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Author's note: This story takes place after Season 3, but deviates from canon after that.

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100: Wives Of The Commander Part 4
by MTL ([email protected])

Raven Reyes found herself in a very familiar position, stuck in the middle of her wives. Sadly it was one of the few times that she wasn't getting fucked in the process, but that would come soon enough. And so would she, she thought with a smile. Which quickly faded into an expression of lust as she thought how she was never far away from getting fucked, and how her sex life had drastically improved ever since she joined this unconventional relationship. Just before then was pretty great too, Raven reminiscing briefly about their very first time together where they made Clarke Griffin air tight for the first time ever, and then a few days after that she had watched the proud Octavia Blake totally submit to their Commander Lexa Woods, even giving up her anal cherry to the more dominant woman in the process.

The following week it had been Raven's turn, and it had easily been one of the best days of her life. It was only second best to the wonderful day that Raven had married these three wonderful women, Raven turning back to smile lovingly at Clarke and Octavia, who were of course staring at her ass. This made her softly giggle with delight, and put more wiggle in her step, before looking just as lovingly at Lexa. It was always like this when they walked together, Lexa in front like the proud Alpha she was, her submissive wives following behind her like little ducklings, which was just another sign of their submission. Although at the moment Raven was thinking of the first, and the greatest time, she had submitted to Lexa...

* * *

For the whole week before it Lexa had been fucking Octavia loudly and proudly, and almost always up the butt. It made Raven quiver with fear and anticipation at Lexa's offer, which she had been cruelly left to think about even though Lexa had to know there was only one answer she could possibly give. Sure, it gave her a fresh chance to think it through, and really consider just how submissive she would be expected to be, but her answer was never not yes. Yes she wanted to submit. Yes she wanted to be Lexa's. Yes, she wanted to be able to fuck Clarke and Octavia too. Yes, she wanted all three of them. Yes, she wanted to be theirs. Yes, yes, yes, yes, YES!

Still Raven was trembling with nervousness as she was permitted to enter Lexa's throne room, which was deserted except for Clarke and Octavia, who spent most of the time within this room now the mountain men had been defeated and there was nothing for them to do except please their beloved Commander. That goddess of a woman that Raven had once hated ordered her to approach, and it was all Raven could do not to fall at her feet immediately before being asked the question. Hell, it was hard enough to hide the fact she was so very nervous, and overwhelmed at the thought about what might happen next. And what was most likely going to happen next. What she wanted to happen next.

"So... Raven Reyes... do you wish to be mine?" Lexa finally asked after clearly drawing this out.

"Yes." Raven said softly without hesitation, then fell to her knees and said more clearly, "Please Heda, may I have the privilege of being yours? I want that more than anything."

Lexa smirked, "You remember what will be required of you?"

"Yes." Raven nodded, "I'm ready."

"We'll see." Lexa quipped, leaned back in her chair and stack out one of her boots, "You can start by properly convincing me like Octavia did, and kiss my feet. Ooooooh, that's it, worship at the feet of your Commander. Show her just how much you want to be hers. Or should I say, ours."

Lexa smirked as Raven immediately leaned down and pressed her lips onto the nearest boot, giving Lexa her favourite type of foreplay. Not that she really needed much lately, as Clarke alone was enough to keep her constantly horny. The recent addition of Octavia to their relationship had drastically increased her desire, as had the anticipation of also adding Raven. That Raven hadn't hesitated to agree to her offer and submit to such a great humiliation in the name of proving herself meant no foreplay was needed, and Lexa could have just grabbed a handful of dark hair and shoved Raven's face directly into her cunt. But she had a reputation to maintain, and there was certainly something to be said for starting with this kind of submission.

It was just so thrilling to watch another woman literally grovel at her feet. Lexa had experienced this in a lot of different ways, and while this wasn't exactly a warrior like Octavia before her, or even someone infamous like Clarke, it was truly wonderful to watch that Raven's soft lips travel over her leather boots, Lexa then giving Raven the other one so they could both be thoroughly cleaned. Of course it wasn't long before Lexa wanted more. So much more. To feel Raven's lips on her most intimate areas, and invade the most intimate parts of Raven so she could truly claim this woman as her own. But for now she would just settle for Raven touching her bare feet.

"Good, now take off my boots." Lexa ordered, "Worship my feet to prove you are serious about becoming mine."

Again without hesitation Raven scrambled to do as she was told, carefully undoing Lexa's boots and then placing them down carefully by the side of her throne before finally returning her lips to her feet, this time bare flesh touching bare flesh. Yes, this was quite the improvement, Lexa stifling a moan as that surprisingly sensitive part of her body was stimulated. At first Raven slid her lips over the top of her feet, just like she had done when she was wearing boots. But then she moved to kiss the bottoms of her feet, even sliding her tongue over them and eventually beginning to take her toes one by one in to her mouth, which forced Lexa to moan softly.

She told herself those moans were a combination of Raven's work and the anticipation of what was to come, but itdidn't really matter. What mattered was that Raven was already making her moan with pleasure, and it was enough to make Lexa want to tear off both their clothes and take her right now. Or maybe even give Raven a taste of her own medicine, stimulate her to the point of madness until she practically wanted to beg for more. But no. Again Lexa had her reputation to think of. Not to mention Clarke and Octavia, both of whom were watching her with a smirk. As punishment she scolded them with a look, although they just kept smirking, which Lexa would punish them for later. But now it was time for the real fun with Raven to begin.

"That will do for now. Raven, take off your clothes and show me that hot body of yours." Lexa commanded.

"Yes Heda." Raven replied breathlessly before racing to do as she was told. She was then left standing there for a few long seconds, awkwardly turning herself around for Lexa's inspection, before she finally received another order.

"Good, now kneel before me again." Lexa ordered, then when Raven did as she was told the Commander slowly removed her jacket, top, bra and then finally her pants and underwear until she was standing naked in front of Raven, her pussy directly in front of the other girl's face, "Is this what you desire?"

