2 Broke Girls: 2 Broke Girls And The Big Opening (F-gang,F-solo,oral,anal,objects,food,nc-cons)
by Michael The Bloody

The Williamsburg diner.

Caroline: I studied my ass off, the hardest I ever studied for anything, and I passed the bar.

Earl: You're going to be a lawyer?

Caroline: No a bar tender. I got an A on the exam.

Max: To match your boobs?

Oleg: I gave you're an A

Caroline: Very funny, I am getting tired of being the butt of your jokes.

Oleg: But I love doing the butt stuff with you.

Caroline: I don't do the butt stuff; now can we get on with the planning so we can fully open our dessert bar.

Max: Caroline's right, you get the weed, I'll get the weed.

Earl: I still don't understand what a dessert bar is.

Max: It's a bar, that has desserts.

Caroline: Max will be in charge of the desserts; I will run the bar. And remember Max, you can't use the one for you, one for me system.

Max: As you have told me a dozen times.

Caroline: And yet, you still do it.

Han: My invitation must have been lost in the mail.

Oleg: Sophie and I haven't got ours either.

Caroline: With all due respect, none of you are invited, this is a high class place.

Oleg: I know how to act, I've had lessons.

Han: So you think your place is too good for us.

Caroline: Yes.

* * *

The next night the girls bar was ready for its grand opening, Caroline opened the door, to let in the throngs of people waiting.

Caroline: Three of you? Max: Did you put out the flyers?

Max: You mean the flyers in the kitchen? Yes.

Caroline: Damn it Max, I have to go out and drum up some business.

Max: Go out hike up your skirt, bend over and offer to do mouth stuff, hundreds will follow you.

Caroline: I don't do mouth stuff.

Caroline walked for half an hour, she couldn't get anyone to follow her back to the bar, but when she got back, it was filled with football players.

Max: Look what I found, a football team.

Caroline: A pro football team?

Max: Maybe.

Caroline: I college football team?

Max: Maybe.

Caroline: What did you do?

Max: We needed customers, I got customers, these nice young men wanted deserts, we have deserts, a perfect match. Maybe you can get laid.

Caroline: How old are you guys?

Aaron: I am 17, I am the quarterback.

Caroline: 21, great.

Aaron: I said.

Caroline: 21.

Aaron: Ty here is 18, Stan is 17, Rhino is 19, a sixth year senior, Mike and Lucas are 16.

Caroline: Just great, our grand opening is going to be our going out of business sale.

Aaron: We were promised a look at those boobs if we came in, so let's see them.

Max: A promise is a promise.

Max started to unbutton her top, she reached down her top and started to pull out a boob, Caroline screamed.

Caroline: Stop it Max, these are impressionable minors.

Max: And I want to make a good impression on them.

Caroline: I don't know what I'm going to do with you.

Max: You can still get laid, I don't know if anyone in history has gone longer without getting laid then you.

Han walked through the door.

Max: I stand corrected.

He was followed by Oleg and Earl, they couldn't wait to see the new bar, even though they really didn't want to see it succeed, they would miss the girls.

Max: How long has it been since you've gotten laid?

Caroline: What's today? Monday? Let's see, Sunday. Saturday, Friday. Two years.

Sophie: Hello everybody, you didn't think I'd miss this, the latest business disaster.

Caroline: I say this for both of us, Fuck you.

Sophie: That's why I never liked you.

The dinner staff mixed with the football players, the quarterback was taking his line out to the movies when they saw Max. She offered them a peek down her blouse if they came in. They couldn't leave.

Caroline: Who's watching the diner?

Han: Shit, I thought it was Oleg.

Oleg: I thought it was Earl.

Earl: I thought it was Earl too.

Han: Damn it, get back to work.

The staff left Caroline and Max alone with the team, Caroline knew she couldn't serve them drinks, she just hoped nobody reported them for having high schoolers in the bar in the first place. She saw a guy with a drink.

