This is an adult story. Do not reed if you are underage or offended by
explicit language. I don't own any of these characters.

Author's Note: This story takes place after season two.

24: Family United (MF,inc)
by CT ([email protected])

Jack was laying in his bed resting from the injuries he hat received during
the torturing from Coral Snake. He remembered Kate Warner and his hand slid
lower on his half naked body. He rubbed his cock over his boxer short and
moaned quietly. He shoved his hand under the waist band and stroked his cock.
He imagined how Kate would suck his cock and how he would fondle her breasts.

Then a knock in the door waked him. It was Kim his daughter. He pulls his
hand out and told her to come in. Kim walked in and sat on the edge of his
bed. She started to talk about problems she had but Jack just nodded without
paying any attention at her words. His throbbing cock, the memory of Kate
and, worst of all, Kim's clothing drove him crazy. She was warring black
panties and a white t-shirt with a deep v cut. His eyes were focused there;
the soft flesh of Kim's breasts almost swelling out and shaking with every
breath she took and every move she make.

After few minutes she noticed that her dad wasnt actually with her. She
noticed where he was looking and felt disguised. Her own father was looking
at her in that special way, the way the boys on the street looked at her and
turned her on. Unwillingly she looked at his crotch and noticed how erect he

Surprisingly even for her she didn't run away as she actually wanted (?)
she kept talking bullshit giving her father better view of her cleavage by
bending forward and by squeezing her breast together. And as she sat on the
edge of the bed with both legs on the floor she lifted her right one and
placed on the bed along with her fathers. Jack felt his throat dry. He had
now an excellent view of his daughter's panties covered crotch, his right
hand inches away from her beautiful thigh. Without even thinking he placed
his hand in her tight and Kim stopped talking. Jack saw that she didn't
react or that she didnt react negative and started to move his hand up and
down her tight. Kim took a deep breath and placed her hand in his naked
chest feeling his strong muscles.

Jack minds worked overdue. What he was doing? What was his daughter doing?
He used his other hand and placed it in the back of her neck pulling her
closer. Kim's heart almost jump out of her chest and let her self go. Her
head came closer and closer to her fathers until her lips touched his. His
tongue darted out parted them and invaded her mouth dancing with hers.

After a while they broke the kiss and looked each other in the eyes. Kim
stood up and pulled her t-shirt over her head. Jack watched as her breast
wiggled from her moves. Then Kim placed her thumbs in the waist band of
her panties and pushed them down. Jack looked at her well trimmed pussy
and felt his cock aching even more. Kate was forgotten long time ago.

He pushed his own boxer shorts down and throws them away.

Kim's eyes opened wide as she saw her father's cock. She wasnt a virgin but
none of her boyfriends had a cock of this size! It was twelve inches long
and two and a half thick!

She sat on the bed and took the monster in her hand. She started to stroke
it and Jack closed his eyes and groaned. He placed his hand at the back of
her head and pushed her down. Kim had often sucked on dicks; her boyfriend's
always told her that her lips ware made to suck, but never something so big!

She wrapped her lips around his cock head and Jack groaned even louder and
pushed his hips upwards shoving his cock in his daughter's hot wet mouth.
Kim's lips were stretched to the limit but that didnt stopped her from
eagerly sucking the big dick shaft.Jack hands roamed over Kims body fondling
and squeezing her soft flesh. She was on her knees and her ass aiming the
ceiling. Then he slid a finger in her soaking wet slit making Kim moan around
his shaft.

Kim took his balls in her hand and gently squeezes them. Jack was surprised.
He didn't know where his daughter learn to do that but he was happy she was
good on that. He felt his sperm boiling in his balls and making his way to
his cock. He warned Kim but she just looked at him without even stopping her
task. Jack came at his daughter's mouth and Kim swallowed almost all of it.
Just few drops run out of the corners of her mouth. She pulled his cock out
and wiped the sperm with the fingers. Then she licked them clean.

