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Author's note: This story takes place after Season 3, but deviates from canon after that.

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100: Wives Of The Commander Part 2
by MTL ([email protected])

Clarke had an almost psychotic smile on her face pretty much throughout every single moment of publicly humiliating her wife Octavia. Perhaps ironically Clarke knew that the worst part of it for Octavia would be being publicly beaten by her. Well, her proud warrior woman would have been humiliated to be defeated by anyone that way, as she was stubborn as a mule and would have probably preferred passing out to tapping out as The Commander, their wife, had commanded her to do, and Clarke had forced her to do. But to lose to someone in that manner who was well known to be a lesser fighter was unbearable for Octavia, and not something she would ever forget. And perhaps never truly forgive.

For Octavia, it was worse than being publicly ass fucked. Given that was the humiliation that Clarke had suffered countless times from Octavia while trying to improve her skills at hand-to-hand combat the blonde had little sympathy or remorse as she revelled in her triumph and tried to make the whole thing is humiliating as possible, partly as punishment, and partly because Clarke wanted to savour it in case it never happened again. Which hadn't bothered her when she was overwhelmed with adrenaline, but now Clarke was beginning to worry about it, and more importantly that she had perhaps gone a little too far with one of the women she loved.

She'd first thought that while taking a bow to her audience and then ordering Octavia to slowly walk to the changing room so she could still admire her handiwork. The look Octavia gave her was kind of terrifying. Which she had received before, many times, but it had never been worse throughout fucking Octavia's butt and at that moment as Clarke's adrenaline slowly left her. Not that it stopped her from following closely behind Octavia so she could admire how her wife's butt hole remained gaped open, and how awkwardly she walked. Of course when they got behind the curtain into the changing rooms Octavia immediately turned around and glared at her, making Clarke wonder if it was truly worth it.

"Are, are you okay?" Clarke asked softly, "Did I go too far?"

Octavia smirked, "You didn't go far enough. You should have broken me completely. Instead you made the biggest mistake of your life."

"Oh thank God, you're making idle threats." Clarke teased, "I know you're fine when you're idly threatening someone."

"They're not idle." Octavia growled, moving closer.

"Prove it." Clarke antagonise the other girl, and was rewarded for it with a bruisingly hard kiss, in the process Octavia biting her lips almost hard enough to draw blood. Not put off in the slightest Clarke kissed back just as roughly, and then when they broke apart for air laughed, "You're going to have to do a lot better than that if you want payback."

"Yeah?" Octavia asked childishly.

"Yeah." Clarke confirmed just as childishly, again being rewarded by a rough kiss.

"You hurt my butt." Octavia growled when this latest kiss was broken, "I think you should kiss it better."

Clarke grinned, "Make me."

Only too happy to oblige Octavia force Clarke to her knees, turned around and then shoved the other girl's face directly between her ass cheeks. Clarke giggled at first, mostly because she knew Octavia found it irritating, but also because she found the whole thing cute. Then, fighting off Octavia a little, Clarke started kissing and even licking at the bruised and scratched flesh, making her wife whimper, gasp and coo with delight as Clarke literally kissed Octavia's ass better, even as once again she felt no remorse over what she had done. Again, mostly because she had received the same thing many times from Octavia, as was often the case Clarke found herself delighting at particularly the memory of the first time Octavia had gaped her ass, a.k.a. their very first time together.

* * *

One year ago...

Raven Reyes wasn't sure what she was expecting when she entered The Commander's tent. Probably Clarke and Lexa fucking. Again. Which was almost understandable, at least this time, as they were celebrating a huge victory, which was why Raven had been hoping to drop off the requested items with the guards and leave, but they had insisted that she go inside. When she did Clarke was indeed on the bed of animal furs, but She was fully clothed this time, as was thankfully Lexa. Octavia too, who was there for some reason, although initially Raven didn't question it, or the fact that she was kneeling before Lexa. After all, Octavia had fought hard to earn her place amongst the grounders, and if this night proved anything it was that they were all under Lexa's command now. Although she had no idea just how true that was, or just how far she would fall under that command.

"I'm done, here's what you requested." Raven said, holding out her bag to Lexa who was standing in front of the kneeling Octavia. Then as an afterthought Raven added with a nod of her head, "Commander."

After briefly glancing at the bag Lexa raised an eyebrow and then just stared at Raven, prompting Raven to sigh, open up the bag and hold it open for inspection. Lexa then smiled, reached inside with both hands and pulled out the two strap-on dildos Raven had only just finished making. It was easy considering she had already made one and thus had the necessary materials, and this time she was even able to watch Lexa inspect them without blushing. Mostly. The same thing couldn't be said though for making the damn things, but that was mostly because she was imagining Lexa using them on Clarke. And vice versa. And, if she was honest, her too. Something Raven desperately tried not to think about, and succeeded. At least until Lexa smiled directly at her.

"Fine workmanship." Lexa said almost casually, "These should do nicely."

"Yeah, well... this is the last time, okay? I don't mind doing a favour for a friend, but I'm not a toymaker. Especially not this kind of toy. I'm..." Raven complained, trailing off when she noticed that The Commander was looking at her wickedly.

"Is that what we are?" Lexa questioned after a long pause, "Friends?"

Paling Raven quickly replied, "No. God no, I, I meant no disrespect."

"Then tell me, what are we." Lexa pushed.

"Allies?" Raven guest, before trying a more formal approach, "I am Raven kom Skaikru, member of The Thirteenth Clan. And you are The Commander. My Heda."

"And you will do what I tell you?" Lexa pushed even more.

"Yes!" Raven nervously blurted out, "And I'll make an army of sex toys for you if you want."

"That won't be necessary." Lexa smiled, "I just wish you to kneel down beside Octavia and listen."

Raven frowned, and then hesitantly nodded, "Okay."

Lexa waited until Raven got into position and then finally put her new toys to the side before coming to stand before the kneeling girls and announcing, "I love Clarke kom Skaikru. For so long I tried to fight it, but in an embarrassingly short amount of time she has stolen my heart. I am hers now, and she is mine. And although she was reluctant at first, she has revealed to me all her deepest, darkest secrets. Every thought, every desire, and every fantasy. Each one pleases me, and I have already gone to great lengths to satisfy them. Some with your help Raven kom Skaikru. But you are here because I would ask more of you, and you Octavia kom Skaikru."

"I would do anything for you Heda." Octavia piped up, "I'm yours to command."

Lexa smiled softly, "If I doubted that, you wouldn't be here."

"But this isn't a command." Clarke finally spoke, having been uncharacteristically silent until now, "You can say no if you want too."

Turning to the blonde Lexa softly said, "They won't."

Clark blushed, "I, I just want you guys to know, you can."

