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Author's note: This story takes place after Season 3, but deviates from canon after that.

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100: Wives Of The Commander Part 1
by MTL ([email protected])

Lexa never thought she would marry, and yet she had. Although not to one amazing woman, but three. Her warrior Octavia, her mechanic Raven, and her favourite Clarke. These types of relationships were rare but not unheard of in her culture, and in the few Lexa had encountered referring to anyone as 'favourite' would not be tolerated, but it was an undeniable truth that even the children of her capital could see, and amazingly there was no jealousy. Octavia and Raven had assured her on occasions that they knew they were more than just sex slaves, and tonight Lexa was determined to confirm that, while still giving Clarke plenty of attention.

In truth Lexa was determined to do that on any night, but tonight was special. Tonight they were celebrating their anniversary. Not their wedding anniversary, although that was coming up soon, but the first time they all got together, and although their wedding had been unforgettable the first time Lexa made love to her girls would always be truly special to her, and all of them. Sadly they could not celebrate the occasion with a banquet or anything like that, and all of them but especially Clarke couldn't stand the thought of masking it as celebrating the fall of the mountain, as that would have been disrespectful to the many who died that day. So the celebrations would have to be more private.

Not that Lexa objected to that in fact she preferred it that way, as the thought of it getting her through a long day of keeping the peace while sitting on her throne and listening to her people who bought their problems and squabbles to her, and the representatives from each clan which were even worse. Her only relief was having Clarke there for some of it, representing her people as the Thirteenth clan, although she too spent most of the day listening to the troubles of her people. Her more fortunate wives would be doing the things they loved, namely training with her fellow warriors and tinkering with technology respectively.

It was the second Lexa chose to collect first on this occasion, partly to remind Raven that she was truly dear to her and partly because her beautiful genius was working on a little surprise to help celebrate their first ever anniversary. Lexa was happy to see Raven had delivered on her promise, The Commander moving silently so she could admire her beautiful mechanic in her natural habitat, putting the last finishing touches to her surprises. Not that they would truly surprise Clarke and Octavia, and they certainly didn't surprise Lexa, although they would be truly welcomed.

Once she was directly behind her lover Lexa couldn't resist softly announcing, "Hello Raven."

"Jesus!" Raven swore, turning around rapidly, clutching her chest and then whining, "Lexa! We've talked about this!"

"We have." Lexa softly acknowledged, unable to stop a smirk from crossing her face which caused Raven to glare at her. Hoping to wipe that away Lexa added, "I cannot sneak up on you when there are... tools in your hand, yes?"

There was a pause, and then Raven smiled, "Hey, that was pretty funny for you."

"I aim to please." Lexa said softly, pulling the other woman in for a brief kiss, the Commander delighting how Raven wrapped her arms around her neck. Then after a few seconds Lexa broke the kiss and told her, "Collect your tools. Our next stop is the fighting pit."

"Oh so funny today." Raven smiled, before kissing her again.

Raven slipped her surprises into her bag and followed Lexa to find their other wives. Usually Clarke could be anywhere, but Octavia could normally be found training, and as her favourite spot was the fighting pit where warriors could challenge each other that was their first stop. It was also their last, because to Raven's delight Octavia was doing battle with Clarke. Or more accurately about too, given the way they were circling each other in the middle of the pit, surrounded by thousands of grounders all eager to see which of the Wives Of The Commander would come out on top. And apparently there was one more as before Raven could open her mouth to get the attention of her two lovers the third silenced her.

"Wait!" Lexa commanded softly but firmly, "I wish to see how much Clarke has learned."

Without hesitation Raven nodded. She was eager to get to the celebration part of the evening, as were they all, but Raven liked watching her wives spa, and fighting ability was extremely important to Octavia and Lexa, and to only a slightly lesser extent Clarke and Raven. In space there wasn't a need for much fighting ability, but as soon as they landed The 100 had needed to learn fast. Octavia had taken to it like a duck to water, helped along greatly with her grounder training, and Clarke was pretty good, especially after a year or so of training under Octavia and Lexa. And herself, Raven thought with a smile. Sure she hadn't done that much, but she knew Clarke appreciated the way that she, Lexa and Octavia had worked on her stamina.

That smile had barely faded from Raven's lips when Clarke took her first attempt to attack Octavia, the more experienced fighter expertly dodging her attacks and knocking her down onto her butt. Which ultimately caused Raven to laugh, earning her a stern look from Lexa. Luckily Raven's laugh was drowned out by the laughter of the others around them, and it's likely that Clarke wouldn't have noticed anyway due to her humiliation. The laughter couldn't have helped with that, the blonde briefly panting before glaring up at the brunette, which of course was just adorable. Meanwhile Octavia looked downright wicked as she smirked at her opponent, prompting Clarke to jump up, run at her and get knocked down on her cute little butt again.

