24: If They Let Me Write 24 Part 2 (FF,MFF,M-mast,bond,voy,drugs)
by Mysterwriter

The following takes place between the hours of 11:00 PM and 1:00 AM on a day
of no particular importance to anyone.

11:00 PM

Kim Bauer awoke slowly as her mind and body shook off the effects of the
powerful although short lasting sedative Chas Ostermeyer had slipped her.
The last she could remember, she had been in Ostermeyer's study, preparing
to rifle through his files in the hopes of securing the evidence her father
would need to link him to the as-yet-unnamed organization behind the brutal
murder of her mother. As she freed her mind of the cobwebs left by the
powerful drug, she noticed she was no longer clad in the oversized bathrobe
she had donned after the shower Ostermeyer had so generously offered her.
She recognized the pink blouse she had originally picked out nearly four
hours ago in the hopes of enticing the single, wealthy Beverly Hills banker
(it had never occurred to her that it might be too successful). She was
certain the blouse had ripped during her accidental tumble down the hill in
Ostermeyer's backyard. As she brought her hands down to examine the blouse,
she made a second, more chilling realization: she was tied to the bed. Fear
rose in her as she shook her arms and flailed her wrists helplessly against
the secure ropes. Looking down at her black leather miniskirt (minus the
black fishnet stockings), she saw her ankles were similarly restrained. She
was spread eagle and helpless.

However, for the moment, she was also alone. Adrenaline began coursing
through her as she violently struggled with the restraints. She knew the
ropes wouldn't break – she was more hopeful of pulling them loose from
the bedpost. As she turned her head to see how securely the ropes were
bound, she saw that she was no longer in the massive master bedroom with
its white shag carpet and sprawling bathroom but rather a much smaller
room with dark wooden paneling. She also noticed that she was on a queen
sized mattress and not a waterbed. She had no idea where in his mansion
she was. Her wrists and ankles began to ache from the futile strain of
exertion and she was compelled to relinquish the struggle until she could
form a better plan. For now, she was powerless.

Her struggles against the bed had created a sufficient racket to rouse her
captor and Ostermeyer walked deliberately and confidently into the room.

"Good evening, my dear," he began. "I trust you've satisfied yourself that
you cannot break free of your bonds."

Kim's eyes blazed hatred at him. "How dare you tie me up like this? I didn't
do anything to you."

Ostermeyer considered the allegation. "True enough," he replied. "But only
because I didn't give you the chance." He moved closer to her. "And," he
continued "because you lied to me, Kim Stone. Your real name is Kim Bauer
and you don't live anywhere near Ontario."

Kim said nothing.

"While you were sleeping, I took a little walk and found your car. I called
a friend of mine at DMV and got your name and address from the registration.
So don't play innocent with me. I don't know why you came here or what you
were after but I thought it wise to protect myself against a lying

"Alright, you know my name. I didn't know anything more you than you did
about me. I used a fake name so if you turned out to be a psycho, you
wouldn't know where or how to find me."

Ostermeyer nodded. "I'm not a psycho. I'm just taking some understandable
precautions, that's all."

Kim looked up. "Then you'll let me go?"

"In time. I have company coming soon."

"Your business meeting? That was supposed to be hours ago."

"It was. I cancelled it while you were in the shower."

"While you were slipping a sedative into my drink?"

"Yes, that too." Ostermeyer grinned. "Anyway, this person who is coming is
really looking forward to meeting you. Can't understand what's keeping them.
And after all these lengths I've gone to document the evening." With that,
Ostermeyer gestured to the ceiling and behind him. Following his arm, Kim
noticed there was something that looked like a lamp directly overhead but,
instead of a bulb in the center, there was a long black cylinder. A
microphone. She followed the cord to an expensive digital camera pointed
directly at her. Glancing quickly to the nightstand neighboring the bed,
she saw another microphone like the kind her boyfriend Miguel had in his
studio. She knew them to be very sensitive and very expensive.

Just then, a doorbell could be heard faintly through the wall.

"Ah, that's our special guest. Do make yourself comfortable," Ostermeyer
taunted Kim. "I won't be a second."

Panic swept through Kim as Ostermeyer left the room. She could now faintly
hear the padding of his feet ascending behind the wall. Stairs. She was
downstairs in the mansion. She could barely hear the doorbell, there was no
sense in screaming for help. Her cries would be inaudible on the quiet,
private drive on which Ostermeyer lived. She renewed her struggle with the
ropes more frantically. Her efforts were fruitless. She was going to have
to play along until she saw an opening.

