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Authors note: This is a story based on 2 Broke Girls and takes place during Episode 2 of Series 3.

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2 Broke Girls: 2 Broke Girls In Love Part 4
by MTL ([email protected])

There was a lot about her current job Caroline Channing hated, but if she had to narrow it down to just one thing it would be total lack of hygiene. Seriously, if their customers knew the truth about the things Oleg did just out of view it wouldn't matter how low the prices were, no one would come here. Although Oleg wasn't her biggest problem hygiene wise. No, that was touching anything inside the diner, or using their bathroom. If she absolutely had to do the latter while working she'd put down a lot of paper first and was quick as possible, so it became very suspicious when her bathroom breaks became twice as long.

By some miracle not even Oleg had seem to grasp the reason for this, despite very much the only thing Caroline liked about her job following her in every single time, and Max normally never went to the bathroom at the same time as her because Max wasn't a girl's girl. Well, now she kind of was, just in a very different kind of way. As in shove Caroline against the bathroom wall and try and almost literally shove her tongue down her throat kind of a girl's girl, which was Caroline's favourite kind. Or at least it was when she wasn't working.

Breaking their latest kiss Caroline gasped, "Ok... O, K, that's enough Max. Time to stop."

"Do you really want me too?" Max asked teasingly against Caroline's neck before beginning to kiss it.

"Ohhhhhhh, you know I don't." Caroline moaned, before forcing herself to focus, "But I already told you, I'm not having sex anywhere near this diner."

As Caroline tried to push her away Max softly pleaded between kisses, "Please? Just this once?"

"No." Caroline gasped, then added firmly, "No! Seriously Max, we both need this job-"

"Oh please, like Han would ever fire us." Max scoffed.

"He might if he finds out we're having sex when we should be working." Caroline pointed out.

"Not if we let the little troll watch." Max countered.

"Ewww, mood ruined." Caroline said, her eyes refocusing on her ugly surroundings after being either half or fully closed as a result of what she was feeling, "And even if it wasn't, we're lucky not to get an STD just by being in here, I'm not going to tempt fate by getting naked."

"I told you, we don't have to take our clothes off, to have a good time." Max sung out of key with a smile on her face.

"And I told you, this isn't happening." Caroline said firmly, before forcefully pushing her secret girlfriend away from her.

Max staggered back, momentarily looked hurt and then scowled, "What's the point of being dykes if we can't fuck in bathrooms?"

"Oh like that ever stopped you before." Caroline pointed out.

"True that." Max admitted.

"Anyway, I wish you wouldn't use that word." Caroline whined.

"What word? Dykes?" Max scoffed, rolling her eyes as she added, "It's fine Caroline, WE can use that word because we're actually gay. It's like black people and-."

"No it's not!" Caroline interrupted before Max said something she was even more uncomfortable with, "And besides, I thought you were only a little gay? You know, as in bi?"

Max lowered her head before softly admitting, "I, I don't know what I am. I just, I just like you is all... and I love having sex with you."

"Awww, Max." Caroline beamed, and then when the brunette looked back at her with a familiar look in her eye the blonde quickly added, "We're still not having sex."

"Come on Caroline!" Max whined, before slowly advancing on her roommate and whispering seductively, "You don't even know what I want."

"It, it doesn't matter." Caroline gulped.

"Really?" Max practically purred, "Not even if all I want to do is eat your yummy pussy? Fuck you with my tongue until you cum all over my face?"

"N, no." Caroline stammered.

"Please Caroline?" Max softly pleaded while pushing her girlfriend against the wall again, "Just one little orgasm? Please? Give me a little taste of your sweetness, something to tide me over until we get home? I promise I'll make it quick, tongue fuck you so hard and fast that it'll only take like a second till your cumming in my mouth."

Throughout that little speech Max got closer and closer until she was whispering in Caroline's ear, her words alone nearly making the former heiress cum before she got hold of herself and squeaked, "I, I just can't!"

"We both know that isn't true." Max grinned, unable to resist using her best man voice, "Come on baby, you know you want too."

"I do." Caroline admitted, before grinning, "But if you don't stop now, you won't get your present."