"Yes." Raven murmured while staring dead ahead at her target.

Lexa smirked, sat down on the edge of her throne, and then ordered, "Then take what you desire."

Glancing up with a nervous smile Raven replied, "Yes Commander."

Raven then refocused on her target, licked her lips nervously and then closed her eyes, leaned forward, stuck out her tongue and slid it across Lexa's pussy. She'd had the privilege of doing this before so in a way it was silly she was nervous, but Raven couldn't help it. This was even more important than that precious first time. This was an audition to have the privilege of pleasing this amazing pussy on a regular basis, not to mention the pussies of Clarke and Octavia, both of whom were watching, and the last thing Raven wanted to do was screw it up. So yeah, maybe it wasn't that silly she was so nervous. Maybe it wasn't silly at all.

So as much as she wanted to shove her tongue deep into Lexa's cunt and immediately fuck her to climax Raven instead started out with very long, slow licks, savouring the flavour she had been thinking about for the better part of last week. She then repeated the process over and over again, starting from the bottom and working her way up to the top. The only difference was that the first few licks lingered on Lexa's clit, the next few times she ignored her clit completely. She didn't want too. That was the last thing Raven wanted to do. She wanted to please Lexa. But she also knew the best way to do that was with a little teasing, at least for now.

At first Lexa didn't give much indication whether this was the right course of action or not, which initially worried Raven. But when she opened her eyes and nervously looked up she was pretty sure she saw an expression of pleasure on Lexa's face. Then eventually she heard a moan of pleasure escape those beautiful lips, which were quickly followed by more and then Lexa reaching down to gently stroke her hair like a pet. Which was actually kind of accurate, given Lexa's intentions. Which shouldn't have been hot, but it was. Especially as Raven started receiving some verbal encouragement, first from Clarke and Octavia, and then finally from Lexa herself.

"Yeahhhhh, you go girl, lick that cunt! Bury your face deep inside it! Ohhhhh fuck yeah, fucking lick it!" Octavia heckled with delight, "Mmmmm, lick it good. Lick Lexa's pussy! Make our Heda feel good. Oh fuck yeah! Lick Lexa!"

"It tastes good, doesn't it?" Clarke chimed in, "Yeahhhhh, Lexa tastes yummy. We love eating her pussy, and it looks like you do too. I guess that makes you one of us. One of us, one of us, one of us!"

Octavia happily joined in the chant for a few long seconds, before asking, "What do you think Heda? Is she good enough to be one of us?"

"She's off to a good start." Lexa admitted with a smirk, "Yesssss, that's it Raven, just like that, oooooooh lick me slow. Gentle. Make this last. Oh yes, I want to savour this. I want to savour the feeling of your little tongue licking me, oooooooh yessssss, and making me feel good! Oh yes, more! No, not that much. A bit more. Yessssss, that's it! Mmmmm, maybe a little more attention to my clit though? Mmmmmm fuck, now a little less. That's it, back and forth, ohhhhhhhh yes, mmmmmm that's it Raven, good girl."

More than anything Raven wanted to be one of us. One of them. Whether that meant becoming the Commander's girlfriend, or Lexa's bitch, or even a sex slave, it didn't matter to her anymore. All that mattered was joining Clarke and Octavia in being owned by this goddess, and more importantly please this goddess. And learn to please her as best she could, which was why Raven tried to remember every detail of their last time together, and more importantly listen to every word Lexa said. Especially the latter thing. Which made Raven very glad that Lexa's mouth was freed this time so she could give her those types of instructions. And it was just hot to obey her Commander in this way.

Lexa was only too happy to give instructions to inexperienced pussy lickers. After all, it was her job to give commands, and this kind of thing was truly the most enjoyable type of commanding she had ever done. She lived to boss women around in the bedroom, or wherever else she chose to take them, and now she had three of them to command life was going to get that much sweeter for her. Just thinking about it made her want to order Raven to speed up and make her cum hard and fast. But no. Again, she had a reputation to maintain, and why would she want to rush something so wonderful? So the Commander of the thirteen clans just relaxed and enjoyed Raven's inexperienced but eager tongue while continuing to give her a few instructions here and there.

At least when Clarke and Octavia let Lexa get a word in edgeways, which was seriously starting to annoy the Commander. The only reason she didn't stop them sooner was because Lexa had to admit she had always liked a bit of dirty talk, especially as Clarke had inspired her by being just so wonderfully filthy with her words. But it was important at all times for her to remain in control, and if Clarke and Octavia needed a reminder Lexa would be more than happy to provide it. Maybe in the form of a nice hard spanking, right here, over her throne. Maybe in front of some of the other grounders too. First though, she would give them a warning. Or better yet, a real chance to shut up, and to provide her with some entertainment.

"Silence." Lexa growled in annoyance, before a wicked idea came to her, "I can't hear myself think, and I want to be able to enjoy the moment with Raven. A moment you have now disqualified yourselves from. But don't worry, I have something fun for you two to do. A way to please your Commander. Oh yes, I want you to kiss for me. Kiss for me while Raven goes down on me. You'll have to miss some of the fun as punishment for being so mouthy, but to show I'm not too angry I'll allow you two too have some fun of your own. Yes, that's it, kiss for me. Kiss while Raven eats my pussy! Ohhhhhh yesssss, keep it up Raven, eat me just like that! Just like that, oooooooh yeeeeeeessssss, aaaaahhhhhhh fuckkkkkkkk!"

Without hesitation Octavia and Clarke turned to each other and practically smash their faces together. Okay, there may have been a moment where they eyed each other's lips lustfully, but it was barely noticeable and Lexa was almost offended that they hadn't been more reluctant to look away. Or maybe they were hoping to get a little action themselves while Lexa was distracted? If that was the case they were in for a disappointment, as Lexa intended to watch them like a hawk. Which was easy to do as they kissed like the horny teenagers they still technically were, even if they had to grow up a long time ago.

