2 Guys And A Girl: Halloween Special Part 1 - The Curse (MF,herm,trans,magic)
by Garry Walker ([email protected])

It was Halloween. Pete, Berg and Sharon were planning a night in to watch
scary movies when Irene knocked at the door and asked if she could join them.
Almost immediatly they said no and shut the door in her face. Minutes later
Irene came back looking very unusual and she cursed Pete, Berg and Sharon
they were all slightly freaked out, but kept it to themselves. After several
hours of watching scary movies they all went to bed still a little freaked
by Irene's perfomance earlier that night.

The next morning Sharon was first to feel the effects of the curse, Sharon
awoke and made her way to the bathroom when she got there she made a
startling discovery. She found a 10 inch penis betwen her legs instead of
her neatley trimmed blonde pussy. The first thing she did was run back to
the bedroom to tell Jonny about it. He seemed more taken back at first then
slowly and calmly he suggested they get dressed and go and see Irene about
reversing the curse. They both quickley stripped off there pajamas to get
changed. While Jonny was bending over Sharon couldn't help, but stare and
at that point she got an instant errection which now stood around 12-14
inches. Without even thinking she krept up behind her husband, grabbed hold
of his arms and rubbed her cock against his arse. He was shocked, but also
slightly aroused.

Without even thinking about it, Jonny found himself bending over the bed
presenting his arse to his she-male wife. Sharon took this as a good sign to
try and pursue this situation a little further, so she grabbed a tub of KY
Jelly from the nightstand. She took a genrous amount of the lubricant rubbed
it all over her huge cock and slowley tried to enter Jonny's anal passage. At
this point Jonny decided he didn't want to go any further and tried to get
up, but Sharon some how managed to thrust him back down on to the bed and
rammed over half of her length up his virgin arse hole. Sharon slowly started
to work her dick in and out of Jonny's arse and within minutes she had her
full length up his anus.

Jonny, however, to say he was technically being raped was really starting to
get into the arse ramming which he was recieving. It got to the point were he
was actually begging to be fucked harder and harder. Sharon was getting close
to cumming which was a new sensation to her. Sharon continued with a few more
shafts inside Jonny's arse. She then took out her cock and came all over
Jonny's back and arse.

Sharon scooped up a little bit of the spunk she had just shot and fed it into
Jonny's mouth. He was way to exausted to fight it any more and just accepted
her cum soaked fingers and started to lick them clean the spunk had a totally
amazing taste which he found he couldnt get enough of. He then spunk around
and took Sharon's dick into his mouth and drained her cock of all the
remaining cum that was still dripping from her cock. He sucked until he was
certain there was no more cum left.

A few minutes later Jonny came to realise what he had just done. Not only did
he allow his shemale wife fuck his arse, he also drank her cum licked her
dick clean of the r7emainder of the arse fuck, which consited of spunk, shit
and KY Jelly. Jonny noticed that his arse was slightly bleeding. Jonny then
passed out as he as a phobia about blood and bleeding.

Sharon realising Jonny was out for the count and her dick was already
restoring it's errection, so she decided to go and find some new arses or
pussies which ever she came across first.

part 2 coming soon


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