7th Heaven: Love And Handcuffs (FF,F-dom,bond)
by Ambush Bug ([email protected])

Lucy smiled to herself when she saw the red flashing lights of a patrol car
in her rear view mirror. She carefully slowed down, then pulled the car over
to the curb and stopped. She waited, not bothering to take out her driver's
license or look for her insurance card; she knew she wasn't in any trouble.
Looking again into her rear view mirror she saw the police officer open his
door, get out, and approach the side of her car. He looked smaller than she'd
expected, then she realized that the police officer wasn't her husband Kevin,
and she started to feel nervous. What did she do wrong? The officer stopped
at her window, bent over, and peered in at her, and suddenly Lucy recognized
him. Or, rather, her.

"Hi, Lucy," Roxanne said, smiling brightly at her.

"Hey, Roxanne," Lucy replied, returning the smile and feeling relieved.
"What's going on? Did I run a red light or something?"

"No, I just wanted to say hi. I haven't seen you in a few days and I missed

"Aw, that's sweet. Where's Kevin? Isn't he patrolling with you?"

"No, he has court today, so I'm on my own. Are you on your way home?"

"Yes," Lucy replied. "I just came from the market. Had to pick up the week's
groceries." As she talked, Lucy let her eyes drift from Roxanne's face down
over her body. She wasn't checking out her body, of course; she was looking
at her uniform. The navy blue fabric, the gleaming black leather Sam Browne
belt, the gun holster (which, Lucy noted, Roxanne had her hand on, as if she
actually had to be that careful, even with her), and the bright silver badge
of the Glenoak Police Department over Roxanne's left breast. Lucy loved
police uniforms; it was, she admitted, one of the reasons she'd been
attracted to Kevin.

Roxanne was checking Lucy out too, and after a brief moment said, "You look
nice today."

The compliment confused Lucy, because she knew she didn't look especially
nice; in fact, she looked sort of frumpy in her blue jeans and an old red
button down blouse. She smiled anyway, bringing her eyes back up to meet
Roxanne's, and said, "Thanks. You look....very official."

Roxanne laughed pleasantly and said, "Thank you. Hey, I was just about to go
on my lunch break. You mind if I follow you back to your place?"

"Not at all," Lucy said. "I'll even make lunch for you. What would you like?"

Roxanne gave her a strangely coquettish smile.

"Surprise me," she said.

* * *

As Lucy drove home she thought about her friendship with Roxanne. It hadn't
started out too well; Lucy had been jealous of her in the beginning, because
Roxanne was young, beautiful, and Kevin's partner. It didn't get better
right away, either, especially after she found out that Roxanne was not
only attracted to Kevin, but had kissed him once (against his will, she was
assured, although she had no doubt that Kevin had liked it, at least a
little). Things began to change, though, as soon as Lucy was able to conquer
her jealousy. She'd never really doubted Kevin's commitment to her, of course
(not really), and after being convinced by Roxanne that she had no designs on
her husband, Lucy not only learned to trust Roxanne, but had even become
friends with her in a context outside of Roxanne's role as Kevin's partner.
In fact, they even made a point of spending one day a week together, just the
two of them (Roxanne's idea, but Lucy had gone along with it), cementing
their initially uneasy acquaintance in to a true friendship. And now, they
were both so comfortable with each other that they could do things like this,
meeting spontaneously for lunch, free of self consciousness and suspicions.
Lucy had to admit she liked this set up much better than the old one.

And she liked having a girlfriend, too. She'd had a best friend once, when
she was twelve, a girl named Julie, but Julie had been killed in a car
accident, and that had so affected Lucy that she never let herself get very
close to any other girls after that. Her older sister Mary had filled the
best friend role, to a point, anyway, but Mary had been gone now for some
time. Lucy figured her mother could count as a friend, but their
relationship, as strong as it had always been, couldn't really be said to
approach the level of bestfriendship. Not even close. But now here was
Roxanne, sweet, funny, generous and forgiving, seeming to be as much in
need of a friend as Lucy was, and, fortunately, sharing a lot of the same
interests that she had.

On top of all that, Lucy told herself with a smile as she neared the garage
apartment next to her parents' house, she's dressed as a cop. What more could
a girl want?

