Disclaimer: This story is based on the characters from the TV shows 7th
Heaven and 8 Simple Rules, that belong to Warner Brothers TV, ABC and others,
and is not meant as an infringement on their copyright of the series.

Warning: This story contains lesbian incest between sisters. One of which is
under 18. If you don't like that stuff or are not mature enough for it, then
I suggest you don't read this story. However, if you are mature enough and
think you might enjoy this, please continue.

Rating: NC-17

Pairing: Mary/Lucy/Ruthie/Kerry/Bridget

Summary: Mary, Lucy and Ruthie enjoy some sisterly fun and then Ruthie is
introduced to even more sisterly love by Kerry and Bridget.

7th Heaven/8 Simple Rules: Mary, Lucy, Ruthie Meet The Hennessy Sisters
by Buffyfaith19 ([email protected])

Ruthie Camden woke up in a strange bed, confused for a moment about where she
was, but as she began to smell the fresh bacon and eggs cooking, a smile came
across her pretty young face and all the memories of the night before came
rushing back to her.

Suffice it to say this put her in a very good mood to start the day.

She stepped out of bed and began searching for her clothes, but remembered
they were still in the living room from the night before. Feeling confident
and sexy, she walked out of Mary and Lucy’s bedroom, down the hall and into
the kitchen.

As luck would have it, Mary and Lucy were not alone.

Ruthie stood in complete and utter shock as the two young female guests
stared at her naked body, who were equally surprised at where they were

Mary was speechless and sat silent with her head in her hands, while Lucy
jumped up in an effort to explain the situation to her guests.

Rushing over to counter, Lucy grabbed a small dishcloth from the wall and
tried covering up whatever she could of her sister’s naked body.

Ruthie couldn't help but find the situation amusing as Lucy tried and tried
to use one small cloth to cover up a whole lot of skin. Something Ruthie
wasn't about to make easy for her.

Finally, Lucy ushered Ruthie back to the bedroom and after a long deep breath
sat back down with her new neighbors, "Well, that was embarrassing."

"Is she your sister or?" the attractive blonde asked, her eyes following
Ruthie down the hall, unknowingly licking her lips as she enjoyed the sight
of Ruthie's sexy ass.

"Yes, that's our sister Ruthie." Lucy sighed as she gave her sister a dirty
look just before she disappeared into the bedroom, "She spent the night here
and has a bad habit of running around naked, as you can see. I am so sorry
about that. She's a teenager though, so what can you do."

"Oh, how old is she?" the perky redhead asked as she sipped her tea.

Mary finally broke her silence, "She's 16, but will turn 17 midway through
the summer. As you can see, she's turning into a bit of en exhibitionist and
we just don't know what to do about it."

"Well, I'm not a parent, but I don't see the harm in it." The blonde said
calmly, "She's a beautiful young girl who is confident about her appearance,
I'd say that's a very good attitude to have for anyone."

"I guess that's true, but she still needs to learn to do this in her own
bedroom and not prance around the house like that when we have guests." Lucy
said with a chuckle.

"I think it was kind of cute. She's very sexy." The redhead added with a
breathless sigh and sexy smile.

"What did you say?" The blonde growled.

"Oh come on Bridget, you can't tell me you didn't think she was sexy? I
saw the way you looked at her and if she hadn't walked away you'd still be
staring at her. I was just thinking out loud what we were both feeling.
Besides, I'm only a year older, so stop being such a prude. Stop acting
jealous every time I see a pretty girl." The redhead added with a devilish

Mary and Lucy looked at each other, both sensing a lot of jealousy and
tension in the air, something they really hadn't expected, since their new
neighbors were also sisters.

"So Kerry, you're still in high school right?" Lucy asked.

"Yes, I graduate next month. I can't wait to get to college. Bridget has so
much fun there and I can't wait to be part of it with her.

"That's great. I know you'll love it." Lucy smiled, "Anyway, since you got
transferred to Ruthie's school, I thought it would be nice if Ruthie showed
you around and maybe help you settle in for the final month of the school

"I don't think that's a good idea." Bridget added quickly.

Kerry spun her head around to confront her older sister, "Oh and why is that?
You don't trust me around her? You think I'm gonna jump her and have sex with
her in the middle of the school? Give me a little credit would ya."

