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Authors note: This is a story based on 2 Broke Girls and takes place during Episode 2 of Series 3.

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2 Broke Girls: 2 Broke Girls In Love Part 5
by MTL ([email protected])

Caroline Channing used to pride herself on being a nice 'normal' girl. Now she was pretty much sure she was 100% gay. Or at least 100% gay for Max Black, her best friend/roommate turned girlfriend. Her old self wouldn't have considered that normal, but then again her definition of normal had changed over the last few years, for both the better and not so better, but mainly the better. Her obsession with Max's boobs could be just about considered normal. After all, they were so massive Caroline had found herself staring at them when she was convinced she was straight. What wasn't normal was her new obsession with Max's fat ass, and specifically what she wanted to do to it. What she had done last night and couldn't stop thinking about.

See, last night Caroline had done what she had never imagined herself doing. She had ass fucked another woman. Her girlfriend Max Black had talked her into using a strap-on dildo, and then after some admittedly enjoyable cowgirl where Caroline got to enjoy Max's huge boobs bouncing for her the brunette turned round and shoved that big sex toy up her big fat ass. It should have revolted Caroline, but honestly it was the hottest thing she'd ever experienced, and she spent the whole of the next day thinking about little else but ass fucking the woman she loved. And not just a gentle butt fucking. No, Caroline wanted to wreck that big booty.

What was worse was that Max knew, or at least suspected, what Caroline was thinking, because she kept flashing Caroline flirtatious looks and wiggling her big behind at her like a red flag in front of a bull. Okay, so she did that anyway, but it felt like she was doing it at least twice as much today and it was driving Caroline crazy. She tried to get her revenge by squeezing that fat ass every chance she got, and even smacked it a few times when they were alone together, but that totally backfired and send her lust into overdrive to the point it was a miracle they weren't caught and when they finally got back to their apartment she was all over her secret girlfriend.

The only time during the entire day Caroline wasn't lusting over Max's fat butt was about a minutes after she got her girlfriend into their bed, which was when she almost literally tore Max's ugly uniform and bra off and attacked the other woman's enormous tits. She then spent a few long minutes in boob heaven, rubbing her face all over those massive juggs before finally taking one of Max's nipples into her mouth and sucking on it greedily. She then do the same to the other, going back and forth for quite a while, but even then her hand slid down to Max's big ass as if her body was trying to remind her exactly what she wanted to do to this ridiculously curvy woman, who deserved everything she was about to get for teasing Caroline all day long.

"Bend over!" Caroline practically yelled in Max's face, "I want that ass!"

Max grinned wickedly, and immediately did as she was told. If it had been anyone else she would have mocked them for being bossy or something, and Max did have to push down the desire to tease the blonde on how this was quite the change from yesterday, but honestly having Caroline being so forceful with her, and lusting over her ass, was just too hot to risk ruining Caroline's mood. Max loved the way that her girlfriend lusted after her big boobs, but because of it her ass had ended up feeling neglected. Wanting to change that Max made sure to shake her fat ass when she got up and on all fours, making her juicy cheeks jiggle and ripple, which in turn made Caroline growl with lust.

"You want this ass?" Max teased now Caroline was nice and distracted.

"Fuck yeah." Caroline moaned softly, "Oh my God Max, you're ass is sooooooo hot. Mmmmmm, I wanna fuck it! Oh yeah, I wanna fuck it just like I did last night, only harder!"

"Oh really? The high and mighty Caroline Channing wants to fuck my big fat ass, huh? Well, how about she earns it?" Max teased, slowly pulling down her underwear to reveal her ass in all its glory, "How about she earns the right to fuck my ass by licking my little ass hole and getting it all nice and ready for her big dick?"

"Ewww..." Caroline responded automatically, before almost immediately adding dreamily, "Okay."

With that Caroline buried her face in Max's big butt and did the same thing she had been doing to her boobs a few seconds ago. Namely rub her face all over the soft flesh, which initially made Max have to stifle a giggle, especially when Caroline literally motor-boated her booty. But then Caroline stuck out her tongue and began greedily licking her ass hole with more initial enthusiasm than she had ever shown for eating her pussy, making Max wonder if Caroline had in fact been thinking about this throughout the day half as much as she had. God, she hoped so. That would be hot. Almost as hot as looking back and seeing Caroline's beautiful face buried in between her butt cheeks.