As this caused Raven to laugh again Lexa close the distance between them and whispered, "If you cannot be quiet maybe we should find a better use for your mouth."

Even though being quiet was probably unnecessary, and part of her wanted to continue watching the fight, Lexa's words had Raven turning her head slowly to look at the Commander, lick her lips and then agree, "Maybe we should."

There was then a brief pause as the two brunettes stared at each other, and then Lexa slowly but firmly grabbed the back of Raven's head and pushed her to her knees. Which was always an uncomfortable position for Raven, but unlike with walking it was actually one she enjoyed, at least when positioned in front of one of her wives because it meant she would have the chance to please them. Oh how Raven love to please them, especially with her mouth, the mechanic fumbling to undo Lexa's pants and pull them down so she could get to the prize underneath, not even waiting until those pens were down around Lexa's ankles before leaning forward and beginning to please her wife.

Lexa silenced the moan threatening to escape her lips with practised ease as Raven's tongue pressed against the bottom of her pussy and slowly made it's way up to the top before repeating the process, the sky girl beginning to eagerly go down on her. Just as Octavia and Clark would given half the chance, the continued battle between her two other lovers almost doing as much for Lexa's arousal has Raven's tongue. Well, Raven's tongue was the clear winner, but it certainly didn't hurt, and thanks to the little battle in front of her, and the thought of the surprise she had for them later tonight, meant Lexa was more than ready to get her pussy licked.

Of course, Lexa was always ready to get her pussy licked, especially as one of the main advantages to having three wives was that there was always someone ready and willing to drop to their knees for her. Or let her sit on their faces, or however she wanted to take their mouths. Which had been true before, but it was no longer an abuse of her power. Not truly, as each of these women loved her, and she loved them in return. Oh yes, these were not merely random women amongst her people who were, as always, ready to serve The Commander in any way that was required, but her wives who she personally trained to please her needy pussy.

Ironically, this insured Lexa was pretty much horny all the time. It was embarrassing really. Before her wives fell from the sky Lexa had been the epitome of self-restraint. Every bit the dignified leader that her now dead mentor had encouraged her to be. Now like The Commanders before her Lexa had multiple lovers who she regularly forced to worship her where anyone could see. She didn't even return the favour. At least not publicly. In private there was little more Lexa loved than tasting one of her wives, but in public she always had to be the top. Luckily she had three beautiful women who were happy to bottom for her. Well, at least two out of three.

At first Raven and Clarke hadn't been thrilled with the idea of doing this publicly, but the adventurous, and ever eager to be accepted, Octavia had barely hesitated, and after a few weeks of talking and gentle coaxing Clarke allowed herself to be publicly fingered before joining Octavia in between Lexa's legs within the confines of a narrow hallway. One week later Lexa managed to talk Raven into slipping underneath their table during dinner, and after that it didn't take much pushing to have each of her wives willing to serve as her at a moments notice, Lexa unwilling and unable to resist taking advantage of that the slightest excuse. Not that she truly regretted that fact has Raven's soft tongue continued caressing her cunt as she watched Clarke and Octavia battle for dominance.

Raven would always find this at least a little embarrassing no matter how public they were, but this time really wasn't so bad. There were only a few guards following Lexa around at the moment, and a few more at the door they had walked through to get here, and everyone else was facing away from them. Besides last time she checked all eyes were on her sparring lovers, and not just because staring at The Commander and/or her companion when she was being pleasured was a surefire way to be brutally murdered, but because two of the wives of Lexa sparring with each other was much more rare than simply one of them pleasing their Commander.

Still, Raven was grateful for the fact that she now lived in Polis, where it was unlikely that anyone she had known from her previous life on the Ark would walk by and see her acting so slutty. Not that it would stop her. After all, getting to please The Commander in this way was seen as an honour amongst her new culture, and as have been made very clear she wasn't merely just another one of Lexa's subject she had chosen to play with, she was the wife of The Commander and she was performing her duty, and mockery of that would not be tolerated. Besides, her original family was long gone. Clarke, Octavia and especially Lexa were her family now, and she was honoured to please them in anyway she could.

So as always Raven ignored whatever part of her was still left on The Ark which would feel embarrassed about doing such a thing as worship her wife publicly, and the pain of resting her weight on her knee, which was easy to forget when she was pleasing her wives anyway, and just concentrated on what really mattered, licking Lexa's pussy. Initially it was fairly easy as Raven was always taken aback by just how wonderful Lexa's pussy tasted, Raven able to close her eyes and block everything out but that flavour and the acknowledgement that she needed to continue the slow, gentle licking, but it wasn't too long after that it became not enough for her.

