7th Heaven: Camden Family Values
by Bakkus

After dinner, Mary and Lucy were sitting in their room doing their homework when Lucy surprised Mary
with a question. "Where did you learn how to do that?" Mary was more than a little shocked by this
and hurried to figure out her answer. "You mean who have I done that with before, well, I'm not gonna
tell you that, but I learned it from one of the other players on the team, she showed me on a banana."

"Ok, so I got the part about how to please a guy, but there has to be something on our end, right?"
Lucy asked. " Ugh, do we really have to have this conversation?" Mary answered Lucy with a question
of her own. " I'll ask you the same thing I asked Matt, would you rather I learned from some strange
guy?" was Lucy's reply. Mary sighed, she knew she shouldn't be having this conversation with her 15
yr-old sister, but Lucy did have a point.

"Ok, well there's things a guy can do to you, are you telling me you've never masturbated?" she
asked. "Well, I get funny feelings down there sometimes, and I've touched myself in the shower a few
times, but I don't really know what I'm doing." Lucy answered. "Have you ever had an orgasm?" asked
Mary. "I don't think so, I might have."

"Oh, believe me, you'd know if you did. Look, I really don't wanna do this, but you should know what
sex is about, and when you get to that point with a guy, I want you to know what makes you feel
good. So, after Mom and Dad go to bed, I'll show you how I masturbate." Mary said. "Thanks!",
exclaimed Lucy.

At about 10:00, Annie came into Mary and Lucy's room to say goodnight. "Goodnight Mom, I love
you." both said in unison. No sooner had Annie closed their door then Lucy jumped up and ran over to
Mary's bed. "Ok, show me show me show me!" she begged. "Ok" Mary said, "You can start by taking
of your clothes, and I'll do the same." Both girls quickly shed their clothing and sat facing each other
on the bed.

This was not the first time they had seen each other naked, so this wasn't really an awkward thing.
Lucy noticed that Mary's bush was neatly trimmed, while hers was a little bit longer. She figured out
on her own that this must be something you do to cater to guys interests. Mary spread her lips and
placed her finger on her clit. " This is your clit, it's kinda like an on/off button, and it's the key to feeling
good." Mary began rubbing her clit, slowly at first, and then a little faster. Lucy's eyes kept shifting
from Mary's pussy back to her own, trying to mimic Mary's movements. " That feels good, doesn't it?"
Mary asked. "Yeah, it does!" Lucy answered. "Now the next thing you can do is finger yourself." Mary
said and as she kept her pointer finger on her clit, began moving her middle finger in and out of her
pussy. Lucy began doing the same. Mary's eyes were now closed and she was breathing heavy as
she was starting to really get into it, and getting a good rhythm going. She could tell she was going to
cum soon, and opened her eyes to see how Lucy was doing.

Lucy was obviously having some trouble getting the hang of it, and didn't look pleased. Mary realized
that this was supposed to be a learning experience for Lucy, and decided to put of her own impending
orgasm in order to help her sister out. Mary leaned forward and placed her hand on Lucy's. "Here, let
me help you out." Lucy pulled her hand away and Mary began doing the same to her as she had been
doing to herself. Suddenly, it was like a lightning bolt went through Lucy's entire body. "Oh my god!"
Lucy moaned. "That feels so good!" Mary continued rubbing her sister's clit as she inserted another
finger into her pussy. Lucy let out another moan. "Shh, Shh, we don't wanna get caught." Mary warned
and placed her free hand over Lucy's mouth to stifle her moans. Lucy's entire body shook as she
experienced her first orgasm.

Mary's mind was reeling as she continued to finger fuck her little sister, she had never felt attracted to
girls, and certainly had never touched any other girl like this. At first she had only done this to shut
Lucy up, but now she was starting to enjoy it. She decided to just give in to her newfound desires and
take herself and Lucy to the next level.

Lucy was in complete ecstasy, she had never felt like this in her life. She couldn't imagine anything
being better than what her older sister was doing to her. She had closed her eyes and was holding a
pillow over her face to quiet her moans. Suddenly, she felt a different sensation between her legs, this
one was warm and wet and felt incredibly good. She looked down to see Mary's head buried between
her legs. "Oh my god!" she thought, "My own sister is licking my pussy!", a small squeal escaped her
lips and she put the pillow back over her face. "No way am I gonna spoil this by getting us caught."
she thought to herself.

Mary was having the time of her life. Never would she have thought that she would be here, at the age
of sixteen, eating her fifteen year-old sister's pussy. But she was enjoying it so much, she couldn't
think of anything she'd rather be doing. She licked up and down Lucy's twat, concentrating on her clit,
then fucking her with her tongue. Lucy came in a fury, flooding Mary's mouth with her juices. Mary
swallowed every drop of her sweet nectar.

Mary then decided to take it to yet another level, something a boy had once done to her, that had
driven her crazy. She replaced her mouth with her fingers in Lucy's cunt, and let her tongue trail further
down to her most forbidden treasure. Mary licked up and down Lucy's crack, stopping briefly each
time on her asshole. Then she began rimming Lucy's ass with abandon, licking all around her hole and
pushing her tongue in and out of her ass.

"What the hell!?" Lucy thought. Mary was now tongue fucking her asshole, and while it felt good, the
idea had never occurred to her. "What kind of slut has my sister become? Oh well, whatever kind it is,
I like it!"

Lucy came again from the combination of Mary's fingers and tongue, much harder than the other
times. When Lucy finally opened her eyes, she saw Mary staring at her with a look of ecstasy. She
then surprised Lucy by leaning forward and planting the best kiss on her that she had ever
experienced. Lucy kissed back and they stayed like that for at least 5 minutes. Mary finally pulled
away, glanced at the clock, and seeing that it was midnight already told Lucy goodnight, and that they
would have to do that again sometime. "I love you little sister." Mary said. "I love you too, goodnight."


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