This story contains graphic sexual situations, if you are
under age or easily offended. Stop reading.

By Wonder Mike

Lucy Camden screamed into the phone, Mary was not here, the bank had
called for the fifth time already today, it wasn't even noon. Lucy had to
find Mary and find out what was going on.

Mary Camden came jogging into the kitchen, she was going to make a
sandwich and head back out, she didn't really feel like being lectured to
today, she had been having a bad week.

Lucy grabbed her sister by the arm, she told her about the phone calls,
Mary told her it was none of her business, Lucy told her that Mom wouldn't
think so. Mary was sure she could take care of it. The phone rang again.

It was another call from another bank, Mary was three months behind on
her car payment, she had twenty-four hours to catch up or they where going
to take the car.

Mary knew without a car she wouldn't be able to find another job, it was
a no win situation, the tears began to well up in her eyes, the phone rang

It was another bank, Mary was three months behind on her credit card,
they had contacted their lawyers, they told Mary she had twenty-four hours
to pay her credit card debt in full or they would be seeing her in court.

Mary ran up to her room crying uncontrollably, she knocked little sister
Ruthie over on the way.

Ruthie went to the kitchen and asked Lucy what was going on, Lucy told
her about the calls, they went upstairs to see if they could help big sister.

Ruthie asked Mary how much she owed, Mary owed $1000 on the credit card
and she was $600 behind on the car, she needed the money by tomorrow.

Lucy said there is no way they could raise that much in a day by
themselves, they had to go to Mom and dad, Mary would have nothing to do
with it, she would rather face the lawyers, she changed clothes and left.

Lucy just had to help her big sister, Ruthie wanted to help to, they just
didn't have any money, Ruthie said that the church has car washes and bake
sales to raise money, Lucy thought a car wash would be a good idea, she put
on a white tank top and cut off jeans and gathered the supplies.

Mary headed down to the gym, maybe she could hustle some guy in a game of
one on one basketball, it would be a start.

Mary began to shoot around, there where a couple of guys there, but they
where on the basketball team, her plan wouldn't work with them, she sat on
the bleachers and started to weep again.

Tyrone, Marcus, Mike, Frank, Roy and Xavier stopped their game, they went
over to Mary to see what was wrong. They knew she was rev Camden's daughter
and he had helped most of them before. In fact he had gotten Marcus and
Xavier out of jail before.

Mary was wearing basketball shorts and a cut off top, it was part of the
con illusion, her nipples where poking through the thin fabric, she couldn't
help but notice the six black boys staring.

Mary told them she needed, twelve hundred dollars by tomorrow, she thought
if she could get $1600. The guys pooled their money.

They said together they had $60 they could give her, that wouldn't help
at all, they told her that was all they could give her, if she wanted to
earn some, they would give her $50 each.

That would be $300, that would be a good start, she asked what they wanted
her to do, the boys asked her if her parents where at home, she told them
Catherine was at school for the afternoon and the reverend was at church.

The boys told her they wanted to take her back to her place and do her in
the rev's bed, Mary couldn't believe it, she told them she wanted $400 from
them and she would do it. The boys agreed.

Lucy and Ruthie had washed one car and made $5, it wasn't going as well
as they thought it would, Ruthie turned the water hose on her sister.

Ruthie soaked her shirt, it began to cling around her perfectly round
breast, Lucy had to take off her bra, it was wet and irritating her nipples.
Three cars came screeching to a halt.

Mary brought the six boys back to her house, they saw the cars lining up
around the block, Lucy snuck the boys into the house through the back, she
didn't see her sisters and she had no idea what was going on.

Mary took the boys up to her parents bedroom, the six black studs circled
her, they told her to take off her top, Mary did as she was told.

She pulled her tank top off over her head, she looked down, her nipples]
where fully erect, she was embarrassed, she pinched her nipples.

Tyrone and Xavier reached over and tweaked her nipples, Mary let out a
barely audible moan, Mike grabbed her by the ass, Marcus told her to pull
down her shirts.