After practically suffocating herself for a few long minutes Caroline came up for air and whimpered, "God Max, your ass taste so good. I can't believe it tastes this good!"

Again Max was tempted to mock Caroline for this, and even opened her mouth to do so, but was able to resist as she didn't want to spoil the mood. Besides, Caroline buried her face back in her ass the second she was done talking, even diving down she said those final words, so all that came out of Max's mouth was a long loud moan and a couple of swear words. It continued to be that way for a few long minutes as Caroline gave her the most passionate rim job of her life, even switching from licking her ass hole to trying to push her tongue inside it. And after the fucking her ass had taken yesterday she succeeded, Caroline's tongue pretty much completely burying itself in Max's butt and then starting to fuck it.

Then after a few minutes of hammering Max's ass with her tongue Caroline swapped it for a finger, which she rubbed against the other girl's very wet pussy lips before pushing it into her back hole so it slid in like a hot knife through butter, causing both women to moan loudly and then Caroline followed up with, "Wow Max you're so tight."

"That's surprising, considering how many guys have been up there." Max grinned, unable to stop herself, "And you, of course."

Looking back over her shoulder Max was surprised that Caroline didn't even roll her eyes, let alone offer up any sort of retort. No, she just started fingering her ass, giving up a nice and steady thrust which made Max moan with pleasure. Fuck, she loved anal. There was nothing in the world like getting her ass fucked, and while she'd prefer a big cock a little fingering was a nice appetizer. Especially as she was like 90% sure that Caroline was about to strap on a dick and pound her slutty ass. Which granted wasn't as good as the 100% she always got with guys, but it was still really good, and considering the way Caroline had been acting today, and the way she was looking at her right now, Max wasn't worried at all.

Proving that her friend had been right not to worry Caroline pulled her finger out after a few minutes, roughly smacked Max's ass and ordered, "Finger your own ass while I go get the strap-on."

Not needing to be told twice Max reached back and slammed a finger up her own ass hole, which was easy after Caroline's attention. She then glared at the blonde and prompted her, "Well..."

Caroline blinked for a few seconds, waking herself up from her haze of lust from having Max violate herself without even bothering to lubricate her finger first. Then she mumbled some apology and literally tripped herself up trying to get the strap-on as fast as she could. When she found it she immediately turned back to Max who now had two fingers inside her butt hole, and was taking a third in as Caroline fumbled to step into the harness, pull it up her thighs and then secure it around her waist. Then she almost returned to the bed without remembering the lube, Caroline cursing herself, running back and applying a generous amount before literally jumping on the bed behind her best friend turned girlfriend and smacked her ass again.

"Spread your cheeks bitch!" Caroline ordered with a surprising level of confidence, "I want the best possible view of my big dick owning your slutty little ass hole!"

There was a long pause in which Caroline worried she had gone too far, then she heard Max reply, "I don't know what's got into you, but I like it. And I know what's about to get into me. Spoiler alert, it's your big dick. Mmmmmmm yeah, I want every single inch of that big dick of yours in my fat ass. Come on Caroline, own my hole! Fuck my bitch hole! Fuck it like you own it!"

As she spoke Max slowly pulled her fingers out of her own ass, reached back and pulled her meaty cheeks as wide apart as possible, once again causing Caroline to get lost in the beautiful sight before her. Then she snapped out of it, grabbed a firm hold of her dick and guided it to her target. She then spent a few long seconds rubbing it up and down Max's crack, mostly just to annoy her roommate, but there was only so long she could wait before pressing the tip of that toy cock firmly against Max's ass hole. When she did that slutty back door let her in without too much fuss, Caroline practically drooling as she watched Max's slutty ass swallow the head of her big dick.