Another explanation for their eagerness was that they just wanted to please their beloved Commander like Raven was doing right now. Well, not exactly like Raven, although Lexa would definitely have to try that in the near future. Oh yes, the idea of Clarke, Octavia and Raven pleasing her at the same time was truly wonderful. Perhaps not all licking her pussy, as that would be more difficult than sexy, but maybe two while the other one worshipped her breasts? Or two on her tits, and the other one tonguing her twat? Maybe even one of them licking her cunt, another eating her ass while she was kissing the third, or while the third was playing with her boobs?

Raven had been thinking similar thoughts over the past week. Well, honestly she had been thinking that for a while, ever since she laid eyes on the Commander, but it had definitely become more frequent over the last week and never more so than right now as she was right where she wanted to be. Where she had imagined being what felt like thousands of times. On her knees in front of Lexa's throne and licking the Commander's pussy like it was her job. Like instead of joining the 100 when she first got to the ground she was captured by the grounders, enslaved and sold to Lexa who kept her chained to her thrown at all times so that Raven could lick her pussy at a moments notice. Not that Raven had got herself off countless times thinking about that or anything.

She might not be collared and chained like she was in that vivid fantasy, but right now Raven truly felt like the Commander's personal pussy licker, and she loved it. It was an addictive feeling, and combined with the equally addictive cunt cream that she was eagerly lapping up and then eventually sucking out of Lexa made Raven want to beg to officially enslave her so she could be her pussy licking slut. Her cunt muncher. Her lesbian sex slave. But amazingly Lexa was offering more than merely fulfilling that desire. So much more. It was an offer which blew Raven's mind, and one she wanted to accept more than ever before. And more importantly prove herself worthy of it. Which was why as soon as Lexa gave her permission Raven devoted every ounce of her being to making the Commander cum for her.

"Yes, that's good Raven. Soooooo goooooooddddddddd ooooooooooohhhhhhhhhhh fuck!" Lexa repeated a variation of these words and moans until the desire to cum became too much even for her and she started ordering, "More! Give me more. Yes, speed up, good girl, mmmmmmm, very good girl. Lick me nice and fast you beautiful woman. Yesssssss, lick my clit! Oooooooh yessssss, lick my clit, lick my clit, lick my clit just like that, ohhhhhhhh fuckkkkkkkk! Fuck me! Fuck me with your tongue! Oh Raven, stick your tongue inside me! Tongue fuck my pussy and make me cum! Make me cum, make me cum, make me cum AAAAAAAAHHHHHHHHHH YEEEEEEEEESSSSSSSSS, FUCK ME! FUCK ME! I SAID OOOOOOOOOHHHHHHHHH FUCKKKKKKKKKK MEEEEEEEEE YESSSSSSSSS, OH RAVEN, OH FUCK ME, MMMMMMMM FUCKKKKKKKKKKK!"

Licking faster was easy. So was concentrating on Lexa's clit. The tongue fucking, that was a little intimidating at first, but with those instructions and a vague memory of what she had done before Raven obeyed each of those commands, including pressing her tongue against Lexa's entrance and shoving it as deep into the other girl as it would go. She then paused for a few long seconds, enjoying both the feeling of Lexa's pussy quivering around her and the normally stoic Commander crying out in pure pleasure. Then Raven started fucking her, gently at first but with what sounded like continuous encouragement from the Commander Raven increased her pace until she had what she truly wanted, Lexa cumming on her tongue.

As soon as she had it Raven quickly removed her tongue so she could concentrate on swallowing Lexa's cum. God, she had been thinking about this ever since she had the privilege of swallowing Lexa's cum that first precious time that they were together, and somehow it was even better than Raven remembered, her eyelids fluttering and a whimper escaping her mouth from the first taste. Then she pressed her mouth tightly around Lexa's cunt to try and prevent any of that precious liquid escaping while desperately trying to swallow as fast as she could, but there was just so much of it. That was even more the case later, which had Raven whimpering in disappointment, but she constantly reminded herself that was okay, because it was Lexa's pleasure that truly mattered. Not her own.

Lexa was really proud of Raven. She had learned well, or at least remembered well. Or maybe she was even just a natural. Either way not only did she make Lexa cum hard, but as soon as Lexa's orgasm was over she reinserted her tongue and fucked her to another climax. It was relatively easy now the floodgates were open, but it was still impressive, Lexa rewarding Raven by gently stroking her hair, screaming her pleasure and of course cumming in that hot little mouth of hers. Which as expected, or at least hoped, pushed Raven to fuck her even harder, which in turn made Lexa cum harder, that wonderful process repeated until Lexa's mind melted from pleasure.

At that point she may have taken things a bit far, pushing Raven's face as deep as it would go into her cunt and then grinding against it like an animal in heat. To Lexa's delight Raven not only didn't object, but she allowed herself to go limp and just stick out her tongue, clearly sacrificing her enjoyment to please her Commander. It was definitely something Lexa was going to have to reward her for later, more than she was already doing at least. Luckily Lexa knew just the thing that would make her new plaything cum hard, and more importantly allow her to lay claim to Raven's beautiful body, and perhaps even her heart and soul in the process, the very thought of it again making Lexa cum hard all over Raven's face.

It also helped that Clarke and Octavia continued putting on quite the show. True, the continuous kiss had ended some time ago, but they were still technically obeying her command by sliding their lips over each other. Mostly they took turns kissing each other's necks, but they also covered each other's faces in pecks and nibbled on the other's earlobe. Sometimes they returned to just frantically kissing, but mostly it was a way for them to swap duties while the other concentrated on staring at Lexa and Raven with jealousy. However there was no malice or pain behind it, Lexa convinced that Octavia and particularly Clarke just wanted to be the ones on their knees before her. She was also sure they would have liked to have been in her position, or giving or receiving to each other, but mostly they wanted to please their Commander, like all of her people should, but most importantly her girlfriends.