"Present? Where? What did you get me?" Max asked eagerly, before frowning and finally moving away, "Wait, how much was it? You know we combine funds, so it's not like we can afford any fancy dinners or anything, you know that right?"

"Relax Max, it was cheap and I promise you'll love it." Caroline grinned, seizing the opportunity to head for the door.

"I better." Max grumbled as she watched Caroline's butt wiggle as the other girl got back to her crappy job, Max joining her about a minute later for the sake of making it a little less obvious they had been making out.

* * *

Caroline spent most of the day fighting off a horny Max Black, her secret girlfriend constantly trying to talk her into the bathroom or the giant freezer frequently in between brushing up against her, whispering pure filth into her ear, and squeezing, pinching and slapping her butt when no one was looking. Seriously, they may be secretly dating now, but Caroline thought she was going to have to complain about sexual harassment in the workplace, joking about it at least once even though that just led to her thinking how she couldn't really afford a lawyer because she was so ridiculously poor now.

Luckily she wasn't so poor she couldn't treat her girl, even though Max probably didn't deserve it after barely leaving her alone all day. On the other hand it had been awhile since Caroline had been in the honeymoon phase of a relationship, and after wanting Max for so long she found she mostly enjoyed the attention, even if the other girl did go a bit over the top with it. Besides, this was one treat/surprise Caroline was very much looking forward too, and she was pretty sure that both herself and Max were going to get a lot of very enjoyable use out of it.

"So, where's my present?" Max huffed as soon as they got through the front door of their home, then adding in a playful tone, "And I'm warning you, it better be worth it for you acting like such a tease all day, otherwise someone's getting a spanking."

Caroline rolled her eyes, locked the door and then smiled, "Close your eyes. And no peeking."

Max sighed and did as she was told, "Ok, but the last time I did this I was on my knees and my present was something sticky on my face... and if you're going to masturbate in front of me I'd rather see it."

There was a brief pause and then Caroline said in a playful tone, "You can get on your knees if you want."

Max raised her eyebrow, but from the sound of Caroline's footsteps her roommate/lover didn't see it. Not that it really mattered, what mattered was what Caroline had got her. Max had been thinking about it all day, her mind racing with the different possibilities. Honestly she was hoping for sexy lingerie, even if Caroline was probably too prudish for that. And sure, she worried that Caroline had spent their money on jewellery or something, but even that would be sweet. In reality she had totally missed the mark, and Caroline's choice was far better than Max could have ever guessed.

"Ok, you can open your eyes now." Caroline said, trying to be as confident as she could.

Without hesitation Max opened her eyes, those eyes going wide as she found her girlfriend standing naked in front of her. Well, naked except for a massive strap-on dildo, Max's mouth falling open and watering while her cunt became equally damp. That thing had to be 10 inches long and 2 inches thick, far bigger than any guy Max had ever been with. It was so big she didn't even laugh at how ridiculous her pale white girlfriend looked with a enormous black cock, her normal reflex of making a joke forgotten as she stared at it.

After what felt like hours of silence Caroline started rapidly babbling, "We don't have too, I just thought, you know, it could be fun, and different... not that I need or really want different, or normal, or whatever. Not that what we do isn't normal, it's just that, before we started, you know, you were always talking about how much you love cock, like way too much, and I'm not sure if you were just saying it to embarrass me, or saying it because you meant it and were trying to bond, or both, but, well, lesbians use toys! Isn't that something you said to me? I remember you saying it, although I can't remember the context, and I'm sure it's not entirely true. I'm sure that some lesbians used them, some don't, and I'm really happy with what we have, but I'd kind of like to try this if you'd be up for-"

Before Caroline could say another word Max fell to her knees, wrapped her lips around the head of the dildo and started bobbing her mouth up and down, coating the first few inches in her saliva before relaxing her throat muscles and slowly lowering her lips to the base. Sure, she choked and gagged a bit shortly after that rubber cock entered her throat, but she took every inch with practised ease. Which caused Caroline to become completely silent, Max looking up at her once she was deep throating every inch of the dick and grinning around it when she saw the dumbstruck look on the other girl's face.

