7th Heaven: Blackmailed Bride (FF, MFF, b-mail, F-dom, bond, shave)
by Hamster

The wedding and reception were both over and Kevin Kinkirk was now taking
his beautiful wife, Lucy, over the threshold and to the bed. Lucy was very
excited. She had been a virgin and now she was going to have sex for the
first time with her handsome husband. She was thrilled and a little
frieghtened at the same time. He got dizzy for a second but managed to
retain his balance, though just barely. He set his wife down then held his
head and then fell over.


"Oh my gosh!!!" Lucy cried and knelt next to her husband. "Kevin, what's
wrong please talk to me! I have to call 9-1-1."

As she got up, astonishingly the bathroom door opened and Kevin's blonde
partner stepped into the room.

"That will not be necessary." Roxanne said.

"Oh my gosh Roxanne, please Kevin needs help...what were you doing in our
bathroom?" Lucy stared at her in confusion.

"Well you see Kevin has been poisoned. I poisoned him." Roxanne explained.

"What? Why, how could you do that?" Lucy demanded.

"He'll be fine. As long as he gets the antidote. Which he'll get as long as
you do exactly as I say." Roxanne said.

"Why are you doing this?" Lucy demanded in tears.

"Because A) You are an annoying stuck up bitch and you need a serious lesson,
B) I have wanted to fuck the shit out of you for a good long time. Now if you
don't do as I say your husband's heart will fail in 24 hours." Roxanne

"What do you want me to do?" Asked the defeated bride with her head hanging.

Roxanne smiled evilly. She approached Lucy and pulled her close. Lucy tried
to turn her face away from Roxanne but then blonde cop grabbed her chin and
turned her head so they were face to face. Roxanne reached up and squeezed
Lucy's breast very hard while reaching down with her free hand and squeezing
Lucy's ass.

"Please don't make me do this Roxanne. It's unnatural and wrong." Lucy

"We can do this the easy way or the hard way my little pet slut and I think
you know how it will end up if you defy me. Not shut up and pucker up."
Roxanne said.

Roxanne opened her mouth and kissed Lucy forcing her tongue down the other
woman's throat. As she kissed the sobbing bride she took the liberty of
fondling her her breasts and ass quite roughly. When she broke off Lucy had
tears streaming down her face. Roxanne slid her tongue over the minister's
daughter's face, lapping up all the salty tears.

"Fuck you look hot in that dress." Roxanne said as she gave Lucy's ass a
particularly hard squeeze. Roxanne walked over to the bed and sat down. "Now
strip, slut."

With some difficulty and absolutely no help from Roxanne, Lucy reached behind
her back and unzipped her wedding dress. She slowly pulled it off and let it
fall to the ground. She was now standing before Roxanne with her head
downcast and wearing nothing but her white bra and panties.

"Very nice." Roxanne said. She stood up and approached her prey. "Now take my
dress off."

Reluctantly Lucy obeyed. She stepped behind Roxanne and unzipped the back of
Roxanne's dress. She removed her tormrntor's dress then her bra and panties.

"Good job, now loose the underwear." Roxanne ordered.

Lucy removed her bra. Roxanne licked her lips at the sight of the luscious
boobs. Next Lucy grabbed the waistband of her panties and slid them off.
Roxanne saw the patch of blonde fur above Lucy's cunt and examined it

"You need a shave." Roxanne said.

"What?" Lucy said confused.

"Get in the bathroom, get a razor and some shaving cream, and shave your
pussy hair clean off." Roxanne said as if explaining it to a small child.

Resentfully Lucy strode away to the bathroom and began the process of
preparing her pussy for Roxannes's approval. Meanwhile Roxanne contemplated
how exactly she was going play with Lucy. Finally Lucy left the bathroom with
a clean and bare pussy. She approached the bed slowly and cautiously. Roxanne
dropped to her knees in front of the young bride. She grabbed Lucy's butt
with one hand and rubbed her cheek up against the other woman's now smooth

"Mmm baby soft." Roxanne said. Roxanne stood. "Turn around."

Lucy turned her back to Roxanne as instructed. Roxanne took a set of
handcuffs and locked Lucy's wrists together.

"What are you doing?" Lucy asked in alarm.

"Shh baby, you'll see. Now lie on the bed." Roxanne smiled.