She pulled up to the curb and put the car in park, shut off the engine. She
looked in her rear view mirror and saw Roxanne's patrol car pull in behind
her and thought, She's not just dressed as a cop, she is a cop. Lucy had to
admit that the knowledge of that made her a little uneasy; she worried, like
any other cop's wife, that her husband might not come home from work one day,
and she found she applied that same worry to her friendship with Roxanne. The
pain of losing Julie had nearly undone her and she wasn't sure she could
suffer that kind of grief again. But, just like she did with Kevin, she
quickly pushed that out of her mind; after all, a person couldn't live in

She popped the latch for the trunk, then got out of her car. Just as she shut
the door Roxanne was shutting her own door, and the two women started for the
back of her car at the same time. They were again looking each other over,
Lucy taking in the sight of Roxanne's police uniform and, Lucy assumed,
Roxanne just checking to see what she was wearing.

"Which bags are the heavy ones?" Roxanne asked as they met at the trunk.
"I'll carry them in for you."

"I think they're all heavy," Lucy replied. "But there's six of em, so you
take three and I'll take three."

They divvied up the bags, Roxanne holding hers all in one hand as she pulled
the trunk closed, then they went up to the stairs at the side of the garage.
Lucy went up first and Roxanne came up right behind her. Once they were in
the apartment they dropped the bags in the kitchen area and Lucy began
putting groceries away. Roxanne leaned against the kitchen counter and
watched, her arms crossed in front of her chest and her radio making those
squawky noises Lucy thought always sounded so cool.

As soon as she had the groceries put away, Lucy asked, "How about a nice big
ham and cheese sandwich? With lettuce and mayo?" She went to the refrigerator
and began pulling these items out. "Do you like fruit?"

"I prefer fruits," Roxanne replied, then made a noise that sounded an awful
lot like a giggle.

"What's funny?" Lucy asked, her arms loaded as she made her way back to the

"Nothing," Roxanne said. "Just a joke. Sort of."

"I hope it's not one of those off color jokes Kevin gets from his cop
buddies. Well, your buddies too, I guess. I don't find such crude humor
funny." Lucy set the ingredients for Roxanne's lunch on the counter. "Wow,
I just sounded really judgmental, didn't I? I'm sorry." She started in on
making Roxanne's sandwich.

"Don't worry about it," Roxanne told her, still standing there with her arms
crossed, not moving a muscle to help. "Cops do tend to be pretty crude. Some
of the things they say would horrify you."

"I'm sure," Lucy said with a mock shudder. "But in a way I suppose it's
justifiable. I mean, police officers see the truly dark side of human nature,
you know? Well, of course you know, you're a police officer." As she said
these last words Lucy let her eyes drift over Roxanne's uniform. "You need a
safe way to let off steam."

"That's true. But there are lots of other ways to do that. Lots of ways
that are more fun. I don't really find the guys that funny, either. Or that
interesting, if you really wanna know."

"Well, there are other women on the force. Are you friends with any of them?"

"A few," Roxanne replied with a small shrug. "But I don't hang out with them
or anything. Too cynical for me."

"Another hazard of police work," Lucy said, a little annoyed at herself for
trying to sound like such an authority; everything she knew about the life of
a cop she got from Kevin.

"Yeah, but fortunately, that's a bug that hasn't bitten me. I still look at
life positively. I believe in the basic goodness of human beings."

"So do I," Lucy said with a smile as she stacked several layers of ham on
Roxanne's sandwich. "I know that there are evil people in the world, but
overall people are good, or want to be good, anyway. They just don't have
enough Jesus in their lives." She felt a pang of reticence at the mention
of Jesus, because she knew that Roxanne didn't care to talk about religion,
but it was only a momentary pang. She loved the Lord.

"And now the cheese," she said. She placed a thick slice of cheddar on top
of the ham, then put some lettuce on top of that. Last came the second slice
of bread, and Roxanne's sandwich was done. A masterpiece, if she did say so
herself. She handed it to Roxanne, who took it with a big smile and a thank
you. "You wanna sit at the table, or do you wanna go in the living room?"

"Living room," Roxanne replied, her mouth already full of ham and cheese.

"Great. You go ahead, and I'll get us some coffee."

Roxanne tilted her head to the side and sort of squinted at her as she
swallowed her food, then said, "You're such a good wife, Lucy."

"Aw, thank you," Lucy replied, flattered. "Fortunately, Kevin thinks so too."