"It wouldn't be the first time you'd be caught having sex in school." Bridget
snapped, then covered her mouth just a few seconds too late.

"OMG." Kerry yelled and instantly lunged at her sister, knocking her off the
chair and onto the floor.

Mary and Lucy got up and once again looked at each other unsure of what to
make of the situation, but since neither girl came up with anything, they
just stood back and watched the two girls wrestle around on the floor.

It didn't take long for Kerry to pin Bridget to the floor, sitting over her
older and much taller sister with a big smile on her face.

"Get off of me you witch." Bridget screamed, trying her hardest to push Kerry
off her.

Kerry shook her head back and forth, "No, not until you say sorry for telling
everyone about what happened last year."

"Oh god, you know I didn't mean to, but you know this happens when I get
upset. I say things I don't mean, so it's really your fault." Bridget said
with a chuckle.

"Only you would spin this and make it about me." Kerry said, clearly not
impressed by Bridget's cavalier attitude about the whole thing.

"Now get off me before I make you." Bridget said as firmly as she could.

Kerry laughed, "Oh and what are you gonna do about it?"

"You'll see and I can promise you aren't gonna like it, but it's up to you.
You can get off now on your own, or I can find ways to get you off, it's your
call kiddo." Bridget said with a smile as she looked up at her sister.

"Stop with your little games Bridget, you've never been able to take me,
even when were little, so I don't think I want to move. You're surprisingly
comfortable to sit on. Must be that soft tummy of yours." Kerry grinned as
she began poking Bridget in her stomach.

"Why you little bitch." Bridget said as her face turned red, "Well, you asked
for it, don't say I didn't warn ya."

Kerry was still laughing and poking her fingers back and forth against her
sisters stomach, when Bridget slowly moved her hands up around Kerry's waist
and then with reflexes she never knew she had, she grabbed her sisters
t-shirt at the bottom and with one quick pull, lifted it up and over her head
and tossed it across the room.

Mary and Lucy were enjoying the little catfight from the start, but really
began to enjoy things as they got a look at Kerry's firm round breasts.

"Awe, you don't have a bra on? I didn't know." Bridget said with a look of
mock surprise.

"You think that's funny? You think that's gonna make me run away and get off
your sorry butt? Think again big sis. It takes a bit more than that to rattle
me anymore." Kerry said, quite proud of her perky breasts.

"I didn't say I was done, yet." Bridget smiled, then looked up at Mary and
Lucy, "I'm so sorry for Kerry's behavior, she's a little on the primitive

"Um, that's okay. Mary and I used to fight all the time. We're used to it."
Lucy said, smiling fondly at Mary as she remembered some of their more
intense fights and even more intense make up sessions afterwards.

Ruthie walked into the living room, wearing a tiny t-shirt and an old pair
of jeans she found in Lucy's closet and quickly focused on the naked girl
sitting in front of her, "What's going on?"

"Nothing really; just a sisterly squabble. Don't worry, it'll be over soon."
Bridget said confidently as she smiled up at Ruthie.

Kerry turned towards Ruthie, "Hi, we didn't get properly introduced earlier.
"I'm Kerry Hennessy; it's really nice to meet you. That t-shirt looks amazing
on you."

"Thank you." Ruthie said, blushing just a little.

Bridget didn't need any more incentive than that to take her sister down a
peg. With Kerry's eyes glued to Ruthie's nipples, Bridget made her move. With
a quick lunge to her right, she managed to topple Kerry to the ground and
pounced on her.

Kerry just sighed and looked up at Ruthie, "I'm sure I saw you at the school
on Friday. I'm still getting used to it. Maybe we could walk to school
together, if you want that is?"

"That sounds great. Where do you live?" Ruthie asked, as she walked past the
two girls on the ground, opened the fridge and grabbed some orange juice.

"Oh, we live right next door." Kerry smiled, "We moved in last week, but
we've only had one day at school. It sucks to move near the end of the school
year, but our mom got a job she couldn't turn down, so here we are."

"Well, I think you'll like it here. The weather is great and I think you'll
both enjoy the beaches here. I'd love to show you around this weekend if
you're free."

Kerry and Bridget both began to picture Ruthie in a bikini and it didn't take
long for them to agree respond.

"I'd love to go with you to the beach." Kerry said as she slipped out from
under her sister and walked over to Ruthie, "Would you be interested in doing
some shopping first? I don't have a thing to wear."