Caroline: YOU, put that down.

Aaron: I brought it with me.

Caroline: I don't care, I said PUT IT DOWN.

Max: What a wet blanket, who let her in here?

Caroline: Okay, we have had enough, Max, it's time for you to escort these guys out. Max? Max? Where are you?

Max was in the corner, she had her tablet pointed down her top, she was on a video chat with her boyfriend, Randy.

Max: Sorry, gotta go, it's an emergency.

Caroline: An emergency? And don't say in your pants.

Max: In my pants.

Max ran out the door and headed back to their apartment, she held her tablet down her shirt so Randy could watch her boobs bounce.

Rhino: I thought we were going to see some boobs.

Lucas: Yeah.

Caroline: Well, that's not going to happen.

Aaron: You don't have any boobs anyway, where's the other girl? The one with the all-day suckers.

Caroline: Nice, do you kiss your mother with that mouth?

Mike: She has a nice ass, that will do.

Caroline: Excuse me.

Rhino: What I think he meant was show us your ass.

Caroline: That's it, you guys need to go right now.

Caroline looked around, she just realized she was alone with these six guys, and they were all huge, she could be in real trouble, now she wished she had worn a longer skirt, but she didn't have any.

Rhino lifted up the back of her skirt, Caroline spun around, Mike grabbed her skirt and lifted it up, she spun again.

Caroline: Stop it.

Aaron slapped her on her ass, Stan came over and gave it a slap too, it was a perfect ass, Aaron slapped it again.

Caroline: I said. STOP IT

Rhino grabbed her skirt and lifted it up to her shoulders, Caroline tried to back away, but she backed right into Mike, he lifted her arms up over her head, Rhino pulled her skirt right off.

Aaron: Damn, that is a nice ass.

Caroline tried to cover up, but Rhino and Ty held her arms, Mike unhooked her bra and pulled it off, Caroline kicked Stan in the shin.

Stan: Ow, that hurt. Bitch

Caroline: I said. STOP IT.

Stan slapped her across the face, Aaron grabbed her panties and pulled them down to her ankles, Rhino and Ty lifted her into the air, Aaron pull her panties off.

Caroline: FUCK.

Aaron took her panties and rubbed them across her face, he passed them around the room to each of his team mates, they each took a turn sniffing them.

Rhino: Nice.

Caroline: Please stop it, Stan and Mike stood on both sides of Caroline, they spread her legs wide, Aaron rans his fingers across her exposed pussy.

Aaron: So the carpet doesn't match the drapes.

Stan took both hands and put them on either side of Caroline's pussy, he spread it as wide as it would go.

Stan: Look at that grand opening.

Rhino: Hello, hello, hello, echo, echo, echo

Aaron: Now batting number 23 Pedro Barboun.

Caroline: Fuck all of you, you are going to jail.

Stan: If we are going to jail, let's go out with a bang.

Rhino: A gang bang.

Stan: I wonder what it tastes like

Aaron: Only one way to find out.

Aaron shoved his tongue deep inside Caroline's pussy, he began licking the inside then worked his way out to her clit, it had been so long for her, Caroline's eyes rolled back into her head.

Rhino: Look Mikey, she likes it.

Rhino pushed Aaron out of the way, he stuffed his oversized tongue deep inside of her, there was no doubt Caroline was cumming now.

Caroline: FUCK. Stop it.

Aaron shoved two fingers inside her cunt, and began rubbing her clit was his thumb, Caroline tried to squirm free, but these guys were huge, she could barely move. Now she knew she was in trouble.

Caroline began to kick and flail her arms and legs, but it was no use, these guys were all over 200 pounds, Rhino was over 300, she was trapped.

Aaron stuffed a third finger into her cunt, Ty added two of his own, the he worked a finger into her tight asshole.

Caroline: NO.

Ty: But your ass is so nice, I bet it feels so good.

Aaron: Rhino, come feel this.

