This fic is dedicated to Vicki.

7th Heaven: Lesbian World Part 1 (FFf,inc,reluc)
by Hamster ([email protected])

Our tale begins in another world. This world was much like our own, except
that 20 years ago a disease wiped out the entire male population of the Human
race. Shortly after that Dr. Vicki O invented artificial Semen. The stuff
could combine the genetic traits of any two women and be loaded into a
special strap-on that would allow a woman to impregnate another. A grateful
world population rallied behind her and eventually named her Empress of the
United Nations of the US, Canada, all of Europe (except Switzerland), Russia,
Japan, Taiwan, Israel, South Korea, Australia, New Zealand, China, India,
Iceland and South Africa. Unfortunately a rival scientist, Freda Ries created
the 'Sub-men'. The Sub-men were a clones of human males with ape-like
intelligence. Mating with these creatures always resulted in amazingly bitchy
skanks for daughters. Most of the middle-eastern, African and South American
nations banned artificial semen in favor of Sub-men. These nations fell under
the Dictatorship of Dr. Ries and became known as the Horde of Skanks. The
remaining nations remained neutral allowing women to choose between both.
Eventually Vicki's Empire and the horde of skanks came to war.

In this world the Camdens are a very different family than they are in our
on. Lucy Camden is married to her police friend, Roxanne. One of Lucy's two
sisters, Ruthie, lives with them.

Ruthie Camden couldn't believe her bad luck. Her sister's wife Roxanne, a cop
had come home early from her shift and caught Ruthie masturbating. Normally
that wouldn't be that big of a deal. Unfortunately the material that Ruthie
was using for 'inspiration' was a DVD that her friend Lisa had loaned for
her. This DVD featured a girl getting double-penetrated by a pair of sub-men.
It was illegal contraband and when Roxanne caught her with it, she was

"So, you filthy little slut you get turned on by watching this huh?" Roxanne

"Wait you don't understand." Ruthie protested.

"I understand perfectly! And what would your sister, an upstanding minister
and loyal subject of the Empress say?" Roxanne asked.

"Wait, we don't have to tell her." Ruthie said.

"Well she's gonna find out when you end up in jail." Said Roxanne.

"What are you kidding me? Jail??" Ruthie asked nervously.

"No I am NOT kidding. Maybe getting raped by some 300 pound cell mate will
make a real lesbian out of you." Roxanne said.

"No please!" Ruthie begged.

"No please, what?" Asked Lucy as she entered the room from the hall suddenly.

"Oh fuck." Said Ruthie.

"Your sister has been watching this smut." Roxanne said as she pointed to the
TV that was still showing the 'offensive' dvd.

Lucy turned to the screen and saw a blonde getting double penetrated by two
huge sub-men who were fucking her like animals.

"Oh my GODDESS!!! This is disgusting, this is repulsive, this...Wow they are
really going to town aren't they?

Ruthie, Roxanne and Lucy all cocked their heads as they gazed at the
spectacle. Lucy caught herself and blinked she turned to Ruthie with an angry

"Turn that off NOW!!!" Lucy screamed.

Ruthie ran to the TV and turned off the DVD player.

"Lucy, it's not mine..." Ruthie said.

"Forget it, don't even start to make excuses." Lucy said.

"Well I'm going to have to take her away now." Roxanne said.

"Wait! Roxanne isn't that a bit..." Lucy protested in alarm.

"Forget it Luce, I don't want to send my sister-in-law to jail but the law is
clear and the little skank-wannabe was caught red handed." Roxanne said.

Ruthie broke down and began to cry.

"Please, please what if I proved I could be a good lesbian." Ruthie pleaded.

"How are you going to do that?" Roxanne demanded.

Ruthie's lower lip trembled. She was scared, but she knew exactly what she
needed to do. Ruthie dropped to the ground and licked Roxanne's boot.

"I'll do whatever you want." Ruthie said.

"Please if we fuck her, that should prove she's a loyal lesbian." Lucy said.

Roxanne contemplated for a few minutes.