Lexa smirked as she turned back to the two kneeling girls, "Clarke is nervous and wishes for me to speak on her behalf. But that's only because she fears you will see this offer as a burden, not the great honour and privilege it truly is. More importantly, I believe it is something both of you desire. After all, I am not the first woman to have her heart stolen by Clarke kom Skaikru. Am I Raven?"

At this point Raven had already felt uneasy, but those last words from her new Commander made her think for sure she was about to die. She could practically feel a blade going into her back and into her heart. Or maybe that was just from the reminder that Clarke was now Lexa's, and vice versa, Raven was very much alone. No, it was definitely, or at least mostly, the whole thinking she was going to die thing, and she wasn't the only one as a brief glance to her side confirmed that Octavia had gone from the stoicism which had become her norm to genuine concern. Although that may have been as much as for herself as for Raven, given what said next.

"And how about you, Octavia kom Skaikru? I confess I'm a little unsure whether it is Clarke, Raven, me or all of us you truly desire, but if it is any comfort to you, you are not alone." Lexa confessed, "Clarke has had feelings for you both since you met, and on this, the night of our greatest victory, which truly unifies us as one, I want us to truly unify as one. You see Raven, Clarke lied to you. You weren't making extra toys for the sake of variety of colour, but because I wish for all three of us to fuck Clarke together, in all three of her little fuck holes, her mouth, pussy and ass all stuffed with all three of the big cocks Raven has made for us."

Encouraged by the reaction of her friends Clarke finally got off the bed, approached the other women and softly said, "It turns out monogamy isn't a big thing for the grounders. Or at least they're willing to bend the rules, as long as everyone is in agreement beforehand."

Lexa shrugged, "My predecessors had multiple wives, husbands and sex slaves. It is too early to tell what roles you would suit, if any. But if you do enter into a relationship with us, I'm in charge. Always. You obey all my commands, no exceptions. Unless you wish to leave my care. Otherwise you're under my protection, because you are mine. Is that something the two of you would want?"

There was a brief pause and then Raven softly whispered, "God yes."

Those words sounded deafening in the at that moment quiet tent, but not as much as Octavia as she loudly and enthusiastically followed up with, "Fuck yeah! I'll totally be your sex slave Heda. Especially if I get to fuck Clarke with you and Raven. And Raven! Do I get to fuck Raven?"

Lexa smiled widely, "If that is what Raven also desires."

Still overwhelmed by this turn of events Raven could only nod when all eyes turned to her, which prompted Octavia to grin widely and exclaim, "Awesome!"

Turning her attention to the blonde and smiling Lexa teased, "And you were convinced they wouldn't be interested?"

"I didn't say that exactly. I just... okay, you're right, I was wrong." Clarke hesitantly admitted with a blush, her eyes darting between her two friends, "It's just, FUCK!"

"We know." Octavia grinned.

"Can, can I try something?" Clarke asked hesitantly, slowly moving forwards.

"You can do anything you want." Octavia smirked.

Raven could only nod in reply as Clarke slowly stepped forward even further, and then kneel down into her face was hovering over hers. She even cupped her face, causing Raven's eyes to droop. Then in the moment there are about to kiss Clarke grinned mischievously, suddenly grabbed Octavia's face and kissed her. Of course Octavia responded eagerly, and Raven was left out in the cold again, only this time she didn't really mind it because of what she was promised. And sure enough a few seconds later Clarke pulled away from Octavia and kissed her, and God, it was everything Raven hoped it would be in so much more. Well okay, maybe part of her would have liked a softer first kiss, but in that moment it all felt so right and they put everything they had into the kiss right from the get go.

Just when Raven didn't think it could get any better Clarke broke the kiss and asked breathlessly, "Can I eat your pussy?"

Almost feeling like she had a mini-orgasm on the spot Raven tried, and probably failed, not to embarrass herself as she nodded in reply, "Oh God yes."

"Hey, what about me?" Octavia whined, instantly regretting it as she was scolded by her Heda.

"You'll get your turn." Lexa smiled, "Trust me my warrior, Clarke has this all figured out."

Clarke would have responded but she was busy kissing Raven, and considering that was something she'd wanted to do for a very long time now she didn't want to rush it just to quip with Lexa. Especially when she couldn't really think of a comeback which wouldn't make her blush, and more importantly when she was gently encouraging Raven, and forcing herself, to just slow down and truly have the soft and loving kiss which everyone had in cheesy movies. Because she could sense that Raven had wanted that, and Clarke wanted it too, she had just been a little overexcited before, for which she blamed Octavia. Of course while part of her could have happily kissed Raven, gently or otherwise, for the rest of the evening Clarke didn't want to leave out Lexa and Octavia, and more importantly she wanted to be made airtight.

So after a few long minutes of gentle kissing Clarke gently encouraged Raven up to her feet and over to the bed, stripping her the whole way. Raven happily followed suit, and by the time Clarke pushed her friend down onto the animal furs they were both naked, it was even more fun for Clarke to push her body down on top of Raven's and gently grind against her for a few long minutes, causing her lover to gasp with joy. Then Clarke broke the kiss and made her way down Raven's body, briefly lingering on her neck before making her way down further to her boobs, which Clarke forced herself to linger on for a few long minutes.

It was far from a hardship, Raven had great boobs, and it was amazing to hear her friend moaning in pleasure for her. However this was only an appetiser to the real fun they would have, and more importantly she knew exactly what Lexa had planned, and lingering for too long with this would disrupt that amazing plan. Still, Clarke felt she found a good middle ground by giving Raven's tits everything she had for a few precious minutes, kissing her way back and forth in between each boob while of course concentrating on those cute little nipples. She licked them, she sucked them, and she even gently bit them, which she feared was more of an Octavia thing, but Raven definitely seem to enjoy it given the sounds she kept making.

Though soon enough Clarke was making her way south with continual approval from Raven, the blonde actually slowing her role just to annoy the brunette. Sure enough this not only earned her a glare from the mechanic, but the two other brunettes as well. Okay, so Clarke couldn't see them right now, but she could practically feel the looks, to go along with the clearing of Lexa's throat, her girlfriend silently telling her to stop messing around and get to work. Which was a command from her Commander Clarke happily obeyed, finally reaching her destination and not hesitating to give Raven's cute little pussy one long, slow lick which had her friend crying out in pure pleasure.

"Fuck Clarke!" Raven swore, for once lost for words, "Just... FUCK!"

Raven swore again as Clarke repeated the process, then closed her eyes and threw her head back because it was all just too much. After all, for the first time in her life another girl was licking her pussy. Clarke Griffin! Clarke Griffin was licking her pussy. It was something Raven had fantasised about more than she would like to admit, but she never thought it would actually happen. Especially not in front of Lexa. Maybe in her nightmares, were a sweet dream suddenly ended with her brutal death, but never like this. And Octavia too. God, the girl she was most attracted to was going down on her, while the two extremely close runners-up were watching her intently. Like she said, just fuck.