Rhino and Aaron switched places, now Rhino had three sausage sized fingers stuffed in her cunt while Aaron was helping hold her up.

Rhino and Ty were knuckle deep inside of her, they could feel her juices began to flow, they pumped their fingers in hard and deep.

Ty: I need me some of this.

Ty pulled his fingers out of her and dropped his pants, his 10 inch cock was rock hard, the four guys lowered Caroline and Ty slammed his cock into her.

Caroline: God no.

Ty pumped his cock balls deep into her, it had been so long since she had been fucked, she started creaming all over his cock immediately.

Caroline: Fuck.

Ty grabbed her by the hair and yanked, he was hammering her cunt now, Stan wanted to take his turn, he pushed Ty out of the way and slammed his cock into her.

Rhino and Mike pushed her back and forth on the cock, Caroline was coming hard now, she had stopped struggling. Stan's cock was as large as Ty's.

The guys wrapped Caroline's legs around Stan, they kept him balls deep inside of her, Caroline couldn't stop trembling.

Caroline: Oh God,

Aaron: Let's put her down, I want my turn.

They dropped her to her hands and knees, Mike pushed her head into the ground so her ass was sticking up, Mike mounted her from behind.

He wrapped his fingers around her throat and slammed his cock in and out of her, her cum was dripping down her legs now, Lucas grabbed her by the hair and lifted her head up, he shoved his cock down her throat.

Mike hammered her from behind as Lucas face fucked her, Lucas fish hooked her mouth to keep it wide open, he had her look into her eyes as he unloaded into her mouth.

Caroline spit out the cum as Ty began to face fuck her, he had two handfuls of her hair, Mike's balls slammed against her ass with every thrust. He unloaded in her cunt as Ty shot his load down her throat. He was balls deep inside of her so she had no choice but to swallow.

Caroline tried to get up, but Aaron pushed her back down by the back of the neck, she managed to look up and see Rhino drop his pants, his over foot long cock sprang to life. Mike unloaded inside her, Rhino pushed him out the way before he could finish

Caroline: OH FUCK.

Rhino mounted her from behind and drove his monster cock balls deep inside of her as hard as he could, it drove her face first to the ground, and her cum came squirting out of her cunt.

Caroline: OH MY FUCKING GOD, you're splitting me in two.

Rhino slammed his cock into her even harder, she was bouncing off the floor, the other players watched in amazement, the cum was shooting out of her cunt with every thrust. Rhino rolled her over.

He grabbed her by the ankles and threw them over her head and he mounted her, Caroline threw her legs over his shoulders as he once again began to hammer her.

Caroline: FUCK, FUCK, FUCK.

Caroline was being pile driven into the floor, Rhino was relentless, he rolled over so Caroline was on top of him, he pulled her down so they were chest to chest and she couldn't move.

Rhino bounced her up and down on his cock, the cum was still squirting out of her pussy, Aaron saw her bouncing ass and couldn't resist.

Aaron climbed on top of her and slammed his cock into her open ass, Caroline let out a yelp, as it was penetrated. She only gave up the ass if it was on a yacht.

Caroline: Fuck, not there.

Aaron and Rhino pummeled her relentlessly, she had never been double stuffed before, not even on a private plane, she hated herself for cumming.

Caroline's ass was so tight, Aaron couldn't hold out for long, he shot his load deep into her hole,Stan quickly jumped on and took his place.

Stan saw the cum oozing out of her ass, he didn't want any part of that, he saw the Caroline's cunt had wrapped itself around Rhino's cock like a glove, so he decided he wanted some of that pussy.

Caroline screamed as she felt Stan's cock began to enter her already stuffed pussy, Rhino had stretched it out so much, the second cock slid right in.

Caroline: NO, Fuck it, do it.

Stan slammed his cock in balls deep with the frist thrust, the two teens wrapped themselves around her and thrust in unison.

Caroline: OH MY GOD, You're splitting me in two.