Mary stood in her T-back panties, Tyrone reached down and pulled them up
into the crack of her ass, everybody heard her moan that time, Marcus slipped
two fingers into her cunt.

Mary's knee's began to buckle, the six boys jumped out of their pants,
there where six erect cocks poking at Mary, Marcus grabbed her by her pony
tail and pulled her down to her knees, Frank shoved a six inch cock into her

Mary began to gag, Frank began to fuck her face, he yanked back on her
pony tail and shoved his entire six inches down her throat. Mike started to
poke her in the face with his cock.

Mike began to slide his cock into her mouth too, Mary was choking, Marcus
screamed for her to take them both if she wanted the money, Mary opened wide
until she deep throated both cocks.

Mike and Frank pulled their cocks put of her mouth, Xavier shoved his
seven inches all the way down her throat with one stroke, he wrapped his arms
around the back of her head and pulled her forward.

Tyrone stood next to Frank, he whipped out a ten inch cock and began to
work it down her throat, Mary grabbed both boys by the ass and shoved them
forward until she deep throated then both.

Tyrone and Frank yanked their cocks out of her mouth, Roy came up and
shoved his seven inches into her mouth, Mary gobbled it up easily, she looked
up at Marcus, he rammed three fingers into her cunt, Mary almost threw up as
she swallowed.

Roy shot a load down her throat, he was a virgin and Mary's lips where too
much, his cock was so far down her throat she had no choice but to swallow it
all, she didn't even taste it.

Marcus pushed Roy out of the way, he tripped over his pants and fell over,
everybody had a good laugh, Marcus then began to run his 13 inch monster cock
across her face.

Mary gasped at the size of it, she didn't know they came that big, Marcus
grabbed her pony tail and yanked back, he began to work his steel rod down
her throat.

Marcus worked his cock down her throat two inches at a time, a tear
started to run down Mary's cheek as she passed the eight inch mark, she
grabbed him by the ass and shoved his cock in deeper. Marcus rammed four
fingers into her pussy and shoved his entire cock down her throat.

She was about to threw up as she spit the cock out of her mouth, she
looked up at Marcus and swallowed his cock whole with one gulp, she let the
spit run down the corners of her lips as she pulled away from the cock.

* * *

Lucy and Ruthie where doing three cars at a time, both of their shirts
where soaked all the way through, they where transparent, Lucy's breast where
in full view, of course, Ruthie didn't have any breast yet, the line was
three blocks long now.

Ruthie told her sister that it was obvious that the cars where stopping
because they wanted to see her boobs, Ruthie told her they could charge more
if she took off her shirt, Lucy wouldn't do it though, Ruthie took off her

Lucy screamed at her little sister and made her put her shirt back on,
she explained to Ruthie that she was too old now to run around without a
shirt on, the ten year old sighed "I can't wait until I grow tits."

* * *

Marcus began to fuck Mary's face, he wrapped her pony tail around his
hand and jerked her head up and down, he slammed his entire 13 inches all
the way down her throat with each stroke.

Mike began to rummage through the bed room, he found a hand shaped black
dildo attached to a drill, he waved it around the room, Marcus yelled "Your
parents are freaks." Mike then found a picture, it was Rev Camden in a bra
and panties and his collar, the guys howled with laughter, Marcus slammed his
cock all the way down Mary's throat again.

Mike found another picture, he said he didn't know Mary came from a family
of bowlers, Catherine Camden had a bowling pin in her cunt and another one in
her ass.

Marcus held Mary's head against his chest until she started to gag again,
then he let her up, he told her to get on her hands and knees.

Mike came up behind her, he shoved his eight inches into her cunt from
behind, Marcus was still fucking her face, Mary was rocking back and forth
doing both guys.

Tyrone then replaced Mike, Mary ran her hands back through his afro,
Tyrone rammed his entire ten inches into her cunt, Mary grunted, she was
about to cum, Tyrone began to ran it to her, she then ran her hands over
Marcus's bald head.

