7th Heaven: 7th Heaven Fun Part 2 (Mf,mf,mmf,MF,mmF,mm,inc,ncon)
by Storytrade

When we last left off, Robbie was fucking Mrs. Camden, while 14 year old
Norton and Johnny were recovering from fucking her. The next person to
arrive home was Lucy Camden, who was there with her new friend Mike.
Lucy had a huge crush on Mike, but he was no longer interested in her.
When they first walked in the house, they didn't see anyone there, but
then they heard some noise from upstairs. Lucy ran up the stairs to
see what was going on while Mike was in the living room.

Lucy was shocked to see Robbie naked, fucking someone. Before she realized
that Robbie was fucking her mom, she was grabbed from behind and gagged.
Lucy was able to regain her composure and noticed that Simon's friend Norton
was there as well as that boy Johnny who shot her father. Lucy was told to
strip, she refused, so Norton grabbed her and forced her shirt and bra off.
Lucy couldn't believe it, she was topless in front of 3 guys.

Then before she could even try to move, Norton placed his cock in front of
Lucy. Lucy had never seen a guy's hard penis before, but Norton's seemed
quite large to her. He then told her to "suck it!" Lucy had no choice but
to start sucking on his huge cock. After sucking on Norton for several
minutes, she was surprised to feel his body shake and then she felt his cum
going down her throat causing her to cough. She was not expecting it.

Before she could recover from the blow job she just gave Norton, Johnny was
sticking his cock down her throat as well. While she was sucking it, she
noticed that her mom had passed out. Johnny came much quicker then Norton,
and he didn't have any where near as much cum as Norton. Once he came, Lucy
was faced with a third dick. This one belonged to Robbie Robbie was fairly
large himself. Robbie didn't last long, since he was really turned on by
seeing Lucy topless. He had always found her very hot and he couldn't
believe he was shooting his load in her.

Lucy had been upstairs for over 20 minutes and Mike began to wonder what
happened to her. He decided to look in on her. When he opened the door
to the bedroom, he couldn't believe what he saw. Lucy was giving head
to Robbie, while 2 other kids were naked next to her and Mrs. Camden was
naked, passed out. Mike entered the room and was grabbed by Johnny and
Norton. They explained that they were about to fuck Lucy. Lucy told
them no, she was a virgin and she couldn't be fucked. She planned to
stay a virgin til her wedding night.

Norton decided that he would be fair, she could pick which guy got to take
her virginity. She said if she had to be fucked, let Mike do it. Mike told
her no, he couldn't do it, he didn't want to do it. He couldn't rape her.
Norton then goes, no Mike, she picked you, you have to do it. Johnny agreed
and so did Robbie. Mike told Lucy to pick someone else. Norton then said
"Why you embarrassed about your size?" Then Norton went on to say, "Dude,
you got no choice, you will fuck her and we will all watch, now get naked."

Mike then said to Lucy, "I am sorry, really sorry, I don't want to do this
too you, but I guess I have no choice. I really wish you would have picked
someone else."

Lucy then said, "Why, if I have to lose my virginity, I am glad it will be

Mike responded by saying, "You wont be, Lucy, one of the reasons I tried to
kill myself is because I am a freak," with that he undid his pants, revealing
that largest cock that anyone there had over seen.

Norton then goes, "Man, what the hell is that thing? It must be a foot long."

Mike then goes, "Its 11 inches long and 8 inches around."

Lucy then began hollering, "No. I cant take that. It will kill me, please

Mike kept telling Lucy he was sorry, but they were both told to get on the
bed. Then Lucy was on her back, as Mike kept saying he was sorry, as he
slowly put his huge cock inside of Lucy. As he just started to enter her,
Lucy began crying, it hurt so much, she was being fucked by a huge tool.
Once Mike got his head inside, he told her to relax, he would take it easy.

But Norton would have none of that, he was tired of waiting and told Mike
to just shove it in her. Mike said no, it would hurt her to much, but Norton
didn't care, and he shoved Mike down inside Lucy, popping her cherry, causing
her to scream so loud. Her virginity was ripped away. Mike continued to
pound Lucy's pussy for 20 minutes before finally cumming. He got up and was
tied up by the other guys. Norton then decided to make Lucy fuck him, while
Johnny got behind her fucking her ass. The three of them began fucking for
several minutes, before Lucy was filled with cum. Robbie was watching out for
other people.

Robbie noticed Matt coming home, and he had a great plan. He told Johnny
and Norton to keep quiet and keep Mike quiet too, he had a plan for Mrs.
Camden and Matt. When Matt got home, Robbie told him he needed to talk to
him. Robbie told Matt that he met this hot woman, who loved having sex with
younger guys, and that he should really try her. Matt was hesitant at
first, especially since he had never been with an older woman. Eventually
Matt gave in and decided he would fuck this woman. Then Robbie told Matt
something that turned him on even more. Robbie told Matt that the woman was
into bondage, and that she was tied up and she liked to struggle, so Matt
needed to be rough with her. The idea of this turned Matt on a lot.

