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7th Heaven: Invasion (MF,Mf,MFF,MMf,Mfg,inc,ncon,viol)
by Wonder Mike

Sam Camden: Mommy, look, Santa.

Annie Camden: That's nice Sam, now color in your book.

Dave Camden: Santa, Mommy.

Annie looked out the living room window, she saw the man in the Santa mask,
and a man with a frog head mask.

Annie: That's weird. Eric, there are a couple of strange men outside.

Eric Camden went out to see what the men were doing.

Eric Camden: Hi guys, can I help you.

Santa: Shut up, Paul, this guys seen us.

Frog: I told you no names Mike.

Santa: Okay, okay.

Eric: What's going on here guys?

Santa: Shuck up fucker

Eric: What?

Santa pulled out a gun and pointed it at Eric.

Eric: Come on guys, there is no need for that, let's talk about this.

Santa: Paul, we can hide out in this house until the heat is off.

Frog: I told you no names, Mike.

Santa: Nixon, get over here, we can hide out in this house.

The man in the Richard Nixon mask appeared from the side of the house, they
ran inside as the police drove by with sirens blaring.

Annie: What's going on, Eric?

Santa: Shut up bitch! We are going to be staying here for a while.

Annie: Eric?

Eric: Let's just do what they say, I am sure they will leave soon.

More police cars flew by as Nixon peeked out the window.

Santa: The cops are out in full force, we might have to stay over night. The
wife might be good for a gang bang while we're waiting.

Eric: Now listen here, you will not touch my wife.

Santa slapped Eric across the face sending him flying across the room.

Annie: ERIC!!!

Eric: I'm all right, I won't let them touch you.

Santa: I said shut up! We'll do what we want. Is there anyone else in here?

Annie: No, it's just us and the twins.

Santa: Then everything should be cool. We will get out as soon as the heat's

Eric: Look, I am sure we can work out whatever is wrong. There is no reason
to compound whatever you did before. I am sure we can correct it.

Santa: Fuck off.

Ruthie Camden: What's all the racket down here? I'm sorry, I didn't know we
had company.

Santa: Fuck, I thought there wasn't anyone else here.

Ruthie: You aren't supposed to say that word.

Santa: Shut up, shut up, shut up! Who else is in here?

He grabbed Ruthie by the shirt and began to shake her.

Annie: I'm sorry. There are more up stairs. I'm sorry, please don't hurt her.

Santa: Get everyone down her right now, I mean right now.

Annie: Kids, I need everyone downstairs right now. Hurry up.

Lucy Camden: Hold on Mom. Were coming. Where's the fire?

Mary Camden: I hope this is important.

Lucy, Mary and their brother Simon came bounding down the stairs.

Santa: Well, well, well. It looks like we have a full house.

Eric: Look, they have done nothing. You should let us go. You can stay here.
You don't need us.

Santa; Shut up, I told you to be quiet.

Santa slapped Eric across the room again.

Simon: Hey, what's wrong with you?

Simon charged across the room at the man in the Santa mask. Santa pointed his
gun at him. Simon stopped in his tracks.

Simon: What's going on here dad? Who are these guys?

Eric: I don't know son. they are in charge now.

Frog: Look, we just did a job and need to lay low for a while. We'll be gone
soon and it will be over. Just do what we say.

Eric: Have you looked into yourself? Is whatever you've done worth your soul?

Santa: I have had it with you. Somebody needs to take the stick out your ass.

Nixon: I know what he needs, a good fucking.

Eric: Please don't use that type of language around the children.

Santa: What is wrong with you? Why do you insist on telling me what to do? I
have had it. Maybe Nixon is right.

Nixon: Of course I'm right.

Santa: Your daughters are hot. I bet you've thought about doing them havn't

Eric: You are truly sick.

Santa: Sick, your calling me sick!?! I'll show you sick, you are going to
fuck one of your daughters.

Eric: I will not.

Santa Grabbed Sam around the neck, I think twins are a burden how would you
like to be without one of them.

Annie: No, please let him go, please! He's just a baby!

Nixon: You know what the preacher has to do.

Annie: Please don't make him do it, please don't!

Nixon: Maybe this bitch needs it, too. Maybe she needs her son inside of her.

Frog: Yeah, return to the womb.

Santa: You, I want you to fuck your mother.

Simon: Me, you're crazy.

Santa: Do it or your losing a brother.