Her cries only encouraged them to fuck her harder, it was so tight, Stan couldn't hold out for long, he shot his load deep inside of her. Caroline thought to herself, all she had to do was wear out Rhino, and she would be done.

Caroline closed her eyes and began bouncing up and down on him as hard as she could, even though she was in a nonstop orgasm, she was going to do this. She felt another cock poking at her cunt.

She could tell by the tip, the second cock was just as large as Rhino's, there was no way they were both going to fit in her cunt. She started to scream, but a smaller cock was shoved into her mouth.

Caroline didn't remember any of the guys having a cock that small, she opened her eyes just has the cock began to flood her mouth.

It kept cumming and cumming, Caroline didn't think it would ever stop, she began swallowing, but it was still running down her cheeks, she heard the familiar voice.

"It's a party in Caroline's mouth, and everyone's cumming."

Caroline: HAN.

Han: Thanks Caroline, I always thought you swallowed.

Caroline: I only swallow if it's in a Lamborghini.

Han: How are you doing Oleg?

Caroline: Oleg?

Oleg: I am making a Caroline sandwich, just like I always said I would.

Oleg started slamming his huge cock balls deep into Caroline's stuffed cunt, she was cumming again. And hard. Rhino shot his load deep in her cunt.

Rhino: I'm out.

Oleg grabbed her by the hair, and yanked back, he slammed his cock into harder and harder, Caroline had lost track of how many orgasms' she had.

Caroline: OH FUCK.

Oleg yanked his cock out of her worn cunt, it hung open, he and Han couldn't help but laugh, a topless Max walked through the door.

Max: Look, it's the grand opening.

Caroline: Fuck you.

Max: Here is something you have never seen before.

Max pulled down her tights and sat spread legged on the bar, she grabbed a handful of olives and began to stuff them into her cunt. She stuffed six in and yelled, "Watch this!"

She began rubbing her clit, then began shooting the olives one by one out of her cunt, they flew across the room, Han began catching them in his mouth.

Oleg: Nice. But I have seen better.

Max grabbed four limes from behind the bar, she stuffed them one by one into her cunt until they all vanished, she shot them one by one across the room.

Oleg: Ok, but watch this.

He picked Caroline up and sat her on the bar and spread her legs as wide as they would go. He reached behind the bar and grabbed a 750 ML Wine Bottle, and shoved it into her cunt.

Caroline: FUCK.

Max: I've done that.

Oleg shoved the bottle deeper and deeper into her cunt, Max was pinching Caroline's nipples, Caroline was creaming all over the bottle.

The bottle was label deep inside of Caroline when Oleg pulled it out, she yelped her disappointment.

Max: Fuck her.

Han: I'll show you a fucking.

Han shoved his hand wildly deep into Max's open pussy, he was past the wrist with the first thrust, she was creaming all over his arm.

Han pumped his arm deeper and harder into Max cunt, she rubbed her clit furiously as he fisted her, the cum was dripping out of her cunt.

Oleg took the wine bottle and turned it around, he slowly began to work the bottom of the bottle into her hole.


Oleg had both had around the bottle slamming it into her pussy, it was label deep inside of her by the bottom now, and it was stuck.

Max grabbed Han by the wrist, she was fucking herself with Han's arm now, she was determined to go elbow deep, there was a puddle of cum pooling on the bar.

Oleg grabbed Caroline by the ankles and threw them over her shoulders, her ass was pointing up, Earl grabbed the baseball bat the girls kept behind the bar for protection and handed it to Oleg.

Oleg shoved the bat deep into Caroline's exposed ass shoving it deeper and deeper with both hands, Caroline and Max were both limp now.

Sophie: Hello everybody. Wait, a party and nobody invited me. Oh, Caroline, I have told you a 100 times, get the stick out of your ass.

Max and Caroline were both unconscious now, Han and Oleg managed to get the bottle out of Caroline's cunt, it was split wide open.

Sophie: SO, this is the big opening.



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