Shortly, the footsteps returned. It seemed to Kim that there was only one
other set of sounds and they were quieter than Ostermeyer's, suggesting
someone lighter. In walked Ostermeyer and a smaller, olive skinned brunette
with thick, curly hair. She stood only 5' 5" and was quite slightly built.
She had neither large breasts nor a particularly large bottom. She was very
slender and quite pretty. "Kim," said Ostermeyer, "please say hello to your
new playmate."

Kim didn't waste a second. "Please help me," she cried to the strange girl.
"I'm being held by this madman. He drugged me and tied me. Get out of here
and call for help, please!"

The girl only smiled. "My, my," she said, amused, "she's doing an even better
job than you said she would."

"This is no act!" squealed Kim desperately. "Please, you're my only hope! Get
out of here and call for help!"

Ostermeyer walked immediately over to the bed, retrieved a gag from the
nightstand drawer and secured it to Kim's mouth as her shouts for help
continued. She thrashed violently against the ropes but was unable to stop
the silencing. As she lay there on the bed, only able to shriek weakly
through her nose much to the amusement of Ostermeyer and his cohort, tears
of futility welled in her eyes. Although she hated herself for showing
weakness, she couldn't stop the tears.

"Oh, honey, please stop that," said the strange girl in a mockingly maternal
tone. "Baby, let me comfort her."

"Please," he smiled lecherously.

She strode quickly to the bedside, sat down and began stroking Kim's face
and hair. "Baby, stop torturing yourself like this. It's only going to make
everything harder for us all. I want to be your friend. Please let me."

Kim winced at the strange touch and snapped her head away so she at least
wouldn't have to look at her.

The brunette looked back at Chas. "May I kiss her to clam her down?"

Ostermeyer smiled greedily. "Oh, please, do." And he began removing his

She continued stroking Kim's hair. She leaned in close and attempted to kiss
Kim's cheek. Just then, Kim snapped her head back, trying to head-butt the
girl. But she saw it coming and moved out of the way. "How dare you play
rough with me," she snapped angrily. "I'll teach you!" With that, she shoved
Kim's head into the pillow. "I'm going to kiss you and you're going to like
it, you resentful little bitch." Kim's arms strained against the restraints
trying to land a punch or a shove on this new assailant.

"Kim!" she hissed into Kim's ear. "My name's Michelle Desslar. I work with
your father and Tony Almeida at CTU!"

Kim suddenly froze. Could this be?

Loudly enough for Ostermeyer to hear, she said, "There, there, baby, isn't
that better? It's so much better if you don't fight." Then, in a whisper he
could not hear, as she resumed nuzzling Kim's neck, she continued, "we've
got ten agents outside waiting to pounce on this guy if he tries anything
funny." Raising her voice again, she said, "I just want to make you feel
good." Kim's body went slightly limp. "Good girl," whispered Michelle.
"Just do exactly as I tell you and we'll get you out of here. Now I'm going
to release your head. I want you to nod that you understand and you'll
cooperate, okay, Kim?"

True to her word, she removed her hand from Kim's forehead. Kim slowly turned
and made eye contact with Michelle. She nodded cautiously.

Michelle turned to look at Ostermeyer who by now was sitting in a far chair
against the wall next to the video camera which he had clearly turned on. He
was clad only in his boxer shorts.

"I think she's ready to play ball, baby. But give me another few minutes,

"You're doing just fine," he said as his hand began caressing his modest
penis slowly.

With that, Michelle turned her back and straddled Kim. She stroked Kim's arms
and played with the top of Kim's chest, keeping her hands above her breasts.
"Oh, baby, you're so pretty. I'd just love to kiss that pretty mouth of
yours." She turned to look at Ostermeyer. "May I remove the gag and kiss her?
I think she's ready."

"Not just yet," replied Ostermeyer. "Keep rubbing her and get her excited."

Michelle smiled. "With pleasure," and she turned around again. She leaned
over and kissed Kim's cheek. She pulled Kim's hair back and began licking
and sucking on Kim's earlobe. As she did this, she continued giving Kim
instructions. "Kim, listen to me. You've got to start faking that you like
this. But don't overdo it! Play like you're getting turned on for the very
first time. Moan through your nose until I can get him to agree to take
the gag off."

Kim nodded her head in agreement.

"Good girl. Now I'm going to lie next to you and nuzzle your neck. When
you're ready, take a deep breath and let out a slow moan. That'll be my
signal to start playing with your breasts."

