24: Interrogation Part 2 (MF,anal,drugs,exhib,tort?)
by Jetta Wales


The vehicle drove for about 20 minutes to the address Chloe had given the two
agents. She was exhausted and humiliated by all that had happened but when
they pulled up and Jack fastened her cuffs to the wall of the van before
leaving, she grabbed at his hand. She looked pitifully into his eyes and said
"Please don't leave me?" Surprised at this remark Jack softly stroked her
face as he reassured her she'd be fine and that they wouldn't be long. Chase
opened the back of the van and gathered his gear.

"Jack should we wait for back up or are we going in alone?"

"We don't have time for that and I want to get these guys as soon as
possible." Jack replied while pulling a bandage from the first aid box.

"You hurt?" asked Chase.

Jack smirked "No but the last thing we need is her screaming to alert her
brother. Chloe panicked as Jack started to unroll a little of the bandage.
"Chase hold her head still will you?"

Chase stood over Chloe who was now scrambling at her bonds trying to get
free. He grabbed a handful of her hair pulling her head back as he quickly
put his hand over her mouth to muffle her protests.

"Look at me Chloe!" Chase commanded as she helplessly gazed up at him. "Now
this way is not the quickest or the easiest for us but it's kinder than the
alternative. So either you calm, down shut up and open your mouth for Jack
the gag, or I hold you here while he loads a cloth with Chloroform to knock
you out, and that stuff will leave you with a hell of a headache."

She whimpered something from behind his hand that they assumed was "OK" and
as she relaxed her body Chase let her go. With her eyes to the floor she
opened her mouth just a little as Jack swiftly put the first wrap of the
bandage between her teeth and continued till she was fully gagged. Jack
lifted her head by her chin so her eyes met his. "Good girl Chloe, now don't
be frightened we won't be long." She bashfully looked back down to the floor
as the two men left.

She sat there silent and helpless. In her head all she could think of was
Jack and Chase, how she thought she'd figured them out doing their 'good
cop', 'bad cop' thing but Chase had been so cold and cruel to her and now
she was actually warming to Jack despite what he'd done to her barely half
an hour ago. It was no act, any of it; she really could take no resolve in
the fact that they were government agents. She knew both men really would
do anything if they had to, if they felt they had no other options. She
began to sob as she now feared for her brother and what they might do to

With that she heard shots being fired; she jumped nearly cutting her wrists
as she inadvertently pulled on her cuffs. Then there was silence again and
her heart was racing. Footsteps approached the van and the door flung open.
It was chase holding her handcuffed brother by his arm as he flung him into
the van opposite her. Jack then came up behind Chase and Chloe was puzzled
as she actually felt a sigh of relief to see he was not hurt. But where was
Marcus? Dazed and confused Chloe realised her brother was talking to her.

"Chloe are you alright? Have they hurt you? Listen whatever they've said
about me it's all lies they.....Ahh" Jack backhanded him across the face as
he shouted for him to stay quiet and not to move.


As Jack got in the back of the van and closed the doors Chase began to pull
away and they headed back for the air field. Chloe looked pleadingly at Jack
her muffled cries were demands for answers. He left her gagged as he didn't
want any conversations between her and Matthew. "I know you're frightened
Chloe but it's alright. As we entered the room Marcus and your brother were
in Marcus pulled a gun on us. I'm sorry Chloe but we had no choice but to
fire and the shot was fatal." Chloe was shaking now and sobbing into her gag.
"We're going to leave this in a little longer as I don't want you two talking
to each other just yet but we're taking you both back to CTU in LA and when
we're on the plane we'll be able to talk ok?" Said Jack as he repositioned
her gag to ensure it was comfortable enough for her.

"Don't you fucking touch her! She's got nothing to do with any of this, you
fucking leave her alone." Barked Matthew but he soon shut up as Jack pulled
his gun pointing it at his face. "Didn't I tell you to shut up?"

"Alright, alright just don't hurt my sister man she didn't do anything."

Chloe's eyes widened at what her brother said, she went over it in her head
"She didn't have anything to do with this!" They were right Matthew really is
involved with this bomb. She looked at her brother shaking her head as she
began to cry heavily.

"I'm sorry sis!"

"Alright that's enough." Said Jack, he'd let Mathew continue as he was
proving for them that he was indeed involved in the bomb. Jack re holstered
his gun and reached out to console Chloe but she jerked sharply away from
him, obviously overwhelmed and distraught now by everything. He let her be
and the van descended into silence as they continued back to the plane.


