This story is fictional, remember this is pure fantasy, not based on any
actual happenings of the show on WB. If your under 18 then get out now, your
too young. Now on with the story.

7th Heaven: Lesbian Heaven Part 2 (FFf,inc,spank)
by MiaIsDaBomb ([email protected])

Annie Camedon came home after spending time with a sexy female hooker. She
hated cheating like this on her husband, but she liked sex with women, that
was all there was to it. She noticed that her husband and her twin sons were
asleep on the couch as usual. So, as usual she took each kid up to bed. She
was on her way back down to wake her husband when something by her daughter's
room caught her eye. She could have swore she saw a glimpse of Lucy naked.
She opened the door and sure enough there was her beautiful daughter naked
lying on her side, her huge firm breasts facing Annie and her nice pussy
glistening from what Annie guessed was sweat.

Then she saw a female hand (evident because of the red painted fingernails)
go over Lucy's shoulder to squeeze on Lucy's breast, this causing Lucy to
smile. Annie was shocked, her daughter was not just having sex before
marriage it was with another woman! As Annie got closer she saw that it was
in fact Mary! Annie totally lost it then. "What the hell are you two doing!"
she yelled at them. They both jumped up, scared to death at the fact that
their mother had caught them in the act. There was no getting out of this
one, the two sisters were caught having sexual relations with each other by
their mom.

"Mary, Lucy, how could you two do this, this is incest it is wrong not to
mention sick! I am so mad at you two right now I could scream, what if your
father knew!"

"Oh Mom please don't tell him" Lucy and Mary begged.

Annie was so enraged she couldn't speak, she grabbed Mary and put her over
her knee. Mary was shocked as Annie's hand came down and spanked her ass.
Mary hadn't been spanked since she was 10 years old. Yet here she was 19
years old and her mother was spanking her bare bottom like she was a child.

Lucy watched in shocked as her older sister got a spanking from her mom.
Lucy started touching herself as her sisters butt got red with Annie's hand
prints. Lucy's fingers slid in and out of her slick box as she could see
down her mom's shirt and see her bra in her loose blouse. Lucy saw her mom's
breast jiggle as she spanked Mary. Lucy didn't know why this turned her on
but it did for some reason, and she didn't really care why.

Annie was shocked as she smelt a sweet scent. Looking down she saw that
Mary's juices we're dripping down her thighs. "My God, my daughters getting
turned on by this!" Then glancing over at Lucy she saw that her other
daughter had her eyes closed and was fingering herself. She can't believe
her eyes as she sees her daughters getting off at this. She stops spanking
Mary and takes her off her knee. "Lucy what are you doing?" Lucy stops
playing with herself and looks right at her mother.

Annie grabs Lucy and begins spanking the younger of the two girls. Mary
watched as she rubbed her sore butt. Annie can't help but glare at Lucy's
luscious posterior as she spanks it. She hears a faint sound and realizes
its Lucy. Lucy is moaning as her Mom spanks her. "Ohhh mommy, oh yes spank
me I'm a bad girl, oh mommy." Annie doesn't know what to think about this,
she's actually turning her daughter on with her spanking! Suddenly Annie
feels her breasts being cupped from behind, Mary is behind Annie her hands
sliding down her mom's blouse as she squeezes her mom's breasts.

"Mary what are you..... ohh that feels nice." Annie can't believe shes
letting this go on, her own daughter was feeling her up and she wasn't
stoping her. While Mary was caressing her mom's boobs down her blouse Lucy
had crawled off her lap, eye level with Annie's crotch and was admiring the
crotch of her mom's panties under her skirt. Annie was so hot she was unable
to speak as she felt herself getting wet by this mother/daughter taboo. Mary
unhooked Annie's bra and was soon feeling up her mom's bare breasts. Lucy
looked lustfily at her mommy's crotch, then slid her hands up her moms
thighs. Then she reached out and her tongue touched Annie's panty covered

Again Annie wanted to protest, but this time her mouth became full as Mary
slid her tongue in her mom's throat. Annie was amazed at how good of a
kisser her daughter was. She wrapped her arms around Mary as Mary lifted her
mom's blouse off and dropped her bra to the floor. Lucy slid her hands down
to her mother's ass and began to pull her panties off. Once off Lucy's
tongue found her mom's pussy. Annie moaned as her butt was squeezed and a
tongue was entered in her warm snatch. Mary broke the kiss and Annie pulled
Mary to her and began sucking her daughters perky breasts.

