7th Heaven: 7th Heaven Fun Part 3 - Ruthie And Simon Join In
by Storytrade (mg,mm,bond,bmail,ncon)

When we last left off, Lucy Camden was getting fucked by Robbie, while her
mom was getting fucked by Rod, Lucy's ex-boyfriend. Lucy's current crush,
Mike, was tied up, after being forced to fuck Lucy. Meanwhile in the
bathroom, Johnny, the boy who had shot Rev. Camden a couple years earlier,
was fucking Jimmy Moon in the bathroom, and Jimmy was loving it. All of
this was due to Norton, a friend of Simon's who got in trouble due to the
Camdens. But Norton wanted to get Simon back more then any of the other
Camden's. Norton was developing a plan to humiliate Simon, while fucking
Simon's little sister Ruthie. In order for Norton's plan to work, he would
need to wait behind the house for Simon to come home and pretend to be
looking for Simon. He also made sure that the other guys were quiet so
that Simon didnít know anything was going on.

After waiting outside for 20 minutes Simon finally came home, with his little
sister Ruthie, who was almost 11 years old. When Simon was walking by,
Norton hollered to him, "Yo, Simon wait up man." Simon was surprised to see
Norton, but was glad to see him too. Simon was desperately trying to get
accepted in high school and he looked up to Norton a lot.

Ruthie then said, "I thought you got in trouble."

Norton responded by saying, "Look little girl, mind your damn business.
Simon can I talk to you for a sec."

Simon responded by saying, "Sure Norton. Hey Ruthie, I will let you in the
house in a second. Just sit down on the porch ok?" Ruthie sat down, while
Simon and Norton began talking.

Norton said, "Hey Simon, remember how you told me that your younger sister
likes you a lot and even kissed you once?"

Simon said, "Yeah, what about it?"

Norton then said, "Dude, the girl is hot. You think you could get her to kiss
me, and stuff? I could take it from there, but dude she is hot."

Simon then said, "Well, I don't know man, she is not even 11 and I don't
think she likes you very much."

Norton then said, "Look do you want everyone at school to know you kissed
your sister? That could ruin your life man. All I am asking is for you to get
her to kiss me and stuff. You can even be in the room, ok?"

Simon didn't want to say yes, but he felt he had no choice, cause his
reputation was a stake. Simon then said, "Ok, Norton I will see what I can
do, but please be gentle."

Norton then said "Don't worry, she will love it."

Simon then went over to Ruthie and said "Ruthie, Norton wants you to kiss
him, the way you kissed me." Ruthie was shocked and flatly said, "No!" But
then Simon told her that Norton knew that she had kissed him and he could
tell others and they would be in a lot of trouble.

Ruthie then said, "Simon why did you tell!" she wailed.

"You promised, Simon. You promised you wouldn't tell anybody. And Norton
of all people. Oh God, Simon!" Ruthie knew events were sliding toward chaos,
so she decided to change tacks. "Please, Simon she pleaded, moving toward her
brother. "Don't do this to me. Don't make me do stuff with Norton."

Simon felt bad now. He didn't want to hurt Ruthie, but Louis doubted that
Norton would accept "no" for an answer. Simon was stuck. He wanted to make
Norton happy, but he didn't want to upset Ruthie either. Then Norton walked
over to Ruthie.

"Hi there, Ruthie," Norton said to the pretty, young girl who stood before

Ruthie didn't answer. She was so angry at her brother, Simon, she could
barely think let alone speak to Norton.

"She looks mad, Simon," Norton observed with a wicked little chuckle.
"Didn't you tell her I'd treat her real nice?"

When Simon stood dumbly without replying, Norton stepped closer to Ruthie.
Then placing two fingers gently beneath her chin, he raised her eyes to his.
"Didn't your brother tell you I'm going to be real nice to you, Ruthie,

Ruthie jerked her face aside. "Don't touch me!"

"I thought she was a lively one, man, I like them like that, as long as they
know the man is in charge." Norton said.

Then Norton suggested that they go in the living room to get to know each
other. Ruthie looked back at Simon, hoping he would say no, but the wimp
didn't say a thing. So Ruthie, Simon and Norton all entered the living room.

Ruthie sat down on the couch, and Norton sat down right next to her. Simon
sat across from the two of them. Then Norton said, "Ruthie will you show me
how you kissed Simon?"

Ruthie felt she had no choice but to kiss him, at least she would only have
to kiss him, then it would be over. So Ruthie leaned towards Norton and
kissed him, but while she was kissing him, Norton decided to stick his tongue
in Ruthie's mouth. Ruthie actually enjoyed it a little, then she remembered
it was Norton and she pushed him away.