If they were in private Raven could definitely get away with making Lexa cum without permission, especially if Lexa was distracted by having Clarke or Octavia sitting on her face. Or if afterwards she laid on the charm real thick. But the last time one of them had even dared to shove her tongue into Lexa without permission it had been Clarke and she had been punished by suffering an entire week without knowing the joy of eating Lexa's pussy. Hell, Lexa had barely even looked at Clarke, let alone touched her, and she was Lexa's favourite. There was no way Raven was risking that. So she obediently kept up the gentle pussy licking, increasingly hoping as time went on she would be given the permission she was hoping for, and soon after have the honour of swallowing The Commander's cum.

Lexa tried her best to avoid smiling to let Raven know that she approved of the constant gentle treatment. It wouldn't be a big deal if she did, but her life, and the lives of her wives, demanded that she be as dominant as possible, which meant remaining as dominant as possible while receiving oral sex. Even if seemingly no one was paying attention to her receiving it. So she instead loosened her firm grip on the back of Raven's head and softly began stroking it as Clarke continued to struggle to gain the upper hand on Octavia. Sure, once she calmed herself she was able to land a few good blows, but she was outmatched, and Octavia made sure everybody knew it.

"Give it up Blondie." Octavia taunted after about the fifth time she knocked Clarke down on her cute little ass, "You're mine."

"Well, yes. But you're-" Clarke trailed off as she scanned the crowd and noticed something, and paid for it.

"It's like you're not even trying anymore." Octavia sighed after she punched Clarke to the ground.

Quickly getting up with a grin Clarke pointed over Octavia's head quipped, "Looks like we've got company."

"Oh please, you expect me to fall for that?" Octavia rolled her eyes.

"Octavia!" Lexa yelled louder enough to get everyone's attention, "How many times do I have to tell you, don't take your eyes off your opponent."

Octavia's face was priceless. Easily worth the complaining Lexa would deal with later. As was what happened next. Because Octavia tried, but she just couldn't turn back around quick enough before finding herself flipped over in an impressive takedown which ended with Clarke's thighs cutting off her air supply. It was then the fun really began, Clarke hanging on for dear life as Octavia flailed around, desperately trying to get free. It was too much for Lexa to bear, which was lucky because there was never a better time for a little weakness. So she pushed Raven's face deeper into her cunt, and when that wasn't enough to get her point across Lexa tried a more direct approach.

"Make me cum. I don't care how, just do it." Lexa whispered, before yelling as loudly as she could, "Octavia, don't be stubborn. Accept your defeat."

This of course only made Octavia struggle, and swear, even more than she had been before, which was the point. Because even though Octavia gave her an angry look of betrayal Lexa knew that her warrior would forgive her, and in time with even see the funny side, but for now Octavia's inevitable defeat at the hands of her beloved Clarke was rushing Lexa to orgasm almost as much as Raven's tongue, mouth and finger. Because of course Raven would take any excuse to finger her that she could get. To be fair this always helped Lexa cum extra hard, especially when Raven, or one of her other wives, sucked on her clit at the same time she was doing now, and she couldn't truly be mad when no one was really paying attention to them.

Perhaps most importantly of all it was over reasonably quickly, partly triggered by Raven slipping a second finger in and curling it upwards while intensifying the suction on her clit, and partly because Clarke pulled back on Octavia's throat just like Lexa had taught her too, forcing Octavia to swallow her pride and submit. In fact, whether because of fate or because she found the visual so powerful, pretty much the moment Octavia tapped out Lexa came wonderfully hard. Luckily the applause from the audience drowned out any embarrassing sounds that might have fallen from Lexa's mouth, just as would happen next distracted from any other sounds as Raven fucked Lexa through to her orgasm and immediately started working on another.

Raven was disappointed she didn't see exactly what happened, but she could guess from the amount of cheers she heard, and the curses coming from Octavia's dirty little mouth. That for the very first time that Clarke Griffin had defeated Octavia Blake in hand-to-hand combat. No wonder Lexa came so hard. Raven would have to inform Octavia of that later. Maybe leave out her contributing to Lexa's orgasm, at least at first, as there was a running joke between them have Clarke would just have to bend over or something to make Lexa cum. Sometimes they would even tease Clarke and Lexa, but especially the latter was a dangerous risk, and Raven certainly wasn't going to concentrate on that right now. Not when she was doing the only thing that really mattered to her, pleasing one of her wives.

Also she was pretty sure it was illegal to slack off while pleasing The Commander, Raven smiling around Lexa's clit as she fucked the other woman to a second climax. On the one hand it was much easier the second time, Raven barely allowing Lexa to come down from her high before giving her that second orgasm and then immediately beginning to work her way to the third. On the other hand as much as Raven loved the rare treat of fingering The Commander, something the more dominant woman didn't normally allow her to do, she was missing out on her chance to swallow Lexa's girl cum, and if that wasn't a crime in grounder culture it should be.