Mary moaned as her breasts were sucked on hard by her own mother. Lucy's
tongue went ever so deeper inside of her mommy as she squeezed her big
sister sexy ass. Annie was so hot the thoughts in her like "this in incest
its wrong" was barely even heard as she her body was concentrated on the two
women giving her pleasure that were her two daughters. Annie pulled away
from Mary, Mary was worried that her mom was gonna stop this now, but
instead she had Lucy lay on the floor as she squatted her pussy onto her
face. Then with Mary still standing in ftont of her she looked sternly at
her and said, "Bring me your pretty pussy Mary, I wanna taste it!"

Mary walked over to her mom and wrapped a long leg around her mom's neck and
put her pussy in her mother's face. Annie began licking her daughter trimmed
bush her tongue quickly finding Mary's sensitive clit causing Mary to jump
in pleasure. She was surprised her mom found her spot so easily, was it
because she was a woman or had her strict preacher's wife mother gone down
on another woman before. Right now it didn't really matter to Mary her mind
was spinning at the taboo of having her cunt licked by her mother. Lucy was
doing a real number on Annie to as she found her pussy though her mother's
hairy cunt and sucked on her cunt lips as her hands wondered upward to her
mom's big somewhat sagging breasts. Lucy licked and sucked all over Annie's
pussy causing her to grind into Lucy's eager to please face. Lucy drinks up
her mom's essence making her wanna work extra hard on Mary.

Annie went even further sucking on one of her fingers she slides it into
Mary's puckered asshole as she eats her out. This goes on for quite a while
with Mary moaning and bucking getting the double assult of her clit and ass
being licked and finger fucked til Mary loses her willpower and her pussy
explodes all over her mom's waiting tongue. After that Mary steps back and
watches as Lucy rug munches her mom. Lucy sucks hard pulling on her pussy
lips as she sucks her lips hard. Soon Annie cums her juices squirting all
over Lucy's face. Annie goes down to Lucy and starts french kissing her for
several minutes as her hand roams downward to her daughter's wet pussy.

Seeing the dildo on the floor Annie picks it up, "My, my, we have been a
couple little naughty lesbian sluts havent we girls?" They smile as they
watch Annie slide into the strap-on. Annie got on her back and had Lucy
face away from her as Lucy slid down on the fake cock. She moaned as it
entered her tight cunt. Annie reached forward grabbing Lucy's plump ass.
Annie started thrusting upward as her daughter rode the strap-on as hard
as she could. Feeling left out Mary bent over in front of Lucy opening
her womanhood to her little sister. Lucy parted Mary's lips and slid a wet
tongue in her. Mary grabbed both of her own firm breasts in her hands as
her lap covered Lucy's face.

Lucy sucked bit and even slapped on Mary's cunt. Lucy knew what Mary liked
and was eager to give her big sister her second orgasm. Lucy's big tits were
bouncing up and down as she had her pussy filled by the big cock and her
face busy between Mary's legs as her tongue darted deep into Mary's pussy.
This didn't last her long though, soon Lucy was concentrating on her own
orgasm. So she pulled off of Mary's pussy as her mom slammed the black toy
home. Soon Lucy felt something build up. Sensing this her mom reared back
and slapped on Lucy's ass. Lucy felt the red stings on her cheeks as her mom
spanked her. Before long this brought out a orgasm, and Lucy had girl cum
coated on her mom's face. Lucy and Annie looked at Mary and decided Mary
should cum again. They both got her on her back as Lucy and Annie's tongue
found Mary's clit. Before long, seeing her mom and her sister between her
legs eating her out, she couldn't hold out any longer. As Lucy let out a
huge orgasm, Mary came in record time afterward.

The three lovers kissed and made out before Annie spoke, "Well, I guess we
need more daughter fun together don't we?" she giggled.

After that they all fell to asleep on the bed, bodies caressing as they all
drifted off again.



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