Authors Note: This story is based in the TV series 24 and its main characters
are Jack Bauer (Kiefer Sutherland) and Chase Edmunds (James Badge Dale). I
have tried to make this story as much about its gripping events as it is
about the sex, but it will come and it's going to get quite dark.

24: Interrogation Part 1 (MF,hand,anal,tort?,ncon)
by Jetta Wales

Sunday October the 24th


CTU had been relatively calm of late but Jack knew today would be different.
They had received a bomb threat of a rather different kind. The threat had
come via an e-mail sent directly to Tony Almeida Co Director of CTU, and
had an attached file with full schematics of the bomb. The bomb was not
physically destructive but was designed to emit a massive EMP (Electro
Magnetic Pulse) which would totally disable and corrupt all electrical
devices within its radius. The bomb was much bigger than any the government
had yet experimented with themselves; this bomb was capable of emitting an
EMP big enough to take out all technology in the whole of LA. This would
destroy everything from a simple credit cards magnetic strip to a hospital
ventilator in an intensive care unit and would throw the city into chaos.

There was not much to trace the e-mail by but the CIA were able to help
with intel on someone they had been covertly investigating and had a strong
indication was involved in this threat. The man in question was in San
Francisco named Matthew Cannon and the managing director of a major Software
house there. It had been confirmed that he also had links to computer
terrorists in Malaysia. The plane ride was not too long but they needed to
get under way. Jack and Chase went with a small team of agents as back up
and were in the air by 9:30.


More intelligence had reached them on their journey and they now knew that
Matthew had a sister that also worked with him and that she lived at the same
address a large family house near the coast. It seemed the father had died in
a tragic accident some years ago and having lost their mother at an early age
the two siblings inherited the house and the family business their father had
run. Matthew was 29 years old and his younger sister Chloe was only 22. She
was not known to have had any dealing with her brothers' terrorist associates
but she was automatically now a suspect too.


The plane landed and their transport was waiting for them, the house wasn't
far from the air field and they were there within 10 minutes. Jack led the
way into the house with two other agents, meanwhile Chase was co-ordinating
the others from outside. He entered the building where the infra red had
told them there were only two occupants both in the dinning hall. As he
turned the corner cautiously into the room he saw two women sitting at the
table and entered shouting at them to both stand up and keep their hands
where he could see them.

One of the women was oriental and looked to be in her mid 40's, she wore a
casual uniform that showed she was a maid of some sort. The other fitted the
description of the younger sister Chloe, she looked young and slim with dark
brown eyes and long dark brown hair trailing in a tight twisting plait down
to her waist.

"Slowly step away from the table and place your hands behind your head." Jack
commanded abruptly. Both women complied looking positively petrified at this
man with a gun pointed at them. Chloe gathered all the courage she had and
demanded to know what was going on.

"Are you Chloe Cannon?" He asked slightly calmer now not wanting her to

"Yes" she said "but I haven't done anything wrong, please what the hell's
happening here?" Jack responded softly but firmly.

"We believe your brother is involved in terrorist activity and we need to
apprehend him and take you both in for questioning. Do you know where he is

"This must be some kind of mistake Matt would never be involved with
people like that, this can't be what's happening, there has to be another

Jack moved behind Chloe still with his gun aimed at her and removed his cuffs
from his belt, signalling for one of the other men to do the same with the
maid he brought her hands behind her back and cuffed them tightly.

"Chloe I never mentioned any other people who is it you believe Matt has been
having dealings with lately. I need you to tell me everything."

"A lot's been happening lately people coming and going he's not told me what
he was up to, said it was personal business and to stay out of it."

Jack took her firmly by the arm and led her to their van, while one of the
other men took the maid to a different vehicle. Chase was waiting in the van
and Jack explained the situation to him and sat Chloe next to him.

"Calm her down and try and find out where Matthew could be while I check out
the rest of the house."

Chloe's breathing was heavy and she was obviously distraught, Chase put his
hand to her face and turned it to face him.

"Chloe it's very important that you tell us where we can find your brother we
don't have time to search for him when we know you can likely tell us exactly
where he is or could be at the least you know how to contact him. This is
serious Chloe he's involved with terrorists from Malaysia and they're
threatening our government. So you're going to have to start talking soon or
we'll need to find other ways to get the information from you." His tone
turned colder and threatening, she tried to turn her head away but he held
her tightly by her jaw and looked hard into her eyes.

