3rd Rock From The Sun: Media Zapper Part 4 (MF)
by Wetsprocket

The Media Zapper took me to 3rd Rock From The Sun where Kirsten Johnston
presides as the second-in-command Sally Solomon. She was alone at home,
reading the paper downstairs when I thudded upstairs.

She investigated to find me in her room.

"Who are you?" she asked.

"I have been sent to teach you things." I told her. "These things you must
know to get by in this world."

"What kind of things?' She prodded, entering more into the room. "Sexual
things." I told her, scanning her tall body. She was un-informed at this time
being new to the planet.

"See this." I showed her my penis, limp for effect. "It will grow to be 4
times what it is now within a moment or two."

"Oh, yeah? How?" She closed the door and moved for a closer look. "You can
touch it." I told her. She did. "Oh, cool. It's all soft and cuddly." It
jumped some when she touched it, growing slightly. "What's it doing, now?"

"It's beginning to grow. Treat it like a lollipop and it'll grow a lot more."

"Like a lollipop? In my mouth?" she asked.

"Try it. I think you'll like it." And with that, Kirsten playing the alien,
put her mouth on my cock. "Slip it over and suck it like a candy cane." She
continued and began to enjoy it. Meanwhile, my erection built up in her
mouth. Soon, it was very large.

"Oh, my gawd!" She exclaimed. "That sucker's huge! What's next?" She waited
anxious and looking very hot in pants and sweater top.

"Take off your sweater and bra." I told her. She did it immediately, exposing
her tits. "I need to inspect your breasts." I told her. "Ok. Go right ahead."
I put my hands on them a gave them a gentle squeeze. Her nipples hardened and
I pinched them.

"Ow!" She exclaimed. "That hurt...but I find it strangely stimulating."

She grinned.

"How about this." I bent down on top of her and sucked her right tit.

"Oh, man. That feels great." She yelled out, pushing her right hand through
her hair. I continued to suckle her breasts as she let me. They were a good
size with nice texture. Next I wanted more. I quit her tits and sat up.

"That all?" She asked.

"Want to do more?" I asked her.

"Yeah! What's next?" She sat up excited.

"Take off your pants and underwear." She did. I laid down on the bed watching
her expose her brown pubic triangle. Unladylike, she left her legs open in
front of me, showing me her furry pussy. I told her to lay back and I told
her right hand. I put her hand on her clit and gently started her massaging

"Oooh...This is awesome. Ahhh." She was into it for sure. I watched as her
virgin clit began to swell up and open. I stopped her as her clit had
loosened. I had her hold her clit lips apart and I tasted into her pinkness.
Her hips flexed, running her muff into my face. I lapped into her.

"Oh, yeah!" She bellowed. "I love this! Don't stop!" I continued eating her
out. I propositioned another idea. I laid back on my back and instructed her
to spread her wares over my wood. She did so and I watched as she spread her
clit for me. Her gaping cunt slid down over my harness, filling into her gap.
She sat completely down, my cock stiff inside of her.

"It went all the way in!" She exclaimed in surprise.

"Slide up and down on it." I instructed and she did, making her gasp from the
sensation. She continued to ride my cock, getting better and faster. Soon,
she was pumping my cock deep into her vagina rapidly and hard. Her ass
smacked down on me. I reached up and felt her tits with a squeeze as she rode
me. She tried bending over me to rest, still flexing her hips. That was a
good position for her. She kept her pace and came. I felt her hot cunt
tighten over my shaft and she tensed in orgasm. She froze. She was in heaven.
I rolled her and pounded her pussy more. I sat back and watched as my cock
slid in and out of her, disappearing inside. I pushed her legs back towards
her. She didn't care. She was in ecstasy. I thrusted as deep as I could go
inside her until I shot my load, filling her belly. I waited until my cock
softened before I exited her vagina.

"That was out of this world." She said.

"Yep." That was all I could say as she had summed it up just fine. Her body
was spent and as I prepared to depart, I looked it over. Her muff was wet and
flat from our grind. Her tits had the markings of my enjoyment of them. I
cued the Zapper for the next pleasant media encounter.

to be continued...

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