Jack took few breaths and pulled her close and kissed her. He thanked her and
then he told her it was her turn. He pushed her down on the bed and he spread
her legs. He kissed her inner tights getting closer and closer to her core.
Kim moaned louder and louder. Jack spread her lips and started to lick at her
clit while at the same time he shoved two fingers in her soaking wet pussy.

Kim moaned with pleasure and arched her back. She planted her feet to the
mattress and lifted her hips pushing her pussy to her father's face. Jack
placed his hand underneath her and took hold of her ass chick so he could
hold her steady and at the same time gently shove his middle finger in her
ass. Kim moaned louder and used both her hand to squeeze her breasts and
pinch her hard nipples.

An orgasm washed over her young body and Jack do a lot of licking to swallow
her sweet juices. Kim fall breathless on the mattress and her chest moved up
and down. Jack crawled over her kissing her belly and sucking her nipples
before reaching at the height of her face. He kissed her daughter and looked
deep in to her eyes. She knew what he wanted and she smiled at him. Jack
took her left leg and pulled it up. He placed it at his shoulder, then he
did the same with her right leg. Now Kim was all open for him. For her first

Jack took his cock and slid it's head up and down her wet slit. Kim moaned
as she felt how hard and at the same time how soft her father was. Jack
parted her cunt lips and slowly pushed his cock head in her. Kim throes her
head back and arched her back as she felt her pussy getting filled by her
fathers meat. Jack pushed a little more until he felt he reached her hymen.
He pulled back looked at her eyes and saw she was ready. Then with one swift
move he shoved his whole length inside her stretching her walls and ripping
apart her hymen. Kim bites her lower lip and digs her nails at his back.

Jack takes a deep breath and slowly pulls back, leaving only the head inside
her. Then he pushes back again going all the way in. This time Kim just
gasped and arches her back. Jack pulls back again and then pushes in. This
time Kim meets his thrust and takes him deeper inside her. Jack looks at her,
she lost to lust like he to. He started to move faster and faster his balls
slapping her ass as he shoves his whole cock in her glove tight wet hot hole.
He started to call her name and she calls his. He told her she shouldn't call
him Jack, he preferred to hear her call him dad. Kim smiled and with a grin
in her face she called him daddy.

After few minutes of fucking his daughter Jack felt his sperm boiling. He was
lost in lust butt not so much to risk get her pregnant. He pulled out just in
moment and cum all over Kim. Over her pubic hair her belly up to her breast
nd neck. Kim used her fingers to scoop the sperm of her father and then took
them to her mouth and sucked them clean. Then she scooped more until her
father stopped to spurt and she had clean her body from it.

Jack moved upward and shove his cock in her mouth and she cleaned it with
her mouth. She sucked her father and noticed how he became hard again. Jack
placed his hand at the back of her head and face fucked her for several
minutes. His hands roamed over her body. He squeezed her breasts her ass
cheeks. He shoved two fingers in her pussy and scooped some of her juices.
He gently pulled her hair to divert her and then applied the juices to her

Then he pulled out of her mouth. He flipped her over and spread her legs he
placed first a finger at her anus and started to move it around. Kim purred
like a kitty. Jack shoved then a second one and Kim plead him to stop teasing
her. Jack smiled and kneeled behind her he placed his cock head at her back
door and pushed slowly forward. Kim groaned and moaned surprising Jack. He
laid his body over hers and used his full weight to pin her down while he
thrust his hips forward shoving his whole length in her bowels.

Kim howled and called his name. Jack started to move in and out getting
faster and faster. Kim started to move her ass upwards meeting his thrusts.
She slid a hand under her body and started to play with her clit. As Jack
started to spurt his sperm in her bowls she came also.He pulled out and fall
beside her. He hugged her and kissed her beautiful lips.

Kim makes herself comfortable laying her head on her father's chest falling
asleep. Jack wrapped his hand around his sleeping daughter and falls asleep
too. A big grin in his face.

The End


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