24: Kim Is Kidnapped (MF,M-dom,inc,oral,bond,voy,ncon)
by Jeff Walters ([email protected])

Kim couldn't believe that she had been kidnapped again; she had only been
trying to get out of the city. She had been walking those last five miles
and when she saw the van she just ran out in front trying to get a lift.
When they had opened the door and they spoke Arabic and one was carrying a
gun she knew she was in trouble again. At least these guys are moving away
from LA and not to it. It was then she remembered that her daddy had told
her about terrorist planting a bomb in LA set to go off in the next 24
hours, was these the terrorist.

The terrorists placed a cloth above her nose so she couldn't see it covered
her whole head. She was dragged into a room and ordered to remove her
clothing. Kim started to cry thinking that she was about to be raped, but
they actually put clothes or something that felt like lingerie on her body.
Kim was thrown into the cell; she could hear other women in the cell with
her. When she thought the coast was clear she tried to speak to the other
girls in the room with her. The other girls were hesitant to speak because
they didn't want any of the guys to come in and get them. Kim found out that
most of the girls had been recently taken and they were all around the same
age 17 to19.

The door to the cell opened and the girls all went silent, Kim then heard a
guy saying something and heard a girl start screaming "No, not me!" but she
wasn't the only one to be taken because she heard three more girls scream.
Kim then felt the cord that had been placed around her throat being pulled
and she got up and followed the guy who was pulling the five chains. They
were thrown into a room and told to wait, all the girls huddled together
cowering. Maybe because this was not her first time having been kidnapped
but Kim felt calm, she was actually feeling aroused. Kim never had feelings
like this for girls before but feeling these other girl's bodies so close
to her was having an affect.

Then the door opened and the guards removed the bindings around the girls'
neck and were allowed to remove the head garment that had blocked their
views to this point. Kim removed her head garment and then had trouble
focusing because of the light. It took a minute or two before she saw the
guy sitting in the chair in front of the girls. They were ordered to their
knees and told to listen to their new master. Kim looked up to see a young
man in fatigues pants and no shirt. Kim noticed that he had a good body what
her girlfriends would say a ripped body, a brilliant six-pack. He stepped
forward and said, "I am Fahid, you are now mine, you have joined my harem.
When I call for you I expect to come to me willingly and satisfy my needs.
If you fail to do this you will become the property of the guards." They all
nodded that they understood and then were told to stand up.

Fahid stood up and walked up to the girls and he started to inspect each
girl, touching a body part and then having the girl turn around. Kim was the
last girl to be checked over, Fahid pulled out Kim's nipple and squeezed them
and then had her turn around and felt her taut ass. Fahid stood back and
went and sat on the sofa bed in the room and called for no. 2 girl to come
forward, the girl was crying but moved forward to the sofa bed. Kim looked at
the girl she looked young but she was a very beautiful girl, large round firm
breasts, taut stomach and a shapely arse and just like the rest of the girls
had golden hair. Fahid removed his fatigues revealing a mighty weapon; it
must have been at least 10 inches long and very thick. Kim could hear the
other girls talking about the size of this man, but Kim was more interested
in what was happening to no. 2. She was bent over and was licking this
monster cock; she knew it was better to serve this one master then to be left
to be taken by all these guards. It was then the guards moved forward and
placed the headdress and the neck brace on the girls and were taken from the
room, still hearing no. 2 moaning how good it was. The girls were led back
into the cell and thrown back into their respective slots, the rest of the
girls in the room were soon told by the other girls of what was expected of
each other. Kim thought it sounded now more like a slumber party were girls
would talk about the size of their boyfriends instead of the girls prison
where they were going to be raped by a terrorist.

It was an hour later when no.2 girl was led back to the cell, she was crying
and the other girls tried to comfort her. The girl was confused knowing that
she had just been raped but she also just had the best sex she had ever had,
her body had betrayed her she had become very wet and had orgasmed a number
of times.