Even as her ass hole stretched obscenely wide to swallow the head of the dildo Max moaned in pure pleasure, swore and begged for more, Caroline giving the shameless anal slut what she wanted before her begging could even pick up steam. Given that whenever she stopped Max begged for more Caroline only stopped a couple of times before just give a continuous thrust, the entire time Max spreading her cheeks to give Caroline the best possible look of her dick disappearing into that obscenely stretched butt hole. Then just when she didn't think it could get any better her thighs came to rest against those meaty cheeks, announcing that she had buried every inch of her strap-on dildo into Max's slutty ass.

Which was a fact which of course made Max swear with joy, "Oh fuck yeah, mmmmmmm, that feel soooooooo gooooooodddddddd! Mmmmmmm, your cock feels so good in my ass. Fuck, you've got every inch in me now don't you Caroline? Ooooooooh yeahhhhhhhhhh, every single inch of your big cock up my slutty gay butt! Mmmmmmm yeah, and now I want you to fuck it. Ohhhhhhhh fuck yeah, fuck my big fat ass! Pound it hard and deep and make my juicy cheeks jiggle for you! Please? Please pound me, pound my slutty little ass hole, pound it hard and deep and make me cum. Come on Caroline, fuck me like a whore! Fuck me like the nasty little anal whore I am! Fucking fuck me! Just fucking, ooooooooohhhhhhhhhh fuckkkkkkkkkkkk yeahhhhhhhhhh, fuck me, oh fuck!"

For a few seconds Caroline paused to savour the sight of her thighs pressed firmly against Max's juicy cheeks, and the other woman's shameless begging, but she couldn't wait any longer than that to start officially butt fucking her best friend turned so much more. When she did Max's words dissolved into random swear words in between all the moaning, groaning and whimpering of pleasure. Yet she still spread her meaty cheeks, meaning Caroline had a perfect view of her strap-on sliding in and out of that obscenely stretched back door, which Caroline loved more than she could have ever imagined. True, outside of today that wasn't saying much, but that didn't make it any less surprising. Not that Caroline could really think about it now, as she was just too lost in the breath-taking sight in front of her.

Max also was surprised about how much she was loving this. Sort of. She knew she loved butt sex, however this was only her second time getting her big butt fucked by another girl, and wow, she should have been doing this for years. True, she missed the warmth of a real dick, and to feel it throbbing inside her, but every real dick she'd had up her ass had been seconds away from cumming at this point, and while Max loved the nasty feeling of a guy blowing his load deep into her rectum, and having his sperm slowly dripping from her ass hole for days afterwards, it couldn't compare with the multiple anally induced orgasms she had received last time she had taken this strap-on up her ass. The only thing that came close was Caroline gently pumping her ass, proving Max was an even bigger anal slut than she originally thought.

Even though she had no intention of admitting it out loud one of the reasons this was so wonderful was it was Caroline doing this to her. She had rarely cared about the guys she'd let fuck her, especially not up the ass, but Caroline was special. She actually loved Caroline. Also despite it not actually being part of her Caroline was effortlessly better with her dick than most of the guys Max had been with. And she somehow seemed to enjoy it even more than them, even though again her dick wasn't real, meaning that she couldn't feel the intoxicating penetration like a guy would have, or even as Max did. Yet as she looked over her shoulder at her roommate Max could clearly see that Caroline was enjoying the hell out of this.

It was kind of ironic considering Caroline had been very vocal about never wanting to try anal sex. Apparently after last night she didn't have the same objections when it was someone else's ass getting fucked. Which was lucky for Max, because the idea of last night being a one time thing was a nightmare for her. Fortunately it looked like this would become a regular thing, and even though it didn't seem possible it might get even better considering Caroline was gaining confidence with every thrust, and the gentle butt pumping she was dishing out was helping her rectum to relax to the point that any discomfort quickly faded away and all Max felt was pure pleasure.

Through it all Caroline's gaze was locked onto the dildo pumping in and out of Max's ass hole, Max spreading her cheeks the entire time to give her girlfriend the best possible look at her stretched hole. Which for a while was pure heaven, but Max was greedy. It was probably a byproduct of being poor. She didn't have much, but sex was always free, at least when you were smoking hot as she was, and if she wanted hard butt sex all she had to do was ask and the loser she was currently with would gladly pound her fat ass for as long as he could before blowing his load. Which again, was not enough to make her cum, but remembering the sensation always got her off later. With Caroline that wouldn't be necessary, so it didn't take long for her to beg for more.