That last thought had Lexa smiling with blissful happiness. Her latest climax clearly had something to do with it, but in that moment Lexa truly felt the connection between the four of them. These weren't just random slaves or whores desperate to please, these women genuinely wanted her, and it became really tempting just to order them to gang up on her already like she had so vividly dreamed. But no, this night wasn't actually about the four of them, it was about her breaking Raven in, and as much as Lexa would have liked to continued the whole night with her pleasure as the focus she suddenly became overwhelmed by the desire to claim Raven as hers. So Lexa quickly put that into motion, after pulling Raven up into a passionate kiss so she could taste herself on her lips.

Lexa then broke the kiss, stroked Raven's face, and asked her, "Do you still wish to be mine?"

"Yes." Raven answered softly, but without hesitation.

"You know what I desire?" Lexa smirked, and then when Raven just nodded pushed, "Say it!"

"You want my ass." Raven croaked, and then before Lexa could ask the obvious follow-up question softly promised, "It's yours."

"Prove it." Lexa challenged, standing up and moving out the way before ordering, "Bend over my throne and spread your cheeks. Give me your little virgin hole."

"Yes Heda." Raven replied submissively before doing as she was told.

Lexa smirked, took a moment to admire that sight, and then without looking away from it ordered her other lovers, "Clarke, fetch my strap-on so I can pop your friend's anal cherry. Octavia, eat Raven's ass. Mmmmm yeahhhhh, make sure it's nice and ready for my cock by giving it a nice long rim job. Oh don't pout Clarke, your mouth won't go unused. No, you can help me get ready too by sucking my big cock."

Octavia and Clarke exchanged a look while Lexa was talking, finally pulled apart and then muttered their agreement before going about doing as they were told. It was noticeable that Octavia's tone was more generally grateful, and Octavia even gave Clarke a little smirk knowing that she would be the one doing something that would give one of her lovers genuine pleasure. Truth be told she was also a little jealous of Clarke. After all, it was always a great honour to kneel in front of the Commander and orally pleasure her, and they both knew that Lexa took great pleasure in receiving a blow job, before or after her strap-on had pounded a fuck hole.

However Octavia still believed she got the better part of the deal, and was quick to kneel down behind Raven before Lexa changed her mind and gave this privilege to her favourite. Sure, this could have been considered really submissive, and it had certainly felt that way when Lexa had shoved Octavia's face in between her cheeks and made her rim her, which Octavia would normally hate, but she had been on real submissive trip over the past week as Lexa relentlessly pounded her ass hole, among other dominating things. Hell, just before they met up with Raven Lexa had sat on Octavia's face and then after she had made her cum she had given Octavia her third butt fucking of the day, leaving the warrior incredibly sore yet satisfied, and very much in a submissive mood.

While she would have liked to have been able to spread her lips over Raven's juicy ass cheeks, bury her face in them, and finally spread them wide open there was quite a thrill to having the other girl hold herself open like this, exposing her most intimate hole for Octavia's pleasure. Well, technically it was for Lexa's pleasure, but it was Octavia who got an up close look at that with the erotic sight, and all the access she could possibly want to start worshipping that puckered hole with her tongue, gently at first, but then gradually increasing the pace. Honestly it wasn't that long before she started trying to push her tongue into Raven's butt, and although she didn't get very far this time she was sure she would get a second chance, and then it would be very different.

As this was happening Octavia could hear the tell-tale signs of sucking behind her which told her that Lexa was now equipped with a strap-on dildo and that Clarke was bobbing her head up and down like the greedy little cock sucker she was. God, Octavia wished she could see it, and almost out of instinct pulled her face from Raven's ass so she could, but no. She remembered her place and continued passionately rimming Raven, even succeeding in sliding her tongue a little into that incredibly tight hole. Although she had much more luck with her finger, which of course she only introduced after Lexa gave her the permission too.

"Now suck it! Yessssss, that's it Clarke, mmmmm suck it like a good girl. Suck my big girl cock like the good little cock sucker you are! yes, suck it! Suck it while Octavia eats Raven's ass! Oh fuck, that's so beautiful. You're all so beautiful." Lexa sighed with delight, repeating some form of those words for a while before ordering, "Now finger her! Oh yes, finger her Octavia! Finger Raven's ass! Ooooooh yes, slide your finger into that tight little hole and butt fuck your little friend. Get it nice and ready for me to truly ass fuck, and it will be like we took her anal cherry together. Yes, that's it, make her squirm and moan for you. Yes Clarke, take me deeper. Mmmmm, deep into your mouth! Ohhhhhh that's so hot. Yes, get me nice and ready for Raven's butt. Yes Octavia, finger that butt! Loosen it up for me and get it ready to be fucked. Oh yes, mmmmm, that butt was made for fucking, and today I will make it mine forever. Do you want that Raven? Do you want me to take that hot little behind of yours and make it mine? To take your anal virginity? To make you my anal whore? Answer me! Do you want those things?"

"Yes." Raven whimpered, moaning so loudly afterwards that she almost missed the follow-up.

"Then beg me for it" Lexa demanded, before she smirked, "When ever you're ready for it, just say the word, and I will make you mine."

Blushing slightly Raven immediately opened her mouth to beg, only stopping to cry out as Octavia pushed another finger into her butt. She then enjoyed the sensation briefly before finally pleading, "Please Lexa, make me yours. I want to be yours. I want you to, to ass fuck me and make me yours. Please? Please Commander, take my anal cherry. Rip open my butt hole and make it yours forever!"

Lexa smirked, then commanded, "Clarke, Octavia, move aside so I can take what's rightfully mine."

"Yes Heda." Clarke and then Octavia murmured before the blonde followed up with, "Fuck her good."

"Gape that ass." Octavia quickly encouraged right after.

"Oh I will." Lexa murmured while kneeling down behind the prize before her.

Lexa took a moment to savour the sight in front of her, and then again as she pressed the tip of her cock against Raven's ass hole. The second pause was even longer, because this was another woman's virgin ass hole being given to her, and Lexa would always savour that precious gift. True, this wasn't a warrior like Octavia, but in the short time she had known her Raven had proved herself strong time and time again in different ways, and taking her anal virginity would be no less than an incredible honour. That was also why she pushed forwards as slowly as possible. That and it allowed Lexa the chance to enjoy the sight of Raven's virgin butt hole stretching for her.