When Raven did eventually open her eyes again she found those two runners-up making out, which was another thing she hadn't even thought about in her wildest dreams. Especially since they were both completely naked, making Raven wonder just how long she kept her eyes closed for, and just how out of it she had been not to hear anything. Or at least to not register it. Of course she didn't worry about such trivial things for long as she was too busy watching a kiss which was slow and gentle when she first opened her eyes to turn into something which more resembled a fight, one from the looks of it Octavia started and Lexa finished, given the way that Octavia broke the kiss and Lexa went right for her neck.

After watching that show intently for who knows how long Raven turned her gaze south to wear a long blonde head was nestling between her legs, continuing to give her such intense pleasure to just a series of slow and gentle licks. It was almost ridiculous how good Clarke was making Raven feel, and yet, that was the only part of this which wasn't shocking to the mechanic. Of course Clarke Griffin was awesome in bed. That had never been in doubt in her mind, which was why fantasies of Clarke was so frequent, which in turn was why this was so intense, Raven having to bite her lip to prevent herself from begging Clarke to make her cum. She wanted too really badly, but not as badly as she wanted more time to enjoy this. Luckily Lexa was willing to provide her a distraction.

"Raven." Lexa said almost casually and almost against Octavia's lips after moving back from her slightly. Lexa then turned her attention to Raven, and frowned angrily when she saw the mechanic still had her eyes closed and more loudly proclaimed, "Raven!"

"What?" Raven asked, caught off-guard and feeling like she had just been woken up from one of her more X-rated dreams.

"Have you ever eaten pussy before?" Lexa asked with a tone that implied she suspected the answer already.

It also seemingly proved Raven was still in one of her X-rated dreams, and all the poor mechanic could do was reply with a little gulp, "No."

"Would you like too?" Lexa offered.

"Please Heda, let me do it." Octavia pleaded, before truthfully admitting, "I've, I've never done it before, but I'll figure it out. I swear. Just please give me a chance."

"Oh my sweet warrior..." Lexa turned back to Octavia, cupped her face and smiled at her sweetly, before frowning, "You were not asked."

Lowering her head apologetically Octavia muttered, "I'm sorry Heda."

Not wanting Octavia to be in trouble Raven spoke up, "I'd, I'd like too."

While still holding Octavia's face Lexa turned back to Raven and pushed, "Do what?"

"Eat pussy." Raven admitted breathlessly with a blush, putting a little more feeling into it as she added, "Please... Heda, let me eat your pussy."

Lexa smiled, let go of Octavia and pulled away from her and then addressing her as she approached Raven, "Do not pout Octavia. Your time will come."

For a moment it looked like Octavia was about to complain as her mouth opened, but to her credit she was able to prevent any words coming out. It was really kind of amazing, and hot, that with everyone else, including superior officers, Octavia wouldn't hesitate to bitch and moan when she wasn't getting her way, but with The Commander, her precious Heda, she was breath-takingly subservient. Just like the majority of Lexa's people. Although it was easy for Raven to understand that kind of devotion, as such a short time ago she had hated this woman for putting her first boyfriend Finn to death. Now she was about to lick her pussy, and Raven couldn't think of it as anything but an honour. One she was desperate not to screw up.

Lexa smiled at the devotion she saw in Raven's eyes. Honestly given their history she thought it would take much more than crushing the mountain together to inspire that kind of reaction from this woman, and perhaps even with the promise of Clarke and her talented mouth sharing their bed with them would take some convincing. Instead Raven was proving to be just as eager as Octavia, and for it Lexa fully intended to reward Raven in all sorts of ways. Although this would perhaps be Lexa's personal favourite, Lexa thought to herself rather selfishly as she gently pushed Raven to lay flat on her back so she could mount that gorgeous face of hers.

Once she was hovering over her Lexa lowered herself down slowly, not wanting to spook Raven at this fragile stage in the seduction. Thankfully Lexa only continued to see devotion and lust in the other brunette's eyes as she completed her dissent until the lips of her cunt were pressed down against Raven's mouth. There was then a long pause, which would no doubt have worried a lesser top, but The Commander knew that Raven was just savouring her first taste of pussy. Proving her right Raven then frantically started licking her pussy, causing Lexa to chuckle in delight and reached down to stroke Raven's long locks as she gave for a few instructions.

"Oooooh Raven, that's right, lick my pussy. Please your Heda." Lexa commanded, "But not too much. I do not wish to cum in your hot little mouth yet. Yes! That's it, nice and slow, mmmmm, good girl."

To Lexa's delight Raven quickly obeyed her commands, all while looking up to her Commander for further instructions. Lexa was happy to give her a few, but there would be plenty of time to properly train Raven in the ways of pleasing pussy, and there was definitely something to be said for the novice who made up for her lack of experience with enthusiasm to please, and more often than not increasing enthusiasm for the taste of pussy. Oh yes, now she was familiar with the taste Raven was eagerly licking and sucking Lexa's juices as they port out of her cunt and directly into the other brunette's mouth, and there was no doubt in Lexa's mind that Raven would enjoy it just as much, if not more, when it would be her cum.

Suddenly noticing something out of the corner of her eye Lexa turned her head and scowled, "Octavia! Did I give you permission to touch yourself?"

"No Heda! Sorry Heda!" Octavia barked like she'd just been caught doing something wrong by a superior officer, which she had, quickly removing one hand from her breasts and the other from her pussy and putting them behind her back before she whimpered, "You're just so hot. All of you, together, it's just... so fucking hot."

"I know." Lexa nodded in acknowledgement, then stared at Octavia expectantly.

After a long pause Octavia gulped and hesitantly asked, "Heda... can... can I eat Clarke's pussy?"

"No." Lexa said firmly, before smiling, "But you may sit your ass down in front of me so I may have the privilege of eating you out."

"Oh fuck." Octavia swore softly, so overwhelmed she couldn't move for a few seconds.

Then Octavia scrambled to get in position, making Lexa smile again. It wasn't exactly easy, this makeshift bed was half the size of the luxurious one made for the reigning Commander in Polis, but Octavia was just about able to sit down on the other side of the bed to where Clarke was now hanging off of it, and Lexa was just about able to bend her body down to get to her prize. Which was uncomfortable, but so worth it to taste this girl, and to hear her swear some more in disbelief and delight. As she should. This wasn't an act Lexa would perform for just any pretty girl she met, and certainly not for just any of her warriors. But this was a special occasion, and if Octavia was willing and she played her cards right she just might become truly special to her Commander.

Octavia was dreaming. She had to be dreaming. There was no other possible explanation for something this good happening to her. It had gone too far for it to be a practical joke, and there was no way the real life Lexa was going down on her right now, so she tried her best to just shut off her brain and enjoy this extremely vivid fantasy. Which was incredibly easy to do, considering just how good Dream Lexa was at eating pussy. Which certainly wasn't out of character for Dream Lexa, as Octavia had spent many nights getting off to the idea of watching her tongue fuck Dream Clarke, and even a few precious dreams were Octavia had allowed herself to imagine Lexa returning the favour.