She then kept the dildo in her throat for a full minute, then she pulled herself away from it and while stroking the shaft confessed, "My favourite boyfriend was almost as big as you, and I was a total slut for him."

"Really?" Caroline asked huskily.

"Really." Max grinned slyly, before asking, "Just do me a favour ok? No foreplay. I've been aching to fuck you all day long, and my cunt is so wet and ready I feel like I could take this thing and both your fists."

Caroline blinked a few times to get rid of that image, and then asked, "Would you consider eating your pussy foreplay?"

"At this point, yes?" Max said, getting off her knees and began to strip.

For a few seconds Caroline just watched, then she suggested, "What if we made it quick? You could ride my face and I could tongue fuck you hard."

Max sighed, as if Caroline eating her pussy was some great chore, and then huffed, "Alright fine. As long as we do this my way."

She then grabbed her girlfriend and kissed her roughly, Max trying to make it up to Caroline for sounding like she didn't love having the former heiress munching on her muffin. She did, she really did, but the thought of having a cock that size inside her was making Max insanely horny, and making her clearly forget about her silent promise to be nicer to Caroline so she didn't mess this up. Luckily kissing Caroline was a great way to distract from her winning personality, Max loving the feeling of her roommate's strap-on rubbing against her legs as she skilfully manoeuvred them to the bed, shoved Caroline backwards and then mounted her face.

Caroline could have happily spent another few hours just kissing Max, especially as she was enjoying two handfuls of the biggest tits she had ever seen. When she was denied those tits, and lips/tongue, Caroline let out a quiet protest, but as Max crawled on top of her Caroline quickly forgot all about complaining, her eyes even widening with glee and a crazed smile crossing her face as Max positioned her cunt directly above her and then lowered herself down.

Unwilling to wait Caroline pushed her head up so she could immediately start lapping away at Max's juices, her busty roommate moaning happily and pushed herself down so hard it felt like she was crushing Caroline's head in between the mattress and her deceptively heavy body. Oh it was heaven, Caroline more than happy to be crushed if the last thing she would see/taste was Max's pussy. Sure, it was only her second favourite part of Max's body, but while Caroline could happily suck her best friend's big tits all night long she couldn't make the other girl cum from just that, and she really liked pleasing Max. And of course, she loved Max's juices.

After a few minutes of licking Max moaned, "Mmmmmmmmm, oh fuck, we had a deal, remember?"

That was right, Caroline thought to herself in disappointment. She wanted to go back on it, wanted to tease Max for hours as punishment for her earlier behaviour, and then she wanted to make it up to her by tongue fucking her to multiple climaxes. Instead she stuck to the original agreement. Sort of. Sure, it was a little late, but despite what Max may think Caroline was pretty sure a little gentle lick was good to get her going before she shoved her tongue as deep inside her as it would go, which was exactly what she had done. Then Caroline took a few moments to enjoy the feeling of the brunette quivering around her tongue before she started to fuck her with it.

Unsurprisingly this caused her face to become very quickly covered in girl cream, Caroline wrapping her lips around Max's love hole in an attempt to swallow at least the majority of the juices she craved above anything else. Of course she didn't quite get it all as she was mainly concentrating on tongue fucking Max, but considering she was still new to this whole lesbianism thing Caroline was pretty proud of herself, and she never really minded having her face drenched with her girlfriend's love. After all, it was just a sign of Max's appreciation, as were her words.

"Ooooooooooohhhhhhhhhhhh Gawwwwwwwwwwwwwwd eat me! Eat my pussy! Oh fuck Caroline! Caroline!" Max cried out those words over and over again, but it mostly in a different order, for a few minutes, then she got more desperate for an orgasm and focused up, "Aaaaaaaaaaahhhhhhhhhhh fuckkkkkkkkkkkkkk, fucking eat my fucking cunt Caroline! Eat it like the little lesbian slut you are! Ohhhhhhhhhhhh Gooooooooooddddddddddd, tongue fuck me you fucking dyke! Fuck me as hard as you can as your face is drenched in my fucking cum when you fuck me with your big cock! Oooooooooooh yessssssssssssss, oooooooohhhhhhhhhhhh Gooooooooooooddddddddddd yeeeeeeeeeessssssssssss, tongue fuck me just like that, mmmmmmmmmm, good girl, mmmmmmmmmm, good little lesbian slut, aaaaaaaaaaahhhhhhhhhhh fuckkkkkkkkkkkkkk!"