Xavier then took his brother's place, he began to face fuck Mary with his
seven inch tool, Mary grabbed him by the ass and forced his cock all the way
down her throat.

She held his cock all the way down her throat, Xavier began to shake, he
then began to shoot his load all the way down her throat, she swallowed it
all without spilling a drop.

Marcus sat on the floor, he told Mary to ride him, she climbed onto his
tool. Mary started to slowly bounce up and down on his cock, she then leaned
over so he could shove his tongue down her throat.

Mike and Frank grabbed Mary by the arm pits, they began to lift her up
and down. Mary began to scream as they slammed her up and down on the 13 inch

Mike and Frank slammed her up and down harder and harder with each stroke,
Mary wrapped her arms around Marcus so they couldn't move her, Marcus began
to thrust up so hard that he was lifting her off the ground.

Mike then climbed on top of her, he slipped his cock into her ass, Mary
screamed even louder, she had never had anything in that dark place before,
Mike began to slam his cock down into her.

Mike's thrust's forced Mary all the way down on Marcus's cock, his thrust
where lifting both her and Mike into the air, Mary began to slam her cunt up
and down, she was fucking them both.

Frank stood in front of her he stuffed his six inches all the way down her
throat, he wrapped his arms all the way around her head forcing her to deep
throat him, he began to take short quick thrust into her mouth.

Mike then began to shoot a loud into her ass, he began to ream it harder,
then yanked his cock out, the cum came dripping out of her ass, Frank then
shot his load down her throat, the cum came spilling out of her mouth as she

Marcus began to ram his cock faster into her cunt, Mary was cumming with
each stroke, she couldn't stop screaming, Tyrone then climbed on top of her,
he began to work his ten inches into her cunt.

Mary stopped screaming as the two cock penetrated her pussy, she went limp
has Tyrone managed to get his entire cock inside of her, he then began to
pump her.

Marcus began to pump his cock into her again, Tyrone began to match his
thrust, Mary braced herself and began to slowly go up and down, she was
fucking both of them.

This made Tyrone fuck her even harder, he was ramming his cock into her
as hard as he could, Marcus was soon doing the same, Mary was being forced up
and down on the two cocks, she still couldn't scream.

* * *

Ruthie and Lucy had washed 50 cars, they made $250 dollars, they couldn't
wait for Mary to come home so they could show her the money, they thought
they could do it again tomorrow, all the drivers said they would be back,
Ruthie and Lucy headed back into the house.

* * *

Tyrone yanked his cock out of Mary's cunt, it came out with a loud pop,
Mary screamed, Marcus thrusted up into her and knocked her off his cock,
Tyrone jammed his cock down her throat.

Marcus jumped up and began to work his cock into her mouth also, she
managed to take half of both cocks down her throat, she began to stroke them

Tyrone and Marcus began to shoot their loads down her throat at the same
time, Mary swallowed, but the cum was cumming too fast, it completely filled
her mouth and began to spill out the corners. She began to catch the cum in
her hand.

* * *

Ruthie heard the noise in her parents bedroom, she through open the door
with Lucy standing right behind her, they saw Mary, her chin white with cum,
licking cum out of her cupped hands, they couldn't believe what they where

Mary looked at her young sisters and told her she had to get some money,
Lucy told her they had made $250 dollars, they could get more tomorrow,
Marcus gathered up the money they had promised Mary, they gave her the $400.

Mary still needed another $950, she began to cry again. Marcus began to
look over Lucy, she put her hands over her chest, Marcus called Mike over,
then the other guys, they huddled up.

Marcus told them they could get the rest off the money, they each had a
small savings account, they pointed at Lucy and told her they wanted her.

Lucy started to back away, she didn't understand what was going on but it
didn't feel right, Ruthie told her they wanted to fuck her, Lucy began to
shake her head no.

Ruthie told Marcus that she would do it for Mary, she loved her sister,
Mary told her she wouldn't allow it, Marcus told them $1500, Mary looked at
her sister. Ruthie took off her soaking wet shirt. Marcus pointed at Lucy
and Ruthie and said it was $1500 for the both of them.