Trying to find a balance Raven slowed down her fingering a little so she could enjoy it for a little longer, which of course resulted in an intensified attack on her hair but it was still totally worth it, then when she inevitably sped up again and brought Lexa back to the edge of orgasm she suddenly replaced her fingers with her mouth. The little cry and whimper of disappointment that probably only she could hear made this gamble worth it, and that was even before Raven tasted the leftover girl cum from the previous two orgasms. When she did, and when Lexa came in her mouth, it made it so beyond worth it that Raven could barely even comprehend it.

Naturally then Raven went berserk, desperately trying to swallow every drop of that precious liquid. Thanks to her frequent practice, and just her eagerness, Raven could have probably accomplished it, if Lexa hadn't tightened the grip on the back of her head and started grinding her cunt against her face. Not that Raven complained. She was Lexa's. They were all Lexa's. Hers to do with as she pleased, that fact filling Raven with love and happiness, just like her fellow wives when they were lucky enough to be in the position that others would literally kill for. Then all of a sudden it was over and she was being pulled up into a passionate kiss, Raven whimpering into it as Lexa tasted herself on her lips and tongue.

"Bend over!" Lexa ordered once she had broken the kiss, forcefully turning Raven around and bending her over the railing before she got a chance to reply, allowing both of them to see Lexa's words being echoed.

"Bend over." Clarke grinned happily, while stroking her newly equipped cock.

Clarke's grin got even wider as first Octavia glared angrily at her, then did as she was told, getting down on her hands and knees in the middle of the fighting pit. Apparently there were places in this new world where it was a regular occurrence that the loser of a battle would sexually submit to the winner, but it was a rarity in Polis as Lexa had banned it from anyone who wasn't a couple. Because apparently battles to the death were fine, but potential rape was a step too far. It was something that other members of Skaikru struggled to understand, but it had always made total sense to Clarke, and she especially loved it now as she admired the fruits of her labour.

"Will you just get on with it?" Octavia grumbled.

"And rush this special moment between us?" Clarke gasped, sounding scandalised, "Absolutely not. I want to enjoy this."

"Yeah well, enjoy it while you can. Because next time your ass is mine." Octavia promised/threatened.

"You already said that." Clarke pointed out, "And just for your lack of originality, I'm going to fuck you up the ass."

Octavia scoffed, "Like you weren't going to do that anyway."

Her wife had her there, Clarke thought with a wicked grin as she admired Octavia's perfect ass. While, from the sounds and looks of it, Lexa was busy cumming in Raven's mouth Clarke had ordered Octavia to strip, forcing a humiliation upon her Clarke was very used to receiving from Lexa and especially Octavia. Of course Octavia had glared at her, but then did as she was told as Clarke retrieved one of the strap-on cocks Raven had made for them from the entrance of the fighting pit, attached the harness away from prying eyes and returned to circle her pray so she could admire her embarrassed wife's body before commanding her to get into Octavia's favourite position for Clarke and Raven.

"Shut up and take your own medicine." Clarke finally replied to Octavia's earlier sass before spitting onto her hand and rubbing an extra bit of lube into the head of her dick.

Clarke considered ordering Octavia to reach back and spread her ass cheeks, but as she could practically taste the anger and humiliation coming off of her wife she decided to show her at least some mercy, despite the fact that Octavia had pushed her face into the dirt many times before shoving a cock up her ass. One of those cheeks was still spread though, albeit by Clarke's hand to admire Octavia's butt-plug filled ass hole. The butt plugs had been another gift from Raven to Lexa, The Commander loving them so much that Clarke, Raven and even Octavia constantly wore one as a sign of their submission to Lexa. And so that their asses would always be stretched and ready to be fucked.

Pulling Octavia's plug out of her butt Clarke frowned as she examined it. She often forgot how dainty it was compared to the ones she and Raven usually wore. Technically that was supposed to be for their benefit as their more dominant lovers were constantly sodomising them, but it just seemed so unfair that Octavia barely got any distraction from her ass hole while she was fighting. Oh well, it would just mean she would have more fun stretching her normally dominant wife's ass open, Clarke thought with a wicked grin as she pressed the head of her strap-on against Octavia's back door and forced her way inside with one hard thrust.

Octavia let out a cry of pain and humiliation as Clarke forced her way into her butt. Ironically she was more humiliated and angered by the fact that she had let out that cry in the first place, but this was one thing to perform this shameful act in public, was quite another to show weakness while enjuring it. So she gritted her teeth and started clutching the ground to keep herself quiet, which was good because even though Clarke took it easy on her after first thrust the slow anal penetration was still physically painful for Octavia, and mentally agonising. And through it all she is couldn't believe it was really happening to her.

It wasn't the first time Octavia had been publicly butt fucked as Lexa like to sporadically remind her who the true Alpha female in their little relationship was. The private ass fuckings were even more frequent as Lexa love nothing more than sodomising her wives, often lining all three of them up and going back and forth between them until their poor little back holes were so stretched open and sore that it almost made the orgasms not worth it. Octavia had even been anally taken by Clarke before. But not like this. Never like this. And the worst part of it was that on some level she was actually getting off on it, and from her previous experiences Octavia knew it was only a matter of time before she came like a little bitch with a dick in her ass.