Although Octavia quickly discovered that this imaginary Lexa was a lot better than usual, practically able to turn her into a whimpering mess without even touching her clit. And then minutes, or possibly hours, later when she started brushing over it with every other swipe of her tongue it was all Octavia could do not to immediately start begging some more. She mostly did this because, as in her dreams, she liked to drag this out. But also because Dream Lexa didn't normally like to be rushed, whether that was the occasional times she went down on Octavia or the more frequent times Octavia was given the privilege of eating The Commander's cunt.

Pretty much the second she got in position Octavia closed her eyes, unable to deal with the intensity of what was happening. She kept her eyes shut for a very long time, convincing herself all she was feeling was a dream, and if she opened her eyes all she'd find was an empty bed, and some ruined bed sheets. Instead she found a train of the three hottest women she'd ever met, the reality rushing back to her and almost making her cum. It was enough to make her violently buck her hips into the face of her Commander, an offence which should have probably led to her execution, but instead Lexa just nipped her clit just enough to be painful while again making her feel like she was going to cum again.

It was also the straw which broke the camels back, this overwhelming situation breaking down her persona of a strong warrior which she had worked so hard to create and turned her into the scared little girl she truly was, terrified to make a single move as she feared it would be the wrong one and ruin what had to be the purest heaven she would ever know. She whimpered, she whined and she even wept because she was just so God damn overwhelmed with pleasure, and happiness, and desperate not to ruin it. So much so Octavia found herself digging her nails into the palm of her hands, grinding her teeth, and eventually biting down on her hands to prevent herself from saying something stupid. But it was only a matter of time.

Sure enough Octavia broke the silence by whimpering, "Please Heda, make me cum. I, I need to cum."

Lexa smiled into Octavia's cunt at this reaction. God, she loved to hear a woman begging for her, and it was only sweeter when it was a warrior woman. Or someone she genuinely cared about, which it seemed Octavia was already in danger of becoming. And this wasn't just begging for more, this was begging to cum, which again was even sweeter. Of course normally Lexa would ignore such a request at first and tease her lover a little bit more. After all, The Commander didn't just go down on anyone, so when she did Lexa liked to take her time and enjoy it. And then it happened again, she would have to remind Octavia that she should not want to rush such an honour. But this night was not about her, or Octavia, it was about Clarke, and Lexa was eager to give her what she really wanted.

So Lexa increased her attention to Octavia's clit, at first lingering on it with every stroke of her tongue and then taking it into her mouth for a gentle sucking. This alone was enough to render Octavia completely incoherent, and if she wanted Lexa could have kept her that way until she found her voice again. And then continued teasing her. But again, it was not her primary goal for the day, so instead Lexa brought up a hand in between Octavia's legs so she could start rubbing her pussy with her right hand, particularly making sure that her fingers were nice and wet so when the time was right she could slide them one by one into the other girl.

As she prepared to make Octavia cum Lexa reached down with her other hand to grab Raven's hair tightly and pulled her up into her pussy. Which was not much, as Lexa was already sitting pretty firmly on Raven's face, and Raven in turn was willingly pushing her face upward so she could suck on Lexa's pussy lips as well as lick them, but it wasn't really meant to physically get Raven closer to her cunt. It was a command, one which Lexa would be happy to verbalise if Raven couldn't guess what she wanted, but as that would have meant removing her mouth from the yummy treat in front of her The Commander was hoping that the mechanic was smart enough to get the message.

Honestly Lexa never really doubted it, but there was definitely something to the vindication of feeling Raven's tongue entering her pussy. She celebrated the occasion by slowly pushing a finger into Octavia's cunt, Lexa then leaving it there for a few long seconds as she struggled not to immediately cum from the feeling of Octavia's wet heat around her, and another wet heat from Raven thrusting in and out of her. It was tempting, so very tempting, but she was The Commander, and she refused to cum first. And once she had calmed herself down she easily succeeded, rapidly beginning to thrust her finger in and out of Octavia and curling that finger inside her, which alone was enough to make Octavia cum first, second, and third.

Raven was next to cum. She tried desperately hard to make Lexa cum first, or at least quickly after Octavia's screams of pleasure made it crystal clear she was cumming hard, but her own inexperience became painfully obvious, as was just how experienced Lexa and Clarke were. Which for Lexa was expected, but was flat-out impressive for Clarke. From the feel of it she'd practically been living with her face buried in Lexa's cunt over the past few weeks that they had been planning to take out the mountain. That, or she'd had some secret lover on the Ark that no one knew about. Or she had been just going down on every woman she met since they made their alliance with the Grounders, or even since they landed on earth. None of which sounded implausible given just how quickly and powerfully she made Raven cum.

Before today Raven would have rather proudly called herself experienced in sex, but these women were making her feel like a total novice. Sure, it was a different kind of sex, but still. More importantly before today Raven would have claim to have had an orgasm before, plenty from herself and a few from Finn, but nothing compared to this. This was the purest definition of ecstasy. A life changing feeling which instantly turned Raven out, or at least made her addicted to lesbian sex. But it also had one major downside, namely being so mind blowing that Raven completely forgot about making Lexa cum. In fairness Raven forgot everything, including her own name, but concentrating on her own pleasure in this moment felt like a crime against nature.

It was certainly a crime against The Commander, and one she was rightly punished for. Hopefully there would be no later punishment, at least not one that Raven wouldn't enjoy, as the punishment she received, if you could even call it that, Raven very much enjoyed. Which was namely Lexa grinding her cunt down onto her face so that her whole world became pure Lexa. Well, she was still very aware of Clarke's tongue making her cum, and Octavia's screams, but once again she was finally concentrating on what she should have been concentrating on all along, Lexa's yummy pussy. And just when she didn't think it could get any better it did, Lexa apparently taking the opportunity now she was in control to make herself cum all over Raven's face.

If cumming in Clarke's mouth hadn't been enough, and it probably was, tasting girl cum definitely pushed Raven into accepting that she had been wasting her time with guys, that she was a total lesbo and proud of it. Or at least solidify that fact. Either way Raven was overwhelmed with the desire for more, and more importantly to please Lexa, so she opened her mouth wide to cover The Commander's entrance and started frantically swallowing what was squirting out of it. She failed to get all of it, or even the majority, but that didn't matter. She got some, and more importantly she was able to ram her tongue inside there again right afterward so she was able to get more of the heavenly liquid, and of course give Lexa more pleasure.