Lucy still wasn't sure Ruthie told her if she loved Mary she would do it,
Lucy realized it was a test of her love for Mary, God would want her to do
it, she agreed.

Marcus told them they wanted to finish in her mouth, Lucy had no idea what
he was talking about, Ruthie told her they wanted to cum in her mouth.

Lucy wasn't sure about that, she didn't know what it would be like, Mary
stuck her finger into her mouth and scooped out some cum, he shoved her
finger into Lucy's mouth and let her taste it, she then did the same for
Ruthie. Lucy agreed to the terms.

Lucy ripped her shirt off, exposing her soaking tits, Marcus told her to
spin around, she slipped off her jeans, Ruthie then slipped to her under

Marcus was still limp, Mary had worn him out, he looked at the other guys,
they where all still finished, he told the girls they would have to give them
a couple of minutes.

Mary told them their parents would be home soon, they had to get this over
with, Marcus had an idea, he walked over to Lucy and placed his cock between
her tit, he squished them together and began to fuck her tits, it was still
no use.

Mike had an idea, he told Lucy to lay down and spread her legs, he then
told Ruthie to lay on top of her and do the same, Lucy wrapped her arms
around her little sister's chest.

Mike then ordered Mary to eat out her sisters, Mary said she wouldn't do
it, Ruthie told her she had too, they where doing this for her, Marcus
grabbed Mary by the hair and forced her face into her sisters cunts.

Marcus ran Mary's face up and down Lucy's cunt, it started to glisten,
Lucy began to stroke her sisters hair, Marcus then lifted Mary's head and
jammed it into Ruthie's cunt.

Ruthie squealed as Mary penetrated her bald cunt with her tongue, Ruthie
began to open and close her legs, she then grabbed a handful of Mary's hair
and jammed her face into her cunt.

Ruthie wrapped her legs around Mary's head and began to grind her tongue,
she was cumming already, Mary buried her tongue deeper into her little
sisters pussy.

Frank grabbed the hand shaped dildo, he crawled between Mary's legs and
began to rub it against Lucy's cunt, Lucy couldn't see what was going on, but
she spread her legs wider.

Frank slowly began to stuff the giant dildo into her cunt, Lucy screamed
as it entered her, Frank shoved until it passed the wrist. Ruthie was shaking
Mary's head from side to side.

Xavier joined Frank between Mary's legs, he grabbed hold of the dildo, he
began shoving it in and out of Lucy. Lucy spread her legs as wide as she
could as they slammed it in deeper and deeper.

They managed to work the dildo half way into Lucy's tight cunt, she was
cumming all over it, she and Ruthie where screaming in unison.

All the boys where erect now, and they where ready to go, Marcus and his
brother Xavier pulled Ruthie off of Lucy, the others grabbed Lucy and lifted
her to her knees.

Xavier stood in front of Ruthie, he propped her mouth open, he began to
slide his seven inches down her throat, Ruthie managed to take most of it.
She began to use her tongue as she sucked, she was able to stand up as she
sucked his cock.

Marcus then pushed his little brother out of the way, he began to poke at
Ruthie with his 13 inch monster, Ruthie began to lick up and down the sides
of his cock.

Mike rammed his cock all the way down Lucy's throat, she took it all, Mary
grabbed her sister by the hair and began to work her head up and down, She
forced Lucy to swallow all 8 inches.

Roy then stood next to Mike, he began to work his cock into her mouth too,
Mary slammed her sister's head down until she swallowed both cocks. Lucy then
spit out a mouthful of cum as Roy yanked out his limp cock.

Mary then went over to Ruthie, she was slowly working Xavier's cock down
her throat, she had taken five inches of it, Mary grabbed her by the hair and
yelled at her to take it all, Ruthie swallowed another inch, Mary then
slammed her head down forcing her to take it all.

