24: If They Let Me Write 24 Part 3 (MFF, anal)
by mysterwriter

Ostermeyer had brought something into the room with him. "You're so wet," he
panted as he thrust into Michelle's tight pussy, "that I won't need this." He
tossed the tube of KY jelly onto the bed and grabbed Michelle's firm ass with
both hand and began slapping her lightly as he pounded her hard. Sweat was
beginning to accumulate on Michelle's lower back. Ostermeyer coated his
finger with it and ran his finger between Michelle's flinching cheeks. Her
eyes flew open as he caressed her anus. She pulled Kim's thong panties down
in a rush, nearly ripping them and began licking Kim's clit. Since Ostermeyer
was holding Michelle to thrust, she abandoned her hold of the mattress and
slid two fingers into Kim's dripping cunt. Kim gasped in pleasure. Michelle's
other hand found Kim's excited breast and began pinching and tugging on the
hard nipple.

"Oh, fuck me, baby," hissed Kim. "It's so good."

"Are you going to come for me baby," panted Michelle.

"Oh yes," Kim moaned.

"Are you going to squirt your cum into my mouth?'


"Is it going to drip down my face?"


"Mmmmm," moaned Michelle as Kim creamed her juice into her mouth.

Meanwhile, Ostermeyer bent over to grab the KY jelly and squirted it into his
hand. He slowed his penetration of Michelle to lube her asshole from top to
bottom. "Oh baby," heaved Michelle, "that's it. Stick two fingers in my ass."

"Oh my God," moaned Kim, reacting to the erotic image, scarcely even aware
of what she was saying, "I want your fingers in my asshole, too." Michelle
removed her fingers from Kim's sopping pussy as Kim lifted her hips up off
the bed. Her asshole was already slick from her secretions. Michelle easily
slid one finger into Kim's asshole up to the second knuckle and kept licking
her clit furiously. "Oh, more," moaned Kim, eyes closed, wincing in ecstasy.
Kim never knew anything could feel this good or that she could ever be so
aroused. Michelle complied and slid her middle finger into Kim's spasming
sphincter. Kim's moaning grew louder and her pitch increased to a high whine.
Meanwhile, Ostermeyer pulled out of Michelle's pussy and slid it into her
asshole without any resistance. The tightness overcame him.

"God, I'm gonna' come," he squealed. "I'm going to come in your asshole!"

"I'm cumming," shrieked Kim. Her squeals joined his yells. As her spasms
continued, she was suddenly aware that she had drunk three glasses of wine
and hadn't relieved herself. "Oh my God, Michelle," she ranted in her
ecstasy, "I can't hold it." And her bladder released onto Michelle's face.

Michelle was going insane. In her mind, Kim was ejaculating into her mouth.
The pungent odor of the urine only turned her on more. It covered her face
and soaked her hair and the shirt which she still amazingly had on. She
licked Kim's dripping pussy for several minutes, causing Kim's orgasm to
persist and intensify.

Kim kept cumming for another solid minute.

They lay there for almost five minutes, trying to collect themselves.

Finally, Michelle spoke up. "Do you still want to fuck her," she asked
through labored breaths, motioning at Kim naked, exhausted and spent figure
on the bed.

"No. Untie her and you can both go. I just want to get some..." and he passed
out on the bed. The muscle relaxant had finally taken hold.

1:00 AM

After cleaning up together and dressing, the girls left the Ostermeyer

"Oh shit," exclaimed Kim.

"What," asked Michelle, somewhat alarmed.

"We never did search his study."

Michelle smiled. "Don't worry about that now. It's better that nothing be at
all disturbed when he comes to tomorrow morning. He won't suspect a thing.
Plus, we'll let the real agents carry the investigation from here on out."

Kim was relieved.

The girls reached Kim's car. Michelle took Kim's hands in hers. "We have a
saying in CTU. 'What happens in the field, stays in the field.'"

Kim understood.

"But you took a terrible risk. The only reason I was here at all was because
we intercepted his call to the escort service and I matched the type of girl
he requested. Had he not made that call, you'd have stayed bound to that bed
and he would've no doubt raped you. Or worse."

Kim nodded her head. Now she knew what her father had been doing all day.
Putting a wire tap on the Ostermeyer mansion.

"So, I guess I'm saying..."

"...that my spying days are over?"

"Exactly. Now go home and don't breathe a word of this to anyone. You can
rest assured I won't."


"Hey, Kim?"

"Yes, Michelle?"

Michelle smiled. "You were amazing. Simply amazing."

Kim blushed, started the car and drove off. Boy, was Miguel ever going to get
a reward from her!


Michelle opened the door to her apartment. There was a figure on her couch,
enshrouded in darkness.

"Remind me never to underestimate you again," said the silhouette.

Michelle narrowed her eyes.

"Your reward is on the table. You earned it."

Michelle said nothing.

"When did you know you could pull it off?"

"When she called her boyfriend," answered Michelle.

"Whom we still owe money."

"And who earned it times ten."

"So did 'Chas.' Good old Chuck. He couldn't ever get near a girl like Kim,
let alone have a threesome with her and..."

"And with your girlfriend?" finished Michelle.

Tony Almeida smiled. "And with my girlfriend, too."

Michelle noted, "It was an anal threesome, at that."

"So it was."

"Which you got to watch courtesy of a camera in the room."

"Which you were thoughtful enough to leave on."

"Now I want you to tell me something."


"How many times did you cum watching that feed?"


"So are you too tired and worn out to give me my reward?"

Tony took her hand. "Let's go to bed."

As they walked to the bedroom, Michelle asked Tony, "How did you explain that
fake e-mail to Jack about Nina Myers?"

"I told him the truth. I suspected someone was reading his e-mail without his
authorization and I wanted to catch him."

"And did you ever."

"Too bad Jack will never know who or how we caught them."

"You mean her."

They kissed.

"She got you all worked up tonight, didn't she?" teased Tony.

"And you get to finish, wise guy," responded Michelle.

"It's a good thing DVD's don't wear out like VHS tapes do."

"And it's an even better thing that we don't have to go to work tomorrow."

With that, Tony shut the bedroom door as Michelle turned out the light.


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