"Oooooooooh fuck me! Fuck me harder! Fuck my ass hard and make me cum." Max begged, "Fuck me, mmmmmmm, fuck my big fat ass hard and deep. Ohhhhhhhh yeahhhhhhhh, make that big booty bounce for you Caroline. Mmmmmmm yeah, make my fat butt jiggle like jelly as you pound it hard and make me fucking cum like the anal whore I am!"

Caroline was startled when she heard Max's voice. She even looked away from the other girl's obscenely stretched ass hole to look at her face. Then she blinked a few times, and then tightened her grip so she could give Max what she wanted. After all, she was a very giving person, at least when Max was involved, and normally Max was such a force of nature she got her own way anyway. But not this time, Caroline decided with an evil grin. No, she knew from the other things that they had happened together that a little teasing made you cum faster, harder and more frequently later on, and again she was a very giving person when it came to Max and wanted to give her the most pleasure possible.

If Caroline was honest though the main reason she was doing this was for selfish reasons. Because it felt like she had only just started fucking Max's fat ass, and she wanted more. She would always want more. Max Black's big fat ass was like a drug for Caroline, one it felt like she had only barely tasted and yet she was already completely hooked on and desperate for as much as she could get. So she ignored Max for what felt like hours. No matter what she said, what she bribed or threatened her with, or how desperately Max begged Caroline just continued gently pumping Max's big butt, and the brunette just kept on spreading her cheeks throughout as a sign that however much she hated the teasing she didn't want Caroline to stop fucking her ass. Which was good, because Caroline had no intention of stopping.

All of a sudden that was exactly what Caroline did, pulling the full length of her cock out of Max's fat ass, slapping those cheeks hard enough to make them shake and ordered, "Get on your back! I want to see those big tits bounce for me while I fuck that dyke ass of yours."

Without a single hesitation Max did as she was told, flipping over onto her back and even grabbing both her legs so she could pull them back and give Caroline access to her slutty ass hole without blocking the view of those big tits. This had Caroline grinning wickedly, especially as she took a few long seconds to stare at Max's ass hole which was already slightly gaping. Then she shuffled forward and slowly pushed her cock back into Max's fat ass, not stopping until every single inch was buried in the other woman's bowels. Caroline then savoured the moment, grinning down at her girlfriend until Max got fed up and opened her mouth again.

Then and only then did Caroline start ass fucking the other girl again, whatever Max was going to say quickly forgotten in favour of more moans, gasps, cries and whimpers of pleasure and frustration as she re-established the slow and steady rhythm she had been using to take Max's fat ass before. Except maybe a little harder. Just a bit. Then a lot harder, Caroline slowly pushing Max as close to the edge of orgasm as she thought she could without letting her go over it, and then stopping completely. She then repeated the process. The best thing? The entire time Max's massive boobs bounced and jiggled with every little thrust, and the harder Caroline fucked that ass the more they bounced and jiggled, meaning that for the next few minutes, or however long it was, Caroline was pretty much in heaven.

Max meanwhile was in hell. A hell where she was tortured through anal pleasure, probably making this homophobes hell, but nevertheless she was suffering. And no matter what she said or did the woman who claim to love her just kept torturing her with the most amazing ass fucking of her life. The only thing which kept her sane was knowing that when she did eventually cum it would almost definitely be the most powerful climax of her life. Or more likely, climaxes. Yes, the thought of that pleasure to come kept her sane. That and the thought of what she would do to Caroline in retaliation for this mixture of ecstasy and agony.

At first she considered stealing that strap-on, tying Caroline down so she couldn't get away and shoving it up her ass. But no, Max would never do something like that to Caroline, no matter how mad she was at her. Besides no matter how desperately needy she became for an orgasm on some level Max enjoyed this. Hell, some sadistic part of her loved it even more because the pleasure was practically painful. And if Caroline wanted to torture her through sex, Max could more than repay the favour with a nice long pussy licking. Maybe she'd keep that tied up idea, because she was sure Caroline would look great in bondage.