"Oh you liar, you have lots of bikinis, so stop trying to hit on the girl."
Bridget said with a laugh.

"Shut up Bridget." Kerry growled, but quickly put her smile back on her face
as she turned back to Ruthie, "What my annoying sister means is I have some
older bikinis, but I'd love to get something new for this year."

Ruthie smiled at the friendly bickering between the two sexy sisters, "I love
to go shopping so sure. I just need to eat and have a shower and I can meet
you outside in an hour or so?"

"Perfect." Kerry smiled widely.

"Oh god, would you stop being so obvious." Bridget sighed. "It was nice
meeting you Ruthie. Kerry and I will be glad to go shopping with you. Have a
nice shower." Bridget added with a sexy grin, then dragged Kerry by the arm
out the back door.

"Bye." Ruthie smiled as she stared at the two very nice asses as they left
the room.

"Well, it looks like someone has a couple new admirers, even if they are a
bit old for you." Lucy said as she looked at Mary.

"Lucy's right, I'm not so sure we should let you hang out with those two."
Mary said with an attempt at a serious face.

"Come on, we're in the same school." Ruthie said in a pleading voice, then
noticed a smile coming from Lucy's face, "Oh god, stop teasing me."

Mary let out a laugh as well, but moved over and put her arms around Ruthie,
"Oh but you're just so darn cute when you get mad. Let's see if I can turn
that little frown into something else."

Lucy slid in behind her sexy young sister, put her hands over Ruthie's round
breasts, squeezed them softly as she watched Mary lean in and kiss Ruthie's
soft full lips.

Ruthie kissed Mary back hard and deep, her hands moving all over Mary's sexy
body, but ending up landing on Mary's firm round breasts.

Sliding her hands under Mary's top, Ruthie let out a sweet moan as she made
contact with her sisters amazing breasts.

Mary let out a moan of her own as she felt Ruthie's soft hands caressing her
breasts vigorously, stopping only to rub her nipples until she had them nice
and hard and ready to suck.

Lucy had removed Ruthie's t-shirt, slipped off her jeans and was enjoying the
view of Ruthie's shapely round ass as she pulled of her pink thong and began
kissing every inch of her sisters cute little ass.

Ruthie began moaning louder as Lucy slid her tongue between her legs and
found its way to her already damp pussy. Holding up Ruthie's right leg, Lucy
leaned up and continued running her tongue over her sister's tasty pussy,
nibbling and sucking on her clit, so fast and so hard, Ruthie could barely
stand up on her own.

Mary had removed all her clothes by now and was standing naked in front of
Ruthie, holding her around the waist as she watched Lucy lick her sister's
pussy from her knees.

Ruthie squeezed Mary's arm as Lucy sent wave after wave of pleasure through
her hot little body, her tongue working like mad over her clit, while she
slid two fingers up inside her sister's dripping wet pussy.

The more Lucy licked and fucked Ruthie, the more Ruthie shook and soon she
was shaking so much Mary had to help her over to the table, where they helped
Ruthie up, spread her legs and this time Mary got to taste Ruthie's pussy.

Lucy climbed up on the table, leaned down and kissed Ruthie softly on the
lips as she moved her hand over Ruthie's soft full breasts, caressing them
both as she rubbed her hard nipples with her thumbs.

Mary had her tongue buried deep inside Ruthie's pussy, pushing it in and out
as her sister wiggled her hips back and forth and around and around, pushing
hard against Mary's tongue, trying to send it deeper and deeper into her

Ruthie began moaning louder and louder as Mary continued to fuck her sister's
sweet pussy, while Lucy moved down and began licking and sucking Ruthie's
rock hard nipples into her mouth.

Lucy's breasts hovered above Ruthie's pretty face as she continued to lick
and suck her sister's nipples. Ruthie leaned up and slid her tongue over
Lucy's equally hard nipples, swirling her tongue around them, stretching
her neck so she could cover it with her mouth, but was dejected when she
reach. Lucy smiled down at Ruthie, grabbed her large breast and guided it
down into Ruthie's mouth, watching with great pleasure as Ruthie began
sucking it so hard and fast.

Mary was rubbing her own pussy as fast as she was licking Ruthie's, filling
the room with moans, screams and other sounds of sex, all of which helped
fuel their passion for each other.