Robbie then led Matt up to the room where the woman, who was his mother was.
She was blindfolded and gagged, and Matt didn't realize it was his mom. Matt
quickly stripped, and got on top of his mom. He then shoved his smallish
dick inside of her. Mrs. Camden had recently awoken, she realized that she
was being fucked again. This guy's dick felt a little smaller then the 3
guys who fucked her already. She had no idea who was fucking her now. Who
could it be? Did they invite someone else over? Was it Simon? It definitely
felt like a younger boy, since the dick was only about 5 inches long. After
forcing himself into the woman's pussy for several minutes, Matt finally shot
his load inside of her.

Meanwhile back in Lucy's room, Johnny and Norton were fucking Lucy again, and
poor Mike had to watch as they fucked Lucy hard. Then Norton and Johnny
decided that they should invite some of Lucy's ex-boyfriends over to join in
the fun. Reluctantly Lucy gave them the phone numbers of Jimmy Moon and Rod.
Lucy invited them over to talk.

In about 10 minutes both Rod and Jimmy arrived. They were shocked to see
Mike tied up, and Lucy tied to the bed naked. Norton and Johnny then told
them that they could fuck Lucy if they wanted. Rod didn't need to be told
twice. Rod quickly stripped, revealing a nice 7 inch cock. He couldn't
wait to fuck Lucy. She had been such a cock tease while they were dating.
Rod began to pound Lucy with his 7 inch cock. Rod had fucked a couple girls
before, but he was enjoying fucking Lucy a lot more.

After Rod finished, Jimmy Moon was up next. Jimmy was still a virgin, but
he wanted to fuck Lucy as well. Jimmy was not that well endowed, but his 5.5
inches of cock meat were enough for Lucy to feel him. Jimmy didn't last
long, before he shot his load inside of her. To think only an hour before,
Lucy had been a virgin, and now 5 guys had fucked her. She was completely

As Jimmy and Rod finished fucking Lucy, they saw Matt in the hall way, they
told him they were just talking to Lucy. Matt asked them if they were horny,
cause there was a woman in Robbie and Simon's room who was ready for sex.
Jimmy and Rod jumped at the chance. Little did Matt know, he just arranged
for them to fuck his mom. Matt was about to ask Lucy a question, when he
remembered he had a class to get to. So Matt left the house, without
realizing he fucked his mom or that his sister was being raped in her room.

Jimmy and Rod entered the room to see Robbie taking off Mrs. Camden's
blindfold. They told Robbie that Matt said they could fuck her. At that
point, Mrs. Camden realized she had just fucked her own son. Robbie
explained to them that they could fuck her, but they couldn't tell anyone.
Also he told them Matt didn't know he fucked his own mom. Rod and Jimmy
stripped again, and they decided to both fuck Mrs. Camden at the same time.
Rod took her pussy, while Jimmy took her ass. Mrs. Camden was both angered
and turned on by the two teens. Before she could stop herself, she began
to orgasm, which caused both Rod and Jimmy to orgasm as well.

While Jimmy and Rod were fucking Mrs. Camden, Robbie decided it was his turn
to fuck Lucy. When he first entered her room, Lucy thought Robbie might help
her, but she soon realized that he was here to fuck her. Robbie quickly
jumped on to of Lucy and began to fuck her, slowly at first, but his rhythm
increased quickly and he soon started fucking her hard and fast. For the
first time, since Mike fucked her, Lucy began to have an orgasm. Here she was
being raped and she was enjoying it. She felt so bad, but it felt so good to
have Robbie's cock inside of her.

Meanwhile, Johnny was getting restless he wanted to fuck someone. He noticed
that Jimmy was rather cute, and he looked like a wimp. Maybe he could fuck
Jimmy, at least until Simon or Ruthie came home. Johnny decided to tell
Jimmy he needed to see him. Jimmy stupidly went with Johnny into the
bathroom. Before Jimmy knew what was going on, Johnny had grabbed him and
stripped Jimmy Moon's clothes off. Jimmy told him he was not gay, but Johnny
didn't care. Soon Johnny had Jimmy tied up and was taking off his pants

Lucky for Jimmy, Johnny was not that big, but it still hurt like hell, when
Johnny started fucking him in his virgin ass. Jimmy hated it at first, but
he soon realized that he was enjoying himself. Jimmy had always found guys
attractive, and as Johnny fucked him, he began to get into it. He began
telling Johnny to fuck him harder. After Johnny finally came, Jimmy began
to kiss him. Johnny shoved him away and said, "Man, I am not a faggot like
you, I like to fuck anyone, but I am not into kissing guys."

Jimmy looked sad, but said, "You were great, you can do that again if you
want." Johnny told him not now, but he would be visiting again.

While everyone was busy having sex, Norton was figuring out how to get Simon
to go along with his plans. Then it hit him.

to be continued

(next chapter Simon and Ruthie come home--other guests will also join in)
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