It also made this as easy as possible on Raven, and to her credit even though she gasp softly and tensed when her forbidden hole began to stretch Raven quickly forced herself to relax, the sky girl continuing to offer up her most private orifice to her Commander. She would be rewarded for it, Lexa would see to that, one way or another, although for now The Commander Of The Thirteenth Clans wasn't concentrating on the future. No, she was very much focused on the present as Raven's anal ring slowly stretched wider and wider until the head of Lexa's cock slipped through it and into Raven's ass, meaning that Lexa had officially just taken another butt cherry. Raven's butt cherry.

Again this caused Raven to let out a gasp, this one much louder than before and quickly followed by a whimper, but again she forced herself to relax and continued to surrender herself and her most private hole to the Commander. Lexa pause to savour that fact, and the sight of Raven's ass hole wrapped around the first few inches of her cock, before she began slowly pushing forward, allowing the strap-on to slide deep into Raven's rectum. And perhaps the best part of all this was Raven continuing to spread her cheeks, giving Lexa, and Octavia and Clarke for that matter, the perfect view of Raven being anally violated for the first time in her life.

Thinking of Clarke and Octavia made Lexa want to check on them, but like when she had taken Octavia's anal virginity Lexa just couldn't look away until her thighs came to rest against Raven's ass cheeks, announcing that she had buried her dick deep within the other girl's butt. Even then Lexa found herself staring at where her hips met Raven's cheeks, and then shortly after that she began staring at Raven's butt hole again as her dick pumping in and out of it after she officially began the butt fucking. Raven's first ever butt fucking, and no matter what happened next it would be the first of many given the way that Raven almost instantly started moaning in pleasure.

Raven had no idea what the hell was wrong with her. There hadn't been a doubt in her mind after seeing just how skilfully Lexa had ass fucked Clarke and then Octavia that this goddess of a woman would make her cum while being butt fucked, and perhaps even make her love it, but she was expecting it to take some time. Maybe a lot of it. And in the meantime there would be agonising pain. Perhaps even unbearable pain. Instead losing her anal virginity was a breeze. Sure, the initial popping of her cherry had been painful, and they had definitely been some discomfort as her rectum was stuffed with dick, but there was a type of initial pleasure she hadn't been expecting. And then things only got worse, or better depending on how she chose to look at it.

On the one hand she was greatly relieved being anally violated wasn't quite as bad as she had imagined it would be, as she wasn't some kind of masochist who liked pain. On the other hand it was incredibly embarrassing to feel pleasure when getting her shit hole stuffed the first time, and it was mortifying to feel her back hole loosening up so quickly to accept that it was now Lexa's personal fuck hole. Although the very worst part was she started moaning the second Lexa started officially sodomising her, which got a snicker out of Octavia, and like an idiot Raven had looked over to her friends and seen Clarke and Octavia grinning wickedly, which had just made her blush, whimper and for some reason moan.

It wasn't fair. Octavia hadn't taken this as easily. Raven remembered her face grimacing from the initial butt fucking, and even Clarke had too, and like Raven, or Octavia before her, she hadn't been losing her anal cherry. But here Raven was, forced to try and hide the fact that this wasn't quite as hard for her as it had been for them. That it was practically easy. That it almost felt natural to be in this position, to be spreading her cheeks in total submission, to take it in the hole which was never meant to be taken. Like, like her ass was made for this purpose, and no other, the thought embarrassing Raven beyond belief. Then of course, as if she was reading her mind, Octavia had to verbalise that embarrassing thought.

"Oh my God, look how easily that cock slides into that fuck hole." Octavia moaned softly with delight, "Mmmmm, that looks so good. Like that ass was made to be fucked. Please Heda, can I have a turn with Raven's ass when you're done with it? I mean, you're obviously right, it was made to be fucked, and I want to fuck it too."

"Me too." Clarke piped up.

"Really? You?" Octavia scoffed, "Like a total bottom like you could ever top someone."

"I'm surprised you still want to top considering how hard you've been cumming with Lexa's big dick up your ass." Clarke quipped, "And I could totally top Raven if I wanted too. Mmmmm, now there's a total bottom."

"I think you're right about that." Lexa grinned wickedly, "And perhaps in time I will let you two join the fun, but for now this ass is all mine."

"Of course Heda." Octavia replied submissively, Clarke saying something similar before the warrior notice something, "Hey, did she just moan?"

"I think she did." Clarke gleefully confirmed.

"God, what a whore." Octavia chuckled with delight, before correcting herself, "An anal whore. Yeah, it turns out that super genius Raven Reyes is nothing but an anal whore desperate for big dick in her ass."

"Her ass which was made for fucking." Clarke added with delight, before continuing to taunt her friend, "A total anal whore desperate for big girl dick in her made for fucking ass. Ohhhhhhh yeahhhhhhh, take it Raven! Take it!"

Under normal circumstances Raven would be able to think of a witty come back, or at least tell her friends to fuck off, but she couldn't. She just couldn't. Partly because her brain was barely working at the moment, but mostly because she was afraid that if she lifted her face up and tried to offer up retort the only thing which would come out if her mouth with moans of pleasure. Because that's all she felt right now, amazing and life changing pleasure from something she shouldn't. Or make that somethings, because the humiliating words from her friends was somehow adding to her arousal, which was only more humiliating.

Clarke worried that she and Octavia were being too cruel, especially considering that she genuinely wanted Raven to join them and be part of this rather unique relationship they were building. But she just couldn't help herself. Partly because she had just become so used to talking dirty during sex, but mostly because she was jealous. Because seriously, it wasn't fair. Over the past week Lexa had been practically living inside Octavia's ass, and Clarke wouldn't be surprised if Lexa gave Raven the same treatment, and Raven had the honour of taking The Commander's dick up her ass right now while Clarke was just being totally left out.