Their van pulled up at the air field and Jack took Mathew aboard the plane
Chase approached the visibly distressed Chloe and unfastened her cuffs from
the vans wall to take her onto the plane as well. The moment she stepped
foot out of the van she jerked away from Chase in an attempt to run from
him. Her hands still cuffed behind her back it was merely moments before
Chase had regained his hold of her. She bucked violently screaming as Jack
returned from the plane to help Chase. As he approached Chase had her face
down on the floor with his knee on her back, she struggled and writhed but
to no avail as she was quite firmly pinned down. Jack went back over to the
van and returned once again with the medical box.

"Chloroform?" Whispered Chase, not wanting to alert Chloe.

"No I want her awake to talk to us so I'm just going to give her a mild
sedative." Jack replied as he loaded a syringe. Chloe jerked as she felt a
sharp scratch in her thigh and then her body slowly became weak and limp.

"It's alright Chloe." Said Chase as he lifted his weight off her back. He
took a knife from is pocket and cut the bandage gag from around her head.
Once sure she was no longer capable of any sudden moves he undid her cuffs
rolled her onto her back and picked her up in his arms. He carried her onto
the plane and lay her down in a big first class style seat. Shortly after
buckling her belt, Jack and Chase took their seats and the plane took off
for LA.


When the seat belt light went out Jack placed a handcuff on Chloe's right
wrist and cuffed it to the seat, then left taking her brother into the back
of the plane. She watched as chase approached her.

"He really is responsible for the bomb isn't he?" She asked with such a sad
tone in her voice.

"Yes Chloe I'm sorry but he is. The bomb isn't explosive though it's an EMP
bomb, do you know what that is?"

"Yes but that can't do much damage."

"They've created one large enough to take out electrics in the whole of LA
which means the hospital and Prison too. It'll cause panic and chaos and many
lives will be lost so we need to stop it."

"Can I help?"

"We don't know yet, the data we retrieved has been transmitted to CTU for

The sedative was now starting to wear off and Chloe was more able to move.
She made herself a little more comfortable as Jack came back towards them. He
called to chase. "We've got a problem. He says he's expected at a meet with
an associate and that if he doesn't make it unharmed then the bomb will go
off early."


"One hour. Our only option is to get the information out of him some other
way and then turn the plane back to San Francisco."

The two men exchanged a look which confirmed they were both thinking the
same thing. Jack sat opposite Chloe with his hands on her knees. "Chloe your
brother is holding us over a barrel here and he's made sure we can't use
force to interrogate him and he isn't going to co operate willingly. We know
he cares a lot about you so I'm afraid we now have to use that against him."

"What? What are you saying?" Chloe's eyes were wide with fear once again
and her heart started to race. "I'm sorry but as we can't make him talk by
hurting him we have to do it by hurting you." She backed up in her seat as
far as she could and pleaded for them to find another way but there was none
and she knew this also.

"What are you going to do to me?"

"We have a few options, most of which I'd rather not use. There are drugs,
which feel a lot worse than they appear to and I have no wish to put you
through that kind of pain. Then we have physical torture but that will
leave scars. The other option goes along the same lines as what we did to
you back in the van, that's the option I think will be the easiest on you
and will have the strongest effect on your brothers' conscience."

She bowed her head and a tiny tear trailed down her cheek as she nodded, no
longer able to look either of them in the eye.

"Get her ready, remove her trousers and shoes and make sure she's ok." Said
Jack as he returned to Matthew in the back of the plane.

Chase uncuffed Chloe's hand from the seat and stood her up. He held her
entire body in a firm tender embrace and lifted her head to face him. "You're
going to be a good girl now Chloe, you're very strong you've showed us that
so you're going to be ok. I want you to do exactly as I say now no more
fighting us alright, we don't want to hurt you any more than we already have

She pushed her shoes and socks off with her feet and then began to unfasten
her jeans. "This is hard for us too Chloe. This isn't who we are we've never
had to do anything like this before but we can't think of any other option.
I'm sure you're brother will break very quickly; we may not even have to do
anything." She glanced silently up at him trying to read his eyes for some
sign of his sincerity but still she was unsure what to think so just did as
she was told. When she was half undressed as instructed he took her hand in
his, just then she noticed something that finally convinced her that truly
he didn't want to hurt her. His hand was shaking, almost as much as hers was.
He started to lead her into the room where Jack and Matthew were but she
stopped. Holding both his hands with hers now, she stood close with her body
pressed up against his.

