This story is fictional, this is not the way you will see theses characters
on WB. As always if your under 18 then get out now.

7th Heaven: Lesbian Heaven Part 1 (FF,inter,inc,voy)
by Mia Is Da Bomb

Lucy Camedon was alone in her room. She was hiding the fact that she was
quite depressed, her boyfriend Jeremy had broke off their engagement and went
away to school in another state. Lucy wanted to not be the "good girl" and
live with him, but she couldn't do it. That might be something her sister
Mary would do, but Lucy couldn't bare the disappointment in her parents eyes
if she ever lived with a guy unmarried. Not exactly the type of thing her
dad Reverend Camedon would announce to his congregation that's for sure.

Suddenly who should come walking through the door but Mary Camedon her older
sister. "Hey Luc!" "Ohh hi."

This was a surprise, Mary had moved to New York to be out on her own. This
time though she had a huge bag with her stuff in it, it was apparent she was
back. Lucy was always so jealous of Mary. Lucy always felt like Mary was the
prettier sister. Lucy and Mary's ex Robby, who was living in the house had a
flirting thing going on, which included them making out here and there, that
was now gonna be ruined in Lucy's mind. After all "when Robby sees Mary I'll
be the last thing on his mind" Lucy thought.

She eyed her sister she changed her hair color from a brunette to a vanilla
blonde color. She was wearing a short tight white shirt that left her
bellybutton exposed and a pair of gray pants. "God why does she have to be
so pretty" Lucy thought. She did her best to hide the fact that she was
becoming more depressed than ever.

Mary was glad to see her sister, she admired Lucy. Lucy was so much smarter
than her, and she always dated better guys. Mary got more dates but Mary had
only bad luck at relationships. Mary was impressed at how Lucy looked on this
day too. Her hair had gone back to its original light brown color as opposed
to the dark auburn she had last time she saw her. She was wearing a pink
button down shirt, and her favorite tight blue jeans. Her make up done nicely
and she was wearing perfume.

"So are you back for good Mary or just visiting?"

Mary shrugged her shoulders, "I'm not sure, I enjoyed New York but... well
Davis my boyfriend and I... we um broke up."

"Geez Mary I'm sorry. Are you gonna be OK? What happened between you two?"

"I'm gonna be fine Lucy, It's just kinda complicated what happened between
me and him."

What Mary wasn't wanting to tell her sister was the real reason they broke
up was because of Mary cheating on him. Not the way that Mary would normally
cheated on a guy though. She cheated on Davis with another girl! Mary had
wanted to see everything in New York, so when Davis wasn't home she was out
and about in the city. That was when she met a girl named Rhonda. She met
Rhonda in a bar, which Mary was only able to enter because of her fake ID.
Rhonda was in her late 20's she was a natural blonde with big breasts and a
little bit on the chunky side. After meeting Rhonda and Rhonda buying her a
drink, the two talked for a long time. It wasn't until later that Mary
realized that she was in a lesbian bar.

Mary wasn't one to judge though, and she liked chatting with her new friend.
So this became a routine every other day at 12 noon, Mary would meet Rhonda.
It was like having a big sister, which Mary had never had, to tell her
problems to. Certainly there were some things she couldn't tell her Mom, but
she told Rhonda everything. Then one day Rhonda was wearing a low-cut pink
shirt that fit snug against her breasts. As they were talking, Rhonda dropped
her napkin. She reached down to get it and Mary found herself stealing a
glance down the front of Rhonda's shirt. What she saw was two firm round
globes and two pink nipples. "Oh my God she's not wearing a bra!" Mary

Mary had a funny feeling after that, she found herself stealing glances at
Rhonda after that. When they finished their chat and Rhonda gave her a hug
good-bye Mary got excited feeling Rhonda's double D breasts pressed against
her smaller B cup breasts. Rhonda walked away, and Mary for the first checked
out another girls butt. She found Rhonda's big butt very sexy, and smiled as
she watched her walk away. Rhonda looked back at her it was obvious that
Rhonda saw Mary checking her out. Rhonda just gave Mary a smile back and
walked away giving her ass a little bit more of a shake as she walked.

Mary didn't know what to think, "God what does this mean, what's wrong with
me, am I a... a... lesbian? No, I like guys, but there's just something
about this girl, or I guess I should say this woman in Rhonda's case."

