7th Heaven: Desperate Part 4 (fg,fist)
by Hamster

Ruthie was in her bedroom wearing small white shorts and a teal t-shirt. She
was reading a magazine when suddenly her door opened and Cecilia, Simon's
girlfriend, walked in.

“Hello Ruthie. Simon told me all about what you've been up to. All about
how you've been selling that little cunt of yours all over town.” Cecilia

“He did?” Ruthie asked nervously.

“Yes he did.” Cecilia replied. “But don't worry, I don't want to rat you out
or anything. What I want is to have some fun too.”

Ruthie relaxed then smiled. “Do you have the money?”

"You're going to charge me? I thought we were friends.”

“Business is Business.” Ruthie replied.

“How much?”

“30 bucks. You're getting the family discount.”

“Fine, you can start by getting undressed and masturbating for me.” Cecilia

“Ok.” Ruthie said.

Ruthie stood up and pulled off her shorts and shirt, then she slid her
panties down and off to bare her bald little cunt next she immediately sunk
three fingers into herself and took her left hand to her clit. Ruthie was
practiced at this motion and took all her stress out on the amazing, dripping
pussy between her legs. Her digits slipped all over the sensitive area. She
took her right hand away and lubricated up her asshole. She thrust all her
fingers in, massaged her bottom with her thumb and began bucking.

"Oooooh," she moaned. "Ooooh yes, yes, oh my God yes."

The 12-year-old face began cleaning her cum-soaked fingers with her tongue.
Cecilia had gotten really hot watching the show and approached the girl.
Ruthie met Cecilia's lips with a kiss full of passion. Cecilia began
stripping off her own cloths. Once naked Ruthie began licking at the erect
nipples and sucking on the areolas.

"Wait, let's get on the bed." Cecilia said.

Cecilia's long tongue scraped from the girl's nipples to further south. A
small moan was allowed to pass through Ruthie's mouth as Cecilia began the
oral sex. She licked up and down the sweet, sweet vulva and lightly, tickled
the pulsating clitoris. Cecilia's circled her tongue round and round until
she reached the center and then darted forward, in and out, in and out.
Ruthie writhed with pleasure.

With her hips swaying over Ruthie's face, she lent down and kissed her.
Ruthie began pushing her tongue deeper and deeper, except she met no obstacle
as she literally buried her tongue inside. You could see nothing of Ruthie's
face; spare a small sliver of skin round the outside. She used her teeth to
stimulate the clitoris until Cecilia begged her to stop.

"Let's go sixty nine." Cecilia said

The two females quickly got in the sixty-nine position. Both Cecilia and
Ruthie started rubbing the other's clitoris and simultaneously thought how
nice a finger would be. Their fingers ran concurrently up each other's
cracks. They gradually traveled deeper and deeper into the abyss of pleasure.

The pleasure excelled in immeasurable ways as the two females slipped one
finger after another into the cunt and butt hole. They both found a steady
rhythm. As they slipped out the fingers from the pussy they would push the
other four fingers on the left hand into the ass.

"Aaaaah! Fist me slut, fist me!"

Ruthie took her 12-year-old fingers out, clenched them up and thrust the fist
in both orifices before they closed. The same applied to her hot teacher as
she began rhythmically fisting both holes.

"Aaaah! Oh God yes! Oh my God! Uuhuhuh," Ruthie screamed.

Uuhuhuhuh, yes, yes," Cecilia moaned. "Oh do me slut, do me!"

The first waves of orgasm washed over the two, with ever increasing ferocity.
Their hips bucked like a bronco horse and the fists slammed in and out of
each other.



The two girls moaned as they began a series of multiple orgasms. The pussies
uncontrollably opened and closed and they began cumming. The vaginas quivered
and pulsated along to the beat of the masturbation. The juice flew over their
partners face and soaked their clothes on the ground. The two horny bitches
were totally covered in juice and both relaxed and went to sleep.

_ _ _

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