"I believe you and I will be ok. Just please go slow and I will cope."

In awe of this amazing show of strength from her, actually reassuring him
now, he smiled and stroked her face softly. They both gazed into each others
eyes and despite the terror of what she knew was to happen she felt safe.
Chase leaned down towards her and gently touched his lips to hers.

"We have to do this now." He said calmly as he opened the door to the rear
section of the plane.

The room was long and rather empty just a few big comfy reclining chairs
spread out facing each other in sets of four. The lighting was bright and
Matthew was sitting with both wrists cuffed to the arms of one of the
chairs facing towards them. Jack approached Chase and took Chloe from him
by her arm. He led her to a chair just opposite and to one side of her
brother. He turned her to face the back of the chair and used ankle cuffs
to fasten her feet to the base of the chair spread apart.

"What's going on? What are you doing with my sister? Why are her trousers
gone?" Questioned Matthew quite puzzled by what was unfolding before him.
Chase took a length of rope and tied Chloe's wrists together then brought
the rope over the back of the chair fastening it to a bolt in the floor,
just at the right length so her hands were held on the head rest of the
chair. Mean while Jack explained the situation to her brother.

"Well Matthew it is you that has tied our hands so now as you have ensured
we cannot harm you to get information we are going to hurt your sister
instead until you tell us what we want to know." With that he took his knife
and cut her panties at each side before pulling them away completely. She
felt the cold air wisp against her crotch and ass hole that were now totally
exposed. She felt uncomfortable, afraid and ashamed. With her wrist fastened
as they were it was very uncomfortable for her to stay upright forcing her
to lean her body onto the back of the chair which left her cunt and ass hole
even more exposed.

"You're bluffing, you can't do this you're federal agents there ain't no
fucking way you'd dare touch her." Proclaimed Mathew insistently. With that
Jack stood to the side of Chloe and traced his index finger down the middle
of her back, and in one swift movement buried it deep into her ass. A shriek
escaped her lips as much from the surprise as the discomfort.

"You fucking bastards you can't do this." Barked her brother as he listened
to his sister moan as Jack slowly finger fucked her ass in front of him.

"She has a tight little ass your sister, as we discovered earlier this
morning when she was reluctant in telling us your location. Now Chase will
be doing the honours and if you don't start talking soon that means your
sister is going to experience anal sex for the very first time."

Mathew was silent so Chase proceeded. He took a condom from his wallet and
then stood behind Chloe. Chloe pleaded for her brother to stop them and as
soon as Chase had his penis at her sphincter she began to cry. Chase
remembered what she'd asked and was very slow to start, not wanting to
stretch her to much too soon. With his hand that was out of Matthew's sight
he softly stroked her thigh as he pushed his width into her. Her breathing
was deep and slow trying to stay calm but she was unable to keep her body
from tensing which made the pain even worse. When his girth was fully into
her he drove his length all the way to the hilt. Her tears were streaming
down her face now and as he started to fuck her tight ass hole she began to
wail uncontrollably. Matthew sat with his eyes to the ground until Jack
grabbed him by the hair and forced him to watch as his sister suffered this

"Please Matthew Please, Please!" She sobbed as he looked on. Her cries
quieter now as her strength diminished.

"You're strong Sis it's OK it'll be over soon." But it wasn't Chase's stamina
was impressive and he held out till she hung limp in the chair before finally
cuming hard with a final ram into her ass. With his thighs pressed tightly
against her cheeks he gently swayed back and forth with her until he was
completely drained. His retreat was swift and accompanied by a loud gasp from

"Are you happy now? Now you've just sat back and watched as you let your
sister be put through that?" Shouted Jack at the rather shell shocked

"It's alright sis it's over you did it you beat them."

"Fuck you, you bastard son of a bitch! You let them; you fucking sat there
and let them!" Sobbed Chloe with what little strength she had left. Hanging
against the chair her breathing fast and her body limp Chloe felt used and
abandoned, yearning for Chase to touch her again. But he'd left the room
now and she felt alone.

"It's not over Matthew." Jack sat opposite him in the chair next to Chloe.
He grinned and let out a slight chuckle.

"What? Did you think that was it? We'll just give up and go home now shall
we? I don't think so."

Jacks words barely registered with Chloe until she felt his hands on her ass
again. Almost doctor like he parted her cheeks and inspected her swollen red
hole. Then Chase returned and he and Jack talked for a few moments before
Chloe's ordeal was continued.