That night as Mary made love to her boyfriend Davis her mind was somewhere
else. It was on the beautiful woman named Rhonda. Her incredible breasts her
dark tan, she imagined the two of them naked and kissing their bare breasts
pressing together without the confines of clothing. Then Mary thought "I
wonder what her pussy looks like?" She smiled. Then her boyfriend pulled out
and came all over her. As usual though it was before Mary had a chance to

The next time she met with Rhonda Mary wore a white mini-skirt and a powder
blue top, along with 3 inch white high heels. Mary smiled as Rhonda entered
the bar wearing tight blue jeans a red silk button-up shirt. Mary decided to
take the initiative after some small talk. Seeing some of the girls in the
bar dancing she asked Rhonda, "Would you like to dance?"

Rhonda smiled, "Sure."

Mary put her hands on the older woman's hips, and with a sexy smile Rhonda
put her arms around Mary's neck. They danced for a while Mary's heart was
pounding, 'God I can't believe I'm doing this!' Mary caressed Rhonda's hips,
as she felt Rhonda stroking her hair. Then Rhonda took one of her hands and
put it in Mary's hand and lifted it up to the side of Rhonda's breast. Mary
couldn't believe it here she was dancing with another girl and she had her
hand on another girl's breast. Mary gently caressed the breast and moved her
hand slowly to the front of the breast. Mary saw Rhonda close her eyes as
she felt her nipple harden underneath the silk shirt. Mary felt a hand on
her ass squeezing her cheek against her miniskirt. Mary thought her heart
was gonna explode, even with a guy she never got this excited before.

Then Rhonda leaned in and whispered in Mary's ear, "Lets go back to your

Mary quickly grabbed her bag, Rhonda held her hand and Mary wasn't about to
let go as they left the bar and walked out in public holding hands. Once
inside Rhonda grabbed Mary and pulled her into a kiss. Her hands slid under
Mary's miniskirt to feel Mary's firm ass covered by a white Victoria's Secret
thong. Mary moaned as she messed with the buttons on Rhonda's shirt. Finally
getting it unbuttoned she saw the biggest breasts she had ever seen. They
were in the confines of a black lacey bra and the hard nipples were poking
out almost begging Mary to free them from their lacey black prison. Rhonda
slid down Mary's mini-skirt and pulled off Mary's blue top to see Mary's
smaller but still very nice breasts in a sexy bra. They kept their intense
kissing going as Mary led them to the bedroom.

Mary slowly unzipped Rhonda's jeans seeing her panties were also black, like
her bra. Rhonda slid her tongue up and down Mary's neck, and gave her soft
gentle kisses, causing her to breath heavily. Mary rubbed her barely covered
pussy against Rhonda's smooth tan leg as one hand squeezed on the bigger
girl's big butt and the other hand squeezed on Rhonda's breast. Rhonda
reached back and unhooked Mary's bra freeing Mary's breasts. Rhonda kept
kissing and licking Mary. Mary felt like she was already about to explode
as her body reveled in this new naughty sensation. Rhonda stepped back and
unhooked her bra in the front, exposing to Mary her huge DD cup breasts.

Mary was speechless, but when Rhonda pushed Mary into her breasts, Mary
had no trouble opening her mouth. Mary sucked on Rhonda's pink nipples, as
Rhonda stroked Mary's brown hair. Mary licked each nipple getting each one
incredibly hard and noticeably hot. Mary squeezed each breast with her hand
as her tongue covered every inch of the blonde's cleavage. "Ohh that's it
Mary ohhh yeah suck on my tits sweetie, ohh that feels so good yeah ahhh
suck harder!!!!"

Mary sucked harder on her nipples as the two grinded their panty-covered
pussies together. Rhonda asked Mary to take off her thong, which Mary did
making visible her brown triangle of pubic hair above her tight cunt. Mary
grabbed Rhonda's panties and slid them off. Now the two women were both
naked as they kissed intensely. Mary helped Rhonda onto the bed and the
two began to fulfill their lesbian desires.

Mary slid down Rhonda's body to her hairy blonde snatch. Mary was now inches
away from another girl's pussy for the first time in her life. Mary thought
for a sec what if anyone found out about this? Her dad would tell her that
she would burn in hell. Everyone else would look down on her. All that seemed
really meaningless at the moment though. She had a desire to eat out another
girl's pussy and she wanted this, even more than she ever wanted sex with a
guy! 'God, maybe I really am a lesbian.' she thought. Mary opened the bigger
girl's lips and started to lick her, her tongue eventually slipping inside
Rhonda's wet snatch. Rhonda spread her legs as wide as she could as Mary's
tongue fucked her. Rhonda moaned as she looked down at the sexy teenager
between her legs munching on her carpet with a sexy smile on her face.