Annie: It's okay baby, they are in charge.

Santa: Damn straight.

Simon: I won't do it.

Santa: You will, or this little one dies.

Santa lifted Sam up by the throat, he began to cry, Dave began to wail also.

Mary: You sick fucks, leave them alone!

Santa: Shut up, bitch!

Frog: Maybe we should do her.

Annie: Please don't. We will all be good. You guys listen to me, we will do
whatever these men say then they will leave.

Eric: Your mom's right guys, lets just get this over with. Have faith in God.

Santa: That's what I want to hear, boy. You know what I want.

Simon: You sick...

Annie: No, Simon, just do what he wants.

Santa: Go squeeze your mom's tits.

Simon: No.

Annie: Come do it, Simon. Its okay.

Simon went over to his mother and began rubbing his hands across her shirt.

Santa: That's it, get your hands underneath her blouse.

Simon untucked her shirt and slipped his hands under her shirt, he began to
caress her tits, he had to admit they felt good. Simon had never even felt a
breast before, and he liked it, even though it was his mother.

Santa: Bitch, take off your top.

Annie quickly did as she was told.

Santa: Boy, take off her bra.

Simon: My name is Simon.

He reached around his mother and unhooked her bra. Her tits were still perky
and her nipples erect.

Santa: Pinch her nipples.

Simon began to twirl them between his fingers.

Santa: Bitch, tell him what you like.

Annie: Simon, I want you to suck on my nipples. We have to do what they say.

She leaned over and placed her tit in Simon's mouth. She began to stroke his

Mary: You are three sick fucks! I hope you all die and rot in hell!

Eric: Please don't Mary.

Frog: You have a big mouth. Maybe you need something to keep you quiet. Go
suck your brother's cock.

Mary: Fuck you!

Eric: No, Mary! Do as he says.

Santa began to twist Sam's neck.

Mary: Please don't, I'll behave.

Mary ran over to her Mom and brother, she dropped to her knees and whipped
out Simon's 6 inch cock, it was rock hard. He was so embarrassed. Mary gave
the cock three quick strokes then jammed the cock down her throat.

Lucy turned away, she couldn't bare to watch. Ruthie stood mesmerized. She
had never seen a cock, or breast for that matter.

Santa: You, girly, don't you turn away. Watch your sister suck off your

Lucy turned obediently and watched the show.

Nixon: Look what I found, a video camera. This will make a good prize for us.

He began to film the show.

Annie had pulled Simon's head all the way against her chest. He lapped away
at her tit.

Santa: Fuck your sister's face.

Simon quickly began to sway back and forth pumping his cock down his sister's

Santa: Get that cock all the way down her throat now.

Simon grabbed Mary by the hair and thrusted. He pumped his cock all the way
down her throat and held it there.

Santa: Your a good little cock sucker aren't you. Eric, it looks like your
daughter is a real pro. Maybe she can become a porn star someday. You want us
to release this video? I know some guys who could make her a star.

Eric: Have you no sense of decency?

Santa: Lets see what kind of pussy eater you are. Eat out your Mom. Simon,
get your Mom out of that dress.

Simon unzipped Annie's skirt. She stepped out of it. He then pulled down her
panties exposing her hairy bush. She used both hands to try and cover it.

Santa: Lay down and spread you legs like the horny whore you are.

Annie laid on the couch and spread her legs as wide apart as she could.

Santa: Now eat out your Mom, both of you.

Simon was the first to his knees, he shoved his tongue into his mother's
pussy. Mary leaned next to Simon and began licking Annie's cunt. Annie began
to squirm, it had been years since she had been eaten out, she subconsciously
began to stroke Mary's hair.

Santa: That's good. Now finger fuck her.

Simon slipped two fingers into Annie's cunt. She arched her back. He liked
that. He began to pump his fingers in and out. Mary then slipped two fingers
into her mom's pussy.

Annie: God, I'm sorry, it feels good.

Santa: Make her cum. Make her cum hard.

The kids began to pump their fingers faster into Annie. She began to roll
from side to side. She was on the verge.

Santa: Stop now. Don't finish her, not yet.

Santa: You want to get fucked don't you?

Anne: No.

Santa: You are lying aren't you?

Annie: I am sorry kids, but I want to get fucked.

Santa: You heard her Simon, fuck you Mom.

Annie: No, please don't I want you to fuck me. Santa, not him. Maybe you and
Nixon, please not Simon.

