TranceTV: 7 Days
by Tranceman

One of my favorite shows and I'm so bummed it was cancelled. Try to think of
this as what the last episode could have been. A little more romantic than
some of my others ones, so what? Check it out.

Project: Backstep

Location: Nevada desert, exact coordinates classified.

Description: Utilization of alien technology found at Roswell allows
scientists to send a man back in time. The technology is only advanced enough
to work for a maximum of one week.

Purpose: To send a "chrononaut" one week back in time to prevent an event
that would compromise American security. Agent is only one who knows what is
to come. He is given enough information to stop the event before piloting a
sphere that sends him back. Sphere can land generally within a few hundred
miles of the event itself. Agent contacts Backstep and gives code word
"Conundrum" to identify self and acquire aid to complete mission.

Agent: Frank Parker, former Special Forces operative, suffered breakdown and
was committed to mental institution. Pardoned to participate in Backstep.
Photographic memory allows him to remember all knowledge needed for mission
and unique training allows him to pilot sphere. Military skills do rest on
the job.

Current status: Week and a half since last mission, currently on downtime,
ready to go at permission from NSA.
_ _ _

It had been quiet for Frank Parker, a little too quiet. It was funny.
Whenever he'd backstep, he'd always hope things would get easier. One
drawback of a photographic memory was that he remembered all the horrific
details of the futures he'd been sent to prevent. Nuclear war, plaques
decimating humanity, bombings and more death and destruction than any man
had a right to see in a lifetime. Still, it got to him sometimes when things
were quiet and he felt restless for too long.

It didn't help that he was pretty much a prisoner on the base, the need
to have him ready to go at a moment's notice confining him to quarters. He'd
tried vacationing a few times but it nearly resulted in disaster when they
needed him for a backstep. The seven day window was tighter than one might
think, particularly since it took a few days to get all the info together and
send him back, so Frank had to be on call.

It drove him crazy. There was only so much one could take of video games
and cable. It got to the point where he looked forward to missions just to be
able to get out for a while. So when the call came down for him, he
practically jumped to answer it.

Walking into the briefing room, he was surprised to see only two people
there. Talmadge, the head of the entire operation was there, a cigar stuck in
his mouth, tapping impatiently on the table, his face behind the dark beard
drawn. "Have a seat, Frank," he said in a low tone.

Frank glanced over at the only other person there, Olga. The brilliant
and beautiful Russian scientist was dressed as prim and proper as ever, a
dark sweater and skirt, her short red hair framing her gorgeous face. Frank
had obviously felt an attraction to Olga. Problem was, whenever they got
close, a backstep would force him to rewrite time and he'd be back to square
one. The closest he'd gotten was a couple of encounters with a psychotic
sexed-up double of Olga some enemy agents sent in. Well, he'd have to work
on it, he guessed.

As he sat down, Frank could see Olga's face a little more emotional than
usual and it looked like she had been crying. He focused his attention to
Talmadge. "What's up? Where's the rest of the gang? I miss Ramsey and his
obvious disdain for me."

"I've asked for a private briefing, Frank," Talmadge said soberly.

"Why?" Frank frowned. "When I go back, no one's going to remember it

"I asked for it, Mr. Parker," Olga said in her Russian accent, her voice
less assured than it usually was so Frank knew something was up. "I felt this
had to be said.....privately."

Talmadge pushed a folder to Frank and he opened it to see the face of
a nondescript man in his forties looking back. "This is Dr. Parker Hanson,"
Talmadge explained. "Professor of psychiatry who decided to go into the
market of acquiring secrets and selling them to the highest bidder."

"What's he done?" Frank asked as he looked over the file.

Talmadge took a long drag on his cigar. "He's acquired full information
on Backstep and has already sold it to the Chinese. We intercepted phone
calls setting up the deal and agents were sent to arrest him. Hanson tried to
run, his car hit a curb going 70 and plowed into a lightpost, killing him.
The files were left behind, copies of what he gave the Chinese. They've got
enough to build their own sphere and are no doubt already working on a pilot.
We need to go back ourselves before they get it done."

"Okay, how'd they get the info?" Frank frowned.