Rhonda pulled on her hard nipples as her womanhood was opened by Mary's hands
and being driven to an orgasm. Mary liked what she was doing a what she was
tasting as well. Mary was licking up all of Rhonda's pussy juices as her
pinkie finger was sliding in and out of the older girl. Rhonda was soon
unable to contain her excitement and her body released a giant orgasm onto
her teen lover's face. Mary found the taste to be sweet, not at all tart like
the one time she had swallowed a guys load. She graciously licked up every
bit of the incredibly tasty love cream.

Rhonda brought Mary back up to her and gave her another hot kiss. Rhonda
softly whispered, "Your turn." Rhonda stopped Mary from sliding off her, and
pushed Mary up so that the teen girl was sitting on her face. Rhonda wasted
little time to immediately begin licking on her inexperienced lesbian lover's
pussy. Mary jumped at the feeling of her young lips being spread, and then
Rhonda found her clit and started licking right on it. Mary was moaning loud,
she never knew anyone fit the spot like this before. She was barely able to
keep herself on Rhonda's face as her body squirmed in pleasure, but Rhonda's
expert tongue stayed on its target, which was Mary Camedon's sensitive clit.

Mary finally released an orgasm of epic proportions as her sweet young cunt
let out a gusher of pussy juice all over Rhonda's face. Mary slowly recovered
from her orgasm when the bedroom door opened and there was her boyfriend
Davis!! Needless to say he went irate and kicked them both out. Mary tried
to call him back but he wouldn't take her calls. After staying with Rhonda
a couple days, Mary had to decide whether to stay and pursue a lesbian
relationship with Rhonda, or go back home. In the end she decided to come
back home, deciding she was too afraid to try and get involved in a lesbian

So now here she was back at the Camedon house. She figured she could go back
home and return to her normal self. Yet being home and seeing her sister Lucy
her mind was back to the same thoughts it had that day with Rhonda. Thoughts
she though she would leave behind in New York, but they hadn't gone away. As
she looked at her sister she couldn't help but admire her body. Her breasts
so big and pushing out off her pink shirt. 'God what's wrong with me, have I
been corrupted so bad that I'm lusting over my own little sister?'

Lucy was noticeably anything but a little girl though, as apparent by her
nice breasts and her firm round ass which Mary got a nice look at as Lucy
leaned over the bed trying to find a pen for her crossword puzzle. Mary
wanted to get behind her sister and grab her sexy 18 year old ass that was
being hugged by her blue jeans. Mary imagined her and her sister in a
sensuous embrace and kissing each other softly.

Lucy got a pen then turned around to see her sister looking at her. "What?"
she asked puzzled by Mary's stare.

"Oh, its nothing, uhh I'm gonna go find a place to put my stuff." With
that Mary left the room her bag in hand.

Lucy wasn't stupid she had seen Mary stare like that before, but it was
usually when she was checking out a guy. "Could she have been checking me
out....nah that's crazy." Lucy thought. "What if she was though? I should
probably talk to mom about this." Lucy went to talk to her mom but didn't
find her in her room. So she went downstairs where her dad was preparing
his sermon for Sunday.

"Where's mom at?"

"Oh she had a teacher's meeting tonight, did you need something Lucy?"

"Ohh um no its OK."

"Are you sure I can't help you with something?"

"Oh no it's OK dad I'll talk to her later."

* * *

Annie Camedon the mother of 7 children was out of the house, but she wasn't
where she told her husband she was going. You see, Annie was a woman who was
very much into other women. It all began when she was in her best friends
room in high school. Her friend made a pass at her and ate her out in her
bedroom when they were both 16. This was during a study session in Annie's
parents house. Annie loved it so much whenever she felt the need she went
looking for a woman willing to help ease the itching feeling between her
legs. On this night Annie was driving the family car in a part of town known
for prostitution. After a while Annie saw a young black girl with blonde
hair and a sexy white miniskirt red v-cut blouse and white 5 inch high heels.
She reminded Annie a lot of the girl in the singing group "Destiny's Child"
from the poster in Lucy's room. Annie pulled the car up along side the girl.
"Hi, there would you like to go for a ride?"

The girl was surprised to see an older woman in the car. She lights a
cigarette, "So what yo wantin from me?"

"Well, how much for you to have your pretty face between my legs?"

