7th Heaven: Eric Gets A Rose (MF, oral)
by HornyIndian4U2 ([email protected])

Mr. Camden was taking a nap on the couch when he felt someone take his cock
out of his pants. Eric smiled in his sleep thinking it was Ruthie wanting a
little protein drink. Soon he felt a sensation as whoever was sucking his
cock was doing it well. Eric moaned and started to thrust into their mouth.
The person gagged a little but sucked it like a pro. After a few minutes,
Eric opened his eyes to see Rose, naked, sucking his cock. He was a little

Rose: Ummphhh....Oh hi Mr. Camden, just thought I would give you a blow job.

Rose goes back down to sucking his hard cock.

Annie: Honey....I'm going to the.....

Annie stopped and froze when she saw who was giving her husband a blow job.
She smiled. She didn't think in a million years to see Rose, Simon's
girlfriend, sucking Eric's cock. I mean, they were trying to break them up.

Annie: Eric, I'm going to the store.

Eric didn't respond. He just looked up at Annie with a worried expression on
his face. Annie smiled again and left.

Finally, Eric said something.

Eric: Umm....Rose you don't have to do this.

Rose: I know, I want to though.

Before Eric could say another word, Rose got on top of him and straddled
him. Eric was still in a little shock, but he couldn't believe how good Rose
looked naked. He was really getting hard!

Rose moaned as she inserted Eric's dick inside of her. They started slowly
and then Eric picked up the pace, slamming her hard against his dick. Both

Soon, Eric couldn't hold it anymore and released a huge load into Rose's
pussy. When rose dismounted, there was cum dripping out of her pussy. She
put on her clothes and then left.

Eric was still in shock.


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