While watching Mary slide her long slender fingers inside Ruthie's pussy,
Lucy crawled up on the table, climbed over Ruthie and lowered her pussy onto
her sisters smiling face.

Ruthie put her hands up and over Lucy's ass cheeks, pulling her sister closer
so she could taste her wet pussy.

Just as Ruthie had begun to lick Lucy's clit, the phone rang and all three
girls paused the action as Mary stepped back and picked up the phone.

"Hello?" Mary said as she tried to get her breathing under control.

"Hi Mary. You sound like you've been working out again." Her mother said,
oblivious to how accurate she was. "Anyway, is Ruthie there?"

"Yes, why?" Mary asked as she smiled at the sight of her two naked sisters.

"A young girl called here wanting to talk to her. Kerry Hennessy was her
name. I think she said she lives next door to you, but didn't have your phone

"Oh right, Ruthie is going shopping with her." Mary said looking up at the
clock and then back over at Ruthie.

"Well, I just wanted to know if it was okay to give her your phone number."

"Yes, of course. We met Kerry and her sister today and they seem like nice
people and I think we will be getting along just fine."

"That's great to hear. Well, I will let her know then. You kids have fun.
I'll see you at dinner on Wednesday right?" Her mother asked, then continued
before Mary could answer, "Please send Ruthie home tonight, she's spending
too many nights there and I think it's affecting her grades."

"Yes, we are coming home for dinner on Wednesday. I'll make sure Ruthie gets
home tonight. Bye."

Ruthie knew what Mary was referring to, "I have to go home tonight don't I?
God this sucks."

"Oh, it's not forever Ruthie, besides, I think you'll be spending a lot of
time with out new neighbors, so we'll still see a lot of each other."

"I guess, but I was having so much fun today. I don't want to stop." Ruthie
said as she reached out and touched Lucy's breasts.

Lucy smiled as she gave Ruthie a kiss, "We'll miss you to, but once you get
your grades up mom won't feel the need to do this."

"You need to get into the shower so you can be ready when Kerry gets here."
Mary added as she walked over to the table.

Ruthie slid off the table, gave Mary a kiss and then walked down the hall
towards the bedroom. Mary and Lucy just smiled and enjoyed the view of
Ruthie's ass until she turned into the bedroom.

"Wow, it's going to be strange without her around." Lucy sighed.

Mary put her arm around her sister and nodded her agreement, "Oh I know. It
will give us some time alone which I'm sure we can make good use of."

"That's so true." Lucy smiled and kissed her taller sister, "As soon as she
goes shopping, why don't we take one of our long, sexy showers together. I
loved those when we lived at home."

It was close to an hour later when Ruthie came out of the bedroom and walked
back into kitchen. Much like earlier, Kerry and Bridget were there when she

Ruthie had on her favorite pair of tight blue jeans, a red t-shirt and her
fancy new sunglasses as she walked up to Kerry and Bridget, "Hi. Sorry I took
so long."

"That's okay. It was worth the wait. You look beautiful." Kerry said as she
looked Ruthie over from head to toe.

"Yes, you really do." Bridget added, taking Ruthie by the hand and leading
her towards the door.

Kerry grabbed Ruthie's other hand and the three of them waved at Mary and
Lucy and off they went.

Bridget drove while Ruthie sat in the passenger seat and Kerry was relegated
to the back seat for the trip to the local mall.

Ruthie looked over Bridget's sexy outfit, focusing on her short skirt, long
legs and the white top she had on that couldn't contain her nipples as they
easily pushed through the thin material.

Kerry was dressed much like Ruthie, with a pair of extremely tight jeans, a
tight white and blue striped top and running shoes.

Bridget parked the car in the first available parking space and the three
girls got out and walked towards the mall.

They walked down the mall looking for just the right store, checking out
numerous shops along the way before settling on a beachwear shop on the
second floor.

All three girls searched the countless racks of swimwear, looking over 100's
of bikini's, in every shape, size and color, with each picking out a handful
to try on.

When Kerry headed back to the change rooms, Bridget stopped her and pulled
her back, "Let's just buy them, take them home to try on and we can return
whatever we don't want. I think it will be much more comfortable doing it
in our bedroom instead of those tiny change rooms."

"I don't know, what if we spill something on one of them?" Kerry said, not
near as adventurous as her older sister.