After that Max became incoherent, but it didn't matter. Caroline was slamming her tongue in and out of her so hard and fast she knew she would be cumming in a matter of moments. Max could just relax and let her girlfriend do what it felt like God or whatever made her for, what came naturally, her purpose in life, eating pussy. Oh yes, Caroline Channing's purpose in life was to eat pussy. Specifically Max Black's pussy, Max not liking the idea of Caroline using that naturally gifted mouth and tongue of hers on any other woman, although despite what Caroline said she found it increasingly hard to believe her roommate hadn't spent every moment of her teens/20s, and perhaps whenever she was out of her sight, with her face buried in between other women's legs.

Trying to distract herself from that thought, and hurry along her orgasm, Max started grinding down on Caroline's pretty face, timing it with the incredibly slow thrusts of her secret girlfriend's tongue so that wet muscle went as deep inside her as it possibly could. Also, she had been playing with her breasts pretty much since the moment she sat down on Caroline's face, but now Max was practically tearing her nipples off she was squeezing and pinching them so roughly, giving her the little spark of pain which she so adored when experiencing this type of euphoria.

With an extra hard squeeze of her tits/nipples timed perfectly with a thrust from Caroline's tongue which curled upwards to hit her G-spot Max finally got what she craved, the type of climax which previously only Caroline Channing had given her. The type which had her cum literally squirting from her cunt, in this case drenching her lover in the process, although she could feel and hear Caroline making a valiant effort to swallow as much as she could before going right back to tongue fucking her like the greedy cum slut and wonderful girlfriend that she was, Max so overcome with joy in that moment tears literally fell from her eyes.

The amazing orgasm might have been messing with her mind but in that moment Max was completely overwhelmed by how much she loved Caroline Channing. She'd never felt so strongly before, and it scared the shit out of her, so naturally she looked for a distraction. Luckily that wasn't hard to find as Caroline's strap-on cock was right there waiting for her, and even though it was completely unnecessary as both the dildo and her cunt were as wet as they could be she leaned forward and swallowed the thing whole, Max frantically bobbing her head up and down as Caroline gave her orgasm after orgasm. Then she took the cock out of her mouth, reluctantly pulled her cunt away from Caroline's mouth and tongue, and turned herself around so that her pussy was hovering over the strap-on.

Once she had gotten herself into position Max grip firmly onto the toy and guided it against her entrance, biting her lip the entire time. She didn't normally start off with this position, and truth be told she couldn't remember the last time she even bothered with it. After all, if she was into the sex her favourite position was doggy style so she could feel slutty while the guy got to enjoy her curvy ass and if she wasn't into the sex her favourite position was missionary so she didn't have to waste precious energy on it. Ok, so sometimes it was the other way round so she wouldn't have to see the stupid guy's face or because she actually wanted to see that dumb face.

As much as Max liked Caroline's face the expression on it right now was a little off-putting given just how nervous the blonde was, which only added to the awkwardness of the situation, Max silently blaming Caroline for distracting her and thus causing her to miss her target the first couple of times. Even when she hit it Max was way too tense so the initial penetration caused her more pain than usual, the loud cry she let out doing absolutely nothing to help Caroline's nerves.

"Max! Are you alright?" Caroline asked nervously.

"I'm fine woman, damn... just give me a minute." Max grumbled.

That didn't exactly comfort Caroline and as Max was no good at comforting of any kind she opted for distraction, namely lowering herself further down on the dildo which caused her to moan in mostly pleasure. The toy cock was now stretching her far wider and deeper than her fingers which wasn't 100% pleasant, but it was around 80% enjoyable so the moan was in no way forced. Plus whatever stupid thing Caroline was thinking of saying seen to be forgotten as the former heiress soon became lost in just watching the show, Max making sure it was a good one for her lover.