Octavia was so jealous of Raven right now. And Lexa, even though that seemed a bit weird considering that made it sound like she wanted to eat out herself, but the point was Raven was in the middle of the train and getting to eat some pussy. Hell, she was even jealous of Clarke, because as mind blowing as this was Octavia was filled with a desperate need stronger than she had ever known before. A desperate, burning need to eat pussy. She almost didn't care who's, but ideally one of the incredibly beautiful women in front of her, time and time again Octavia trying to verbalise that, but she couldn't. She just couldn't.

Real Lexa just blew Dream Lexa out of the water, shattering Octavia's expectations and redefining her understanding of ecstasy. Lincoln had been a skilled lover, even when it came to oral sex, which was apparently a rarity with guys, but nothing she ever had with him could be compared to what it was like to cum on her Heda's fingers while in front of her the most beautiful women in the world relentlessly fucked each other. Although perhaps even if it was just the two of them Lexa would be able to blow her mind. The question was, would it be the same story if it was just Clarke or Raven? Despite how much Octavia had loved Lincoln, and still loved him, she suspected the answer would be yes. Especially in Clarke's case, given the way that Raven was writhing underneath her tongue.

It would probably result in her death, but Octavia became determined to find out. She suddenly just couldn't stand the thought in that moment of going her entire life without ever fucking Clarke Griffin. Apparently she would have her chance in a matter of minutes, and while she couldn't even comprehend right now what a thrill making Clarke airtight would be it wasn't enough. Octavia needed Clarke's cute little mouth on her cunt, and she wanted to taste her, even at the risk of death via jealous Commander. Although on the bright side she could probably fuck Raven without a backlash, something which Octavia was now very determined to do.

As if she could read her thoughts Lexa raised her head from her cunt and stared up at Octavia, which terrified the younger girl. Octavia remained terrified even as Lexa silently removed her fingers from her, bought those fingers up to her mouth and sucked them clean while holding her gaze. Then Lexa slowly moved forwards, causing Octavia to flinch in fear. In her delusional state she almost apologised to her Heda, but Octavia barely got her mouth open in time for Lexa to press her own mouth against it, allowing Octavia to taste herself. Lexa then gave her a few seconds to get use to that flavour, then she started kissing her passionately, making Octavia forget her fear, and whatever it was she was just thinking about.

Clarke looked up when she heard Raven let out a loud whimper of disappointment. She should have known from the way it was muffled in cunt that Raven was just disappointed at being denied Lexa's yummy pussy, but the sight still made Clarke grin with delight around her friend's entrance. Also there was a little matter of the fact that this was getting them one step closer to teaming up on Clarke and making her airtight, which was almost enough to make Clarke cum without touching herself. Although having a mouthful, and a bellyful, of Raven cum had a lot to do with that, and before she joined Lexa in giving her lover the chance to taste herself Clarke was determined to make Raven cum at least one more time.

Given everything that had happened already it wasn't exactly hard. In fact once Clarke had her tongue back inside Raven's pussy it only took a few harder thrusts to push her over the edge again and provided Clarke with a fresh mouthful of girl cum, the majority of which she quickly swallowed, just like the last batch. To be fair Clarke had cheated a little bit by curling her tongue upwards, but she saw that as using what Lexa had so graciously taught her more than simply cheating. And Raven certainly didn't complain. In fact now she wasn't being smothered with Lexa's cunt Raven didn't complain very loudly, screams of pleasure once again filling the room as Clarke squeezed every little bit of that last orgasm out of her friend.

Deciding she should probably not try and push her luck in case she fucked Raven into unconsciousness or something Clarke then slowly crawled her way up her friend's body, mostly keeping eye contact with Raven the entire way as the other girl stared at her with disbelief and lust in her eyes. Although she did briefly shift her focus to where Lexa was now writhing on top of Octavia while the two of them gleefully made out. She also couldn't help but grinning at how good Raven's face looked covered in girl cum. Lexa's cum! Oh God yes, Clarke was about to taste Lexa's cum on Raven's tongue, lips and eventually on her face, which only made this more perfect.

Even more eager from that realisation Clarke quickened her pace and smashed her lips against Raven's. Raven was a little taken aback at first, but like Octavia before her quickly and eagerly kissed back so that the four women became completely lost in making out and sharing each other's flavours for several long minutes. Of course out of all of them Clarke got an extra special treat, as she got to taste a combination of Lexa's cum and pussy cream mixed with Raven's, the combination of that familiar and this new treat setting her taste-buds on fire and making her whimper with delight when she first kissed Raven, and several times throughout the kiss.

Several long minutes later Lexa broke the kiss with Octavia, and turned her attention to her favourite blonde, "Clarke."

Briefly Clarke considered pretending she didn't hear, then she broke the kiss with Raven and asked, "What?"

Instinctively Lexa glared at this insolence, which obviously worried Clarke for a moment. To put her at ease Lexa smiled wickedly and told her, "Shouldn't you be getting something?"

"Right. Of course, Heda." Clarke murmured subserviently, before grinning happily at Raven, "I'll be right back. Don't go anywhere."

"I won't." Raven softly promised, although Clarke was already up and away.

Raven wasn't sure she could move if she wanted to after those orgasms, and she definitely didn't want to as she had little doubt about what was going to happen next. Sure enough Clarke retrieved the two strap-on dildos Raven had made and brought, along with the original one Raven had made for Lexa, giving that one to Lexa and another one to Octavia before pressing the final one against Raven's crotch. Wordlessly Raven lifted her hips so Clarke could slip the straps underneath her and then firmly tighten them. Then Clarke took the dildo into her hand, stroked it as if it was real, and then mischievously grinned up at the mechanic.

"You're in for quite the treat Raven. Clarke is quite the talented little cock sucker." Lexa said proudly.

Proving her lover 100% right Clarke slid her tongue up and down Raven's shaft slowly and sensually for a few long seconds, then took the head into her mouth and began bobbing up and down it. This caused Raven to let out a soft cry of delight, as while she couldn't feel it like a guy would the stimulator inside the harness did it's job and she felt something when Clarke worshipped it. Although as she suspected when she had tried them on herself, just to make sure they wouldn't fall apart, the visual was the best part. Of course her wildest dreams were surpassed again as after half a dozen bobs of her head Clarke stuffed the entire length of the cock down her throat with barely a hint of gag. She wasn't deep throating it all that long, but it was still really fucking hot.

Lexa just enjoyed the show for a few minutes, then she prompted, "Clarke, don't forget there are two other cocks here for you to prepare for your sexy little holes."

"Oh, I haven't forgotten." Clarke grinned after she removed her mouth from her friend's dick, "But do you mind if I sit on Raven's cock before I suck yours and Octavia's? It's just that, you've all got to cum already, and I'm so fucking horny."

Lexa smirked at the obvious manipulation, but allowed it, "I suppose."

"Thanks babe. You're so good to me." Clarke grinned, before turning her attention back to her friend, "Ready?"

"Hell yeah." Raven said huskily.