"From me," Olga said softly.

Frank stared at her in shock as she sat back. "The report came last
night and Talmadge immediately called me in. I couldn't explain how my notes
got into his files or how he even got tape of myself speaking about the
project. But.....I have been having some......trouble sleeping the last few
days. So, I went to a hypnotist to try and recover the memories."

Olga wiped at her face, trying to collect herself. "It seems that I met
Dr. Hanson at a conference in San Francisco last Friday."

"Six days ago," Frank said.

"Six days and six hours," Talmadge said. "We're under the wire, I know
but it can't be helped."

Olga went on. "I met him there and we got to talking. He put on a show
of being a very charming man, which I didn't know was just an act. He showed
me what he said was an old heirloom, an antique watch, which he swung before
me. It was late, I'd had a few drinks and was vulnerable. He put me under
right there in the bar, took me up to his hotel room and deepened it. He had
me think I was talking to a symposium and told him everything I knew about
the project."

"Jesus," Frank muttered, biting his lip. He looked over the file, at the
past record of Hanson. He stopped when it started to list how Hanson enjoyed
his female "subjects." He shot a look up at Olga. "Olga.....did he....."

"What, Mr. Parker?" Olga said, tears on her eyes. "Did he fuck me? Yes.
Yes, he did. Fucked me over and left me to wake up not remembering anything
he did."

Frank closed his eyes and shook his head. "Dammit, Olga, I'm sorry."

"There won't be anything to be sorry about if you do your job, Frank,"
Talmadge said. "You've got the information and we're racing the clock. We
have to go now."
_ _ _

The hanger containing the sphere was bustling with technicians, all
preparing the time travel device to be ready. Frank walked towards the
sphere, dressed in an orange jumpsuit with helmet, Talmadge next to him. "You
have the layout and room number of the hotel but you'll have to call me to
get clearance," the chief was saying. "All Hanson knows is that Olga is
involved with some secret project, he doesn't know what. Stop him and the
secret is safe."

Nodding, Parker headed up the stairs to the sphere, throwing a nod to
his old friend Donovan. "What is this, Frank?" the black man asked with a
frown. "Shouldn't we know anyway?"

"Not my choice, pal," Frank shrugged. "Super-secret here. Don't worry,
I'll set it right."

"Mr. Parker!" Frank turned to see Olga come up to him. She paused as if
trying to think of something to say, then offered him an envelope. "It's a
note to myself," she said. "Give it after you've done the job."

Frank took it and looked at her solemnly. "I'll stop him. Don't worry."

Olga nodded, then moved forward and gave him a quick but hot kiss before
moving towards the technical booth. Frank pocketed the letter as he slid on
his helmet and got into the sphere. The countdown rang out, the procedures he
knew by heart ringing out as he got ready, the engine flaring around him as
the backstep started. Then the white flash and the roar as space and time
flowed around him.
_ _ _

The landing had been rough as always, inside a gravel pit of some sort.
Frank kicked out of the sphere and shrugged off his jumpsuit, wearing street
clothes underneath. He ran out of the pit and to a nearby phone booth.
Checking it, he was glad to see he was right on target, San Francisco. He
swiftly dialed the number and waited.


"This is Conomdrum."

"Hold on." In seconds, Frank heard Talmadge's voice come on the line.
"What is it, Frank?"

"Has Olga left for her conference yet?"

"How did you------"

"Sometime in the next few hours, she's going to meet a guy who's going
to......pump her with something that will make her tell him all about
Backstep, which he sells to the highest bidder."

"Let me get-----"

"I've got the hotel and layout, I need you to call ahead and get me
clearance inside."

"Got it, Frank. Good luck."

"Thanks," Frank said, hanging up and moving towards the highway, trying
to find a ride that could get him there on time. It struck him how he was
less interested in protecting Backstep and more to prevent Olga from being
taken advantage of.
_ _ _

Olga sighed as she sat in the bar. It had been a long day of talking,
her forced to hear mere theories on the ideas of time travel when she had
information on the actual event and was unable to tell it to anyone. Well, it
was almost over and soon she'd be back on the base with the others.