Which involved bouncing up and down with as much enthusiasm as she'd ever shown during the beginning of sex, making her oversized melons bounce like some nature/God designed human lava lamp, Caroline's eyes again focusing on those two huge globes she had seemed to become obsessed with. Under other circumstances Max might have mocked her for it. Oh who was she kidding, she was definitely going to tease Caroline about her big lezzie obsession with her rack, it was just that Max was way too horny to do it now and risk ruining the mood. So Max concentrated on bouncing up and down on the fake dick, something which was becoming and increasingly easy task to do.

Even though this wasn't even close to how Caroline had imagined this happening she couldn't be more happy right now. She was always happy when Max's big tits were naked and directly in front of her, and she was doubly happy when they were jiggling up and down like they were now. Not that Caroline was any closer to understanding why that was, but she really didn't understand falling so hard for another woman when she had considered herself straight for so long, so her latent obsession with Max's tits was more of a symptom of a problem than an actual problem. Not that Caroline truly thought of this as a problem anymore, it was just.. a little bit awkward.

It was awkward to fall in love with your roommate/best friend regardless of gender, and it was awkward to have that best friend/roommate now jumping up and down on her in a very non-platonic way, but Caroline was too mesmerised by Max's boobs too really care at first. Then Max's big ass came to rest against Caroline's thighs, making the former heiress's eyes go wide as she realised now every single inch of that monster dildo was inside her best friend's cunt.

Finally looking away from Max's big boobs Caroline watched as her friend grinded herself on that toy cock, making the strap-on churn her insides, and then she began bouncing up and down again, slowly at first but with the seemingly never ending increasing speed until Max was hammering herself up and down on the toy while screaming in pleasure. It was then, when Max was wildly riding the dick strapped around Caroline's waist, that the former rich girl didn't know where to look anymore.

There was of course Max's big boobs which were jiggling more than ever, although it was almost so much Caroline couldn't really get a good look at them. Then there was Max's love hole stretching for that strap-on dildo, Caroline knowing she would have found the sight obscene only a few weeks ago, and she still kind of did, but she also found it incredibly hot. At the same time the only thing that Caroline felt she could get a proper look at was Max's face which was a beautiful mask of pleasure, and even then Max had a tendency to tilt her head backwards so she could let out an extra loud cry of pleasure, but then just how lost her friend was in this was at least half of the fun.

Max wasn't sure how long she stayed like that, bouncing on her friend's lap like some kind of insane Jack in the box, only way hotter. Because Max had many, many faults, but she never doubted her own hotness and despite what she may have said over the past few years Caroline was gorgeous. She wasn't doing a great job at showing it now, but then again even while staring like a moron Caroline Channing was stunning, so much so that they could charge admission to watch this little show and pay their rent for a year. Which, despite her jokes, Max probably wouldn't resort too, but it was kind of hot.

In her mind Max could picture it so vividly it was like it was actually happening. A large crowd of men and women watching as she had lesbian sex with former rich girl Caroline Channing, the two friends not only charging admission but forcing their audience to cough up more cash to see them break out sex toys like this. In Max's fevered mind the audience was only too happy to do so, men and women alike handing over big wads of cash so they could watch Max riding a dildo strapped around Caroline's waist just like this with an audience cheering them on while gleefully masturbating, for an additional charge of course.

The fantasy actually drove Max to ride the dildo harder and faster until she found herself on the edge of orgasm, Max just about to go over that edge when she was rudely interrupted by Caroline flipping them over so that the thin blonde was resting all her weight on top of the busty brunette. Initially this caused burning rage to flood Max's body and she opened her mouth to give her roommate a piece of her mind, but before she could get the words out Caroline gave her this indescribable look.

For some ungodly reason it made her actually want to cum, and about a minute later she actually did cum when Caroline began fucking her. It was awkward and unfocused at first, and it still remained kind of awkward, but Caroline quickly established a rhythm and then kept building it up until Max's pussy was clenching on the dick and her whole body was being racked with pleasure. And instead of the hard object inside her suddenly going limp, often without a rubber to catch the goo spurting from it, Caroline only fucked her harder, Max once again cumming multiple times because of it which sent her to cloud nine.