Frog: Yeah, why don't you double team her.

Annie: Yes, do that. Please don't make Simon do it to me, please. I'll do

Santa: Mary, get that cock back into your mouth.

Simon turned and jammed his cock down his sister's throat. He began to slowly
pump it in and out.

Frog: Fuck that bitch's face.

Simon began rocking back and forth, stuffing his cock deeper down Mary's
throat with each stroke. Annie watched her two children intensely.

Santa: Simon, fuck that bitch!

Mary laid on her back. Simon pulled down her jeans and laid on top of her. He
had wanted to do this for years. Mary spread her legs as he shoved his cock
inside of her. Simon began pumping in and out. Mary closed her eyes and
pretended it was the football team taking turns on her. She wrapped her legs
around him.

Annie continued to stare at them, she didn't even notice that the Frog was
behind her. He bent her over and slammed his cock into her. Annie rocked
back to take the entire 8 inches of his cock. He grabbed her by the hair and
rocked back, he slapped her ass hard.

Annie: YES!!!

Annie rocked back harder onto the cock. Eric couldn't believe what he was
watching, his wife was being raped while two of his kids where fornicating.
He rested his face in his hands.

Simon was pumping as hard as he could into his sister. Mary was breathing

Mary: FUCK!

Mary began thrusting up onto Simon. He began to rub his sisters perky tits.

Annie was slamming back onto the Frog, her juices were running down her legs.
He slapped her ass harder with each stroke.

Santa: I want to see you two girls ride some cock.

Simon and the Frog pulled out of the girls. They both laid on there backs.
Mary climbed on top of her brother while Annie climbed on top of the Frog,
They watched each other as they did it. Mother and daughter began bouncing
up and down on the cocks. They stared into one another's eyes. Mary began
riding the cock harder. Annie wouldn't be outdone by her eldest daughter,
she planted her feet on the ground and began to ride the Frog as hard as she
could. He began to pump his cock up into her.

Lucy had her hands resting against her huge breast. She didn't even notice.
This was the most exciting thing she had ever seen. She was jealous that they
chose Mary to get fucked. It was always Mary.

The Frog reached around and grabbed Annie by her tits. They where still perky
for a mother of 7.

Annie: GOD, I am so sorry. I'm cummming. GOD I'm CUUUMMMING!

The Frog slammed his cock harder into her. Mary slammed down on the cock even
harder. The sight of her mother cumming pushed Mary over the edge.

She began to shiver and quake as the orgasm hit her. Simon reached up and
began to pinch her nipples. Simon was so proud that he had gotten his sister
off. She fell off his cock. It was covered with her juices.

The Frog continued to slam his cock into Annie harder and harder, she
screamed in ecstasy.

Annie: I'm cuuumming again. Please no more. I'm CUUUMMING!

The Frog pushed Annie off his cock. He grabbed her by the head and shoved his
cock down her throat.

Frog: That's right. Suck me off! I want you to eat my huge load.

The Frog began to pump his cock in and out of Annie's mouth. She grabbed him
by the ass.

Santa: Don't just sit there bitch. You see your brother's cock. Finish him

Mary leaned over Simon and wrapped her lips around his cock. He ran his
fingers through her hair as she stuffed all six inches down her throat.

The Frog had both of his hands wrapped throughout Annie's hair. He pumped his
cock deep down her throat until it completely vanished. The Frog began to
shake as he began to shoot his load into her mouth.

Santa: Don't you swallow it bitch, hold it in your mouth.

Simon let a load blast into Mary's mouth. She pulled away from the cock and
her face was showered with his cum. Simon kept pumping away. He showered her
tits with his seed.

The Frog continued to pump his load into her mouth. Annie struggled to hold
it in her mouth.

Santa: That's a good little whore. You could have had a career in porn when
you were younger. Come show the camera the cum in your mouth.

Annie opened her mouth as Nixon zoomed in with the camera. Her mouth was full
with cum.

Santa: Damn Froggie, you shot a huge load. Bitch, show your husband and other
two daughters the load in your mouth.

The tears began to form in her eyes as Annie leaned over to Lucy, then to

Ruthie: What does it taste like Mom?

Santa: That is so cute. The little one wants to know what cum tastes like.
Lets show her.

Eric: No, she is only 11, you can't do that to her. I can't allow that.

Santa: Shut up.

Eric: NO. You will not touch her.