Kim liked how Michelle arranged it so she would decide when it escalated.
True to her word, Michelle kept nuzzling her neck and caressing Kim's arms
and shoulders kissing her at every opportunity as tenderly as she could.
Since Michelle had moved off of Kim, she could see how Ostermeyer was
becoming aroused. His erection was peeking out through his boxers and was
beginning to throb. Kim hoped he would just cum right there and neither
she nor Michelle would have to do anything (like take him inside her).

Sensing the time was right, she took a deep breath and let out a soft moan
through her nose. Michelle took the signal and began fondling Kim's large,
young firm breasts through both the blouse and bra. "Oh, these feel so
good," said Michelle as Ostermeyer's stroking increased in both speed and
tension. Her hand slid down and rapidly unbuttoned Kim's blouse, pulling
the thin and torn garment aside. She fondled Kim's bellybutton piercing
(which elicited another moan from Kim). In another stage voice, Michelle
asked, "Now, baby, I'm going to open your bra and lick those nipples until
they're good and hard." Kim's eyes widened but she didn't resist as
Michelle rolled on top of her. Michelle glared hard at Kim. Don't fight me
her eyes seemed to say. The clasp snapped free and Michelle helped Kim's
breasts out of the pink bra. Michelle stroked the underside of the sensitive
flesh and ran her fingernails over the nipples, causing them to harden
involuntarily. She then rolled off Kim and unzipped her skirt. She wriggled
the tight skirt over her slim hips and Kim was in for another surprise:
Michelle wasn't wearing any underwear.

Ostermeyer was now fully erect and had slid his boxers down to caress himself
in full view of both girls. Michelle rolled back onto Kim and began rubbing
her naked and exposed pussy on Kim's flat tummy. Her fingers resumed their
attack on Kim's nipples. Michelle's breathing deepened and she began sighing
loudly enough for Ostermeyer to hear. "Oh, baby," Michelle sighed, "do you
want me to lick those hard nipples?"

Kim could only moan in response.

"Do you want to feel my wet and warm tongue sliding all over your excited

Again, Kim moaned.

Michelle got off of Kim, lay down next to her, looked Ostermeyer in the eye
and grabbed Kim's left breast securely with her hand. There was more flesh
than Michelle's hand could secure so she brought her other hand over to
contain the massive breast. Smiling at Ostermeyer, she leaned over, extended
her tongue and began licking the excited flesh.

Kim marveled absently at how good a tongue piercing felt on her nipple. She
began moaning through her nose. Ostermeyer began moaning, too. Michelle knew
the moment had arrived. Releasing one of her hands from Kim's left breast,
she ran her hand down to Kim's black leather miniskirt and unzipped it. She
stuck her hand inside and began rubbing Kim's thong. She then began licking
Kim's excited nipple fast and hard with her piercing. Taking the cue, Kim
began thrusting her mound up against Michelle's hand in unison with the
caresses. Both girls continued moaning. It was too much for Ostermeyer. With
a sudden cry, he stiffened on the chair and ejaculated onto his stomach.

"Oh my God," he moaned. "You girls are too hot, just too hot."

Kim and Michelle were both taken aback by the volume of the load and stopped
their play for a few moments to watch. Some of the sperm flew clear up to
Ostermeyer's face. Thick streams were visible on his chest and stomach and a
large droplet hung from his still throbbing member. After he recovered,
Ostermeyer saw what a mess he'd made. "Why don't you come here and clean this
up," he asked Michelle.

"Love to," said Michelle without a moment's hesitation. She knelt down
between his legs and licked all the semen, starting first with the droplet
on the head of his penis, then moving up to his stomach and chest. She
sucked and licked loudly and swallowed without hesitation. As she moved up
to catch the one shot that had landed on his face, he grabbed her face and
French kissed her, sucking his own secretions from Michelle's willing mouth.

"Get her ready," he said gleefully. "I'll be right back."

12:00 AM

They waited until they heard the door to the upstairs bathroom click closed.

Michelle immediately went to the video camera and put it on pause. Then she
approached Kim and took the gag off. Kim breathed deeply through her mouth.

"What are you doing," Kim hissed. "Arrest him now!"

Michelle raised an eyebrow at Kim. "What good would that do? He's committed
no crime. Plus, we don't want him. We want whoever hired him."

"What if he kills us?"

Michelle stifled a laugh. "That guy? Mr. Watch Me Cum While Two Girls Fake
Sex? He's no killer, Kim. All he wants from us is pleasure. If we give him
what he wants, he'll let us go and suspect nothing. Then our investigation
can continue."

With that, Michelle sat down on the chair, spread her legs and inserted two
fingers into her tight opening.

"What are you doing?" asked Kim.