Caroline had no idea what had come over her, and honestly it kind of scared her, but she was too preoccupied with the words 'fucking Max, fucking Max, oh my God I can't believe I'm fucking Max' repeating over and over again in her head. When she finally gained a bit of sense she realised how ridiculous the thought was considering she'd fucked Max before and had gone to great lengths to be able to fuck her again. Still, to do it like this was pretty overwhelming. Fun though. Really, really fun.

For all her anxiety at trying this Caroline could have never imagined how awesome it would be to fuck Max like this. Or how natural it would feel. Sure, it was kind of weird, and she really had no idea what she was doing, well sort of but not really, oh who cares this was great. She was fucking her best friend Max Black, pounding the pussy of the closest female friend she'd ever had, and it made her feel awesome. And powerful. And... dominant? Maybe she shouldn't be feeling that, but she totally did, and while Caroline was sure a therapist would have a field day on that line of thinking, focusing on it was causing her to slow down the force of her thrusts, which deeply displeased Max from the sound of her groans.

So Caroline ignored the worrying thoughts in her head in favour of fucking her best friend... her girlfriend as hard as she could. Yes, she was fucking her girlfriend. Using a strap-on dildo to pound the pussy of her girlfriend like a total lesbian stud, Caroline proving she could be a good girlfriend by making Max cum over and over again. And she knew for a fact that was exactly what she was doing because she remembered every little detail of their past times together, and if anything she was making Max cum harder than ever.

Her reward was an orgasm or two of her own thanks to the constant rubbing her clit with every thrust, but while they were satisfying enough they couldn't compare to what she experienced from Max's tongue, mouth and fingers. That was ok with Caroline though, because this wasn't about her. This was about Max. Specifically it was about her showing Max she could give her just as much pleasure as a man, if not more. That she could sexually please the other girl. That she could give her girlfriend, the gorgeous loudmouth Max Black, all the orgasms she could handle and more, Caroline feeling very proud of herself as it seemed like she did just that.

She didn't. Caroline gave Max more orgasms than she'd ever received during sex with a dude, but the skinny blonde could only fuck the curvy brunette like a dude for so long until she collapsed with exhaustion down on top of her. As Max was perhaps on the greatest high she had ever known, and she'd sampled some pretty awesome highs, she rolled Caroline onto her back without allowing the dildo to fall out of her pussy and then started to bounce on that cock again. Unfortunately Max was tired to, and the interruption totally ruined her high. Luckily she had a planned to get it back.

"Hey Caroline." Max gasped, a little surprised by just how exhausted she sounded, "Remind me, you ever done anal?"

Caroline grimaced, "Ewww, no. I told you Max, I've never done anal."

"Well..." Max grinned, grabbing a tight hold of the dildo as she pulled herself off of it, readjusted herself and then pushed downwards, "Now you have."

Technically Max hadn't got the dildo through her ass hole yet, but she was making a point. A point it took Caroline a couple of seconds to get, and then when she did the look on her face was totally worth what came next. In fact Max wished she'd thought to reach over and grab her phone so she could take a picture of Caroline's face and save it as her background because it really was priceless. Oh well, she'd just have to remember this, which wouldn't be too difficult as Max didn't think she would ever forget impaling her ass hole on a dildo strapped around the waist of her female roommate/first ever girlfriend.

It was just so thrilling Max barely noticed the pain of her back hole stretching to accommodate that dildo, at least until that hole stretched wide enough to allow the head of the cock to pass through it, and even then the pain was totally worth the scandalised look on Caroline's face. It was also worth the pain that followed, although that pain was mixed with a lot of pleasure. Most of it was mental, like the fact that the rest of the toy cock slipped in easier despite being bigger than any real cock she had ever taken because it was so thoroughly coated in her cum, which turned out to be much better lubricant than her saliva or whatever her boyfriend at the time could find.

Once the strap-on dick was buried completely inside her fat ass and Max started bouncing up and down sort of, but not quite, as before the physical pleasure intensified and that combined with the sheer nastiness of what she was doing had her approaching her high in no time. This was normally about the time the guy she was with would blow his load and she would finish herself off while pushing his cum out into a toilet, only this time that was impossible so instead the pain faded away completely and Max was overwhelmed by some truly intense stimulation coming from deep within her butt, Max feeling like a dirty little whore and loving it.