Eric ran at Santa. Santa back handed him and sent him flying across the room.
Eric got up and began his charge again. He was met with a kick to the stomach
this time.

Ruthie: Daddy, no! Please don't hurt my daddy.

Santa: Do what we say and no one will get hurt.

Ruthie: Do what they say.

Eric: No, Ruthie, these are bad men.

Santa: Look, we won't touch her if you sit down.

Eric charged at him again. Nixon grabbed him from behind before he could get

Santa: I have had it with you. Hold him still. Ruthie, look up and open your

Ruthie did as she was told, she opened her mouth as wide as she could.

Santa: Mom, give the load in your mouth to her.

Annie shook her head no. She did not want her youngest daughter to swallow
the load of cum.

Santa: Do it or we will give her one of our own.

He unzipped his pants revealing a 10 inch cock.

Santa: Have you ever been fucked little girl?

Ruthie: No.

Annie leaned over Ruthie and let the cum drip out of her mouth into Ruthie's.
She swallowed it all.

Ruthie: It is salty, but I like it.

Annie covered her face in shame. Eric struggled against Nixon. Santa and
Nixon threw Eric onto a chair. They ordered Annie to get some string. They
tied Eric to the chair.

Santa: How about you? Your headlights are on.

He looked at Lucy, her nipples were poking through her shirt. She was
dripping wet.

Nixon: I bet she wants it bad. Did it turn you on watching your big sis and
Mom get fucked?

Lucy shook her head no. They could see in her eyes that she was hot though.

Santa: I think I want me some of that.

Nixon: Me too, Froggie, come hold the camera.

Santa: Take off your clothes.

Lucy pulled her shirt off over her head, then she began to wiggle out of her
tight jeans.

Santa: Damn, that's nice. She is completely shaved.

Lucy stood naked in front of the invaders. She used her hands to cover her
breast, but they were to huge to be covered.

Nixon: Turn around, lets see that ass. Now bend over. That's a good girl.

Nixon pulled out a foot long cock, Lucy gasped when she saw it.

Nixon: You like what you see don't you bitch? Then come suck it.

Lucy dropped to her knees in front of him. Nixon began slapping her across
the face with his cock. Santa stood next to him. He began slapping her across
the tits with his cock.

Nixon shoved his cock down her throat. She took 8 inches of it easily. He
grabbed her around the neck and shoved until the entire foot vanished down
her throat.

Santa grabbed her by the hair. He pulled her away from Nixon and shoved his
own cock down her throat. She took his entire cock easily. Santa pumped his
cock in and out of her mouth. He had two handfuls of her long blonde hair.
Nixon began to work his cock down her throat, too.

Lucy began to gag on the two cocks. They let her catch her breath, then
shoved both cocks down her throat again.

Mary couldn't believe her younger sister could take two cocks down her throat
at the same time. She wiped some of Simon's cum off her face and licked her

Santa was behind Lucy now. He bent her all the way over and shoved his cock
into her dripping pussy.

Lucy: Fuck, fuck, fuck, fuck, fuck.

Santa began pumping his cock into her faster and harder. Nixon began to fuck
her face. Nixon held her by the ears as he jammed his cock down her throat.
Santa slapped her ass as he fucked her from behind.

Lucy: Slap my ass, it feels so good.

Nixon: Shut up and suck my cock.

Both men had their cocks buried to the hilt inside the middle Camden
daughter. They both where slapping her round ass now.

Lucy began to rock back onto Santa's cock. She wanted it hard. She slammed
back until it was once again all the way inside of her.

Nixon: I need me some of that tight pussy.

Nixon laid on his back in front of Lucy. She pulled away from Santa. She had
to have that fat cock inside of her. Lucy climbed on top of Nixon and stuffed
the cock into her bald pussy. He wrapped his arms around her and began to
thrust his cock into her.

They both where screaming at the violence of the fucking. The harder Nixon
slammed her pussy, the harder Lucy rode him. Nixon rose up so he cold suck
Lucy's perfectly round breast. Santa was behind her now. He reached around
and began to massage her breast.

Lucy: Please fuck me hard! I need it hard! It feels so good. Make me cum!

Santa climbed on top of Lucy. He slowly began to work his cock into her ass.

Lucy: Not in the ass, not in the ass.