"Fine but, you use the artificial sperm on her. Why should my wife's hot bod
be potentially ruined when we have a someone who can get impregnated for us."
Roxanne said.

"W-wait a minute. I don't want..." Ruthie stammered.

"Ohhhh you don't want to? Well enjoy jail." Roxanne said.

"NO, NO, NO, NO wait. I'll do whatever you want." Ruthie said.

"Damn right you will." Roxanne said.

"I'll go get the strap-on and artificial sperm." Lucy said as she ran off.

"What are you waiting for bitch? Strip." Roxanne ordered.

Ruthie gulped and quickly removed her red shirt. She hesitated a minute and
then took off her bra. Roxanne immediately reached forward and pinched the
girl's nipples fairly hard.

"EEP!!!" Ruthie squealed.

"Hmm nice." Roxanne commented.

It was at this point that Lucy arrived. She got to watch as Ruthie got rid of
her belt, then removed her jeans and panties.

"Hot little bod sis." Lucy commented.

"We really need to punish that little bod of hers. A nice spanking to ensure
she knows how wrong it is to watch porn with Sub-men in it." Roxanne said.

"Let me do it, I should be the one to punish her." Lucy said.

"Go for it baby." Roxanne said.

Ruthie looked at them like deer caught in the headlights.

"Bend over and grab your ankles." Lucy ordered.

Ruthie closed her eyes as she bent over at the waist and grabbed her ankles
as instructed. Lucy made her way behind Ruthie and picked up the girl's own
belt. Roxanne watched the whole thing with a growing fire in her pussy. SMACK

"EEEP EEK EEOWCH" Ruthie screamed.

While Ruthie was being belted, Lucy was removing her cloths. After getting
naked she picked up her strap-on.

"No complaining, it's just what you deserved. Here Lucy let me help you with
that." Roxanne said.

Roxanne helped her wife synch in the strap-on.

"Thanks honey." Lucy said.

"No problem." Roxanne replied.

Roxanne got behind Ruthie on the bed while Lucy got in front of her.

"Spread 'em sis." Lucy ordered.

Lucy did as she was instructed and spread open her legs. Lucy grabbed her
sisters ankles then pushed her legs back. Roxanne grabbed the girl's ankles
form her wife and pulled Ruthie's legs back to her shoulders before
smothering her complaints by slapping her pussy over Ruthie's mouth. Lucy
smiled at her sister's plight as she plunged the rubber cock into her
defenseless pussy. Ruthie let out a pitiful squeal that only served to
vibrate pleasingly in Roxanne's pussy.

"Get that tongue to work." Roxanne ordered as she rode Ruthie's face.

Lucy pounded her little sister's pussy with the big, fake, rubber cock. The
monster completely filled up Ruthie who desperately lashed at Roxanne's cunt
with her tongue. She and her friend had hoped to go to Mexico and get royally
fucked, but despite the fact that wasn't going to happed, Ruthie couldn't
complain because Lucy was doing a fairly good job of pounding her pussy good.

"Mmm, mmm yeah, oh yes!" Roxanne moaned as Ruthie.

Lucy leaned forward and squeezed the girl's tits good and hard as she fucked
her. Ruthie squirmed and moaned delightfully which made the other two women
horny as all hell. Lucy grabbed her sister's hips and started pounding her
cunt even harder. Roxanne swayed and shuddered as the teen beneath her ate
her out.

"That's it Ruthie I'm CUUUUUMIIING!!!" Roxanne cried as she threw her head
back and shut her eyes.

Lucy smiled as her wife came, she reached down and pushed a button at the
base of her strap-on that released the artificial seamen contained within.
Ruthie began cumming with the final, well-lubricated strokes of Lucy's
strap-on. Roxanne got of Ruthie's face and laid down next to Ruthie on the
bed. Lucy removed the fake cock from her sister's pussy and then unstrapped
it before leaning down to kiss Ruthie.

"Guess I'm a full-fledged lesbian now." Said Ruthie.

"That's right. And we better not catch you looking at Sub-men porn again or
next time I won't be shooting blanks." Threatened Lucy.


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