As if reading Clarke's thoughts Lexa suddenly ordered, "Clarke get over here and spread Raven's cheeks for her."

This completely took Clarke off guard because she was focusing on Raven. Although she certainly wasn't alone, as it looked like Lexa hadn't even looked up to give her that order, and Octavia was certainly still captivated. Not that she blamed them. Indeed even as she rushed to obey Clarke kept her eyes on Raven, and while she'd enjoyed looking at her friend's face and just how sexy she looked face down and ass up Clarke loved getting a close up look at her violated ass hole, especially as it was stretching for Lexa's cock. Which was a sight she got to enjoy for maybe about a minute before Lexa pulled her cock out of Raven's butt hole and then pressed it against Clarke's mouth.

"Suck it." Lexa ordered commandingly, preventing herself from smiling as Clarke performed her duty, although she did show her approval in another way, "Yes, that's it, suck it. Suck my cock straight after it's been up your friend's ass. Mmmmm yeahhhhh, suck it good you filthy little ass to mouth slut. Show your friends just what kind of slut Wanheda is."

Happy to obey this command Clarke had immediately wrapped her lips around the head of Lexa's dick pretty much the second her girlfriend had stuck it in her face. She then moaned happily as she tasted the deepest part of Raven's butt on the cock. Thanks to Lexa's love of anal and ATM Clarke had tasted her own ass plenty of times, and had spent the last week tasting Octavia's, but this was her first time tasting Raven's, so it was special. Partly because it was her third ever woman, but mostly because it was her friend. And hopefully now so much more. So Clarke closed her eyes and savoured the taste for a few long seconds.

She then started bobbing her head up and down the shaft, eager to get every drop of that yummy anal cream. Of course, to do that she needed to deep throat that cock, something which thanks to Lexa she been having plenty of practice lately, Clarke happily showing that off as for a few minutes she began bobbing her head gradually lower and lower until the dildo slid into her windpipe. She choked and gagged a little, but not enough to be noticeable, and it was more than a fair sacrifice as she got every drop of that butt juice, just like she wanted. Then the second it was gone Lexa pulled the dick out of her mouth and reinserted it back into Raven's butt, leaving Clarke feeling left out again. At least until Lexa repeated the process.

Octavia was so jealous of Raven right now, but worse, she was jealous of Clarke. Lexa had trained her to love the taste of her own ass, and of Clarke's, and to Octavia shame it really hadn't been that hard. She told herself it was because Lexa was just such a dominant top that it felt natural to do anything for her, even something so twisted and depraved as going ass to mouth, but deep down Octavia knew she enjoyed the feeling of submission it gave her, and that she even loved the taste right from the start. So yes, while Octavia mostly wished she could be getting ass fucked by Lexa she also wished she could be the Commander's little ATM whore right now. Happily Lexa gave her the chance.

"Octavia, come here. It's your turn." Lexa commanded, "Mmmmmm yeahhhhhh, take your place on your knees in front of me and suck my cock! Join Clarke in cleaning Raven's butt juices off of my dick. Oooooooh yeahhhhhhh, that's so hot! Yeahhhhhhh, good girl. Ohhhhhhh, good little cock sucker."

The second that Lexa gave her a command Octavia obeyed like the loyal grounder she truly was in her heart. And more importantly, like Lexa's fuck toy. Or even girlfriend, which was hopefully official now. It was an honour that Octavia felt unworthy of, but one she was desperate to earn, so she thought nothing of dropping to her knees, crawling over to Lexa and then wrapping her mouth around the other girl's strap-on. In fact she revelled in the feeling of submission it gave her, and even moaned loudly and shamelessly as she tasted Raven's ass for the first of what would hopefully be many times on Lexa's big dick, Octavia closing her eyes so she could savour that flavour.

After a few long seconds of that Octavia started to gently bob her head up and down Lexa's shaft, taking an additional inch with every bob until the head was pushed into the back of her mouth. She then lingered on the first half of the dildo for several long minutes before finally beginning to push Lexa's cock into her throat. As she was still new to giving a blow job, especially to something this big, Octavia choked and gagged on the strap-on, even quite violently in places, but she was stubborn and eager to please, and thus refused to stop until she had the entire length stuffed into her throat, and even after that she continued bobbing her head to make sure she got every drop of Raven's butt cream.

Shortly after that Lexa pulled her cock out of Octavia's mouth and shoved it back into Raven's ass, causing Raven to cry out with pure joy. That was followed by more cries as Lexa began sodomising Raven again, which also made Octavia jealous, but not as badly as before, because she knew at least soon she would be given the privilege of pleasing the Commander again. It wasn't as soon as she would have liked, Lexa choosing to shove her cock into Clarke's mouth next, but it was after that Octavia got another turn going ass to mouth which she happily took. Then of course it continued like that for quite a while, Lexa going back and fourth between the ass hole and the two mouths which were her eager fuck holes right now, while occasionally offering some more encouragement.

"That's it Octavia, take it deep. Take it deep down your throat like a little ATM whore! Ohhhhhhh yesssssss, you're getting good at that. Sooooooo goooooooddddddd at sucking my cock! Oh fuck, I'm so proud of you. You too Clarke! I'm so proud of you both my eager little cock suckers! Oh yes, suck your friend's ass from my cock! Ooooooooh fuck, that's so hot." Lexa moaned while her women worshipped her strap-on, barely concentrating on what she was saying as she was so lost in the moment. It was the same story when she was deep within Raven's ass and quickly giving her encouragement too, "Ohhhhhh yeahhhhhh Raven, take it like a bitch! Mmmmmm, take it deep in your butt like the little bitch you are! Oh shit, your ass is so hot! Ohhhhhhhh fuckkkkkkkkk, I could fuck it forever."