Again grinning with delight Clarke pulled up her body, slid a hand between her legs and gently fingered herself as she did so to prepare for the much larger invasion. From the looks of it this was probably unnecessary given how wet she was. Besides, she must have been taking a hell of a dicking from Lexa lately, given what Raven had made for the couple. So it didn't surprise her in the least when her friend lined herself up with the dildo and then slowly but easily slid herself all the way down in one thrust, Clarke closing her eyes and letting out really cute sounds of pleasure as she did so. Then she opened her eyes again and grinned down at Raven, pretty much giving Raven no choice but to smile back sheepishly.

"Oh Raven, this feels so awesome." Clarke grinned.

"I bet." Raven said softly.

"And it's about to get better." Octavia piped up, before shoving her cock into Clarke's face.

Typically the younger girl hadn't waited to be asked, and Raven wasn't sure Octavia even had the decency to throw Lexa an apologetic look. Not that she really checked, because Raven was too busy watching Clarke eagerly opening her mouth and beginning to bob her head up and down Octavia's dick. It must've been okay because Lexa didn't complain, instead standing awkwardly on the bed opposite Octavia to provide Clarke with another cock to suck. Clarke made good use of that, going back and forth in between each strap-on as she stroked them with her hands, licked and mostly sucked them passionately, and generally just acted as if they were real. For most of this she remained still on Raven's lap, although there were a few moments she bounced up and down, driving the stimulator into Raven's clit and making her moan.

Again Lexa enjoyed the show for a while before asking, "Clarke, are you ready to be made airtight?"

Immediately removing her mouth from Lexa's dick Clarke begged, "Oh God yes! Please Lexa, please make me airtight."

Lexa smiled, "You can do better than that."

"Please Commander, make me airtight." Clarke pleaded, "Heda... please Heda, I'm begging you, make me airtight. Fill all my holes with cock an fuck me like a total whore. Please? Fuck my ass in front of my friends, mmmmm, while my friends watch, ooooooh, and fuck me. I want to be taken in all my holes. Please, my Heda, make that dream come true for me."

"Well... since you asked nicely." Lexa said dryly while pulling away and slowly leaning down behind her target, "But only if you keep sucking Octavia's dick."

"Yes Heda." Clarke eagerly obeyed.

Lexa paused once she was in position and just took a few long minutes to admire Clarke's cute little butt. And she briefly stuck a few fingers into her mouth, before sticking one of them into Clarke's slutty little ass hole. Considering just how frequently and roughly she had been fucking it ever since a few weeks ago when she had popped Clarke's anal cherry the hole remained impressively tight, which as far as Lexa was concerned only further proved it was made for fucking. But it also meant that at least some preparation was in order, and while she certainly didn't tease Clarke as she sometimes did Lexa did spend a few minutes fingering the other girl's butt, even slipping a second and a third finger to stretch it out for the invasion to come.

Of course it was not long before Lexa was using one hand to push one of Clarke's ass cheeks aside while she use the other to guide her cock to that beautiful little target. It also wasn't long before she was pushing inside more roughly than usual, showing her dominance over the blonde by ramming almost half of the dildo up her butt in that first hard thrust. It also showed off just how much of a butt slut Lexa had turned Clarke into, or this girl always was, because Clarke moaned shamelessly as a result of the rough anal penetration. Although that probably had a lot to do with the fact that the blonde's dirtiest dream had come true, something Lexa felt compelled to point out.

"Congratulations sky girl." Lexa said once in her native tongue, and then in the language the other women would recognise before continuing in that language, "You are now airtight. In front of your own people, no less. By your own people. Mmmmm yes, by the grace of your Commander and your own people each one of your slut holes is stuffed like the little whore you are."

As the only response she got from Clarke was whimpers, cries and even moans of pleasure Lexa officially began butt fucking the other girl almost immediately after she finished speaking, only pausing to move her other hand to Clarke's cheeks so she could spread them open and give herself the best possible view of that dildo pumping in and out of the blonde's forbidden hole. Of course while Lexa wanted to maintain her air of dominance, and emphasise just how big of an ass whore Clarke was, she didn't want to be cruel, so she made sure that her first half a dozen thrusts were slow and gentle, and didn't add even a single inch into Clarke's rectum. The thrusts after that were a different story, although they too were met with a positive response.

Given these rather unique circumstances Lexa should probably have been concentrating on more than just Clarke's responses, but at this moment it was hard for her to concentrate on anything which wasn't her dick slowly disappearing into Clarke's tight little butt hole. Although that was also true when she had fully buried her strap-on within Clarke's bowels and began pumping the full length of the cock in and out of the most private hole on her girlfriend's body. Besides, this was the first time Clarke was taking it in all three of her holes. No wonder Lexa couldn't take her eyes off of her. Even when she could turn her eyes away from Clarke's cock filled pussy and ass she was mostly just watching Clarke suck cock, although to be fair the brief glance at Octavia's face seemed to be positive.

Octavia still couldn't believe this was actually happening. Any of it really, but specifically the Commander, her Heda, ass fucking Clarke right in front of her! DP'ing Clarke with Raven! Making her airtight with the help of Raven and herself. Fuck, how could this be real? And yet, it sure did feel real. Perhaps even more real than it should, as even though she knew it was ridiculous Octavia could have sworn she could feel Clarke sucking, and moaning, around her cock. Or maybe she was just overwhelmed by the mental stimulation of all this. Or maybe a combination of that and the fact that she was still recovering from her earlier orgasms. Whatever the case she felt close to cumming, and she wasn't even touching herself. And just when Octavia didn't think it could get any better it did.

"Octavia..." Lexa suddenly announced, waiting until she had the other girl's attention before even looking at her, "Have you ever butt fucked anyone before?"

Taken off-guard Octavia stammered, "N, no."

"Would you like too?" Lexa asked.

Her eyes going wide Octavia murmured in disbelief, "You mean-"

"Would you like to have a turn with Clarke's ass." Lexa offered nonchalantly, like she was offering food or something.

"I, I..." Octavia wanted to say yes, but this felt like a test, "I couldn't. She's yours."

"She is." Lexa agrees, "Which means if I want to share her, I share her. Just like I have been doing all night."

"Well, yeah. But..." Octavia murmured, still unable to believe it, "It's her ass!"

"Does that thought not appeal to you?" Lexa asked with a raised eyebrow.

"No! I think it's so fucking hot I think I'm about to explode." Octavia confessed, "But most girls don't take it in that hole for just anyone."

"And Clarke certainly doesn't. She is mine." Lexa said firmly, "But I know for a fact she wants you too. Isn't that right Clarke?"

"Yes! Please Octavia, fuck me!" Clarke pleaded shamelessly when she removed her mouth from the cock, "Fuck my ass. Please Octavia, I want you to fuck it."

For a few more seconds Octavia just stared in disbelief, then she smirked, "Well, who am I to turn down an offer like that?"