She puffed on her cigarette a few times then responded, "Well, I'm not
usually into other women so I'll have to charge you twice as much as what
I charge for men."

Annie looked to see how much money she had in her purse. "So how much?" Annie

"$200" she answered.

"OK, sounds good, why don't you get in the car."

She got in and Annie drove to a back alley.

"OK, so where's the money," she demanded.

She reached in her purse and handed her ten $20's. She counted it and put
it in her purse. Annie then leaned in and started kissing the black girl.
She forced her tongue down her throat. Annie pulled off her light blue suit
jacket, the hooker unbuttoned Annie's blouse revealing a white bra. Annie
slid her hands down the black girls red top and squeezed on both of her soft
black tits. Annie felt her bra being unhooked and her skirt being hiked up
as it was becoming apparent to Annie 'This black whore is into other women,
otherwise she wouldn't be so into this, she probably just lied so she could
overcharge me.' Annie thought. Annie felt her now bare breasts being licked
and her hard nipples being sucked on.

In her youth Annie had nice breasts like her daughters, now in her later
40's they were only a shadow of their former glory. Seven children and
breast-feeding had left them with stretch marks and they had begun to sag
now as opposed to their firmness in her youth. So having them get sucked
on again, even if it was by a prostitute really made her feel good. At
home her husband never paid her breasts much attention even when they did
make love. Annie felt so low at the fact that her husband didn't like her
tits anymore, he'd usually lift her nightgown and leave her breasts
covered, not even taking them out during sex.

Annie stroked the black woman's dyed blonde hair as she moved from Annie's
breasts, kissing her lower past her bellybutton. The prostitute pulled her
panties aside and started fingering Annie. Annie had the black woman's
breasts out now and was kneading them like she was making bread back at
home. Annie had always had a fondness for black women finding the skin tone
difference and the dark nipples turn on. Living where she did, there weren't
all that many black women around Annie's neighborhood. Now Annie had lust
on her face as she squeezed on the black woman's nipples. The girl started
using her tongue pushing aside Annie's thick brunette pubic hair to tongue
Annie's clit. Annie opened her legs wider as she got eaten out in the
back-seat of her car. The black girl's tongue was at rapid speed as Annie
grinded her hips into her face. Annie lifted her ass higher, "Lick my asshole
you little black bitch!" Annie said liking the fact that she was the paying
customer and that she had a sexy little slut all to herself. The black girl
complied spreading Annie's ass cheeks and slide her tongue in the tight

Annie was in her own private heaven as two finger's were jammed into her
overstuffed box and her ass was being licked. Unable to take anymore pleasure
Annie squeezed the black girl's head between her thighs and orgasmed all over
her. The two caught their breath, and Annie thanks the hooker with a wet
French kiss. Annie then slid a finger in her pussy as they continued kissing,
Annie pulled on her hard nipples as her fingers became soaked with the black
girl's pussy juice. It was too long at all that she was treat to more juices
as the hooker came all over Annie. Annie licked her fingers clean and dropped
her off at the corner.

* * *

Back at the Camedon house Lucy was getting impatient waiting on her mom to
come home. Lucy went to fold laundry while she waited, after she got a pile
of her mom's clothes she decided to be a good daughter and put them in her
mom's dresser. Lucy started to put the clothes away in her mom's panty
drawer. Then she noticed a magazine hidden in the drawer, which was a strange
place for her mom to keep a magazine. She pulled it out and her eyes grew
big as she read the cover "Girls Who Like Girls." "Why does mom have this
magazine?" Lucy took it out of the drawer and took it to her room, not
wanting to get caught with this magazine, especially if it was what she
thought it was.

She opened it up expecting to find out that it was something different from
what she originally thought it was by the name of it. She found out that she
was wrong though. Her own mother the preacher's wife had a porn magazine, a
lesbian porn magazine on top of that! Lucy opened it up not believing what
she saw. There was a book mark in a part of the book that had two teen girls
making love, one was a sexy brunette the other was a blonde and the blonde
looked a little like her sister Mary! Lucy knew these magazines were wrong
to look at, something her dad had made sure they all knew, by his countless
reminders. However she found herself fascinated by the photos. The women
were beautiful plus on top of that, she liked the picture of the girl that
reminded her of her pretty sister. Dressed in only a white T-shirt with the
words "So Fine" in red and white silky panties, Lucy unable to tear herself
away from the magazine, slid a hand under her shirt and began to play with
her nipple. She looked at the first photo and saw the blonde Mary-lookalike
girl in a bra and panties as the other girl a brunette kiss her open mouth
with tongue.