Raven was whimpering with need at this point. She couldn't remember ever wanting to cum so badly. Or enduring such pleasurable torture before in the name of her own stupid pride. See, she hated to admit it, even just silently to herself, but Raven had loved every moment of losing her anal cherry and was now 100% sure that she was a total ass whore. To try and hide that fact, or at least make it less obvious, she ended up digging her nails into first her butt cheeks, and then the throne beneath her, and gritted her teeth when she was in pain. But she wasn't feeling pain. Not exactly. No, but instead she was experiencing such overwhelming pleasure that the need for more hurt.

Perhaps the worst part of it was that it wasn't just her desire to hang on to a shred of her dignity which kept Raven silence. No, she wanted to please the other two women, and more importantly Lexa, by giving Clarke and Octavia plenty of time to go ass to mouth. If it had been out of affection it would have been embarrassing enough, but instead it came from this overwhelming submission Raven was feeling, and desired to be dominated she had never known before. And yet, it felt natural. Especially with a big fucking cock in her ass, or her ass hole gaping open from being abused while another girl feed another two her butt cream.

Of course inevitably it became all too much and Raven pleaded, "Oh God, fuck me! Fuck me harder! Ohhhhhhhh Goooooooodddddddddd yeeeeeesssssss, fuck my ass! Fuck my fucking ass! Oh my God, why does it feels so good? What is have to feel so good, oooooooooh fuck my ass! Fuck it hard! Ooooooh fuckkkkkkkk meeeeeeeeee, fuck me Lexa, wreck my fucking shit hole, aaaaaaaahhhhhhhh fuck! Harder, harder, harder! I'll do anything, ohhhhhhh, anything, I swear, just make me cum! Slam my ass and make me cum. Please? Please Commander, mmmmmm, Heda, ruin my fucking butt hole! Gape it wide open! Like, twice as wide as Clarke's and Octavia's bitch holes. Please, ohhhhhhh yes, mmmmmmm, destroy my shit hole and turn it into a bitch hole you can use however, whenever, and wherever you fucking want! Aaaaaaaahhhhhhhhhhh shit, oooooooh God yes, just like that Lexa! My Commander, my Heda, my everything, please make my ass yours! Make all of me yours! Make me your bitch! Yeeeeeesssssssss, make me your little lesbian bitch who loves it up the ass! Ohhhhhhhh Lexa, make me yours! Mmmmmmm, your walking fuck hole! Your bitch! Your oooooooohhhhhhhhhh yeeeeeeeesssssssss, aaaaaaahhhhhhhhh fuckkkkkkkkkkkk!"

It seemed to take forever, but finally Lexa silently dismissed Clarke and Octavia, then took a firm grip of Raven's hips and then slowly began increasing the pace. Even though she did this slowly it didn't feel like that long until the Commander had to be using every ounce of her strength given that Raven felt she was being spanked from the force of those thrusts, which were causing her butt cheeks to jiggle and the sounds to echo throughout the room. But Raven felt nothing but ecstasy as she crashed over the most powerful orgasm of her life, which were quickly followed by another, and another, and another which left her a deafening screaming wreck.

Somewhere in the middle of her fourth or fifth climax Raven had an epiphany. She didn't care any more. She just didn't care. The last shred of her dignity was gone, and she didn't want it back. No, she meant the words she said before, she wanted to be Lexa's anal slut. Her ass whore. Her butt sex loving bitch. Whatever Lexa wanted her to be she would be, just for the chance that Lexa might butt fucked her again. And hopefully Lexa would be true to her word, owning her completely, but letting Clarke and Octavia use her too. Especially Octavia. Oh yes, Raven remembered how easily she made Clarke cum while fucking her in the ass, and Raven definitely wanted some of that. Although not as much as she wanted Lexa to fuck her ass again, and again, and again, which was Raven's last coherent thought for quite a long time.

Lexa was confident that she had done it. That all three of these amazing women were now hers and more importantly for this particular moment, that their asses were hers. Oh yes, and this moment Lexa wouldn't be satisfied with just two, she needed all three of these beautiful women to be her anal fuck toys, ready and willing to bend over for her at a moments notice and give her their most private holes for her to use for her pleasure. Not because she was the Commander, but because she was Lexa, and they all loved her. Or at the very least, they knew what incredible pleasure she could give them if they were willing to sacrifice their ass holes to her.

In this moment it was important to prove that to Raven, but it was just as important to prove that to Clarke and Octavia, Lexa tearing her eyes away from the beautifully jiggling butt cheeks in front of her, and just the sight of another woman bent over in front of her, to look at her girlfriends. Thankfully they seemed not only enraptured by the sight before them, but jealous it wasn't them bent over in front of her, Lexa having no doubt that they would scramble to get into position if she said the word. Which was definitely something Lexa was going to have to do in the near future, as the thought of Clarke, Octavia and Raven bent over in front of her was just perfect. But for now Lexa needed to concentrate on wrecking Raven's ass hole, and making it clear that Raven and the two other girls knew their place.


That was when Lexa truly started using every ounce of her strength to sodomise the other girl. The only reason she held back at all before was not so she could give an extra hard anal pounding now, although that was a nice plus, but because she been trying to stop herself from going over the edge of orgasm herself. However the combination of her own words, the constant bashing of the thing within the harness against her clit, Clarke and Octavia watching her eagerly, and of course the sheer joy of sodomising another woman caused Lexa to finally go over the edge. After that the floodgates were open, and Lexa found herself cumming over and over again. Not quite as much as Raven, but Lexa couldn't imagine this being more satisfying.

These types of climaxes were always satisfying to Lexa, but never more so than right now. The only thing that really came close was taking Clarke's anal cherry, and even that had been surpassed by completing her collection, Lexa cumming so hard that she thought she was going to pass out several times. But she refused to show that kind of weakness. She was the Commander! She could, and she would, make an example out of Raven's ass hole, and make it crystal clear to all three who they belong too, and who was in charge in their relationship. Unfortunately to maintain her dominance Lexa inevitably had to stop, but not before pounding Raven's ass through multiple orgasms for them both many times over.

