Story intro: This is a story involving the Camden Family and some young guys.

I wrote this story after I saw Seventh Heaven this past week. It involved a
kid named Norton who treated woman poorly. I also included the kid Johnny
who shot Rev. Camden a year ago.

7th Heaven Fun (MmmF,ncon)
by Storytrade

Simon's new friend Norton had just been arrested for harassing Matt's
ex-girlfriend. Norton, who was also a Freshman in high school with Simon was
pissed off and was determined to get back at Simon and his family. Especially
Simon's mom who needed to be taught a lesson. She did not treat him like a
man, the way he deserved to be treated and for that she was going to pay.

While in jail for one night, Norton met Johnny who also knew Simon, because
Simon had stolen Johnny's old girlfriend Dena, who recently moved away.
Johnny had shot revrend Camden just over a year ago and was recently released
from Juvenile Hall. Although he was just caught smoking cigarettes and was
picked up by the Police for it, since he is only 14. Both Johnny and Norton
were released from jail and decided that it was time to get their revenge
with the Camdens. They were both upset with the Camden family and decided
that together they would teach the entire family a lesson.

It was around 10am when Johnny and Norton arrived at the Camden house. Mrs.
Camden was home with the twins doing laundry when they snuck in the front
door. Norton walked into the kitchen where Mrs. Camden was and said that he
wanted to apologize. She told him that he should leave now and that he "was
a little immature punk, who needs to learn some manners." This pissed Norton
off even more and responded by saying, "I agree that someone needs to learn
manners, but you are the one who will be receiving a lesson." With that
statement being made, Johnny walked into the room holding a gun and told Mrs.
Camden that she better cooperate or they will kill her and her children. She
was so stunned that she didn't know what to say.

Johnny walked up to Mrs. Camden and held her, while Norton began to kiss Mrs.
Camden and feel her breasts. Mrs. Camden didn't know what to do, she hadn't
had sex in a while and these two young 14 yr old boys were starting to turn
her on. She started to get wet, while these two punks were feeling her and
were going to rape her. She had only had sex with her husband and was sorta
turned on at the notion of being fucked by these two boys, although neither
of them were that attractive.

After feeling her up for a few minutes, Norton removed her pants and shirt,
leaving her in just underwear and a bra. Then Norton moved out of the way to
allow Johnny a chance to have some fun. Johnny noticed that Mrs. Camden was
very wet and asked her if she wanted him to eat her pussy. Mrs. Camden had
never been eaten out and didn't know what to say. Before she could resist,
Johnny was on his knees licking her pussy all over. After eating her out for
5 minutes Mrs. Camden started to feel something she had never felt before,
she realized that she was having her first orgasm and it was caused by a
little 14 yr old boy who had raped her. Her orgasm was unbelieveable and she
knew she had to fuck these two boys. After her orgasm ended she grabbed
Johnny and took off his pants revealing a 5 inch cock, which was slightly
larger than her husbands. She began to suck on his nice sized cock and after
a few minutes little Johnny began to cum and he made sure to hold her head on
his cock and made her swallow ever drop of his cum.

Norton was now ready to fuck Mrs. Camden. He removed his pants revealing a
huge cock, that was nearly 9 inches long and appeared longer on the skinny 14
year old. When Mrs. Camden saw Norton's dick she was scared and said "I can't
take that thing in me, it is huge and double the size of my husbands." This
made both Johnny and Norton laugh.

Norton then said, "Well, your husband has a little boy's dick, and now you
are gonna get fucked by a man."

Mrs. Camden was both scared and excited at the idea. Johnny had to hold
Mrs. Camden down while Norton began to insert his 9 incher into Mrs. Camden.
She felt tighter then the virgin he had fucked a few days before. After
the first 5 inches were in, Norton realized that he was entering virgin
territory, since no man had ever been farther then this. After a few minutes
Mrs. Camden realized that 14 yr old Norton did not have a condom on and she
could become pregnant. She begged him not to cum in her, but he didn't
listen and only a couple minutes later Mrs. Camden began to cum, which caused
Norman to shoot his load in her as well. She was so upset that this 14 year
old boy had just fucked her and possibly made her pregnant but before she
could complain some more, Johnny decided that he was going to fuck her ass.
As he started to stick his dick inside of her ass he realized that she was a
virgin there and his dick was the first one that she ever had in her ass.
After spending a year in Juvenile hall Johnny had been fucked in the ass
several times himself and had also fucked a few boys in the ass, but he had
never fucked one as tight as Mrs. Camden's. While he was fucking her in the
ass, Johnny noticed a picture of the Camden's 14 year old son Simon, whom he
hoped to fuck later in the day.

After being fucked by Johnny in the ass for 10 minutes Johnny came in her
ass. Then they all heard some noise coming from the front door. It was
Mary's ex-boyfriend Robbie who came over to talk to Rev. Camden. As he
walked through the house looking for Mrs. Camden he came across Norton,
Johnny and Mrs. Camden and saw that they were having sex. Robbie had always
found Mrs. Camden attractive and he decided that he was going to fuck her as
well. When he walked into the room, Johnny and Norton explained what was
going on. Robbie quickly stripped revealing his nice 7.5 incher. He decided
to fuck Mrs. Camden's pussy which was filled with Norton's cum. After 5
minutes he shot his load in her as well.

Chapter 2? (Who comes home next? Simon, Lucy, Ruthie, Rev. Camden, Dena,
Mary, someone else??) You pick who is in the next chapter by emailing me at:
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