7th Heaven: Desperate Part 3 (Mg)
by Hamster

Ruthie was very desperate for money since her parents had gotten really
stingy with the allowance, she was determined to make extra cash any way she
could even if it meant fucking her siblings or lying through her teeth. The
girl scout scam was a stroke of genius on her part if she did say so herself.
She would sell cookies for girl scouts at outrageous prices and she would she
would offer special services to potential customers.

Presently she fixed her uniform straightening her skirt out and looking at
her cute face and long brown hair in a mirror. She knew she needed to look
tempting and nothing got on a good boner than a girl in uniform.

She walked up to Paul Schmile's door and rang the doorbell. Mr.Schmile was
a teacher at her school and Ruthie knew he liked to stare at her and her
classmates. She could tell that he was as desperate to ram his cock into a
student as Ruthie was to make money.

The door opened and Paul stepped out and then looked down to see her.

"Oh hello Ruthie." Paul said staring at the cute girl in the girl scout
uniform. "I didn't know you were in scouts."

"I'm here to sell cookies Mr. Schmile." Ruthie said.

"Well I don't want any cookies." Paul said, he stared at her thighs were the
little skirt ended and her legs began. He imagined what it would be like to
push those legs back to her shoulders so that he could get to the hot little
virgin cunt.

"Well if I give you something you do want, would you buy my cookies?" Ruthie
asked with a coy little smile.

"Like what?" Paul asked her.

"Like I don't know...oh look I dropped my cookie box." Ruthie said.

She turned so her back was to her teacher and bent over. She wiggled her ass
a bit as she picked up the cookies. When she bent over he got a good look at
her little green panties and felt his massive boner swell in his pants.

"Oh dear I would do ANYTHING to sell all these damn cookies." Ruthie said

"Why don't you come in Ruthie, I think we can work something out." He said.

"OK, Mr. Schmile." Ruthie smiled as she walked in.

She skipped into her teacher's home, the perfect picture of a little
potential fuck toy in her teacher's eyes.

"So exactly what kind of deal where you thinking about?" Schmile asked.

"Depends exactly what you want to do." She said.

"Enough games girl, how many damn boxes of cookies must I buy for you to let
me fuck you?" He asked.

"Five at ten bucks a piece." She smiled.

Schmile groaned. But he looked at her pouty lips, long brown hair, sweet
innocent face and girl scout uniform and made up his mind to pay the little
cookie hooker. He reached into his wallet and fished out a 50 dollar bill.
Ruthie but it in a brown envelope and closed it.

Schmile quickly removed his shirt and pants. His already hard cock strained
against his underwear. He slipped those off to reveal his swollen erect cock.
Ruthie reached under her skirt and slid down her panties. Schmile sat down
on his couch and motioned her over. Ruthie climbed up on his lap then brought
her little pussy lips to the head of his erect cock.

Ruthie pushed her weight down on his member driving it deep inside her pussy.
She moaned and whimpered cutely as she began bobbing up and down his cock.

"Unnn yeah." Schmile moaned, "Oh yeah you little slut."

Schmile firmly grabbed Ruthie's shoulder and began slamming her up and down
on his member. Driving his cock all the way up her tight little pussy and
almost all the way back out again. Her head shook up and down and her hair
flew like streamers as she was fucked by her teacher. He began fucking her
harder and more intensely she was amazed by his size and strength as he
plowed into he cunt with all his might. Soon she was screaming in orgasm but
he was not finished! He pushed her down into the doggy style position and
pulled his cock out so that he could stick the tip to her tight little anal

"Oh no! Not there Mr. Schmile! Its too big it will hurt." Ruthie begged.

"Hey I paid for this so just like Burger King I'm having this MY WAY." He

He trided pushing his cock in but despite being lubricated by Ruthie's pussy
juices it was very hard trying to force it in to the tight little hole.

"OWWWWWWWWWWWWWWWWW NOOOOOO!!!" Ruthie cried his cock was so much longer and
fatter than Simon's it felt like somebody was trying to shove a flashlight up
her ass.

He spread her cheeks wide and with a mighty shove managed to force an inch
into her. Ruthie felt like her ass was being torn apart. He grabbed a fistful
of her hair like reighns and pulled back hard as he thrust his member deep
into her his waist colliding with her smooth little ass cheeks. He pumped
away at the girl savagely holding her hair in one hand smacking her ass hard
with the other. It was so tight and the sounds of the girl wailing in pain
were so delightful that he knew he couldn't hold it any longer.

"Oh Fuck I'm going to cum in your ass you dirty little slut!" He yelled as he
gave her ass another good hard smack.

He felt the pressure build inside of him.

"Oh god yes I'm cuuummmmiiiinnngg." He cried as he shot streams of warm cum
into Ruthie's bowels.

With one last squirt he flopped back in his seat. Ruthie stood up and Schmile
was delighted to see a trail of sperm running down her leg from under her
girl scout skirt.

Ruthie wiped some tears from her face.

"You ass hole I said not in the ass!" She stamped her foot.

"Relax, here you go." He fetched her another twenty for her trouble.

Picking up her things Ruthie left after calling him a fuck-wad.
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