This picture really got Lucy hot, there was something about seeing two girls
kiss, she didn't even think about the fact that she was touching herself in
her room, or who might come in for that matter. Lucy pulled on her erect
nipple, as she looked at the next photo. This next photo had both girls with
their bra's removed and they're bare breasts pushed against each others.
Lucy found it easy to imagine that Mary was in the photo as now both hands
rubbed on her large breasts and hard nipples under her shirt. Lucy saw the
next two photos of the two girls removing each others panties and touching
each others pussies. "Oh, Mary," Lucy shocked herself as she said her
sister's name, but she couldn't help it she wanted Mary. Lucy now slid a
hand down her panties as she touched her horny cunt. She slid her fingernail
all along the slit of her cunt lips. Then she slowly start to ease it inside
her pussy.

Lucy was fingering herself deeper and deeper as her eyes closed and she
imagined her sister fingering her, her sexy big sister Mary kissing her neck
that was so sensitive. Unknown to her though Mary had entered her room and
was watching her little sister. She was gonna interrupt her but when she
heard Lucy say her name in pleasure she ended up watching Lucy instead. Mary
was in white cotton panties and a baby tee shirt, like Lucy she was also
braless and her hard nipples were easily visible poking through her T-shirt.
Finally seeing sexy Lucy in this throes' of passion Mary went towards her
and also saw the naughty magazine her sister had in front of her. She smiled
as she walked towards Lucy, "So is that book a good read Lucy?"

Lucy jumped and sat up on her bed her hands coming out of her panties and
out from her shirt as she grabbed a pillow to cover herself. Mary sat down
next to Lucy and grabbed her hand that seconds ago was in her pussy. Lucy
watched as Mary first smelled Lucy's fingers, then stuck out her tongue and
licked it. Lucy was kinda embarrassed and started to pull away, but quickly
changed her mind when Mary started to suck on her fingers. Lucy got really
turned on knowing her sister was tasting her pussy juices. She stopped
covering herself with the pillow and that her hard nipples were exposed now.
Lucy instead concentrated on Mary sucking on her fingers and tasting Lucy's
love juices.

'My God she tastes sweeter than I ever imagined she would.' thought Mary.
Mary then leaned in to her little sister, the two girls were eye to eye as
Lucy brushed Mary's hair from her eyes and stroked her sisters soft cheek.

They looked at each with a bit of confusion too, sure Mary liked other girls,
but this was her sister. Lucy on the other hand was discussed at the idea of
doing another girl before today, and even though she definitely wanted to try
lesbian sex now, she still remembered that Mary was her sister. The two girls
sat there on the bed Mary's cotton panties only inches from pressing against
Lucy's silky panties. Slowly they moved closer and Mary's hand slid up Lucy's
hips to right under her breasts. Lucy stroked her sister's hair and her
beautiful face. Then they moved closer and at long last the two horny nymph's
were pressing their panty covered crotches together, they both sighed
simultaneously feeling the heat from each other's pussy. Feeling unable to
hold back anymore and also being sure she was the only one here who had been
with another woman before she decided to make a move. She caressed her hands
up and down Lucy's sides then slid them under Lucy's shirt and wasting no
time went up to Lucy's big boobs.

Lucy softly moaned, "Mary, oh that feels so good." Lucy was so turned on, the
feeling the heat of another girl pressing her pussy against hers. Plus Mary
feeling up her chest. All this made her think, 'I don't care if she's my
sister I want her, if that makes me a nasty slut, I don't care!' So this time
Lucy took the initiative she leaned in and kissed Mary on the mouth softly.
Mary responded with a sexy smile and then kissed Lucy. Both were so horny for
each other the thoughts of this being incest was soon forgotten.

Soon their mouths opened and the two preacher's daughters were making out
together and passionately French kissing as their tongues danced around each
others mouths. Mary pulled off Lucy's T-shirt exposing her breasts, breasts
that had certainly developed a lot more in the last year. Lucy smiled seeing
that Mary's eyes showed their approval, then Lucy pulled off Mary's top and
started caressing her big sister's breasts, they weren't as big as hers but
her very nice and a bit more pointed in the nipples. Lucy started sucking
Mary's hard nipples as Mary pinched on Lucy's nipples and caressed Lucy's
huge breasts.