Actually the worst part was all this came after a humiliating defeat. It didn't matter that she had been distracted, or that it was a fluke that almost definitely wouldn't happen again anytime soon, it happened. Clarke had been able to capitalise on her mistake and no matter what she did Octavia just couldn't get out of it and she had been forced to swallow her pride and tap like a little bitch. And now that's exactly what she was, a little bitch getting her ass stuffed with dick. She even whimpered like a bitch when Clarke's thighs came to rest against her butt cheeks, announcing that Octavia had taken every inch of that strap-on deep inside her most private orifice. The one that Octavia liked to think of as for Lexa's use only.

Now everybody knew that it was for Clarke's used too, Clarke clearly revelling in that fact as she moaned, "Oh Octavia, your ass is so tight."

The cocky little blonde bitch moaned that shortly after she began thrusting back and forth, officially beginning the butt fucking. Which received a few chuckles of approval from the braver Grounders, but none from Octavia. She wanted too, so much it hurt, but anything she could say at this point would just heighten the sense of satisfaction for Clarke. So Octavia closed her eyes and did her best to block out anything else Clarke might say and just concentrate on relaxing as her forbidden hole remembered that sometimes it was a fuck hole for her wives, causing the pain she felt to slowly fade and be replaced by pleasure. Unfortunately that meant a few moans inevitably escaped her lips, making this moment even more embarrassing.

"Mmmmmm, yesssssss, Octavia kom Skaikru has a tight little ass hole." Clarke said mockingly in Trigedasleng, causing a chorus of chuckles from the Grounders as they heard the mockery in their native language before she switched back to English, "Oh yes, your little ass hole is so tight Octavia. Mmmmmm, I have no idea why Lexa doesn't fuck it more."

Lexa smirked as she heard this, and spared her other two lovers a glance, before returning her gaze to Raven's well-rounded backside. Raven's pants and panties had been shoved down around her ankles shortly after she had been bent over which had been distracting enough, but now the plug which had been keeping her back hole ready for Lexa to use was in Raven's mouth, muffling her cries as the commander took what was so rightfully hers. What had been hers ever since she popped Raven's anal cherry, Lexa smiling with delight as she briefly flashed back to that day before she concentrated on stuffing the rest of her newly equipped strap-on up the other girl's ass.

There was nothing Lexa loved more than watching a cock strapped around her waist disappearing into a beautiful girl's butt hole. To her it was the ultimate sign of dominance over another female, the other woman forced to endure an indignity which seemed unbearable. And yet all three of her wives not only did it willingly, but actually enjoyed it. Raven most of all given the way she moaned even during the anal penetration. This time was no exception, although it was at least it was a little help this time by the fact that Raven was going ass to mouth, which enhanced her submission as much she did more for the distracting noises she was letting out.

Of course it was nowhere near as distracting as Clarke publicly ass fucking Octavia, and ultimately Lexa had to pause every so often to stare lustfully at that incredibly rare sight. She still didn't class it as enjoyable as what she was actually doing, but it was certainly rare and attention grabbing, hence why Lexa had waited to anally penetrate Raven so she could savour Clarke stuffing Octavia's butt full of strap-on. To be fair this pausing probably held Raven to relax, but a whimper suggested that she was feeling neglected, and Lexa couldn't stand that, so she didn't spend too much time watching her other wives and continue concentrating even after she buried every inch of her dick into Raven's ass and officially began the butt fucking.

Perhaps she was wrong earlier, Lexa thought with a smile. There was something she loved more than penetrating a beautiful girl's butt hole, and it was fucking one of her wives in the ass as her other wives also indulged in the joys of anal sex. And above even the joy of herself and Octavia anally taking Clarke and Raven at the same time was the joy of herself and Clarke butt pumping Raven and Octavia. Or perhaps even herself taking Clarke's ass as Octavia took Raven's. Although this was a heaven in it's own right, Lexa taking the butt-plug out of Raven's mouth so she could hear her moaning for her more clearly as she continued sodomising her while watching the wonderfully rare show before them.

Raven took this opportunity to moan, "Oh God yes, fuck me harder! Fuck my ass harder! Mmmmmm, oh God Lexa, please pound my butt. Pound it deep and hard, ohhhhhh yessssss, fucking wreck my hole! Destroy the little hole you own. Yeahhhhhhhh, gape my slutty little fuck hole! Oh God yes, that's it, harder! Harder! Ooooooooh Goooooodddddd, ooooooohhhhhhhh yeeeeeeeeessssssss!"