"No doubt," Roxanne said. She seemed to lock her eyes onto Lucy's for a
moment, then abruptly turned and headed into the living room.

Lucy poured two cups of coffee, then joined Roxanne on the sofa. Roxanne was
sitting at one end and Lucy sat at the other. They made small talk for a few
minutes, not really saying anything important, and part of Lucy's mind kind
of detached itself and wandered off, thinking about other things. It was a
strange little ability she had, being able to hold a conversation and yet at
the same time mentally consider different subjects. But she had to be careful
about it, because sometimes the rest of her brain left too, and she ended up
totally ignoring the person talking to her. Unfortunately, this was exactly
what happened now; she'd gotten distracted by Roxanne's uniform, the cool
dark blue fabric and the shiny badge, the Sam Browne belt and the handcuffs,
that great big gun in its holster. She recalled a night about two weeks ago
when Kevin had left his uniform on while they made love, and how much she'd
gotten off from that. She had come at least four times, and even went so far
as to willingly do some of the dirtier stuff Kevin liked, like sucking his
dick and letting him stick his finger up her butt while he did it to her from
behind. It had been one of the most satisfying nights of her married life,
and it had mostly been due to Kevin wearing that sexy uniform. She decided
that, when he got home tonight, she would ask him to leave his uniform on
again, and then she began to fantasize about what she would do with him. In
her mind she saw herself kissing him as she slid her hands over his chest,
rubbing her palm over his badge, then slowly unbuttoning his uniform shirt.
When she got all the buttons unfastened she pulled the shirt open, then
pulled his teeshirt up so she could run her hands over his manly chest.
Except he didn't have a manly chest, at least not in this fantasy; in this
one, shockingly, he had breasts. Large, full, firm breasts. Lucy blinked the
fantasy away, then realized that she was staring directly at Roxanne's chest.
And Roxanne was saying something to her.

"Huh? What?" she said.

Roxanne smiled and replied, "I said, the sandwich was very good. Thank you."

"Oh. You finished it already?"

"Yes, while you were zoning out. And staring at my tits."

"What? I wasn't....I was just....."

Roxanne laughed, a shy and feminine laugh that made Lucy smile.

"It's okay, Lucy," she said. "I don't mind. In fact, it's flattering. I must
look pretty good to distract you like that."

"No, you don't," Lucy said, then caught herself. "I mean, you do, you're very
pretty, Roxanne. It's just, I wasn't really....I was the uniform."
She shrugged, giving up. "I like your uniform. I kind of have a thing for
them. And by the way, you shouldn't use that kind of language."

"I see," Roxanne said, nodding. "So, you have a thing for women in uniform."

"No! Just for uniforms. Well, cop uniforms. Men in cop uniforms. I was
thinking about Kevin, actually." Except Kevin doesn't have breasts. Large,
firm breasts.

"Really. If that's true, then why are you still looking at my tits?"

"I'm not." But it was true; for some reason, Lucy couldn't take her eyes off
of Roxanne's chest. What was that all about?

"It's okay, Lucy," Roxanne said, "you can check me out all you want. In fact,
you can come over here and get a nice close look." She patted the spot right
next to her.

"Um, no, that's alright," Lucy replied. "I, uh, I'm fine right where I am."

"Then I'll go over there."

Roxanne scooted across the sofa until she was close enough to Lucy that their
legs touched. She put her arm around Lucy's shoulders and leaned toward her,
letting her police badge (and the breast beneath it) press against Lucy's

"What are you doing, Roxanne?" Lucy asked.

"Running out of time, mostly," Roxanne replied. She brought her free hand up
and touched Lucy's cheek. "I've only got about forty more minutes before I
have to get back to work. Doesn't mean we have to be in a hurry, but still,
we should stop pussyfooting around."

"What are you talking about? And what are you doing?"

"Come on, Lucy. There's no reason to pretend. It's just you and me here. We
can be honest with each other. We can do what we wanna do. And nobody has to
find out."

Roxanne closed her eyes and touched her lips to Lucy's mouth. Lucy reacted,
pulling her face away and gently pushing Roxanne back.

"Roxanne," she said. "Stop. This isn't right. I'm a married woman. And you're
a woman. We're both women. This is totally wrong."

"Oh, cut it out," Roxanne said playfully. "You know you want this just as
much as I do."

"What makes you think I want this?"