Annie watched in fascination as her daughter was about to be dp'd. It was
something she had always wanted but could never ask Eric to bring another man

Santa got three inches of cock into Lucy's ass. Nixon thrusted up lifting
Lucy as Santa rammed his cock all the way in. She was completely stuffed now.
The two men pumped in unison into Lucy. Her screams encouraged them to fuck
her harder.

Lucy: God it feels so good. It feels so good.

Lucy was completely sandwiched between the two men. They fucked her harder
and harder. Santa pulled his cock out of her ass, looked at the gaping hole
and then shoved it all the way back in.

Lucy: I'm cumming, I'm CUUUMMING!!!

Santa pulled out of her ass. Lucy fell off of Nixon's cock. Her cum came
squirting out of her quivering pussy and ran down her legs forming a puddle
on the floor. She dropped to her knees unable to stand.

Santa shoved his cock all the way down her throat. He held her by the hair
and began to shoot he load down her throat. Lucy gulped it all down without
losing a drop. She leaned over Nixon and stuffed his cock down her throat.
she cupped his balls as he began to shoot a load into her mouth.

Ruthie: Can I taste it?

Lucy shook her head no as she swallowed the load. She smiled at the two men
as she curled up on the floor.

Santa: Ruthie, would you like to taste it again?

Ruthie: I like the taste.

Santa: Go over to your father, he would like you to.

Eric: No Ruthie, don't do it.

Santa: Shut up.

Nixon grabbed an apple off of the table. He shoved it into Eric's mouth.

Santa: Ruthie, go over to him and pull his thingy out of his pants.

Ruthie: You mean his cock?

Santa: Yeah, his cock. Pull it out.

Ruthie went over to her father. She unzipped his pants and whipped out his
8 inch cock.

Annie: No, Ruthie you can't.

Santa: Shut up bitch.

Nixon held a knife to Sam's head.

Nixomn: The next word out of anybody and you won't have twins anymore.

Ruthie began to stroke Eric's cock, it quickly became rock hard.

Santa: Now put it in your mouth.

Ruthie wrapped her lips around the cock just like he had seen her sisters do.
She could only get the tip of it in though.

Santa: You, Mary, come show your little sister how it's done. And hurry up.

Mary came over and stuffed Eric's entire cock down her throat. She then
pulled it out and handed it to Ruthie. Ruthie managed to stuff half of it
down her throat.

Santa: Take your clothes off.

Ruthie slipped out of her stretch pants. She left her t-shirt on. Mary took
the cock and stuffed it all the way down her throat again.

Ruthie: I want it inside of me now.

Mary spit the cock out of her mouth. She lifted Ruthie up onto the chair. She
lowered her onto her father. Eric shook his head violently, but Ruthie slid
down onto his fat cock. Ruthie planted her feet and slowly began to raise up
and down like she had seen her sisters do. The cock was too thick for Ruthie
to move very fast. Mary grabbed her around the waist and began to lift her up
and down.

Ruthie: It hurts a little, but it feels good. Faster!

Mary began to lift her little sister up faster and faster onto the cock. Eric
turned bright red.

Ruthie planted her feet. Her virgin pussy had been stretched out now. She
began to ride the cock on her own. Ruthie wiggled he tiny little ass from
side to side as she rode the cock Mary grabbed her again and slammed her up
and down as hard as she could.

Ruthie: I feel so strange. It feels so good. What's happening to me? Why
havn't we done this before?

Ruthie rode the cock harder and harder. Eric began to shake and quiver. He
was about to cum.

Santa: You can taste his load now.

Ruthie climbed off the cock. Her pussy was wide open and glistening. She
placed the tip of her father's cock on her tongue. Mary began to stroke it
for her. Ruthie leaned over and licked some of Simon's cum off of Mary's
face. She turned back just as Eric began to shoot his load.

Ruthie caught the huge load directly in the mouth. She swallowed as fast as
she could, but he kept cumming. Her mouth quickly over flowed and the cum
came dribbling down her chin and across her chest. Ruthie swallowed all in
her mouth, then used her fingers to scoop the rest off her chin and chest.
She licked them clean.

Ruthie: That was fun.

They pulled the apple out of Eric's mouth. He spit at them. Eric couldn't
believe what he had been forced to do.

Santa: Look at the time. We have been here for almost four hours. It will be
dark soon then we will be leaving.

Eric: You will all rot in hell.

Lucky came running in through the doggie door. He had been scared by the
sirens passing through.

Santa: Look, a dog, and we have another hour to kill, what shall we do.



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