Raven said more than that. She was sure she said more than that. She even said it loudly and proudly, which wasn't always the case when her wives insisted on taking her in public. Mostly because everyone else was concentrating on the much rarer a sight of Octavia kom Skaikru being ass fucked, and ass fucked by Wanheda no less. But it was also because Raven was feeling nothing but blissful pleasure which made her forget what little was left of her modesty and just let beg for more like the shameless anal whore that Octavia, Clarke, and especially The Commander had turned her into. Or perhaps she had always been, because as humiliating as it was Lexa's legendary butt pounding skills and the butt-plug were only partially responsible for her enjoying this latest round of anal sex so quickly.

The fact was, she had an ass that was made for fucking. Octavia had told her that gleefully the first time she anally took her, but the more Raven thought about it, and the more that her wives sodomised her, the more that it rang true. She was certainly proud of her booty, which had gained her several looks from men and women alike, at least before she became one of The Commander's wives, although even now it was arguably dangerous to their health people still looked. Of course while she had been happy to flaunt it Raven hadn't seriously thought she'd ever give it up to anyone. Then all of a sudden Lexa was popping her butt cherry, effortlessly turning her shit hole into an eager fuck hole.

Ever since Raven had craved long, thick strap-on dildos up her ass. She was so addicted she would probably be crabby if she ever went more than a day without a butt fucking, although luckily that was yet to happen as Raven had loving wives who loved sodomising her. And her slutty ass always rushed to relax so it could welcome the big intruders, the bigger the better, in the process providing Raven with the most twisted pleasure she could ever imagine, ending with unbelievably powerful orgasms that nothing else could quite give her, even if some of the other things her wives did came close. As a result she had become the pure bottom of the group, while Lexa of course was the pure top, leaving Clarke and Octavia as switches who constantly battled for dominance.

As the established pecking order seem to be Lexa, Octavia, Clarke and lastly Raven everyone watching got what a big deal this was. In fact a lot of them hadn't even seen Octavia bottom to Lexa, and even though the proud warrior was clearly humiliated beyond belief she was increasingly failing to hide her enjoyment, the initial slow and gentle sodomy Clarke gave her clearly loosening Octavia's bowels and getting her ready for a hard butt pounding. Meanwhile Clarke seemed to be having the time of her life, smacking Octavia's ass, pulling her hair and continuing to taunt her, demanding from her the same thing Raven had given Lexa so quickly and freely, and was now receiving.

"Beg Octavia. Mmmmm, come on, beg!" Clarke demanded as she slapped her wife's ass, "Beg me to fuck you hard and make you cum for me. Oh come on, you know you want too. Beg me like you beg Lexa when she fucks your tight little ass hole. Yeahhhhhh, come on Octavia kom Skaikru, beg to cum like a bitch with a dick in your ass!"


Octavia heard Raven's shameless pleading for more, and in a weird way she was jealous of it. She knew for a fact Raven wasn't as shameless as she sounded right now, and in fact Raven was embarrassed about this kind of behaviour, but her pure bottom wife was just such an anal junkie that the second there was a cock up her ass the whole world pretty much melted away and was replaced with an overwhelming need to cum. Octavia definitely felt that need right now, but it just wasn't overwhelming enough to let her forget about her pride, meaning that in the name of clinging onto at least a shred of her dignity for a little longer she was denied climax while from the sounds of it Raven had received several. Or maybe she was just enjoying getting her ass pounded hard and deep.

Either way Octavia was jealous, although that wasn't the emotion she was concentrating on. No, that was envy. She envied Clarke and Lexa for being the ones on top right now, and she was planning her revenge on both of them. It was wonderful in its simplicity, and that was she was going to challenge Clarke to a rematch and win this time. She was going to make the mighty Wanheda tap out like a little bitch, in front of everyone but especially Lexa, then she was going to drill her little ass hole for hours. Oh yes, she would prove who was top dog between herself and Clarke, and even make Lexa jealous as she showed off her awesome skills by using her favourite wife's ass hole as her personal fuck hole.

Of course before all that Octavia needed to cum, and bit by bit the slow and gentle sodomy combined with Clarke's sporadic taunting, hair pulling and especially the playful spanking, resulted in Octavia snapping and frantically begging, "Harder! Fuck me harder! Fuck my ass! Mmmmmm, fuck my fucking ass and make me cum! Ooooooooh God Clarke, make me cum like a bitch. Make me cum like a little bitch with a dick up my tight little ass! Come on bitch, fuck me! Ohhhhhhhh, make me your bitch if you can. Ah shit, come on Wanheda, pound my fucking butt! Fuck my ass like I regularly fuck yours. Mmmmmm yeahhhhhhh, go-ahead bitch, just try and fuck me like I fuck you, ooooooooh, because we all know who the real bitches around here are! Ohhhhhhh, it's you and Raven, and when I get my rematch I'm going to, oooooooooh fuck, going to, ohhhhhhhhh Goooooooddddddddd yesssssssssss, harder! Yes, please just fuck me harder! Oh God Clarke! Clarke! Ooooooooohhhhhhhh yeeeeeeeeessssssss!"

