7th Heaven: Desperate Part 5 - Making Sister Salad (fg,inc,food,foot,splosh)
by Hamster

Ruthie Camden was desperate for money and she had found a good way to earn
it. She was selling her pussy to anyone who had fifty bucks.

She had been up to this for a couple of weeks when she came home from riding
practice to find her sister waiting for her in the kitchen. She was still in
her uniform complete with boots, riding cap and tight fitting pants.

"What's up Luce?" Ruthie asked.

"Well little sister, we're all alone since Mom and Dad and everyone else are
out of the house. I was thinking that now would be a great time for some
nasty sex." Lucy said as she licked her lips.

"Do you have what I want?" Ruthie asked.

Lucy frowned but then produced a fifty dollar bill.

"I'm all yours." Ruthie said as she reached for the bill.

Lucy snatched it away though. "First we fuck, then I pay."

Ruthie nodded. Lucy removed all her clothing as Ruthie removed her cap,
jacket and shirt. The younger girl had trouble when it came to her boots
however. They were on very tight and she was moaning and grunting as she
tried to remove them.

"Let me help." Lucy offered with a smile.

Lucy knelt and lifted her sister's foot to her mouth then she licked the
boot from the tip to the top. She then began pulling it off with minimal
difficulty. She repeated the process for the second boot. Lucy then began
licking and sucking on her sister's feet and toes. Ruthie mage little
moans and squeaks of pleasure as the cool wet tongue ran over her hot
sweaty feet.

This went on for a few minutes before Lucy stood up and kissed her sister
on the mouth. Ruthie was then instructed to lay on her back on the floor.
Lucy then went to the fridge and removed several items which she then
placed on the counter.

Lucy grabbed one and held it for her sister to see. It was a bottle of ranch

"I'm going to make sister salad." Lucy explained with a wink.

Ruthie giggled.

Lucy smeared ranch dressing all over the tiny swells her sister called
breasts then smeared it down her belly to her little pussy. Beginning with
the tiny boobs she began licking off the dressing. Briefly stopping to
nibble on a nipple which made her sister give a delightful little scream
that turned into giggly laughter. She then proceeded to lick off the rest
of the dressing of the younger girl. When she got to the pussy she licked
all around then inside of the young juicy cunt. Ruthie arched her back and
began to moan and writhe under her older sister's attentions. Ruthie was
nearly ready to cum when Lucy abrubtly stopped. Ruthie whimpered softly as
she wanted badly to cum and her sister was so suddenly depriving her.

But Lucy had a plan! From the counter she retrieved a cucumber and a carrot.
She told her sister to lay on her side then Lucy lay down next to her. She
took the carrot and began to slowly insert it up Ruthie's ass unil only an
inch stuck out. The whole time Ruthie gave tiny squeaky protests of pain.

"Now you hold it in there. Clench it tightly in your anus." Lucy commanded.

Lucy then insert the cucumber into her sisters. Ruthie gave a loud approving,
pleasure-filled moan as the veggie was crammed up her cunt.Lucy sucked on her
little sister's tiny rock-hard nipple as she thrust the cucumber into her
cunt over and over. Ruthie was writhing and thrashing in her older sister's
grasp. The cucumber was sliding in and out of the tight little wet pussy at
a rapid pace.

"OHHHHHHHHHHH FUUUUUCK YEEES!!!" Ruthie cried passionately as she came to her

Lucy slid out the cum soaked veggie and licked her lips. Lucy bit into the
cum-coated vegetable and made satisfied little noises as she ate it. She then
removed the carrot from Ruthie's ass and handed it to her.

"Eat up" She said.
_ _ _

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