Norton then said, "Don't worry baby, I wont hurt you, you will like it."

Simon then said, "Norton you said you would be gentle."

Norton responded by saying, "Chill man." Then Norton said that he wanted to
play a little game, that was a fantasy of his. He had always wanted to tie
up a girl, while she told him to do things. Ruthie said no way and Simon

So Norton then goes, "Well, Simon I guess I will have to tell everyone about
you and Ruthie, and I bet your parents won't be happy either, incest is a
sin." Ruthie got scared, she didn't want to sin. Then Norton goes, "How about
if we tie up Simon first, and make him say the lines, then you can try it,
if you want."

Then Simon goes, "No way, I don't want to be tied up."

Ruthie goes, "Please Simon, if you do it, I will do it too."

Simon said ok, and asked Norton what he had to do. Norton then told Ruthie
he would on do what she says. She was happy about that, and so was Simon.
Norton told him to go in the Kitchen, he would be with him in a minute.
Then Norton ran upstairs and told Johnny, to listen to what Simon is saying
in the kitchen. So Johnny hides in the hallway, while Norton goes to talk
to Simon. Norton tells Simon he needs to take off all his clothes while he
ties him up. Ruthie is watching while this happens. As Simon slowly takes
off his clothes, he notices that he is hard. Simon's dick is 5 inches long
and fairly thin. But it appears big to Ruthie who has never seen a naked
guy before in person. "Now Ruthie you need to strip as well" Norton said.

Ruthie slowly strips, and Norton ties her up, as Simon and Norton notice
Ruthie's budding breasts. Then Ruthie removes her panties, revealing her
hairless virgin pussy. Once both Camdens are naked and tied up, Norton
hands Simon a set of lines to read. But before Simon starts reading them,
Norton lifts Ruthie up and places her away from Simon, that way he cant see

Simon reads the first line and says, "Please come over and touch me."

Ruthie then goes, "Please come over and touch me," so Norton goes over and
touches her. Ruthie is surprised at first, but Norton's touch on her tits
feels good, so she doesn't struggle.

Then Simon says, "Take off your clothes, please. Let me see you naked."
Ruthie repeats the line and so Norton strips as well.

Simon then goes, "I don't know if I can do this," and Norton responds by
saying, "Sure you can." Then Simon says, "Please come over to me and fuck
me. I want to feel your dick inside of me." Ruthie reluctantly repeated
the line. Then Simon continued to read the next line, "Please take my
virginity. I want you to fuck me, now."

Ruthie repeated the line, and Norton goes, "Are you sure? I will only do
what you want, but once I start, I wont stop no matter what you say."

What Ruthie didn't know is that this was a line Norton had written, so Simon
had to read the next line. There was also a note on the page, in which Norton
said he wouldn't fuck Ruthie and Simon being an idiot believed him. So Simon
goes, "Yes, please, fuck me hard. No matter what I say just keep fucking me.
You are so hot. Please, fuck me." Then Ruthie repeated the line as well,
figuring it was part of the game. She new Simon was going to take care of

But the next thing Simon knew, Johnny walked in the room naked. Simon then
goes," No don't, I didn't mean it." But Johnny heard what Simon had said
and figured that Simon wanted to be fucked. The next thing Simon felt was
Johnny's dick being shoved up his virgin ass. Simon was in so much pain,
as Johnny shoved his dick in and out of Simon's tight, virgin ass. Johnny
then told Simon how he had been raped while in jail and this was his revenge.

Simon kept telling him, "No, don't please, stop, it hurts so much." But
Johnny didn't listen to his cries.

Meanwhile, Norton was fucking Ruthie, it hurt so much, as he shoved his
large penis inside her virgin pussy. She thought he was going to kill her,
as he pounded his cock inside of her, popping her cherry. Norton had never
fucked an 11 yr old before, but if they were all this tight, he would never
fuck anyone older again. After fighting it for several minutes, Ruthie
started to enjoy Norton fucking her. Then she started to feel something
strange inside. Then all at once, Ruthie let out a moan, she was having
her first orgasm. Her orgasm caused Norton to shoot his load inside of her.
Norton smiled and so did Ruthie, she now realized that sex was a great thing
and she couldn't wait to try again. As Norton got off of Ruthie, she was
able to see Johnny, the boy who tried to kill their dad, sticking his dick
inside of Simon. Ruthie began to wonder, "Was Simon gay?"

Then Johnny let out a moan, as he filled Simon Camden's virgin ass with
several loads of cum. Unfortunately for Simon, Johnny wasn't done yet.

Continued in chapter 4

(Dena comes to visit Ruthie invites Bert over? Something else?)

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