Lexa smirked back before she swiftly pulled out her cock, moved aside and spread Clarke's cheeks for Octavia. When Octavia then looked at her apprehensively she explained, "I wish to watch this."

"Of course Heda." Octavia nodded in respect.

"Just hurry up and fuck me!" Clarke huffed.

"Patience brat!" Lexa said sternly, smacking Clarke's ass roughly and causing the blonde to yelp.

This gave Octavia a moment to admire the way her Commander was holding Clarke's cheeks open for her, and the way her friend's ass hole remained slightly open. She hadn't known it at the time, but it was nothing on how Clarke would look after it was all said and done, or after Octavia was done using it like the fuck hole it was once they had officially got together. At that moment she was just concentrating on not screwing up as she pressed her cock against Clarke's butt hole and with only slightly trembling hands pushed forwards, slowly sliding her strap-on deep into her friend's rectum. In the ass of Clarke Griffin, the unofficial leader of Skaikru. Up the ass of The Commander's woman, as The Commander gave her the perfect view of it.

For a long time Octavia was so overwhelmed by the sight before her that her mind seemed to just completely shut down. Luckily she must have been some kind of butt pounder in a previous life, because she had some sort of autopilot which not only allowed her to finish burying her cock inside her friends ass, but she began automatically sodomising Clarke while her precious Heda watched with a gleeful look of lust on her face. This went on for some time, in till Octavia regained the mental capacity to swear nothing could be better than this, only to be proven wrong once again as Lexa moved round and presented Clarke with the cock which had just been deep inside her butt.

Her friend didn't even hesitate wrapping her lips around it, which caused Octavia to swear loudly, "Fuck!"

Or maybe her words just sounded loud because the only other sound in the room was Clarke greedily sucking her own butt cream off of Lexa's dick. Either way Octavia found herself just staring in disbelief at her friend going ass to mouth, but occasionally she looked down as if to confirm, yes, she was still pumping Clarke's butt. The only difference now was that without anyone spreading the cheeks her view of the penetration wasn't as good, although it was replaced by Clarke's cheeks jiggling every time her thighs connected with them, which was a wonderful feeling and sound as well as sight. It was one Octavia increasingly got to enjoy as the sodomy continued and she found herself picking up the pace with a grin of lust, which didn't go unnoticed by The Commander.

"Not so fast Octavia!" Lexa commanded suddenly and firmly, "We do not want Clarke to cum yet, do we?"

"No?" Octavia initially asked, before firmly stating, "No Heda! I'm sorry Heda!"

Lexa smiled, "I cannot blame you for your enthusiasm, but we're just getting started with this slut."

Despite her better judgement Octavia couldn't resist smiling back, "Of course not Heda."

Clarke was more than fine with that, at least for now. Experience with particularly Lexa told her that the desire to cum would soon become unbearable, but for now she felt like she was in heaven as the experience of being made airtight was better than she'd ever dreamt. And how could it not be? This was not some mere dream, or some random strangers doing this to her. These were the three sexiest women she'd ever met, all inside her at the same time thanks to Raven, and right now not only was Raven fucking her pussy for the first time but Octavia was fucking her ass for the first time while she tasted her own ass on Lexa's cock, something Clarke had become very fond of ever since becoming The Commander's mate. And somehow all this got even better.

"Octavia, swap places with me." Lexa ordered, then explaining, "Clarke has finished cleaning my cock, which means she'll want more ass cream."

"Hell yeah!" Octavia exclaimed, quickly swapping places with her leader and then taunting her friend when she stuck her cock in her face, "Here you go Clarke, more yummy ass cream for you to clean. Oh fuck yeah, clean it you greedy ATM slut! Mmmmm, you look so good with a cock in your mouth Clarke. Oooooh shit, you make such a sexy little cock sucker."

Ignoring Octavia's words Clarke eagerly wrapped her mouth around her friend's dick and began eagerly cleaning it. When it was just Lexa and herself Clarke tended to give a more long, drawn-out blow job so she could savour the taste of her own butt, and give her top the proper respect she deserved. But now she was taking those cocks deep within her throat quickly so she could get every drop of her ass cream, and then almost instantly be provided with a fresh batch, the entire time either Lexa or Octavia not only fucking her ass, but with every thrust impaling her pussy on Raven's cock. It was all part of the fantasy she had confessed to Lexa, and her wonderful girlfriend was fulfilling that dream better than Clarke could have possibly hoped.

Over, and over, and over again Lexa and Octavia swapped places, and for a long while Clarke was lost in overwhelming perverted pleasure. She had never felt more like a slut, and for better or for worse she loved every moment of it, and never wanted it to end. Oh God yes, she wanted these three amazing women to fuck her all at the same time forever. Unfortunately that just wasn't possible. No one had the stamina for that, and inevitably the desire to cum just became too much. Clarke held her tongue for a record amount of time, at least for her, because again she wanted this to last, but inevitably during one of the many swaps that Lexa and Octavia did she couldn't help but beg shamelessly for them to make her cum.

"Make me cum!" Clarke practically wept, "Please Heda, pound my slutty little ass hole and make me cum. I wanna cum for you Lexa. I wanna cum for you and my friends. Mmmmm I need to cum! I need the three of you to make me cum like a slut. Please, Commander, pound me! Pound my girl loving fuck holes and make me cum like the air tight slut I am!"

There was a brief pause as Lexa savoured Clarke's words, then she turned to her warrior, "Octavia, hammer Clarke's little ass hole until she cums. Then hammer her some more. Hammer that little forbidden hole of hers until there is no strength left in your body, then get out of the way so I can show you how a true top treats a bottom's bottom."

"Yes Heda." Octavia nodded eagerly, not even thinking of disobeying.

Then Octavia eagerly reinserted her cock and started pumping Clarke's butt again. Both the penetration and the initial fucking were way too gentle for Clarke's liking. But she didn't complain because she was confident that Octavia would give her what she wanted, and sure enough the pace slowly but surely picked up until it felt like she was being spanked from the way that Octavia's thighs were crashing against her butt cheeks, making them jiggle perhaps more than ever before. It was then, when she was finally receiving a hard ass pounding, that Clarke came, maybe harder than ever before and she was still getting double stuffed, and somehow it only got better.

Raven felt like she had been somewhat forgotten in all this, but she didn't care. Clarke had licked her to the best orgasms of her life, and she owed her. So if this was Clarke's fantasy she was happy to play even a small part in it. Then Clarke started cumming on her cock, and Raven really didn't feel left out any more. In fact she felt very involved, especially when Clarke started thrusting herself back each time Octavia, and eventually Lexa, pushed forwards and when they pulled out Clarke would hammer herself down on Raven's dick. Sure, that was the blonde maximising her own pleasure, but if Raven wasn't there maybe Clarke wouldn't be cumming quite so hard.