Of course inevitably she was forced to stop, Lexa pulling her strap-on out of Raven's back hole the second she did so she could admire her handiwork, the Commander happily staring at that widely gaped butt hole for a few long seconds before ordering, "Spread your cheeks! Mmmmm yes, present that pretty little gape to me and your fellow girlfriends. Sure it'll just how well I've wrecked your once tight virgin hole."

Raven immediately did as she was told, shooting her hands to her ass cheeks just as she had done when she welcomed Lexa's dick into her most intimate passage. Thankfully this time she had the presence of mind to spread those cheeks slowly, putting a show more worthy of her precious Commander and now hopefully so much more. Not that it was necessary to show just how wrecked her once virgin butt hole was, to Raven it felt like a gaping crater, and given the grins on the faces of Clarke and Octavia she was guessing it wasn't that far off. But Lexa looked equally pleased, and that's what truly mattered. It was the only thing that would ever matter again to Raven, and she certainly promised to do everything in her power to please her Heda, no matter how twisted and degrading it was.

Putting that thought to the test Lexa ordered, "Good, now suck my cock. Suck your ass juices off of my cock, before these other two ass to mouth whores beat you to it."

"Yeah Raven, go ass to mouth." Octavia chimed in lustfully.

"You better be quick, or Octavia and I will beat you to it." Clarke grinned.

Not doubting that Raven let go of her cheeks, turned around and crawled over to the Commander. She then frowned momentarily as Lexa walked past her, but then Raven just felt stupid, because of course her Heda was going to sit in her throne, where she belonged. It seemed the perfect place to give her a blow job, and Raven's mouth was already watering at the thought of being granted that honour. Who cares if she would have to degrade herself by going ass to mouth? Given how she had reacted to being butt fucked, and how much Clarke and Octavia seemed to love it, it was impossible for Raven to do anything except eagerly crawl over to where Lexa was now sitting in wrapping her mouth around the more dominant brunette's cock.

Instantly Raven found herself moaning with shameless pleasure and her eyelids fluttered closed so she could savour the moment. Which of course resulted in her being relentlessly mocked by Octavia and Clarke, not that it mattered. Hell, Raven was barely aware of it, she was too busy savouring this unique delicious flavour. Then she was too busy beginning to bob her head up and down. After cleaning every drop of her butt cream from the head of course. Those bobs started out gentle and concentrating on the first few inches, but it wasn't long before Raven was pushing that dildo into her throat so she could get every drop of her anal juices, and more importantly please Lexa, who after a while Raven started looking at lovingly while Clarke and Octavia continued verbally encouraging her.

"Yeahhhhhhh Raven, take it deep!" Octavia called out gleefully, "Mmmmmm, take it deep down your fucking throat! Do it the way Lexa likes! Yeahhhhhhh, our Heda loves it when her girls take her deep, and that's what you are now Raven. Her girl. You, me and Clarke all have the privilege of being hers, and we should honour that by giving her everything she wants. And you better believe that include some deep throating action. Come on Reyes, we all had to learn it. Even me. Yeah, even me, the second toughest chick and only other top in this relationship had to learn how to deep throat for Lexa Woods, our top and the most dominant woman in the world, and now it's your turn. Yes, that's it! Yeahhhhh, take it deep down your little throat, mmmmmm, that's soooooo hot! Oh yeah, good little cock sucker."

"But make sure it's sloppy wet too." Clarke chimed in, "Mmmmmm, Lexa loves nothing better than a nice wet blow job. Especially after a butt fuck. Oooooh yeahhhhh, it's great tasting your own ass juice after your back hole has been gape by our Heda, and you clearly love it even more than I do. I mean, I thought I was an ATM whore, but you're in a league of your own. But it's not enough. Mmmmm, trust me Raven, to truly please Lexa you can't just give her cock a lazy sucking, especially after she pounds your ass with it. Yeah, now is the time you need to show what an enthusiastic cock sucker you are, and just how much you love the taste of your own ass. Ohhhhhh, looks like Lexa is going to help you out. Oh yeah Heda, fuck that pretty mouth! Mmmmm, now that's hot."

While Octavia and Clarke ran their mouths Lexa became almost eerily silent as she stared back at Raven. Then with a smirk on her face Lexa grabbed a handful of Raven's dark locks and started pumping her hips back and forth, gently at first but quickly picking up the pace until she was literally fucking Raven's face. As in her thighs were smacking against Raven's face, those last few inches finally sliding past the lips which were now claimed. Which made it almost impossible for Raven to breathe, and she was choking and gagging violently, but she was grateful for it as it meant not only was she pleasing Lexa but she finally got the last drops of her ass juice.

Just when Raven thought she was going to pass out Lexa pulled her cock out of her mouth and after giving her few seconds to gasp for breath grabbed her face, kissed her roughly yet briefly, and then asked, "Do you still wish to be mine?"

"More than anything else in the world." Raven answered truthfully after only a moment to breathe.

"Then kiss her feet." Octavia pushed, then when Lexa gave her a smirk the warrior pointed out, "What? I had to do it. It's only fair. Besides, it would be really hot."

"Yeah it would." Clarke grinned, "Come on Lexa, let's hear just how badly Raven wants to be yours."

"I suppose, as that's something I would also like." Lexa grinned, straightening up and then pressing a foot in front of Raven before demanding, "Beg to be mine. You already are, but I wish to hear it again."

Overjoyed at this chance to please Raven pressed her lips to first Lexa's right foot, then her left, and so on for several minutes while frantically telling her, "Please Heda, let me be yours. I want to be yours more than anything else in the world. Every ounce of me is yours for the taking, however, wherever and whenever you want. My body, my heart, and soul are all yours. Even my mind, which I treasure over everything else is yours. Yours, Clarke's and Octavia's. I want to be with all three of you. Belong to all three of you. I, I just want to be yours. Please, please, please let me be yours. I'll do anything! Anything I swear."

After a few long minutes of just enjoying these words Lexa announced, "Congratulations Raven, you're mine. All of you are mine."


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