Caroline felt like she was definitely brain-dead for however long it took Max to shove that dildo up her butt and start anally riding her like some kind of porn star. She was just so overwhelmed that Max was actually doing this. Of course she had always known Max was a dirty girl, she'd even bragged about taking it up the ass like it was something to be proud of, but to actually be involved in the equation in this way? Oh it was perverted, and yet undeniably thrilling. It made Caroline disgusted with herself to even think it, but she couldn't help it, it was just so outside her comfort zone it was wild, and she didn't do wild nearly enough.

In all her strategic planning Caroline had somehow never considered that Max might want anal. After all, while Max had confessed to a sort of liking it supposedly it hadn't feel great for her and she'd never cum from it, although Caroline supposed that was because no man could have his dick in a hole this tight and not blow his load. Hell, Caroline couldn't even feel it like a man would and yet from the effort it took for Max to bounce up and down it was clear that it was a tight squeeze, and there was a certain added pressure to her stimulator which was hard to describe. And whether it was because of Max's shameless moans of pleasure or something dark and twisted inside of her Caroline realised to her horror that she was actually getting off on this. Actually getting off on her best friend turned girlfriend abusing her butt hole in a way which was a crime against nature.

Caroline's cheeks burned with shame at this revelation, especially as she was having to grind her teeth to prevent herself from asking Max to turn around. It was unbelievably embarrassing, but Caroline really wanted to see exactly what was happening. It was incredibly sexy just to see just how wet Max's empty pussy was, or how beautiful Max looked when her face was awash with pleasure, and the blonde thought she would never get tired of watching the brunette's big boobs bounce up and down as the other girl continued to anally ride her strap-on, but no matter how much she tried not to Caroline wanted to see Max's ass being abused in this obscene way.

Which was why no matter how much she tried Caroline couldn't stop herself from mumbling, "Turn around."

Frowning Max opened her eyes and looked down, "What?"

"Tu, turn around." Caroline stammered, blushing furiously and not meeting the other girl's eyes, "I, I wanna see."

There was a moment's pause, then Caroline risked looking back up again and blushed even more as she saw the wicked grin on Max's face. She thought for sure that the sarcastic brunette was going to make fun of her, or at least tear her a new ass hole, but instead she lifted herself up slightly, turned around and showed Caroline her ass hole. Max showed Caroline her obscenely stretched cock filled ass hole, the brunette slowly moving so that the blonde's dildo never fully left her ass, and then once she was facing away from Caroline in the reverse cowgirl position Max slammed her ass down so hard her cheeks jiggled. She then made her cheeks jiggle even more as Max began joyfully abusing her own butt again, eventually reaching behind her and spreading those cheeks so Caroline could have the best few possible of her roommate's ass hole stretching for her cock.

"Like what you see, huh Caroline? Do you like what you see?" Max taunted with a grin on her face while trying to pull her ass cheeks wider apart, "Do you like seeing your big cock in my fat ass? Huh? Do you? Answer me! Do you like seeing my big fat ass taking your cock deep inside it, my nasty dyke butt your personal fuck hole, mmmmmmmmm, your big dick sliding in and out of the hole I shit from, ohhhhhhhhhhh, formerly rich girl Caroline Channing sticking her strap-on dick up my dirt poor pooper, oooooooooooh aaaaaaaaahhhhhhhhhhhh fuckkkkkkkkkkkkk, are you getting off on this you nasty bitch?"

"Yes." Caroline whimpered.

"Good." Max growled, taking her hands off of her cheeks and increasing her speed.

The best thing about anal sex was that it made Max feel like a total slut. Actually that had been the best part of it, when the cock in her ass had been 'real' and ready to blow at any second. The best thing about the anal sex Max was having right now was the amazing pleasure she was feeling, and considering how good Caroline was at getting her off that was really saying something. That amazing physical pleasure combined with the mental stimulation of acting like a total slut by having anal sex, and lesbian anal sex at that meaning it was a taboo on top of a taboo, made Max become completely lost on the perverted act of anal sex.