Ruthie then slowly pulled away from the cock, letting it come out inch by
inch, she then slammed it back in, she was able to take all seven inches of
it by herself this time, she pulled away and clapped, she was so proud.

Lucy began to work her way down on Mike's cock again she took it inch by
inch, she wasn't going to be embarrassed by her 10 year old sister, she
managed to take Mike's entire cock, she then worked his balls into her mouth.

Marcus laid on his back, he ordered Ruthie to sit on his cock, she faced
him and stood over his monster cock, she began to lower herself, she screamed
as it entered her.

Marcus slapped Xavier's hand, he couldn't remember the last time he had
taken a virgin, Ruthie yelled she wasn't a virgin, she had given it up to a
catsup bottle. She laughed because everybody thought it was catsup on the
sides of the bottle.

Ruthie lowered herself until the tip of the cock was in, she squatted
lower, Xavier and Mary grabbed her by the arm, they began to raise and lower

Tyrone was behind Lucy, he rammed his 10 inch cock deep into her pussy,
the force of his thrust knocked her forward, Mike had a handful of her hair,
he was fucking her face, Frank was next to him, he began to work his cock
down her throat also.

Lucy began to rock back and forth on Tyrone's cock, he grabbed her around
the wait and began to slam his cock harder and harder, Lucy spit out the
cocks and began to scream.

Mary slammed her baby sister all the way down on Marcus's cock, she let
out a blood curdling scream, Mary and Xavier began slamming her up and down.

Ruthie planted her feet, she began to bounce up and down on Marcus's cock
all by herself, Xavier let her go and stood over his brother, he stuffed his
cock down her throat, Ruthie began to suck it as hard as she could.

Xavier grabbed Ruthie by the hair, he began to fuck her face, Marcus began
to slam his cock up into her, she began to scream loudly, this allowed Xavier
to shove his cock all the way down her throat, Ruthie began to suck his cock
to keep from screaming, she wanted to be a big girl.

Tyrone rocked back so he was laying down, he lifted Lucy on top of her,
Mike and Frank began to slam her up and down on his cock. Tyrone began to
slam his cock up into Lucy.

It was a contest to see who could fuck their bitch the hardest, the harder
Tyrone slammed into Lucy, the harder Marcus slammed into Ruthie, Mary was
slamming Ruthie up and down on Marcus's cock.

Frank laid down on top of Lucy, forcing her to lay back to chest on top
of Tyrone, Frank then began to stuff his cock into her pussy too.

Lucy tried to close her legs but it was too late, Frank was already on
top of her and had the tip of his cock into her pussy. He shoved as hard as
he could and forced his entire cock inside of her.

Frank and Tyrone began to thrust their cocks into her tight pussy, Lucy
tried to scream "No" but nothing came out, the two boys rammed it to her

Xavier stuffed his entire cock down Ruthie's throat, he began to stroke
it, it didn't take long before he began to unload down her throat.

The cum came spilling out of Ruthie's mouth, she was scared to swallow,
Mary ran over and caught the dripping cum on her tongue, she then shoved her
tongue down her sisters throat.

Mike laid across Lucy's face, he grabbed her by the hair and began to fuck
her face, Lucy took his cock all the way in, Mike then slowly worked his
balls into her mouth, he then unloaded directly down her throat, Lucy didn't
even taste it.

Frank and Tyrone where a blur slamming their cocks into her cunt, Frank
then jumped up and pointed his cock at her face, he began to shot all over
her hair and face.

Tyrone then rolled over, knocking her to the floor, he lifted her up by
the hair and put his cock on her tongue, he shot directly into her mouth.

Lucy began to swallow but Tyrone came so much it was impossible to
swallow it all, it dripped out of her mouth and rolled down her chin.

Mary grabbed Ruthie by the hair and dragged her over to Lucy, Mary made
Ruthie lick Lucy's face clean.

The boys got dressed and headed out the door, Eric and Catherine Camden
where downstairs, Marcus told them it cost more then they thought it would,
Eric gave the boys another $1000 from the church fund.



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