7th Heaven: Desperate Part 2 (fg,inc)
by Hamster

Lucy Camden was cleaning out her closet tossing cloths that didn't fit her
anymore on the ground. She was wearing just a gray sweater and some blue silk
panties. No bra confined her big tits.

She heard footsteps and turned to see her 12-year-old sister Ruthie walk in.
She was wearing a white t-shirt and white short shorts that showed of her
shapely legs.

"What's wrong, sis? You look kind of down." Lucy asked.

"Well I want to buy some new cloths but mom and dad won't spring for a new
wardrobe." Ruthie pouted cutely.

"Hmm that is a problem. Well you know Simon told me all about what you two
did together. And I have to tell you it really turned me on. I would be
willing to pay for a hot little muffin like you. How does 30 bucks sound?"
Lucy asked as she took off her sweater, revealing her firm grapefruit sized

Ruthie couldn't believe she was going to be paid to fuck her fine ass sister.

"DEAL!" Ruthie agreed in a hurry.

Lucy pulled Ruthie close and bent down to French her hard, tasting her
sweet little tongue. Ruthie took the opportunity to massage her sister's big
titties. Lucy's tits were big and Ruthie squeased hard so that tit flesh
popped out between her fingers. She felt Lucy's hard nipples against the palm
of her hands. She pinched and twisted them in fascination. Lucy moaned and
and gasped softly as she enjoyed having her baby sister fondle her boobs. The
pleasurable touching was getting her hotter and more horny by the minute.
Lucy decided it was time to get on with it.

Lucy shoved her little sister onto the bed and pulled her shorts off, noting
the crotch was already wet. She took a second to admire Ruthie's cunt. The
girl had a big pussy for her age. It was a wet little thing of beauty. Lucy
dove in with wanton abandon. She licked and munched and sucked on Ruthie's
pussy enthusiastically while, holding on to the moaning thrashing girl's hips
to hold her still. Soon enough Ruthie splashed forth an incredible amount of
sweet girl-cum.

"Huff, huff, wow, huff you are really good at that!" Ruthie commented.

Lucy lay down next to her sister and Frenched her some more. Ruthie slid atop
Lucy and began to suck one of her tits gently nibbling on the nipple as she
stuffed a finger in her big sister's cunt. Ruthie's finger pushed in and out
as Lucy loudly urged her to go deeper and harder. Ruthie shoved in a second,
third and then fourth finger. Finally with a hard shove Ruthie jammed her
whole fist into her sister's pussy and was fist fucking her with reckless
abandon while simotaneously chewing on her tit. Lucy moaned as she came all
over Ruthie's hand. Ruthie brought her hand to her mouth and licked it clean.

Once her spasms of pleasure subsided Lucy got up and walked over to her sock
drawer. She took out a 10 dollar and 20 dollar bill and handed them to Ruthie
as she mussed her hair.

"You earned every penny." Lucy said with a smile.
_ _ _

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