Bridget laughed and gave her sister a nudge, "Come on, like that's gonna

"What do you think Ruthie, did you want to come back to our place and try
them on?" Kerry asked as she looked deep into Ruthie's brown eyes.

Ruthie didn't hesitate, "Sure, I'd like that. I just won't be able to pay
for all these if we can't return them."

"Don't worry about that." Bridget said as she smiled at Ruthie, "If anything
goes wrong I'll take care of it."

They paid for the bikinis, headed back to the car and had a very quiet drive
back home.

Kerry led Ruthie up the steps of their new house as Bridget hurried to catch
up. Inside, Kerry and Bridget gave Ruthie a quick tour of their house and
then anxiously rushed upstairs into the room they still chose to share.

Bridget locked the door behind her and then threw herself onto the bed, "Here
we are."

"Yep, this is our room." Kerry said, inching closer to Ruthie, "It's slightly
bigger than our old one and has so much more closet space we couldn't be
happier with it."

"It's nice." Ruthie said as she looked around the room.

Bridget picked up the shopping bag from her bed, turned it upside down and
sorted through the countless bikinis, found one she liked and started taking
off her clothes.

Kerry spotted Bridget just as she tossed her top on the floor and hopped up
on the bed, "What the hell are you doing? We have a guest you know."

"I'm sure I'm not the first girl Ruthie's seen naked. I mean she has two
sisters." Bridget said as she shoved Kerry off the bed. "Let's just try some
of these on and see how they look."

Ruthie didn't mind one bit as Bridget removed her bra and let it fall to the
bed, revealing her sexy breasts.

Kerry rolled her eyes and decided to fight fire with fire and quickly slipped
out of her tight jeans, t-shirt and stood proudly in front of Ruthie. After
reaching back in a couple lame attempts to unhook her bra, Kerry let out a
sigh and smiled at Ruthie, "Could you help with this bra. It always sticks on

Bridget shook her head at Kerry, while covering her breasts with her bikini

Ruthie had no problem unhooking Kerry's bra and was more than happy when
Kerry turned around displaying her very firm round breasts to her.

Enjoying the attention Ruthie was giving her breasts, Kerry turned, slid off
her panties and stood still, giving Ruthie a perfect view of her tight round
ass. Something Ruthie appreciated immensely.

Bridget couldn't help but notice the look on Ruthie's face as she stared at
Kerry's naked body and quickly hopped off the bed and moved in behind Ruthie.
First, she had to stop and enjoy her sisters cute little ass, but then she
let ran her hands through Ruthie's long dark hair, "You have such beautiful
hair. Is it naturally curly?"

Ruthie turned to see a naked Bridget standing in front of her, "Um yes, it's
natural. I straighten it every now and then, but I always come back to this."

Kerry moved up behind Ruthie, "We even have the same hair. Mine's naturally
curly to."

Feeling a bit like a yoyo, Ruthie turned to face Kerry, "I do love your hair.
It really suits you."

"Thank you." Kerry smiled, "Why don't we get you out of those clothes and
into a bikini."

"Sure, I guess." Ruthie said with a nod.

"Great." Kerry said as she knelt down, behind Ruthie, reached around and
unzipped her jeans, pulled them down and licked her lips as she got her
second look at Ruthie's shapely round ass.

Bridget lifted Ruthie's t-shirt up and over her head, smiled as she reached
around, unhooked her bra and slowly let it slide down and off her full round
breasts, before tossing it to the floor.

Kerry slipped off Ruthie's thong and slid her hands up the back of Ruthie's
legs, up and over her thighs and then over her cute ass cheeks, before
backing off slightly, "You have the most beautiful skin I've ever seen."

Ruthie smiled at the compliment and at the attention she was receiving from
the two sisters, "Thank you."

"Kerry's right about that, your skin is so soft and smooth, it's flawless."
Bridget said as she moved her hand over Ruthie's cheek, down over her
shoulders, brushing the sides of her breasts and she slid them down to her

"You guys are making me blush." Ruthie said as she continued to feel hands
moving all over her naked body.

Kerry turned Ruthie's head to the side, smiled and moved in until she was
right up to Ruthie's lips, "I really find myself wanting to kiss you right
now. I just don't know if you want me to."