It was an hour later that Kim was taken from the room and led to Fahid's
bed chamber, Kim was nervous but excited that she had been picked in front
of other of the girls, I must be pretty if he wants me she thought. The
brace around her neck was still tight and was finding it hard to speak;
when she tried she could only let out a squeak. She hoped that Fahid
wouldn't think that she was not willing and be sent to the guards. She
couldn't wait to have these chains off her throat, arms and legs. It was
then that Kim heard gunfire, she could hear people running around but
because she still had the headdress on. She thought she heard an American
voice saying "CVU", that was where her daddy worked, had they come to save
her or get the terrorist. It was then the place got quiet, she tried to
hear but nothing it was then that she heard a voice, it was a guy, it was
American, she listened more, yes she thought that is my daddy. Kim tried
to callout his name but the chains around her neck made it impossible shewas safe.

It was then she heard a phone maybe a mobile ring, Jack Bauer, he said,
"What do you mean you don't know were Kim is, you told me you would get her
out of the city, well get onto it now and tell me when you find her, I cant
lose her too." Kim wanted to scream out her name but knew her daddy would
loosen these binds soon and he will be able to see it's me after this
headdress is taken off. Jack got a report saying the rest of the building
was clear, "Ok I will just check for records and I return to base as well,
no need to send someone up for this girl, I will bring her down to the truck
myself," Jack said.

Kim started to relax and laid back on the bed, it wouldn't be too long
before her daddy released her. Kim then felt a pressure on the bed and new
her daddy was just about to take off her headdress, but what Kim heard was a
zipper, it was then she felt something her lips, "No, daddy," Kim thought as
she realised that it was her daddy's dick that was at her lips. She shook
her head but then felt a blow across her cheeks, her mouth opened and his
cock moved into her mouth, Jack was moving his cock in and out of this girls
mouth, she was crying he could feel the tears on his balls but she didn't
know who he was so he could afford to get some satisfaction, she will think
it was one of the guards. Kim couldn't believe she was being raped and by
her father at that, Kim had never seen her father's cock when they had lived
together but from what she could feel in her mouth he must be big. She
licked and sucked on the cock knowing if he cam quickly maybe this would be
over quickly. Jack was fucking this girls face and she seemed to be enjoying
it, it was the best blowjob he had ever received. Jack hadn't been with a
woman since his wife had been killed over 12 months ago, so it wasn't along
when he got that feeling a load of cum shot from his cock into this girl's
mouth. He kept on cumming and this girl kept on swallowing, Kim felt the
first load of cum and started to swallow thinking that this was close to the

Jack took his cock out of the girl's mouth and laid beside her, he wished he
could take the headdress off so she could see who was going to fuck her, but
he knew that if she saw him he would be in trouble. Jack grabbed his knife
and cut the bra letting Kim's breast swing free, Kim then felt the knife go
down her body until it reached her panties. A quick stab had the panties cut
and off her body and here she was naked in front of her father, who didn't
know it was she. He was going to rape her, her own dad; she didn't think her
father would be like this. It was then she felt fingers near her pussy and
soon his fingers were inside her, she was wet from what she had heard from
no.2 and when she had been picked her body had started to lubricate itself
knowing that she was going to be fucked. Here was her daddy rubbing her clit
and fingering her pussy and her pussy was wetting itself getting ready for

It was then that Kim heard something strange, she heard her father saying
something, "You like that don't you, Teri, you always liked when I played
with your pussy. You always used to get wet at my touch just like you are
now," Jack said.

Kim was confused her mom Teri had been dead for a while. Her daddy was
obviously not in his right mind thinking he is fucking Teri. It was then she
felt the pressure of a body on her and soon found that her pussy lips were
being held open and then she felt the head of her daddies cock invade her
pussy. It was then that Jack started to push his cock fully into her, and
started to pull out. He started to thrust out.

"God Teri you are so tight, you must be working out, you like you're my cock
don't you, you want me to fuck you hard Teri, don't you?" Jack moaned.

Kim now knew that her daddy was not in his right mind, she actually felt
sorry for him. She had been through her own pain since her mum died but she
hadn't thought what it was like for her daddy. Kim also was also starting to
feel some pleasure; she had been fucked before but had never had a cock this
big in her. Kim started to think of her mother, she used to hear her mother
and father having sex but she never really understood, but she know knew why
her mum used to cry out. Kim started to react to the pounding her dad was
given her, and started moving her pussy back up to meet the thrusts of her
father. Jack bent down and started to kiss this girl, he moved his tongue in
and the girl responded, his hands went down to her breasts which was already
erect and started to rub them between his fingers, he could hear the girl
beneath him start to moan and this excited him even more.

