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2 Broke Girls: You Belong To Me (FF,FF-zoo,F-dom,oral,anal,fist,toys,voy,cons)
by Tori ([email protected])

Caroline Channing, former wealthy socialite and current waitress in a NYC diner walked into the rundown apartment she shared with her fellow waitress Max. She and Max became roommates purely by accident a few years ago and even though they came from completely opposite upbringings, they'd hit it off and became best friends. Even though Caroline knew Max was a slut, today she saw something that was going to change everything.

"Max, I'm home" she called out to the empty apartment. "Where are you?"

Caroline looked in the bedroom only to find it empty. She figured Max must have hooked up with someone so she stripped out of her uniform and lingerie and put on her shorts and a t-shirt. She got herself a glass of water from the kitchen sink and that was when she saw it. She looked into the backyard to where they kept her horse Chestnut and almost puked.

There, on her knees stroking his huge horse cock was Max. Caroline froze, unable to move. She'd never seen anything so disgusting in her life. That was until Max took the big fat animal cock into her mouth and started sucking it. Max was taking almost ten inches of horse cock down her throat while she played with her pussy. Caroline was unable to turn away. The scene in front of her was like a drug. She was hooked and soon found herself fingering her sopping wet pussy while her roommate continued to deep throat her horse. Within minutes, she came just as Chestnut completely covered Max with what looked like a gallon of cum. Max swallowed what she could but it was too much for the brunette. When she finally stood up, she turned and saw Caroline staring at her. Max just smiled and licked her fingers.

"OH MY GOD! YOU FUCKING WHORE!" screamed Caroline. "I don't believe you did that. What's wrong with you?"

Max stripped off her cum soaked t-shirt and came into the kitchen. She got behind Caroline grabbing and squeezing her tits. "Come on Caroline. Did you see that cock?" she said.

Caroline let Max continue to fondle her and closed her eyes, enjoying what was happening to her.

Max slid her left hand down inside Caroline's shorts and started to play with her clit. "You liked it, didn't you? You're so fucking wet you bitch" she said as she got her friend off.

Max quickly stripped Caroline's soaked shorts off and went down on her. She licked and fingered the gorgeous blonde making her cum again. By the time they went into the bedroom, Caroline had cum some much, she was about to pass out. The two got into a 69 and ate each other out over the next hour before they finally had to take a break.

The two women laid next to each other. Caroline started playing with Max's nipples and said, "WOW, you're really good at that. You must have made me cum a dozen time."

Max pulled her head to her tit and said, "Suck on these for a bit and then we'll go out and I'll show what a real cock looks like."

Caroline suckled her friend and then followed her out into the backyard. Chestnut moved closer to the two girls as if he knew what was coming. His huge cock unsheathed and Caroline wrapped her thin fingers around it.

Max got behind her and nuzzled her neck. She said, "Go ahead, you know you want it. Just get on your knees and suck him."

Caroline dropped down and opened her mouth. The cock was huge and she could only get a few inches into her tiny mouth so she grabbed it with both hands and stroked him as she sucked. Max got behind her and licked her asshole and fingered her wet pussy while she continued to play with the big horse cock.

After several minutes, both Chestnut and Caroline came. Caroline swallowed down the vile liquid while Max was lapping up all her juices.

Max stood up and looked down at the gorgeous blonde and said, "Welcome to the other side of the tracks bitch." Max grabbed Caroline by the hair and pulled her to her feet. She kissed her and then said, "You belong to me now, you know that, don't you?"

Caroline looked into her friends eyes and said, "Yes, I belong to you."

Max pulled Caroline back into the bedroom and pushed her over end of the bed. "Stay there, I'll be right back."

Caroline waited as she was told.

When Max came back, she was wearing a huge strap-on dildo. "Spread your ass open for me whore" she commanded.

Caroline reached back and spread her cheeks apart.

"I know this rich ass has seen its share of cock but now it's my turn." Max shoved the strap-on all the way up Caroline's ass, making her scream out in pain. "Shut up slut, you know you like it" Max said as she started to sodomize her friend, power fucking her with the huge toy.

Caroline came almost immediately and was soon gaped wide open enough to allow Max full access to her rectum. The buxom brunette showed no mercy as she pounded away at the blonde beauty.

After almost fifteen minutes of hard fucking, she pulled out and replaced it with her fist. Caroline's humiliation was complete. She'd sucked off her horse, went down on her roommate and now, she was getting her asshole fisted. What was left of the former rich girl's pride was gone. Max continued to use Caroline for the rest of the night.

The next day, Caroline didn't show up for work. Max told everyone that she had a rough night and needed to stay home. What she didn't tell them was that she'd left Caroline tied to the bed with a butt plug up her ass and ball gag in her mouth. She wondered what Max had in store for her when she came home. Only time would tell.

The End


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