Ruthie could feel Kerry's breath on her lips, as she stared back at the
sweet mouth that wanted to kiss her, "Oh yes, I want to you to kiss me."
She whispered, placing a soft kiss on Kerry's soft lips. Then she turned
to Bridget, "I want you to kiss me to."

Bridget eyes lit up and her smile grew and she leaned down and kissed Ruthie
softly at first, but as she felt the pretty brunette kissing her back, she
let loose and kissed Ruthie hard, deep and oh so passionately.

Kerry reached around, grabbed Ruthie's breasts, caressed them excitedly and
kissed the back of her neck.

Ruthie purred as Kerry kissed her all over the back of her neck, moving
around to kiss her ear lobe, then her cheek and soon she was edging Bridget
out of the way so she could taste Ruthie's soft full lips.

Bridget kissed her way down to Ruthie's breasts, cupping them both in her
hands as she began kissing and caressing one and then the other, finally
holding one nipple between her fingers as she lunged forward and took it
deep into her mouth.

Moans began to fill the room as Kerry moved down and began licking Ruthie's
other nipple, smiling as she watched her sister take the other into her mouth
as Ruthie tossed her head back and enjoyed the amazing sensations that rushed
through her body.

Kerry moved over and shared Ruthie's nipple with her sister and then with
Ruthie looking down the two sisters began kissing, something that sent Ruthie
over the edge. She held the two girls head close to her breasts, holding them
tightly as they kissed so passionately, stopping only to enjoy Ruthie's hard
nipples, before returning to their lengthy kiss.

Ruthie slid her right hand down her stomach and began rubbing her pussy as
she watched the sisters kiss and kiss and kiss some more.

They broke the kiss together, taking Ruthie by the hand and helping her onto
the bed. Kerry crawled between Ruthie's tanned legs, spread them wide and
smiled as she inched closer to her wet pussy.

Bridget slid in beside Ruthie, began licking her nipples as she watched Kerry
open her mouth, slide out her tongue and slowly move it over Ruthie's anxious

Ruthie moaned loudly as Kerry began to lick her pussy faster and faster,
rubbing her clit even faster with her fingers, loving the cute little moans
that came from Ruthie as she did.

Kerry continued to lick Ruthie's pussy, moving her tongue ever so slowly up
and down her moist slit, savoring the moment, enjoying the taste of the sweet
pussy in front of her. Only after Ruthie began to moan ferociously and beg
her to go faster did Kerry step up the pace. She simply couldn't resist after
seeing Ruthie's face and hearing her plea for more. She grabbed hold of her
ass cheeks, buried her face into Ruthie's pussy and began licking her faster
and faster, barely taking time to breath as she licking, sucked and generally
fucked Ruthie's pussy non stop for what seemed like forever.

With her hands holding Bridget's arm for support, Ruthie continued to move
her hips forward and back, side to side, anywhere to help push them closer to
Kerry's eager tongue.

Ruthie was thrashing about in the bed, so much that Bridget had to reach
down, grab hold of Ruthie's left leg, keeping it from squeezing Kerry's head
from the sheer excitement and pleasure she was feeling.

Kerry used her free hand to slide two fingers slowly inside Ruthie's dripping
pussy. Sliding them all the way inside, before pulling them almost all the
way out, and then back in again and as she began sliding her fingers in and
out of Ruthie faster and harder with every stroke, she used her left hand to
continue rubbing Ruthie's clit.

Panting and moaning were about the only noises coming from Ruthie now, unable
to speak even if she wanted, she was so lost in the moment she could only
think of one thing, how amazing Kerry's tongue and fingers felt working over
her pussy.

When Kerry used her other hand to grab hold of Ruthie's leg and push them up
and over her head, Bridget leaned down and quickly began licking Ruthie's
clit as she watched up close Kerry's fingers slamming in and out of Ruthie's

Ruthie grabbed her legs and held on tightly, letting Kerry focus on her pussy
with no distractions.

Kerry was relentless as she fucked Ruthie's pussy with long hard, and deeply
penetrating strokes, moving them faster and faster as she watched Bridget
licking Ruthie's clit and as she pushed them in one last time the whole room
seemed to shake as Ruthie let loose, experiencing a truly amazing orgasm at
the hands of the Hennessy sisters.

Both sisters moved back up to the bed and cuddled up beside Ruthie and the
three of them stayed there until the ringing of Ruthie's cell phone woke them
up hours later.

The End


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