooohhh," gasped out Octavia as she was penetrated. Her body rocked forward with the power of the cock entering her, but immediately she sprang back, taking more of the toy in her tight hole. Abby grinned and thrust again, hammering down and in. Again Octavia slammed forward, crying out as the toy rammed in and again she bounced back; Indra was right about her training. The older woman pounded forward, pushing the toy deeper and grunting as its haft stimulated her cunt. The teen squeaked back and responded with the eager energy of the most expensive bed-warmers.

"This ass is tight, you keep it in trim," it was a statement not a question, (though it was probably Indra who made sure the teen did).

"Yes," grunted Octavia who thought she was supposed to answer.

Abby ignored her and pounded forward, thrusting the toy in as far as it could go./ She paused for a moment and looked down, the dildo was easily three-quarters of the way in and it would take long for Octavia to be taking it all, especially if Abby put in the effort. She gripped the teen's waist for ballast and hammered forward, hard and brutally, stretching the tunnel out. Again and again, quicker and deeper, putting all her strength behind each rocketing ram. The teen shuddered and shook and squealed and toy went in deeper and deeper and deeper, until it was vanishing all the way up to the fake balls and Abby's thighs were thumping at the teen's. "Yes, slut, you're taking my cock all the way in your tight tush. It feels so good."

And it did. The toy was rubbing and pressing at Abby and each thrust sent peals of pleasure ringing through her. The harder she slammed the more intense the pleasure and so she hammered as hard as she could, not caring about how it felt to the slave having her ass stretched. Her cunt leaked juice and she could feel the warm liquid, sliding over her lips and mons, coating them in a sheen, and over the straps round them, making them damp and sticky. In and out she pounded, enjoying every second of every thrust, her naked tits bouncing and jiggling.

Below her Octavia squealed and howled, probably in pleasure, possibly in pain, either was irrelevant. The slave was there as a fucktoy, nothing else, and she fulfilled that role admirably. What had seemed an expensive price earlier, now seemed a bargain, which may have been why Indra had sent the teen over. Abby gripped Octavia's waist harder and slammed as hard as she could, feeling the teen's ass bounce back as she rocked her world. The dildo vanished down the slave's anal passage and Octavia's back bent as she cried out again. Abby leant forward and pushed her head down, keeping the teen in position as she rode her, the dildo spearing forward and in, penetrating as far down as it could go. "UUuhhh, uuuuhhh, this ass is hot, slave. You were designed to be butt-banged," Abby grunted.

"Yesssssss, yessssss, yesssssss," squealed Octavia in response, agreeing with the Ambassador as a good slave should. "Yessssss, aaaaaarghhh, yessssss."

Abby gave a gasp and cry herself, "Aaahh, oooohhh." Her clit felt so good, like it was being bathed in warm honey whilst being swatted by an expert. Juice clung to the straps as it leaked from her hole and her waves of ecstasy washed her like she was a beach. She slammed forward, intensifying the feeling and letting the sweat trickle down her. The teen below writhed and shook, Abby pounded her deep, panting at the exertion, her muscles aching as she rammed forward, straining them to give the teen the deepest slam it was possible to give.

Octavia was still squealing and shrieking, but Abby ignored her - if Octavia was enjoying it was a complete irrelevance, only her own pleasure mattered. And it was intense, "AAarrrghh, yessss, aaaarghh," Abby cried out as her clitoris exploded like a mirrors, except the shivers of glass were surges of ecstasy. They cut through her in the same way, leaving her screaming and gasping and shaking, her entire body a mass of exploding nerve endings and brain freezing bliss.

She pounded the fuckhole in front of her harder, panting and grunting with exertion, slamming the dildo in. She could just imagine sharing her with Lexa, the two of them kissing and cuddling as they jointly analised the teenage slave. The cock slammed down and the crack of thighs hitting buttocks sounded in the tent repeatedly, like someone beating a drum in a march to battle. Octavia screamed loudly, her body shuddering so hard that Abby nearly lost her stroke. She held on and slammed in, sweat covering her body as she pounded the teen. The slave was hers, all that remained was haggling on the price.

Abby cried again, gasping in pleasure as she came. Exhausted she pulled the cock out of Octavia's gaped and opened asshole, the tunnel red and bruised. She fell onto her back, still panting. Octavia must have been well trained as she immediately swivelled round to take the strap-on between her lips, cleaning it with her mouth.

Abby smiled and lay back in relaxation.

* * *

When they set out to Polis the next day there was one more slave in the column, Octavia kneeling between her new mistress's legs, slowly licking her as they travelled on.

* * *

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