"Ohhh that's it Lucy suck my tits you little slut ohhh yeah," she pinched on
her breasts as Lucy began to erotically bite on Mary's nipples. Mary reached
down and slid down those silky white panties of Lucy's revealing Lucy's pussy
with light brown pubic hair. Mary rubbed her hands on Lucy's pussy. Teasingly
she would trace her fingernail along Lucy's slit. Then came a gasp from Lucy
as Mary entered a finger inside her throbbing soaked pussy. Mary fingered her
faster and faster as Lucy looked like a little baby latched on to Mary's
nipple sucking away like no tomorrow. Mary slid a second finger into Lucy as
Lucy left her nipple and started to kiss Mary's beautiful face, as she was
fingered by her big sister. Mary spoke softly, "You gonna cum Luc? Is my
little sister gonna cum for me?"

"Oh Mary yes your gonna make me cum, ahh I'm gonna cum all over your hand
Mary. Make me cum you fucking bitch get me off Mary you God damn dyke!"

All that hot talk by her sister who normally never swore really got Mary
going and her efforts increased on fingering Lucy's snatch. Before long
Lucy's body was rocked by an orgasm all over Mary's hand. After Lucy
recovered Mary saw pure lust in her eyes.

"Show me your pussy Mary!" Lucy demanded.

Mary slid down her cotton underwear and exposed a pussy with a nicely trimmed
triangle of dark pubic hair above it. No longer being shy Lucy pushed Mary on
her back and started to spread open Mary's pussy lips and tongue the inside
of her pink pussy.

"Oh Mary you taste so good," Lucy said in between licks.

Mary caressed Lucy's hair as she pushed her crotch into the horny brunette's
face. Mary moaned as Lucy got kinky and started rubbing her big breasts on
Mary's crotch, the hard nipples got the attention of Mary's clit as Lucy
rubbed them against it. Then Mary watched as Lucy took her own breasts in her
hands and lifted them so Lucy could tongue her own nipples with Mary's fresh
girl cum on them. Then Lucy was back between her sisters legs eating her out
again. Lucy spread Mary's legs wide as her tongue licked Mary from the top
of her slit to her puckered asshole. Mary was in heaven, she thought she was
good at getting off another woman, but Lucy seemed like a pro at this. She
began to wonder if her sister was just a born natural at this, where did she
get it from her mom wasn't a lesbian (or so she thought). Lucy's sucking and
biting on Mary's clit finally took their toll and Mary orgasmed. Lucy sucked
up all the cum from Mary's sweet pussy, finding it to be the sweetest thing
she ever tasted.

The two met for another French kiss and laid there a minute. "I'm not done
with you yet little sister." said Mary.

Mary left the room a sec, this left Lucy with a puzzled look on her face.
'What is she doing?' Lucy wondered. Her question was soon answered as Mary
re-entered the room. Mary was wearing a 10 inch black strap-on dildo. Lucy
was shocked that Mary owned such a toy.

"I got this in New York, you see I broke up with my boyfriend cause he caught
me with another girl."

"Wow, Mary that looks good on you, I'm sorry that you and him broke up

"It's OK Lucy. Wanna try this out?"

Lucy responded by getting on her knees and shaking her plump butt at Mary.
Mary got behind her sister. Mary pushed it at Lucy's pussy and slid it inside

"Oh Mary oh that feels good."

Mary started sliding more and more of the large toy inside Lucy. Mary loved
the view of Lucy's sexy round ass in the air and stuffed full of the black
dildo. Mary started pumping her harder and faster until all 10 inches were
inside Lucy. Then Mary would pull out almost all the way then thrust it back
in Lucy. Soon the dildo was slapping against Lucy's butt as the fucking
became more and more intense.

"Oh Mary yes ohh give it to me ohhh yes fuck me, fuck me hard you bitch!" she

"Yeah that's it Lucy take all this cock, you like your pussy stuffed full of
black cock don't you, you little fucking slut!"

Lucy just kept moaning, "yes oh yes oh God yes Mary yes!!! Ahhhhhh!!!" Lucy
screamed as she orgasmed all over the fake cock.

Mary looked down to see the cock covered in blood. "Oh my God Lucy were you
a virgin? I didn't want you to lose your virginity this way!"

Lucy kissed Mary, "That's OK I wanted you to be my first Mary, your so
beautiful I think deep down I've wanted to make love to you for the longest

The two laid in bed caressing all over each other's body as they kissed and
snuggled together. "Welcome home Mary," Lucy said as she gave her sister
another sweet kiss before they both fell asleep in each others arms in Lucy's

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