Olga sighed deeper as she thought of Frank. She just didn't know how she
felt. She often wondered what it was like for him, to see time shift back and
forth so much, the memories he must have had. She'd often wondered if maybe
she and he had "done the deed" to use his words and she didn't know it. It
wasn't that he was a bad man but she wanted this to be a professional
relationship, afraid of how the project heads would frown on a relationship
between the two. She smiled as she remembered how Frank had once joked that
if they did get together, if he screwed up, he could always go back and do it
right. At least she hoped it was a joke.

Her musings were cut short when a man sat next to her, a smile on his
face. "A long day, eh?" he smiled. "Parker."

Olga looked at him for a moment and stuck out her hand. "Olga."

"Ah, no last names, the bastion of secret work," Parker smiled. "Don't
worry, I won't pry."

"Thank you," Olga nodded.


"Yes. Working for America, I assure you."

"Oh, I have no doubt of that. And I'm sure they appreciate the work as

"I'm sorry, I really can't talk about it," Olga said.

"A shame," Parker sighed. "Well, we can always talk about other things.
Hobbies, for example. I collect things myself, antiques and such. In fact, I
have one here." He reached into his pocket and pulled out a large gold watch
attached to a chain which he dangled before Olga's eyes.

"It's beautiful," she said, staring as Parker started to swing it before

"Yes, it is," Parker said, his voice shifting slightly. "Very beautiful,
Olga, it's very beautiful. You want to look at it, it's so beautiful, you
want to watch it swing back and forth, back and forth, it's so beautiful to
look at and you just want to watch it swing back and forth, back and forth,
just watch it swing, Olga, just watch it swing, back and forth, back and
forth. Just watch it swing back and forth, Olga, watch it swing back and
forth, back and forth."

Olga's eyes were focused on the watch, her face slackening as she
tracked its movements. "Yes, Olga, just keep watching the watch," Parker said
with a smile. "Watch it swing back and forth, Olga, watch it swing back and
forth, back and forth and relax, Olga, just relax as it swings back and
forth, back and forth........"
_ _ _

The van came to a stop, Frank jumping out and handing a card to the
driver. "Call this number and you'll be well-reimbursed," he said as he ran
over to the hotel. He rushed in, a pair of dark-suited men coming up to him.
"Sir, we'll have to ask-------"

"Frank Parker, NSA," he said, flashing a badge. "I think you've been
told to expect me."

"Yes, sir," the agent nodded. "What do you need us to do?"

"Stay down here until I've given you the heads-up," Frank said, running
to the elevators. "And call an ambulance. Someone's gonna need it."
_ _ _

Parker smiled down as he looked at Olga. He'd taken her out of the bar
and to her room, deepening the trance all the while until she was ready. A
few suggestions later and she was sitting naked on the edge of the bed,
staring blankly at the swinging watch. Her pert breasts ached for touch, the
nipples tight, the red patch between her nice long legs revealing her

Parker lowered the watch as he looked at the gorgeous woman at his beck
and call. He figured he'd have some fun first, then start getting info on her
project. He let his hands move over Olga's breasts, pinching the nipples and
hearing her moan. "All right, Olga, it's time we had some fun."

"Yes...." she whispered as he moved down, kissing each breast and then
rising, undoing the front of his pants. "Open wide-------"

The door smashed open, Frank running in under the momentum and headed
straight for Hanson. The corrupt doctor barely had time to react before
Frank's fist smashed into his jaw, sending him down and out.

Frank made sure Hanson was down and turned to Olga. He leaned in,
snapping his fingers in front of her face and giving her a light smack on the
cheek. She blinked, waking up, blinking in confusion. "Mr. Parker? What----"
She looked down and gave a little yelp as she saw herself naked.

"Here," Frank said, handing her some clothes. She hurriedly covered
herself, then stopped as the memories came back. "Oh my-----he was-----"

"Don't worry," Frank said, moving over to Hanson. "This asshole's going
to have a lot of payback coming back to him, trust me on that."
_ _ _

"Hanson's in custody, luckily he didn't know what Olga was working on,"
Telmadge said over the phone. Frank rubbed at his head as he sat on the
couch. "How's Olga?"

