Author's note: This fic has different versions. Each version has a different
show and bonus sex scene.

7th Heaven: Easter Bunny (g-best,exhib,mc)
by Hamster

As far as the Easter Bunny was concerned Santa Claus was an assclown of epic
proportions he got all of the attention and all of the best pussy. Meanwhile
the Bunny was getting jack. People thought of him as the poor man's Santa and
getting laid was hard when you are giant rabbit. But this year was going to
be different. This year he was going to get his, he was going to fuck the
holy hell out of some sweet little fuck toys and he was going to take a page
out of Santa's Book to do it.

The Bunny had stolen a few of the magic eggs that Santa uses to make his
lust inducing eggnog. (RE: Hope & Faith: A very naughty Christmas and Lizzie
McGuire: A very Lizzie Christmas story)

Southern California...

Ruthie Camden was walking around the side of her house. The brown-haired girl
was wearing white shorts and a brown shirt. She was looking for any easter
eggs that may have been left around. She was beginning to give up when she
spotted the most bizarre thing she had ever seen in her life. It was a
humanoid white rabbit roughly her own height.

"Oh my god!!!" She screamed.

"Why do I always have that affect on people?" He asked. "Look eat this."

The Bunny reached into his Easter basket and pulled out a large brightly
colored egg.

"I'm not supposed to take candy from strangers, and you're about as strange
as it gets." Ruthie commented.

"Look you smart ass little slut. I'm the fucking Easter Bunny I give people
eggs on Easter, its what I do. Its fucking tradition and shit."

Ruthie couldn't fight the logic so she accepted the egg. Ruthie bit into the
magical egg and began to feel funny. Her pussy began to tingle and burn. She
was also feeling very giddy and giggled uncontrollably for a minute. She felt
incredibly horny and dazed. It was sort of hard to concentrate. The Bunny
knew that she'd now obey any request that he made, especially if it was
sexual in nature.

"I need you to do me a favor." The bunny said.

"What do you need? I'll do anything." The little brown haired girl said as
she pawed at her little pussy through her shorts.

"I need you to take your cloths off." He ordered.

The girl obeyed in her daze, she was now completely unable and unwilling to
disobey him. She removed all of her cloths and laid it in a pile. The bunny
ogled her sweet little body as his giant bunny-cock hardened at the site of
the yummy looking little pussy.

"Now lie your ass down on the leaves and grass." He ordered.

She laid down in the thick carpet of green grass and spread her legs
obediently. The bunny climbed atop her, she could feel his warm fur pressed
against her young virgin body. He placed his disproportionately large penis
to the hole of her wet little pussy. She cried out in pain as the Bunny
thrusted forward and destroyed her virginity with one mighty stab. Her tiny
cunt hole was stretched tight over his enormous bunny cock. The pain was
soon replaced by pleasure as the bunny worked up a good fast pace. The
girl's head bobbed up and down and she squeaked and squealed wildly. Her
body was filled with rippling waves of pleasure with every thrust of the
bunny's big cock.


She was really starting to enjoy the new experience which was enhanced by
the magic egg that heightened her pleasure and increased her level of

She felt the power of her pleasure welling up inside her and she screamed
her first orgasm into the sky. But the Bunny continued to pound her pussy
over and over until she came again and again. She was getting exhausted and
soon the Bunny was just fucking a limp ragged body. But he kept going. He
fucked her over and over until he filled her young womb with thick bunny
cum. It filled her completely and so much gushed into her that it began
spilling out her cunt.

The bunny had recovered from his orgasm quickly and he had an evil idea. He
removed a special egg from his basket. It was a regular egg in appearance but
inside was a device. A special device. He stepped up to Ruthie and slid the
egge into her slick cunt. It was big a stretched her a bit before it fully
entered her.

"Now," The Bunny ordered "Put your panties and shorts back on."

Ruthie obeyed at once. Soon she was standing there wearing shorts and nothing
else at all. The Bunny removed a remote from his basket and turned a dial on
it. The egg lodged in Ruthie's cunt began to vibrate. Ruthie began to moan
and whimper. She started pawing at her pussy through her shorts which had
soaked through with cum. The bunny turned the dial up farther. The egg-device
wedged in her honey hole was now vibrating quite hard. Ruthie collapsed to
the ground and began to roll and twist around on the ground while wailing
with one orgasm after another. The bunny sadistically pushed another button
and the egg began to grow very hot then cooled and became very cold. It
cycled through like this over and over. Ruthie was howling with pleasure. She
had gone totally delirious and was humping the ground. She came to one orgasm
after another until she finally passed out. Only then did the Bunny turn off
the vibrater-egg.

He looked down at he sweet young girl and decided right away he was going to
begin a Harem and she was to be part of it.

"Say goodbye to California young lady, cuz you're coming with me." He said.

He picked her up and threw the unresistant girl over his shoulder. That damn
Santa wasn't the only one who was going to have fun this year.
_ _ _

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