Lucy hopped up onto the bed and lay uncomfortably on her back. Roxanne
crawled onto the bed after her. Roxanne made her way to Lucy's breasts she
began to lick and suck at one like breastfeeding infant. Lucy shifted in her
discomfort and revulsion. Roxanne kissed her way down from Lucy's breasts
across the blonde's belly to her newly shaved cunt. Roxanne breathed in the
aroma of virgin pussy before nuzzlig it with her nose then lapping at it.
Lucy was moaning and shifting.

Oh god forgive me, it feels so good! Lucy thought to herself.

Roxanne knew that she was beginning to have a positive affect on her little
slave. She penetrated Lucy's love channel with her tongue, the other girl
quivered beneath her. Lucy closed her eyes and began to loose herself in the
pleasures of Roxanne's talented tongue. It was wrong, so very wrong and so
very good. Roxanne tongue lashed her victim until Lucy was cumming insanely.

"You enjoyed that didn't you?" Roxanne asked.

Lucy shook her head no.

"You are a lying lesbo whore. And now I'm going teach you what happens when
you lie to your mistress, you dirty little slut." Roxanne announced.

Roxanne went to her drawer and retrieved a strap on dildo. As she secured it,
Lucy scooted away it terror.

"No please, I'm a virgin. Please..." Lucy's begging was cut off by a sharp
slap across the face.

"First of all, the fact you're a virgin makes this all the more interesting.
Secondly you shouldn't forget that your fucking husband's life is at stake."
Roxanne reminded her. "Now bend that sweet little ass of yours over that
fucking chair."

Once a teary eyed Lucy complied, Roxanne approached her and gave her ass a
good hard slap.

"I claim this cunt in the name of lesbian America!" Roxanne proclaimed.

Roxanne rammed the solid rubber cock into Lucy's pussy with one violent

"EEEEOOOUCH!!!" Lucy cried as her virginity was ripped by the fake cock.

Roxanne drove the dildo in and out harder and faster. Lucy was being rocked
back and forth with one powerful thrust after another. Lucy was howling, but
no longer in pain. With every thrust pleasure spread through out her body and
despite herself she did not want her ordeal to end.

"Please, please, PLEASE ROXANNE!!!" Lucy begged.

"Please what, lesbo slut?" Roxanne demanded.

"Please don't stop fucking me." She whimpered pitifully.

"As you wish." Roxane said.

She grabbed two handfuls of Lucy's hair and stabbed forword as hard as she
could. She began pumping into the blonde with extra vigor. With every thrust
Lucy became more and more responsive. She screaming as he orgasm hit her. Her
shame was completely replaced by wanton lust.

"Please...more..." Lucy begged.

Roxanne ran her hands through the other woman's hair.

"Do you promise to do as I say and let me fuck you whenever I want?" Roxanne

"Yes, just please, please fuck me." She begged.

"Fine but first you must make me cum." Roxanne said.

Roxanne lay on her back with her legs spread and motioned for Lucy to
approach. Lucy crawled across the bed to her mistress and buried her face
in the woman's cunt. She began to lap away slowly making Roxanne purr with
pleasure. Roxanne ran her fingers through her lover's hair.

"That's it baby, now pick up the pace a little..." Roxanne moaned.

Lucy obeyed increasing the pace and penetration of her tongue strokes so as
to make her mistress squirm in pleasure.

"Ohhhh ohhh Lucy yes." Roxanne moaned.

A pair of masculine hands grabbed Lucy from behind and she felt a cock being
guided to her cunt.

"I was wondering when you would join us." Roxanne said.

Lucy lifted her face and turned back to see Kevin was there.

"Hiya Luce." He said.


"That was all an act Lucy. Roxanne and I had this all planned out from the
start. You will be my wife and Roxanne's slave. After all partners share. Now
get to work pleasing your mistress baby, and I'll get to work on you." Kevin

Lucy just nodded and went back to eating pussy. As she did so Kevin guided
his cock to the entrance of her pussy and plunged forword. Lucy moaned into
Roxanne's pussy which caused the woman to moan in pleasure. Kevin pumped his
cock in and out of his wife rapidly. He pounded his bribe as hard as he
could as he mused about how lucky he was to find such an attractive and now
obedient and bi-sexual wife. With this thought he flooded Lucy's pussy with
_ _ _

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