Ever since she had accepted the fact that she had non-platonic feelings for Caroline Channing, and she actually wanted to explore these feelings, Max had made a conscious effort to be nicer to her roommate. She only made fun of her when it was absolutely necessary, constantly showed appreciation for her rocking body and even sincerely complimented the other girl on a regular basis. She even cut down the swearing, something which Caroline barely approved of in real life, and the skinny blonde had confessed that she hated dirty talked during sex. Which was a shame, because Max loved it, and the closer to orgasm she got the more verbal she became.


It had been so fun to reach back and spread her cheeks to expose just how widely her ass hole was stretching for the cock pumping in and out of it, and it was even more fun to simply bounce her ass up and down in the reverse cowgirl position. However she was close to her first anal induced orgasm that Max felt she had to do more. At first she just rubbed her clit, which was wonderful but she wanted to see if she could cum just from being fucked up the ass, officially making her the biggest whore she knew, and since Caroline's cock couldn't go soft Max decided to take a risk.

So doing something she'd seen in a porno one-time Max lifted herself into a crouching position, awkwardly pulled out her knees from underneath her and then lifted herself up, then she reached behind her and gripped the bed sheets with both hands, all with the dildo never leaving her ass. Once she had bounced herself properly she started slamming her big booty up and down Caroline's shaft with every ounce of her strength, this new position allowing her to abuse her back door so hard and roughly it felt like only seconds later that she screamed hysterically and that her cum seem to squirt right across the room, Max becoming berserk as she shamelessly rode Caroline's strap-on dildo to the most powerful orgasms of her life.

Caroline had adjusted to being a lesbian pretty quickly. She had načvely thought earlier today that there was no aspect of sex which could shock/scandalise her anymore, but being forced to butt fuck her roommate/girlfriend reminded Caroline just what a sheltered life she'd really lived. Because this was the most scandalous thing she'd ever seen, and she had been part of a pretty big scandal, but this was something which felt out of this world. Oh, if they had been together back then, Max could have sold her affair to the media, told them all about how Caroline Channing was a perverted lesbian slut who liked to fuck her fat ass with a strap-on dildo. Caroline wasn't sure it could have made her feel any worse back then, and if she'd known how much she and Max would need the money she might have tried to sell that kind of story herself.

The most perverted part of this extremely sick and twisted act was that Caroline actually found herself getting off on it. Sure, she had loved watching Max's big tits bouncing with every thrust, her cunt leaking cream and her face awash with pleasure, but Caroline actually thought she was going to cum on the spot when Max pulled apart her giant ass cheeks to show off just how widely her ass hole was stretched around the strap-on sliding in and out of it, and she thought she was going to cum when Max started bouncing up and down without her hands touching her backside, meaning those meaty cheeks jiggled right in front of her face. And yeah, Caroline had felt those that filled cheeks jiggle when Max was in cowgirl, but when her girlfriend turned around and she could actually see those cheeks jiggling, oh Caroline thought she was going to cum like Max did moments later.

It made Caroline so proud of herself when she made Max cum, and the other girl had squirted into her mouth and onto her face before, but Caroline had never seen anyone cum as hard or as often as Max came with a dick up her fat ass. Wanting to help her cum even harder Caroline found herself grabbing onto Max's hips and slamming her own hips upwards, driving the strap-on dildo even deeper into her business partner's bowels, the 2 broke girls working together to literally ruin Max's rectum. Which of course wasn't Caroline's intention, but after this brutal butt fucking she just didn't see how Max could even walk again, let alone sit down. At least not without agonising pain.

Despite this very real concern for the woman she loved with all her heart Caroline just couldn't stop herself from pounding upwards with all her strength, and not just because she wanted to give Max pleasure. Caroline wished she could tell herself it was all for Max's benefit, but the truth was this was making her feel more powerful than anything, that mind blowing dominance combining with whatever was inside her harness to bring her to a very satisfying climax. Sure, her cum didn't squirt out of her with the force that Max's cream did, but she also wasn't a complete wreck by the end like Max was when she collapsed down on top of her and in the next few minutes wasn't whimpering, quivering and crying as Caroline simply held her and cooed softly encouraging words into her ear.

"You." Max gasped after a long pause, "You are going to do that to me every single day from now on. No exceptions."

Caroline grinned, "I can live with that."


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