Jack had been going to prostitutes for the last year, he always made sure
that he could call them Teri and he made sure that had a similar body. It
helped him with this grief, his daughter being estranged from him, which made
it hard for him because he just wanted to make sure she was ok. It was also
hard because except for different coloured hair they looked and smelt the

Kim was resigned to the fact that she was having sex with her dad; she
started to think how she could help him overcome his loss. Kim thought of
the big cock in her and thought of what her mum used to do and say to Jack
when they made love before she died.

Kim could feel her throat coming back, her body was making her moan in
pleasure; and she tried to speak and could she hear her own words and knew
it wouldn't be long before she could be louder.

It was then that Jack moved the girl's legs and put them over his shoulders
and lifted up her body and started to thrust down. Jack said, "Yeah Teri, I
know this is one of your favourites, its mine as well, you can feel all of
me, cant you."

Kim screamed back, "Yes Jack, you like my pussy don't you baby, come on fuck
me, you know Teri loves it when you fuck me like a whore."

Jack thought he heard the girl scream out, she sounded like Teri, she saying
the things that Teri use to say to me. He pushed his cock back fully into
the girl and started to fuck her hard just like Teri used to like. It was
then he felt his balls constrict and then he let go a load of cum into her
pussy, he kept on pushing into her until his cum had stopped.

Kim couldn't believe what she had just said but her body was going though to
much pleasure and she went over the edge and felt her body orgasm not just
once but a number of times and then she felt it, her dads cum shooting into
her pussy. She felt Jack lower her body to the bed and them he took his cock
out of her pussy.

Kim had never felt like this before, she knew it was wrong that her dad had
sex with her, had raped her, but she had never been fucked like this before
and she wanted it all to continue. Kim then felt the binds on her wrist being
released, first the let and then the right. Kim was nearly free, she still
had the headdress on and the chain that was around her neck but her legs
and arms were now free. She felt the pressure of the bed next to her and
realised that her dad was lying beside her. Her hand moved down to her
vagina, and she inspected it with her hand and fingers, she had never been so
wet or orgasmed so much. Her hand went to her side but instead of landing on
the bed it landed on her dads cock, it was semi-hard, Kim couldn't believe
it, he had come twice already and he was halfway back to being fully hard
again. Kim was going to move her hand away but for some reasons she didn't,
she touched it again and it moved in her hand, she had felt it in her but now
she could actually feel what it was like. Kim moved her hand up and down the
shaft of the cock and felt and rubbed the balls attached to it, they were big
just like the cock. Kim started to move her hand up and down the cock faster
and faster until it was rock hard again.

Jack looked down and noticed that he was fully hard again, this girl really
must have been trained well, he thought. He grabbed the girl by the waist
and got her upon her knees and got behind her, he looked down at her arse and
placed his hands and felt the delicate and smooth skin, and he then moved his
hand back and then smacked it. He then reached down to his cock and placed
it in the entrance to the girl's pussy and slowly sank his cock in. From the
feel of her body and the tightness of her pussy he could tell that she was
young, and they eager way she was pumping her body to Jacks thrust he could
tell she was also new and active participant to the art of fucking.

When Kim felt the cock get fully hard she wondered what she should do, should
she suck or should she continue to rub it, the decision was made for her when
she felt her body being moved and she was soon on her knees. She felt his
hands exploring her rear and then suddenly felt him slap, she liked that, her
previous boyfriend had introduced to arse slapping and it only heightened the
sexual feelings she would get from doggie sex.

Kim felt her daddy start to thrust widely into her pussy from behind, her
voice was now fully back and she was moaning her appreciation. Because of
the size of the cock it was rubbing up against her clit as she was being
fucked and she was on a sexual high. She felt another couple of slaps on
her arse, she was screaming back to Jack in her mothers voice "Yes Jack,
you know I love being fucked like this, make me a baby Jack, make me yours
once again. I'm going to cum baby, I want your seed baby, lets come

Jack now only hearing the girl in her dead wife's voice started thrusting
like he never had before, he got the feeling that he was going to cum and
started to thrust harder and harder until his cock expanded and started to
explode cum into her pussy. He could feal cum sliding back through his
cock and leaking out.