"I'm looking for something," said Michelle, wincing as her fingers went
deeper inside her. "You'll see in a minute." She wriggled around in obvious
discomfort, almost pulling her fingers out at one point, then going back in.
Finally, she smiled and pulled both fingers out. Caught between them was a
small plastic baggie with some white powder inside. Kim nodded as Michelle
opened the bag and tapped the powder into the glass by the chair.

"Let's hope he's thirsty," said Michelle. After stirring it around with her
finger until it dissolved, she went to the bed and quickly stuck the empty
baggie under the mattress. She wiped her finger clean on the sheet. She then
licked her finger, raised her right leg onto the mattress next to Kim and
began rubbing her clit quickly.

"What are you doing now," asked Kim.

"Trying to get myself wet. He's not going to sit there and jack off again.
He'll want to fuck one of us. That's why I left your skirt and thong on. If
I'm bareass naked and wet, he'll start with me."

"Can you do it?" asked Kim wide-eyed.

"Not so far," said Michelle grimly. "My damn mouth is so dry from swallowing
his seed." She smirked at Kim as she licked her finger again. "I'm not even
a field agent. I'm a computer systems expert. Now I know why. I'm dry as a

"Here, give me your finger," said Kim suddenly. "I've got more saliva than

Michelle fed Kim her index finger and Kim licked it top and bottom to coat it
in the required spit. Michelle retrieved her finger and immediately wetted
her lips and clit. "That's better, but it's not enough."

Kim looked up at her suddenly. "Then let's not waste it on your finger. Let
me apply it directly to you."

Michelle raised an eyebrow. "Hold on a second," she said. She got off the
bed, went to the camera and turned it back on. Then she returned to Kim and
whispered, "Make it fast." She straddled the bound girl and opened herself.
"He'll be back any second."

"Just close your eyes and remember the most turned on you ever were,"
murmured Kim as her wet tongue began to coat Michelle's pussy lips. "That's
all I've been doing for the last fifteen minutes."

They were only able to continue for a few more minutes before the door opened
and a refreshed Ostermeyer opened the door to find Kim eating Michelle out
hungrily. Michelle's eyes were closed and she was playing with her breasts,
tugging anxiously on the stiffening nipples. He went to the table and drank
the entire drink next to his chair. Kim and Michelle made eye contact and Kim
nodded her head and smiled. Her tongue darted into Michelle's increasingly
moist vagina and then traveled up to her turgid clit. She could taste
Michelle's arousal and was pleased she had been able to prepare her. She was
also relieved that she wouldn't have to take Ostermeyer inside her.

"Can't leave you girls alone for two minutes, can I?" Ostermeyer joked as
his cock regained its erection. "I was almost upset that you removed her gag,
baby," he said to Michelle, "but I can see you had a good reason." He grasped
Michelle from behind and began playing with her tits roughly. "Just keep
eating her, Kim. I've got what you need right here."

Michelle turned and countered, "No, baby, I need it way more than she does."

"But I've been waiting for this for hours."

"Do me first. I'll get her sopping wet for you. You know you're not getting
away with cumming only twice tonight, don't you?"

Ostermeyer frowned. Two was his limit.

Michelle turned and kissed him. "Just think how turned on you'll get watching
her strain against those ropes while I make her cum and cum into my mouth.
Plus, my panties are off and I'm ready for you now."

"Have at it, baby, make her cum harder than she ever has," he panted.

Michelle repositioned herself and slid Kim's miniskirt down to her knees. It
could go no farther. She knelt over the end of the bed and spread her legs so
Ostermeyer could get inside her as she braced herself against the mattress.
She began playing with Kim's mound through her thong. She was surprised to
find that Kim was very, very wet.

Kim was surprised at how wet she was, too. Maybe it was the after effect of
all the wine and the sedative lowering her inhibitions. Maybe it was the
sense of danger that Ostermeyer could make them for agents and beat them or
shoot them or rape them at any moment. Maybe it was the security of having
Michelle there: Michelle, who was so comforting, so strong and decisive and
so completely in command (and who tasted ever so nice on Kim's tongue).
Whatever the reason, Kim didn't have to fake her arousal as Michelle pulled
the thong to the side and began running her tongue slowly up Kim's excited
lips. And once that tongue stud crossed Kim's little nub, she gasped at the
electric sensations. And she thought it felt good on her nipple!

Meanwhile, Ostermeyer had established his rhythm inside Michelle and was
pounding into her with long, slow strokes, gyrating his hips once he was
fully inside her. Thanks to her position on the mattress, Michelle was
able to fuck him back. She also contracted her vagina around his hardness,
driving him even crazier


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