Then Caroline could return the favour. Tie Max up and ravage her ass for hours. So, like tonight except Max would literally be helpless. Caroline's helpless little anal slut. Yes, Max like that idea, even if it did eventually fail to keep her sane, her words dissolving into mindless whimpers, her hands falling down around her sides and her legs slipping onto Caroline's shoulders. Max wasn't sure how long Caroline butt fucked her like that, but by the time Caroline pulled her strap-on out of her ass again she was nothing but a mindless animal and would have eagerly done anything to cum. Luckily for her what she had to do wasn't complicated at all.

"I'm tired of doing all the work." Caroline announced, lying down before continuing, "Ride me slut. And make sure you're facing away from me. I want to see that big booty bounce as you make yourself cum."

Scrambling to do as she was told Max practically jumped on the dildo, her gaped butt hole easily accepting and then sliding down the shaft so it felt like she was sitting on Caroline's lap in seconds. She then started bouncing up and down, reasonably gently at first just so she could get a rhythm started, but then she quickly built on the speed and power until she was almost definitely literally wrecking her own rectum. Which would have been totally worth it for the incredible climax she soon received, Max throwing her head back and letting out a deafening scream as her cum started violently squirting from her cunt as whatever was left of her mind completely melted.

Caroline was initially annoyed because Max mounted her face to face instead of facing away, but ultimately she decided to take pity on her as she was obviously so desperate to cum. Also even though she'd been Jonesing to see those meaty cheeks jiggle feeling them against her thighs was almost just as good, and seeing Max's huge boobs practically smacking her in the face more than made up for it. Perhaps most of all she loved the sensation of Max's cum squirting onto her stomach, and at one point even tits, the whole time Caroline just leaning back and enjoying the view. Well, except for occasionally smacking that big booty, but who could blame her?

Although during what was probably the fifth strike Caroline did yell out, "I said face the other way bitch!"

Caroline wasn't expecting anything from that, especially given how glazed over Max's eyes looked, but to her surprise the curvier woman lifted herself up and turned around mid thrust and suddenly Caroline was confronted with what had to be the best butt on Earth. She wasn't sure how long she spent staring at that big jiggly butt as it wobbled like jelly in an earthquake, or how much Max came, or even how much she came, the stimulator within the harness and the sheer joy of brutalising Max's fat ass eventually catching up with her, but it felt like hours, and she was sure that it was at least one since they had started the sodomy.

All Caroline really knew was that one moment Max was anally riding her like her life literally depended on her destroying her own ass hole, then Max was collapsing back down on top of her. Then, despite the significant weight difference and her normal lack of strength, Caroline rolled them over so Max was lying on her stomach and she was lying on top of her and then she began using every ounce of her strength to fuck that fat ass again, triggering yet more orgasms for them both as she desperately tried to make those cheeks jiggle as much as they had been a few seconds ago. She didn't quite manage it, but they still jiggled plenty.

Caroline didn't know how long she fucked that big booty, or where she found the strength to continue considering she had felt exhausted when she had ordered Max to take over the thrusting. She wasn't even sure how she turned her over in the first place. It probably had something to do with a primal need, like how animals were capable of gnawing off their limbs to escape a trap. And that's all the 2 broke girls were now, animals, one relentlessly pounding into her mate as they both experienced pure ecstasy. The only difference was that Max was no longer able to talk, while in her current state of mind Caroline was more than willing to take over.