"You're wrong I won't help you, you can't do anything to me you're federal
agents for god's sake, I know you're threats are empty."

With that Jack re-entered the van. "What's she said?"

"Nothing she refuses to help us." He leaned to Jack and whispered.

"I have pushed her jack and she's frightened but she's made it clear she
thinks any threats of harsher interrogation are empty." Jack nodded and sat

Suddenly he got from his seat opposite Chloe and grabbed her by the arm
pulling her to her feet then pushing her to the floor. He pulled his knife
from his pocket, flicked it open and held it to her face. Chloe closed her
eyes tight and held herself perfectly still.

"You can't hurt me you won't. Matt's done nothing wrong I won't let you drag
his reputation and our company through the dirt he's a good man, I won't tell
you where he is."

Jack moved closer to Chloe putting his face merely inches from hers.

"Wrong move!" He said smugly. "Now you've told us you know where he is we
will make you tell us."

He brought his knife down to the top of her shirt and laid the blade against
her chest. Chase looked at Jack and could read his intentions from his face.

"Jack wait, what if we can use her later to go back in with her brother once
we've proved to her his part in this. She can help us get more information
but only if she's not got any visible injuries and if she requires medical
treatment that'll set us back even longer."

"So what did you have in mind?" Jack replied with a slight smirk.

"I'm not saying we shouldn't hurt her but maybe there's a better way to hurt
and frighten a women into co operating that won't leave any marks." He moved
closer to Jack and whispered to him his thought for their next move. Jack
nodded and Chase sat Chloe up and held her in his arms on the edge of one of
the bench like seats that ran down either side of the military van. He sat
with her perched between his legs in front of him and he held one arm round
her body and the other wrapped round her mouth. Being the only ones in the
van Jack made sure the doors were locked and that they were out of sight
through the front windows. He returned and knelt in front of Chloe.

"Chloe we are going to hurt you I promise you that but it won't leave any
marks or any evidence it happened especially not at our hands. This is your
last chance to talk to us before we begin. He nodded to Chase and he slowly
released his grip from her mouth.

"Fuck you, you bastards!" She barked as Chase quickly replaced his hand.

Jack moved between Chloe's legs and started to unbutton her trousers. She
fought and wriggled but to no avail. When her trousers were undone the two
men lifted her and placed her on the floor where Jack brought her trousers
down to her knees, swiftly followed by her underwear. She kicked and bucked
but was firmly held down by both men with her mouth still covered. She was
terrified but more than that she was furious with them for doing this to
her and her anger showed in her eyes. They laid her on her front and Chase
lifted her head uncomfortably back to look at him as he leaned over her.

"I'm going to remove my hand now to give you a chance to back down at any
point but if you scream I'll put it straight back and you'll have no chance
to stop this until we decide. Stubborn as ever she held fast staying silent
and glaring back at him.

"Very well." said Jack as he positioned himself over her legs putting a knee
either side of her right leg to hold them slightly apart then he held her
left leg with his left hand. He then moved his free right hand to part the
cheeks of her tight quivering ass. He placed his dry thumb on her tiny hole
and gently pushed at it.

"No please" She whimpered. "Please don't do this please I've never even been
touched there before please, please don't."

You know how to stop this, Instructed Jack firmly but calmly. "No he's my
brother I can't let you arrest him for something he hasn't... Ahhhh" Her
words trailed off into a cry as Jack harshly pushed the tip of his thumb
into her ass. She wept and panted trying to cope with the burning pain in
her ass. Chase held her face in his hand which she leaned into closing her
eyes; he stroked her hair from her face and stroked the side of her cheek.

"Come on Chloe don't make us do this to you, we wouldn't be going this far if
it wasn't extremely important." Chase tried to persuade her to give in but
she just shook her head and sobbed further. Jack pushed hard at her ass and
pushed his thumb past its first joint and further. The dryness of this
intrusion into her virgin ass hole was incredibly painful and she couldn't
help but cry out. Chase quickly covered her mouth and tried to calm her.

"This is it Chloe" Demanded Jack "I am going to hurt you further unless you
agree to co operate with us." Once sure she had calmed and wasn't going to
scream Chase removed his hand from her mouth.