Kim and Jack both laid back on the bed moaning and panting in exhaustion.
Kim felt him get off the bed and hear some rustlings. He must be putting
his clothes on, she thought disappointingly as she lay back on the bed.
The thoughts of what had happened was now going over in her head, she
didn't know how to feel, but she felt violated, scared, naughty, horny,
but overall she felt satisfied. It was then she felt his presence on the
bed, and smiled to herself maybe he wants more, but then she felt something
wet on her body. "OMG he is pissing on me," she thought but then felt the
soft touch of a cloth and new he was bathing her, or destroying the evidence
of his rape.

When Jack finished washing this girl, he went over to the dead guy he had
killed and removed the guys pants and brought them to her and placed them on
her body and then took his jacket from the floor and placed it around her
top. He then walked down and out of the building with her and placed her on
the van with the other girls that were being taken back to head office for
examination and de-briefing. Jack got on the chopper to be taken back to head
office; he still had a job to do. After the chopper left the van moved off.
They had left the head dresses on the girls so that they wouldn't identify
the secret team that had rescued them but when the van was moving they were
allowed to remove these garments.

Lucky for the girls the lights in back were dim because direct sunlight would
of affected their eyes after having the head dresses for so long. Kim looked
at each of the girls, they were all stunningly beautiful with big but not
gigantic breasts, and they were all blondes. The dead kidnappers obviously
had good choice in women thought Kim. They each started chatting as to how
long they had been their and what things that had happened to them. It
wasn't long until they were at the head office in L.A., each of the girls was
examined by a doctor before they all were allowed to go the women's area to
have a shower and to obtain fresh clothes to put on before being de-briefed.
Kim led the girls into the shower area and then noticed that all the showers
were opened and there was no privacy. She removed her clothing and stood
under the first shower and then noticed and watched as the other girls
undressed and made their way to the showers. She looked at each one and the
more she looked the more turned she became. She finished up in the shower
found her clothes and new underwear and put them. They had a group de-brief
and were allowed to go home under escort.

Jack had been diverted to another place on his way back to base when he
received a call on his mobile from Tony back at head office.

"Jack, they have found the bomb and have dismantled it, time to come back,"
said Tony.

"That great news mate, we will turn back and be back in five." Jack said.

The helicopter landed back on the roof on CTU and Jack saw Tony on the side
of the roof. What's up mate, said Jack as he reached Tony. Jack, Kim was
in that building that you just liberated, we only found out that she been
kidnapped when she was de-briefed when the girls got back here, I'm sorry
but she reported she was raped," said Tony.

Jack raced home and found Kim in the lounge room just relaxing in her
bathroom robe. H went towards her and she stood up and they hugged. "I'm so
sorry baby, I thought you were safe; I didn't know you had been kidnapped.
At least you know that the guy who raped you is now dead, none of them got
out baby, do you want to talk about it," Jack said.

Kim told Jack about how someone had raped her and how she was starting up a
support group for the other kidnapped girls. Kim didn't tell Jack she did
that so she could get to know the other girls, knowing that the trauma of
rape may make them to female relationships.

"Daddy, do you miss mom?" asked Kim

"Yes, baby, I miss her every second of every day," Jack responded.

"No, Daddy, I meant being intimate, I haven't seen you go out with any
women," asked Kim

"You shouldn't worry about that baby," responded Jack.

"I know, Daddy, but I am your girl I should take better care of you, I am the
woman of the house since mom's been gone haven't I," said Kim.

"I suppose baby, I couldn't have survived this if it wasn't for you."

With that Kim stood up and stood in front Jack and untied knot in robe and
then let it drop to the floor, naked underneath she just stood there.

"What are you doing baby, put on your robe," Jack said.

"Daddy you just said I am the woman of the house, its time I took some of the
more intimate jobs of being that woman," replied Kim. Kim then dropped down
on her knees and unzipped Jack's fly and pulled out his cock and started to
rub it.

Jack went to protest and then felt Kim move her mouth to his cock. He soon
recognise the cock sucking skills of his daughter and realised that he had
been the guy that had raped her earlier that day.

The End


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