To Raven surprise Clarke wasn't the only one who was cumming. She was certainly the first, and seem to cum the hardest, but Octavia made it no secret that she was cumming from 'fucking Clarke's tight little ass' and given the way she screamed and shook Raven didn't doubt it. Not long afterwards the combination of exhaustion and pleasure forced Octavia to pull her cock out of Clarke's back hole and stumble back, allowing Lexa to wordlessly replace her. It was hard to tell whether Lexa came or not, but given what happened to Octavia it was a safe bet she did, and Raven could have sworn that the mighty Commander occasionally stopped for just a few seconds.

Either way Raven certainly came, hard and frequently. She didn't think she would, she had thought that the little knobs inside the harnesses would just keep the wearer from feeling completely neglected while using one on her lover, but really she had no idea. Of course it wasn't just the stimulator proving to be more effective than Raven guessed, it was from the sheer joy of fucking Clarke, the girl she had been crushing on for a long time, in such an intimate and perverted way. And Raven could only imagine it was better for Octavia and Lexa, because they were fucking Clarke up the butt, which was even more perverted than what Raven was doing. Also she could imagine the feeling of dominance they must have been experiencing must be so erotic.

It certainly felt that way to Raven as she got a tiny taste of it when she started thrusting upwards into Clarke's pussy. She did this because she wanted to be more involved, and she had just wanted to make her friend cum harder, but the mental stimulation from it was even stronger than before. Unfortunately this somewhat backfired as it led to Clarke passing out, although Raven was happily prepared to argue that was more due to the fact that Lexa was hammering Clarke's ass with more speed and power than Octavia had used, perhaps just to prove who Clarke truly belonged too. On the bright side it made Clarke cum extra hard for a few long seconds, and she definitely wasn't the only one, Raven kind of glad that her friend collapsed on top of her because it gave her a chance to recover from her climaxes.

Octavia was so impressed with Lexa. Especially as she continued to pound Clarke's sweet little ass without a hint of stopping. God, Lexa literally ass fucked Clarke into unconsciousness, and it was the hottest thing she'd ever seen. Her Heda was truly a goddess, and it would be an honour just to be her personal boot licker. What she might actually be offering was hard to fathom right now, but Octavia hoped that no matter what happened that Lexa would let her have another shot at that amazing little ass her Heda was thoroughly destroying, even if it was just so that Lexa could then show her what a true top was, like she was doing now.

Just when Octavia didn't think she could get more amazed Clarke finally passed out from her climaxes, and then almost immediately Lexa pulled her cock out of her girlfriend's ass and shuffled back, giving herself and Octavia a good look at their handiwork. Handiwork which made Octavia gasp like a little girl, because Clarke's ass hole looked literally ruined. It was gaping wide open like one of their cocks was still pounding it, with no sign of closing, allowing herself and Lexa to see deep into Clarke's bowels. Which Octavia should have found gross and disgusting, but God help her she didn't. In fact she just stared at Clarke's well gaped butt for what was maybe a full minute, although it felt more like a full hour, until she received another command from her Heda.

"Octavia." Lexa said softly but firmly, waiting until she had the other woman's attention before telling her, "I have another loyalty test for you and Raven."

"Anything." Octavia swore softly.

Lexa smiled softly and commanded first Octavia, then Raven, "Go kneel down in front of Raven and press the tip of your cock against her lips. I want her to suck it clean. Do you hear me Raven? I wish for you to suck Octavia's cock! Do you understand me?"

"Yes." Raven croaked weakly.

For a second Octavia hesitated while looking apprehensively at her friend. She then gave her an apologetic look and did as she was told. Raven looked apprehensive, especially when Octavia was kneeling down in front of her and pressing the tip of her cock against her lips. But instead of complaining like Octavia half expected her to do Raven closed her eyes, scrunched up her face and took the head of the dildo which had just been pummelling Clarke's butt into her mouth. Then after a brief hesitation Raven began sucking it, making Octavia grin wickedly. To make matters even better Octavia noticed out of the corner of her eye Clarke moving down Raven's body so she could take that strap-on into her mouth and start cleaning it of her own cum and pussy cream, making Octavia grin even wider.

At that point Octavia was just unable to stop herself from commenting, "Oh God yes, that's it Raven, suck my cock. Suck my big fucking dick! Mmmmm, suck Clarke's slutty little ass off of it. Ohhhhhh yeahhhhh, that's so hot. I can't believe I have another chick sucking my dick. And it looks so fucking good! Mmmmm, your lips look so fucking good stretched around my big dick. I love it. I love you sucking my dick Raven, becoming my little cock sucker and cleaning Clarke's whore butt off of it! Oh yeah Raven, you're just as slutty as Clarke now. Yeahhhh, look at you, mmmmm, sucking slut butt off a dick, ooooooh, that's so nasty. You're a nasty little whore now Raven. A nasty little ass to mouth whore!"

"As are you." Lexa said dryly, quickly jumping to her feet on the bed beside Octavia and pushing the head of her strap-on against Octavia's lips.

Thanks to those lips already being parted as Octavia prepared to continue talking dirty Lexa was pretty much able to just push the head of her cock straight inside Octavia's mouth. Well, that and Octavia opened her mouth in surprise. And maybe part of her automatically recognised it was Lexa doing this to her. Either way she felt this was right, she also was a nasty little ATM whore. Partly because Lexa made her one, and oh did Octavia like the idea of The Commander making Octavia her nasty little ATM whore, but maybe also partly because she was one to begin with, as she found she didn't mind the taste and even eagerly began sucking Lexa's cock, once again completing the train, or was it a daisy chain at this point, of the most beautiful women she knew all having sex, in an incredibly twisted way.

"Yes, that's it Octavia, suck my cock. Clean it of Clarke's ass, just as Clarke did before you. Become, what was it you said? Ah yes, a nasty little ass to mouth whore. Just like your little friends Clarke and Raven." Lexa encouraged after a few moments of her usual stoicism, which of course just made particularly Octavia suck cock even more eagerly than she was before, which was really saying something. Then Lexa turned her attention to Raven, and of course her precious Clarke, "Mmmmm, and just look at them go. Clarke just can't get enough of her own cum, and Raven seems to like the taste of Clarke's ass as much as you do Octavia. Not quite as much as Clarke loves the taste of her own ass, but perhaps there will be time for that. Would you like that? Huh? To have the honour of tasting Clarke's ass on my cock again?"

"Yes Heda." Octavia quickly agreed, only taking her Commander's dick out of her mouth long enough to say that before stuffing it back in.

"Raven? Clarke?" Lexa questioned.

"God yes, this was amazing." Clarke beamed, taking a few more seconds to stare up lovingly at Lexa before going back to her cock sucking.

"Yes please." Raven said softly, before unknowingly further following her friends lead by returning Octavia's dick to her mouth.

Lexa smiled, "I'm glad we're all in agreement."


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