"Recovering," Frank said. "She should be okay."

"I'll give you a day before you come back," the boss said. "Make sure
you're both up to speed."

"No problem," Frank said. He hung up and looked back at the bedroom.
"You okay?"

"Yes," Olga said softly. She was wearing a light robe, having come out
of the shower. "I guess.....I just need to......"

"I know," Frank said gently. "Take your time. Oh, wait one thing." He
stood up and handed her an envelope. "You asked me to give this
when I came back."

Olga took it and nodded. "Thank you," she said softly before moving into
the bedroom, closing the door. Frank watched and sighed, sitting down and
satisfying himself with a night on the couch.
_ _ _

In her room, Olga wiped at her face, still taking in all that happened.
That bastard, that miserable bastard! Good thing for him he'd been taken away
or she'd do to him worse than Frank did. Thank God for him coming in just

That thought caused her to pick up the envelope nad open it. She started
when she saw the letter inside was in Russian. She started again when she
realized it was her own handwriting.
_ _ _

"Olga. I know, it's weird to read words you know you never put down.
Imagine me writing this to myself. I get the feeling Frank will have stopped
Hanson but not before he started to go at it. That's why I'm writing, to
explain a few things.

It's probably bugged you how Hanson could have done this. Even under
hypnosis, a person shouldn't be able to do anything against their will.
There's a twofold explanation. First, when Hanson had me describe Backstep,
he made me believe it was part of an official briefing and recorded it. As
for the other.....When he tried to put his cock in me, I resisted. So he had
me believe I was with the person I most wanted to be with in a time like

I was thinking of Frank Parker.

Now don't start on how you don't think that way, Olga. I know you, I AM
you. I've had these feelings for him for a long time and I know I've always
been afraid to get close for rules and such. That's why I'm writing this,
Olga. Take the chance, go for it, to use the American phrase. Forget rules
and such, forget if he has to go back. Just be with a man I know we both want
to be made love to by. For both of us, Olga, just do what I know you want to
do. Please. Yourself."
_ _ _

Frank shuffled slightly on the couch, trying to get some rest. Great,
he couldn't even get to sleep right. God, he wished he'd gotten just one more
shot at that guy. So it would have been his seventh, big deal. He still
remembered the pain in Olga's eyes, both in the future and the present, when
she realized what had happened to her. Bastard.

A shuffling got his attention and he looked up to see Olga staring at
him. "Wha----"

"I just got a note from myself telling me to take a chance," Olga said,
obviously nervous. Swallowing, she slid off her robe, revealing her naked
body. "If I can't listen to myself, who should I listen to?"

Frank just stared as she moved down to him, laying a slow kiss on his
mouth. Frank let her tongue drag along him and then broke off, looking at her
warily. "Is that you?"

"No doubles, Frank," she smiled. "No brainwashing or anything. Just me."
That was all Frank needed to hear and he pulled her onto him, his hands
moving down along her back and ass as her hands fumbled on his jeans. They
spent a few minutes just kissing and rubbing each other, Frank's hands moving
to her chest, massaging the breasts as Olga released his hard cock.

"I need you," she said and moved onto him. "AH," she gasped as she felt
his cock enter her. She lay on top of him as she started to work her body on
him, her breasts pressing on his chest as his hands moved down her back.
"Ohhh...." Frank groaned, the object of so many dreams finally in his hands,
literally as he squeezed Olga's ass.

"Uhhh....." Olga moaned, her breasts pushed up towards Frank's face, his
tongue reaching out to lick at a tight nipple as she kept working herself on
him, his hard cock moving into her pussy with every move forward, Olga's
moans increasing as she felt him in her. "Oh, God, yess..." she hissed as his
rod worked into a very sensitive spot. She moved down and kissed him on the
mouth long and hard, tongues wrapping together as they built together. They
kept on kissing even as Frank let his wad loose, their groans muffled as they
came together for their first orgasm.

As Olga leaned on him, Frank closed his eyes and prayed to whatever gods
were listening that it would be at least eight days until his next mission.

He was wrong.

It would be ten.


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