"Take it, take it, take it, take it, fucking take it!" Caroline repeated over and over again before completely losing control of what she was saying, "Take it up your fat ass! Oh my God, I can't believe how much I'm loving it! Mmmmmmm yeahhhhhhhhh, I'm loving your big fat ass. I love fucking your big jiggly butt! Mmmmmmm, it's so hot! I love it, ooooooooh fuck, and so do you. Ohhhhhhhhh yeahhhhhhh, you love it up the ass! You love my big dick in your tiny little ass hole, mmmmmmmm, pounding your big juicy dyke butt, oooooooooh Max, I'm cumming again. Aaaaaaaaaahhhhhhhhhhh fuckkkkkkkkkkkkk yesssssssssss, oooooooooohhhhhhhhhh Goooooooddddddd, I'm cumming from fucking your big fat ass and so are you. Oh God yes, cum for me Max! Cum for me as I slam your little butt hole. Ohhhhhhhhhh God, you wanted me to own this hole, huh Max? Well I will, and you'll bend over all the time from now on because I want to do this every day! I want to fuck this big jiggly gay ass of yours daily, and you're going to let me, because I now own your fat ass! Ohhhhhhhhhhh yeahhhhhhhhh, it's my fucking property! Mmmmmmm my hole to fuck! Oh my God Max, I love your ass! I fucking love your big fat queer ass! OOOOOOOOOOHHHHHHHHHHHH MAAAAAAXXXXXXXX AAAAAAAAAAHHHHHHHHHHHHH FUCKKKKKKKKKKKKKKK!"

Max was impressed just how long Caroline was able to remain coherent, but not as impressed as how long and hard Caroline pounded her big butt and made them both cum in the process. Needless to say if Max wasn't in love with Caroline before she was 100% now, especially because of the filthy words coming out of her mouth. Max was pretty sure that Caroline didn't mean them, at least not the last few, but Max was determined that she would. She wanted spoiled little rich girl Caroline Channing to own her fat ass and fuck it every single day. Ideally with only an hour or two in between each butt fucking, however Max may be able to break for longer if it meant eating Caroline's yummy pussy or something.

Of course Max thought most of this after Caroline collapsed down onto her back in a sweaty heap, the 2 broke girls panting for breath as they slowly recovered from the hellacious ass wrecking they'd just enjoyed together. Or at least their minds recovered. It would be a while before most of Max's body recovered, and she wasn't sure her slutty little ass hole would ever be the same again. In fact she knew it wouldn't be, because it was now in love with Caroline Channing. Oh yes, her slutty little ass hole was in love with Caroline Channing, or perhaps Caroline Channing's big dick, and really wanted more of the heaven it had just encountered.

Those thoughts gave Max the strength to roll them over so they were both on their backs, pull herself off of the dildo and turn around so she could stuff that ass cream coated strap-on into her mouth. She then closed her eyes and moaned happily. Max always liked the taste of her own ass, ever since she tried it on a dare, but she had resisted the urge last night because she didn't want to freak out Caroline more than she already had. She now regretted it, because unlike all the other cocks that had been up her butt this one wasn't going soft anytime soon, meaning that there was a lot more yummy ass juice she could collect, and now Max was determined to get every drop of it.

Even better, although Max would have found that hard to believe before she opened her eyes, Caroline was looking down at her with pure lust as she did this. Which of course made Max suck and slurp to the strap-on even more passionately than before and there her mouth rest of the way down so she was deep throating the entire length, locking eyes with Caroline the entire time. Then she began bobbing her head up and down again, just as she had done at the start, Caroline not only reaching down to caress her long brunette locks but she actually provided commentary again, which as before made Max's heart flutter with delight.

"Yesssssss, suck it Max! Mmmmmm, fucking suck it! Suck it, suck it, suck it!" Caroline moaned, so lost in the blow job she almost thought she could actually feel it like a guy could, "Suck my big dick! Mmmmmm yeah, clean that cock of your big fat slutty ass! Oh Max, you're making me feel like such a guy. Ohhhhhhh yeah, I feel like I could blow my fucking load down your throat right now. Mmmmmm, or maybe all over that pretty face of yours. Oh yeah, I love the thought of that. Me fucking you up the ass and then shooting my load all over your beautiful face. Ooooooh, I'm almost tempted to take off this cock and shove you face first into my cunt so I can actually kind of do that. But do you know what I want even more? Do you?

"What?" Max replied after reluctantly removing her mouth from the thoroughly cleaned dick.

"Some more slut ass." Caroline grinned, "I want some more of that big fat slutty ass of yours."

"Then take it." Max challenged, bending over before Caroline could waste any more time talking, "Take my slut butt Caroline! Mmmmmm fuck my slutty little ass hole and show me what a great ass pounder you really are. Fuck Caroline, I never thought I'd be the bottom in this relationship, but if you keep pounding my fat ass like you just did I'll be more than happy to tell everyone how I'm your anal loving little bitch."