"I'm sorry Chloe but it seems your brother has decided we must continue
here a little longer however not being 24 any more like Chase I don't have
a condom in my wallet so we're going to have do make do without."

"Please, please Jack no I can't, I can't take any more please." She pleaded
as her tears continued. He walked round to face her crouching close and
whispering softly so her brother could not hear.

"Shhh you're doing well but the worse we make this the sooner it'll be over.
I'm sorry but I will be hard on you, I won't lie it will hurt a great deal."
Whispering even quieter now so that even Chloe could barely hear him. "I
promise he will break before I finish."

She gave no reply but silently repeated his words in her head. If he promises
he'll break does that mean he somehow knows he'll give in or he'll just hurt
me more and more until he has no other choice? She again begins to sob
quietly in anticipation.

Then her world was turned upside down as with one swift movement Jack was
inside her ass as far as he can be. She screamed as she felt an incredibly
sharp sting along with the intense burning that she had already been
expecting. It was now obvious that Jack had considerably more girth than
Chase. Violently he tossed her body back and forth by the hips as he fucked
her battered hole. She was continually wailing at the top of her voice and
Chase could see Matthew was no longer able to look away.

"Please no leave her alone!" He begged.

"Then you'll co operate?" Asked Chase.

"I, I can't, I just can't it's too important please just stop hurting her."
By now Chloe had lost any fight that she had in her and was starting to look
glazed. Chase lifter her head by her hair and saw her eyes nearly closed.
"We're losing her Jack she's passing out."

Jack knew Matthew was close to cracking and it was now or never.

"Get the med kit and give her a shot of Epinephrine."

"Are you serious?"

"NOW!" Demanded Jack and without further hesitation Chase went and returned
with the needle. He turned her arm and injected the substance. With a loud
gasp Chloe returned to reality. All the burning and stinging in her ass
returned but now she was even more aware of it than before. She screamed and
Jack continued his battering of this young girl's body. She didn't even seem
to be taking a breath it was just one long scream and then....

"Stop! Stop! Stop it please. I'll tell you, I'll tell you anything please no
more leave her alone." Matthews' words trailed off into tears. With that Jack
withdrew and refastened his trousers.

"Talk now!" Demanded Jack as Chase unfastened Chloe's feet and hands. Matthew
sobbed but said nothing, he just looked upon his poor sister in floods of
tears still in agreat deal of pain. Chase again went to the med kit and
returned with a syringe.

"I'll give her something to take her mind off the pain and everything that's
happened to her but only when you start talking." Instructed Chase calmly,
as he stroked Chloe's face. With that Matthews mumbles slowly began to form
sentences and he told them what he could.

"It's in an un used storage room in my friends records store." He gave them
the address and the name of his friend. "If I make the meet it won't go off
until midnight I tell the names I know but we've had hired help and from
people we've used first names only with. Please I'm telling the truth and
I'll co operate just help her for gods sake help her."

Chase looked at Jack who nodded in return then once again took Chloe's arm
in his hand and placed the needle to her skin.

"A little sharp scratch now Chloe then I promise you'll feel better." He
gave her the injection then carried her limp body from the room. Jack busied
around radioing the pilot to land as he'd been circling until they were
ready, and calling Tony at CTU to update him on the situation but saying
nothing of their methods of interrogation.

He returned to where Chase had laid Chloe on a totally reclined Chair and had
wrapped her in a blanket.

"Have you had a look at her?" Asked Jack.

"If you mean where she's hurt no I haven't I thought it best to leave her

"I know but really we do need to know how bad she's hurt, if there's any
bleeding." Chloe was lying on her side her whole body tightly curled up in
the 'fetal' position. Without saying a word Jack lifted the blanket at her
rear and gently parted the cheeks of her ass. She did not move didn't even
flinch just lay staring out of the aeroplane window. It was plane to see
that she had torn and though there was no blood it looked very painful. He
applied a little cream and replaced her blanket. As the seat belt light lit
up Jack rolled her onto her back, inclined her seat and fasted her in safely
for the planes landing. Chase sat by her side and held her hand, he was
surprised to feel her grip his hand also. She looked up at him and a faint
glimpse of a smile crossed her lips.

"Is it over? Did he talk?"

"Yes Chloe he told us everything he knew you were very brave. We never
dreamed he would let it go that far but it's over now, many thousands of
people owe you a great debt Chloe." She leaned into his shoulder bringing
his hand up to her chest and cuddling it close. She closed her eyes and
rested as the plane reached the ground.


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