"Please I can't, I can't" Jack nodded to Chase who replaced his hand and held
her tightly. Jack pushed his thumb the rest of the way in and then pulled it
back nearly all the way only to shove it back into her ass as far as it would
go. Chloe screamed into Chase's hand and was now shaking quite badly with the
pain and fear combined. Jack continued moving his thumb back and forth though
only by a centimetre or so just enough to keep the feeling going. Chase
removed his hand and stroked her face whilst whispering softly in her ear.

"Come on Chloe let us stop this now please let us stop hurting you, you've
been very brave but we don't want to have to push you any further." She
nodded her head weakly.

"Where's your brother Chloe?" Demanded Jack firmly, he'd stopped moving his
thumb now but had not removed it yet.

"He's in our off site office with..." She paused and Jack pushed again with
his thumb. "Alright, alright please, leave me alone." She pleaded helplessly.
"He's with Marcus, Marcus Tham he's... Malaysian." She sobbed profusely and
she let out a weak whimper as Jack slowly removed his Thumb from her ass.

Jack released his weight from her legs and replaced her clothing. Chase held
her close with his arms wrapped fully around her. As Jack took an anti septic
wipe from the first aid case under the seat to clean his hand he looked at

"I'm glad you've decided to co operate and we will prove to you that you're
doing the right thing I promise."

Jack turned to Chase "Distract her from what's just happened we need her to
co operate with us no questions asked." He leant towards him then whispered
his instructions for him into his ear. "Alright Jack."

"Be quick" Said jack as he left the van.

Chase lifted Chloe's face by her chin and planted a soft kiss on her
forehead. "I'm going to make the pain go away now Chloe, don't be afraid just
let it happen." Holding her in his left arm he brought his right hand down
over her left breast and caressed it through her shirt. He carried on moving
his hand down to the top of her panties still visible as her trousers were
not yet done up. He slipped the tips of his fingers under the rim and she
gasped and tried again to wriggle away.

"Please don't, I'm OK please don't touch me there." She pleaded with him but
he continued to move his hand further until he had his hand cupped over her
soft neat pubic hair, holding her pussy entirely in his hand.

"Shhhh it's OK just relax Chloe, this is going to happen and you're not going
to fight me." His words were soft and kind and as he spoke he moved his face
against her cheek. She could feel the warmth of his breath touching her skin
and for the first time since this whole ordeal began she felt remotely safe.

He parted her labia in one swift but gentle motion and in an instant he had
two fingers deep inside her already soaking wet pussy.

"Hmm well they went in easy, it seems maybe not every part of your body hated
what we did." She panted heavily now and was shaking her head in protest.

"Shhhh relax." He said as he pressed his thumb against her clit and started
to move it gently in circles. Chloe let out a meek sound as she gasped at his
touch. Her body was now totally limp as she surrendered to him and his ever
so talented hand. He gently fingered her while rubbing her clit and it drove
her wild, but other than the occasional flinch she did as she was told and
kept her body relaxed and still. She moaned quietly in his arms as he
continued whilst kissing her softly down her neck and collarbone. As his pace
increased she arched her back leaning into him hard. There was nothing she
could do to deny the warm wave building inside her as it crashed down over
the full length of her body. She bucked and writhed as the orgasm hit. Chase
took his hand from her pussy and placed a glistening finger to her lips.

"So you see we're not that bad honestly, if you do as you're told then you
won't get hurt any more in fact maybe like just now it'll be quite the
opposite, but don't test us." He said warningly.

He laid her now completely limb body flat onto the floor of the van and took
a tissue from his pocket. He first whipped his hand and then he dried her
pussy and replaced her clothing fastening her trousers back up.

In almost perfect timing Jack opened the van door and entered. He looked down
at Chloe. "Is she OK?"

"Yeah I think she's more than recovered." Said Chase with a smirk on his
face. Jack lifted her up to sit on the seat at the right side of the van. He
lifted her face so her eyes met his and her face was suddenly full of fear
once again. "It's OK Chloe I'm not going to hurt you I promise. He took his
other hand and brushed a little stray hair from her face. "Now it's time to
help us again like we talked about earlier. Where are we going Chloe? Where
is the off site office?" She quivered at his every touch still petrified of
this man that had hurt her so much. She took a moment to gather herself,
still totally flustered by what Chase had done then she gave him the address
as Chase started up the van.


To Be Continued...

Authors Note: I fully intend on continuing this story but I would like to
know at least that there is someone reading it before I continue so if you
have enjoyed my story so far and would like to know what happens next then
please let me know also any input would be warmly received.


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