Caroline didn't hear that, or anything else Max said, as she was too busy staring at the widely gaping butt hole of her now former best friend and current girlfriend. It was just so open and battered, Caroline able to see deep into Max's rectum via that wide crater which used to be tiny and tight, both the anal walls and butt hole seeming damaged beyond repair from the pounding she'd just given it. Which should have disgusted Caroline, and if it was anyone else it probably would have. Like most of what they did together, but especially this and the ass to mouth, re-energised Caroline to make her feel like she could do this all night.

But could she really do this to Max? This was the woman she loved, and the only good thing in her life. Could she really destroy her ass hole? Because the best case scenario right now seems that she would send them to a mortifying trip to the doctors for them both, Caroline already flushing with embarrassment as she imagined trying to explain how Max's butt hole had got so stretched. But that was the best case scenario. It was far more likely that there was nothing the doctors could do, and Max would never sit right again. Or walk. Or even be able to take a shit. But Caroline just couldn't help herself. No matter what the consequences were she needed more of that ass.

"Come on Caroline, fuck me! Fuck my ass!" Max pleaded, giving up on wiggling her ass in favour of reaching back and spreading her cheeks, "Fuck me right here, in my slutty little shit hole. Mmmmmm yeah, you already stretchered out so good, now I want you to slam it again and permanently make me your anal whore."

After a few long seconds of admiring the view Caroline announced, "Flip over. I want you to look me in the eyes as I fuck you up the ass."

Faster than Caroline had ever seen her obey anything close to an order Max flipped over onto her back and then looked up at her with the kind of desperation Caroline had never seen before. And ever since she had become poor, she had seen a lot of desperation. It was so captivating she almost missed Max grabbing onto both her legs and pulling them back, lifting her butt up slightly and giving Caroline all the access she could possibly need to that gaping little back hole without ruining her view of her girlfriend's big boobs. Obviously Max was very familiar with this position given how she was holding her legs, which sparked some irrational jealousy within Caroline, which she chose to punish the other girl for by moving forward and then sliding her dick around Max's gaping ass hole for several long seconds.

Which of course had Max whimpering pathetically, and then whining, "Caroline! Fuck me! Oh shit, fuck my ass. Fuck it hard."

"What do I get a return?" Caroline teased, both verbally and physically with the dildo sliding around her target, "This whore hole obviously needs to be fucked, but what do I get for giving it what it so desperately needs?"

"Anything!" Max whimpered, "I'll give you anything Caroline."

"Mmmmmm, let me think." Caroline said, pretending too before grinning, "I know... you said something about being my anal whore, didn't you? I like the sound of that. So here's the deal, I fuck this ass again and it's mine. It becomes my personal fuck hole, to use whenever I want. That sound good to you?"

"Fuck yes, own my hole Caroline!" Max replied eagerly, "Own my slutty little ass hole and fuck it all the God damn time. Oh God Caroline, make it yours. Make my ass hole yours. Make my big fat ass yours and fuck it hard, oooooooooohhhhhhhhhhh fuckkkkkkkkkkkkk yeeeeeeeeeesssssssssssss!"

"Oh I'm going to fuck it." Caroline grinned as she slowly pushed her strap-on back into Max's slutty hole, "I'm going to fuck it all night long."

As much as they both tried to make that a reality, especially Caroline, it just wasn't possible. But they were young and managed several hours of brutal butt pounding before they passed out from exhaustion. During that time Caroline took Max's ass in every position she knew, and some she didn't, first in the bed and then all over their small apartment until there was no place that didn't smell like ass sex, and there was nowhere in their home that they wouldn't be able to think about Caroline pounding Max's big butt hard and deep. At least Caroline knew she wouldn't be able to stop thinking about it, and more importantly whether Max thought it was only words or not didn't matter, Caroline would make it very clear that she loved her, and still wanted them to be girlfriends, but she needed Max to be her anal whore and she needed to own her fat ass and fuck it whenever she wanted.


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