With that Clarke finally increased her pace to a fraction of what Lexa seemed to be giving Raven, making sure Octavia was on the edge of orgasm for a few long minutes which felt like hours. Which of course made Octavia let out an animalistic like growl, and start desperately thrusting herself back against Clarke, Octavia now willing to give up if every ounce of dignity that she had just to cum. She even started begging again. She wasn't really worried what she said, just that it was anything that might get Clarke to give her what she wanted. It didn't matter any more. She just needed to come so bad, tears literally running down Octavia's cheek as she desperately pleaded for more.


Finally Clarke gave her everything she had, and while it wasn't quite as hard as the brutal poundings Octavia often received from her precious Lexa it was more than enough to send her over the edge. In fact, because of all the buildup and humiliation her climax was perhaps more powerful than ever, and it was quickly followed by another and another and another, perhaps in that moment Clarke turning her into as big an ass whore as Raven. And in that wonderful moment Octavia didn't care. All she cared about was the big dildo jackhammering in and out of her butt hole as she screamed hysterically and came over and over in front of people she had wanted so desperately to respect her.

Lexa hadn't lost any respect for Octavia, but she had gained new respect for Clarke, and she didn't think that was possible at this point. However every time she thought Wanheda couldn't impress her any more she proved her wrong, Clarke first using Octavia's arrogance against her and now using her pride to humiliate their warrior wife perhaps more than ever before. Maybe even when Lexa chose to remind Octavia who was the true top amongst them. Perhaps soon she would be doing the same to Clarke. No, she definitely would, because God forbid this day should go by without her sodomising, Clarke Griffin multiple times, the slow and gentle butt fucking this morning now feeling like a lifetime ago.

Of course just because Lexa fully intended to take Clarke's cute little butt later tonight didn't mean that she would hold anything back when it came to wrecking Raven's rectum. In fact because Lexa felt guilty about dividing her attention for more than usual when fucking Raven at the same time Clarke and Octavia were having sex The Commander started pounding Raven's butt with every ounce of her strength as soon as she was certain that her wife was ready for it. Which was pretty soon considering that this was the biggest ass whore she'd ever had the privilege of anally defiling, which of course got a positive reaction out of Raven.

First this came in the form of squeals so powerful they even got some attention from the people surrounding them, then from Raven's cum squirting out of her cunt in the same violent way it always did when Lexa or one of her wives anally rammed their personal anal whore. That strong reaction, combined with Raven's meaty cheeks jiggling against her thighs with every hard thrust and the other end of the harness bashing against her clit sent Lexa over the edge of some incredibly satisfying climaxes of her own, climaxes she could only receive when fucking another girl up the butt. Climaxes that Clarke was no doubt receiving right now.

As she always had to be the strongest Lexa returned at least some of her attention to Clarke and Octavia, if only so she could tell when they stopped so she could do the same. To particularly Clarke's credit they almost outlasted her, Lexa pulling out seconds after Clarke did and breathing a sigh of relief. Then she smiled wickedly and spread Raven's butt cheeks, admiring the way that the submissive brunette's butt hole gaped wide open for her like a good little well pounded fuck hole. Then she looked down into the fighting pit to see Clarke more or less doing the same thing, except on a much grander scale, making Lexa even more proud of her.

Clarke had done a lot of things since she landed on earth, some of which she was proud of, some of which she was not, but nothing had made her more proud and happy than publicly wrecking Octavia's rectum. Which was normally just a term Raven or Octavia used when they were feeling nasty, but it felt like that was literally what Clarke was literally doing now in the name of proving to Octavia that it was she who was above her in the pecking order. Oh yes, Clarke was using every ounce of her strength to pound Octavia's ass hole as hard and as deep as she could, making her juicy ass jiggle with every thrust, and the sound of flesh smacking off flesh was almost as loud as the squeals of Octavia, and Raven, as they came from butt sex like the little bitches they were right now.

That thought alone could have made Clarke cum, but combined with everything else Clarke was honestly surprised she lasted as long as she did before being forced to stop. Hell, she was surprised that she'd been able to resist doing this for so long, and that she'd been able to coax the reaction she wanted out of Octavia. Or that she'd been able to beat her at all for that matter. Clarke really would have to give Lexa an extra special thank you, as she had practically given her Octavia's ass on a silver platter. Oh, that sounded hot. Maybe Clarke could talk Lexa into that being her next birthday present, Clarke cumming extra hard as she pictured Lexa literally giving her ownership over Octavia's ass hole for an entire day so she could use it over and over again, because God, Clarke didn't fuck this hole nearly enough.

Shortly after that it became crystal clear that Clarke needed to stop to avoid collapsing in exhaustion on top of Octavia, which would have ruined her moment and perhaps take away from some of the respect she had felt she had earned from the grounders, and more importantly Lexa and Octavia. She didn't want to stop, God, at that moment she never wanted to stop fucking Octavia's tight little ass hole, but she did, and in the process she did something she hadn't dared to do before, simply because she was high off the adrenaline hammering through her veins, and she just couldn't stop further humiliating this woman she so adored.

"Spread your cheeks bitch!" Clarke yelled while smacking Octavia's ass roughly, after pulling her cock swiftly out of the other girl's ass hole.

There was a long silence, then Octavia grumbled, "You are so going to pay for this."

Clarke was sure that was true, but she had never cared about anything less. Partly because she loved it when Octavia punished her, as normally that involved some serious BDSM action followed by a brutal butt fucking, just the thought of it making Clarke's entire body, but particularly her ass hole, quiver with delight. Just as importantly that was the moment that her warrior, who had fought long and hard to earn her respect, and even fear, from the Grounders and their Commander, buried her blushing face in the dirt, reached back and spread her cheeks wide apart at where Lexa was high above them, allowing a good deal of their audience, and the most important member of it, the best possible view of that battered butt.

It was easily the widest gape Clarke had ever caused, at least on her own, and it refuelled her bravery enough to announce the audience, "Behold, the mighty Skairipa."

Which of course caused another series of laughter from the grounders, quickly followed by Octavia letting go of her cheeks, pushing herself up to her knees and angrily yelling, "You bitch! I'm gonna fuck you up so bad you won't even remember what it's like to fucking sit down properly! Your ass is going to be sooooo fucking sore when I'm done with it that muuuuffffff!"

"Oh shup up and suck my cock." Clarke snorted, after she walked over to Octavia and shoved her cock into her open mouth, still confident that whatever Octavia's revenge would at least be mostly pleasurable for her, so she decided to put the exclamation point on her being on top, while it lasted, "You know the rules in our house, once a cock has been up a butt it must be clean, by someone not wearing a cock. Which means you, and only you bitch. Mmmmm yeah, come on Octavia, don't look at me like that. How many times have you made me do this, huh? How many times have you made Raven do it? You know it's way more than you've had too, so just do it. Oh fuck, you're actually doing it. I mean of course you are. Ooooooh yeahhhh, suck that ass flavoured cock you little slut. Stop pretending you're above it all, like Lexa, and accept your just like me and Raven, mmmmmm, a kinky little lesbian ho who loves this shit. Fuck yeah, suck it just like that! Mmmmm ohhhhhh yeahhhhh, behold, the mighty Skairipa, sucking my cock straight from her ass!"

Lexa smirked as Clarke once again impressed her, and clearly those around her given the cheers. Although Lexa wondered if perhaps she needed to have a word with Octavia later, remind her not to truly hurt Clarke during her inevitable retaliation, because it was clear from the look in her eye that Octavia would have liked nothing more in that moment then to knock Clarke unconscious, or put her in a hold which would have her frantically tapping out. Perhaps even worse. But it was Clarke who was victorious, and Octavia abided the previous rules about doing everything the victor said, no matter how degrading it was.

It was also clear to Lexa that even though Octavia did a good job of hiding it for the most part she did get into this humiliation. Not as much as before but she still embraced the submissive side she didn't indulge in that often and gave Clarke's cock a thorough cleaning. She was even able to stuff most of it down her throat, a technique Lexa had insisted Octavia learn given just what skilled strap-on suckers Clarke and Raven were. After all, as The Commander she could not accept second best from her people, especially her wives. And now it was Clarke who was receiving the benefit of that, the blonde healer continuing to taunt their angered warrior as she cleaned the last of her ass juices from the dildo.

Of course the blow job Clarke was receiving from Octavia couldn't compare to the one Lexa was receiving from Raven. After all, Raven was the most submissive amongst them, something she was seemingly out to prove as she put her heart and soul into sucking Lexa's cock. The mechanic had also become addicted to the taste of her own ass shortly after the first time she had been treated to that humiliation. Although sometimes Lexa wondered if it was an act. Merely a byproduct of Raven being desperate to please her. After all, no matter how much Clarke and Raven try to explain it to her Lexa would never truly understand how anyone could like such debauchery. At least when they were on the receiving end.

Likewise Lexa couldn't imagine not enjoying it while being the one to dish it out, and while she loved giving Raven a treat Lexa almost wished she was down there with her other wives, forcing this humiliation upon Octavia along with Clarke. Of course, ever since entering into this unique relationship things had never truly felt right when it was just two of them. No, for them to truly be whole all four of them needed to be together, sharing their love in the most twisted of ways. Or just gentle love-making. Or just being together. All of which Lexa promised herself she and her wives would enjoy before the end of this very special night.


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