Roxanne put her arms around Lucy and kissed her again, then softly said, "The
way you've been looking at me." She gave her another little peck on the lips.
"And not just at my tits. At my whole body. With that sweet little gleam in
your eyes." Another little kiss. "I know you want me, Lucy."

"But it wasn't you, specifically, that I was looking at," Lucy said. "I
was looking at your uniform. I told you, I like cop uniforms. Men in cop

"Really, Lucy? Then why aren't you trying to get away? Why are you letting me
kiss you?" Roxanne gave her yet another kiss, then slipped one hand up over
her left breast. "Why are you letting me touch you?"

"I'm not....letting you...." But Lucy couldn't deny the feelings suddenly
swirling inside of her: the warmth in her chest, right where Roxanne was
touching her, and how it spread like a fast moving fire down into her belly,
and down further, between her legs; the gratifying scent of soap and perfume
that drifted from Roxanne's body and filled her nose; her heavy, excited
heartbeat and her shallow breath. She was turned on. By a woman. It was
wrong, of course, sinful and wrong, but she felt helpless to resist as
Roxanne kissed her yet again, at the same time cupping and squeezing her
breast. And when she found herself returning her friend's kiss, she thought
to herself, Oh my God, I'm going to Hell.

Roxanne continued to fondle Lucy's breast as she moved even closer. She
looked deeply into Lucy's eyes and said, "It can be so great, Lucy. Better
than with men. Softer. Sweeter. Do you want to?"

"I don't know," Lucy replied, her voice almost a whisper.

Roxanne closed her eyes and once more touched her lips to Lucy's mouth. She
kissed her tenderly, bringing her hands up and placing them on Lucy's cheeks.
Lucy found herself touching Roxanne too, caressing her back, the police
patches on her shoulders, the navy blue sleeves on her arms. Lucy couldn't
be sure yet if this was better than being with a man, but it sure did feel
different. Roxanne's breathing intensified a little and she murmured as she
pressed her mouth harder against Lucy's. The women embraced and fell slowly
onto the sofa together, Lucy on her back and Roxanne on top. Their lips
parted and Roxanne began kissing Lucy's face as her hands found their way to
Lucy's breasts. She fondled and squeezed them and Lucy was impressed with how
different that was too; Roxanne's hands were so soft, her touch so delicate
and loving. Not like a guy at all, not even Kevin. Lucy hated to admit it,
but she was getting excited.

Roxanne maneuvered herself between Lucy's legs. Lucy ran her fingers through
Roxanne's long blonde hair, sifting her ponytail through her fingers as
Roxanne quickly and deftly unbuttoned Lucy's blouse. Lucy was wearing a bra
and Roxanne unfastened the hook between the cups and pulled them away,
exposing Lucy's breasts. Roxanne took one in each hand, cupped them gently,
and kissed them.

"Oh, Lucy," Roxanne said, "you are so beautiful." She took one nipple into
her mouth and sucked on it, and Lucy felt an unmistakable flush of heat and
desire shoot through her.

Wow, Lucy thought, this is okay. This is not terrible.

She continued to caress Roxanne's hair as Roxanne alternated from one nipple
to the other, licking and sucking, kissing her breasts. This went on for
about a minute before Roxanne stopped and, keeping her eyes locked onto
Lucy's body, asked, "Do you wanna go to bed?"

Yes, Lucy thought, but she didn't say it. Instead, she said, "Oh, Roxanne, I
don't know. I mean..."

"Well," Roxanne said, "looks like I'm gonna have to arrest you, then."

"Arrest me?" Lucy got an image in her mind of Roxanne in her cop uniform
pushing her over the hood of a car and searching her while she read her her
rights. "Yeah," she said, feeling just a little short of breath. "Arrest me.

Roxanne giggled (a very uncoplike sound) and got up from the sofa.

"Hold on just a sec," she said. She unsnapped the holster on her belt, took
out her gun, and placed it in the cabinet under the television. "Don't wanna
have any stupid accidents." She put her hands on her hips. "Okay, Lucy, I
want you to stand up, please. And keep your hands where I can see them." Lucy
did as she was told, holding her hands up on each side of her shoulders like
she was being robbed. "Okay, now I want you to go around to the other side of
the sofa." Lucy turned and went around to the back of the sofa and Roxanne
went with her, her hands on hips. "Good. Now, place your hands on the sofa
and bring your feet back. Spread em wide."

Lucy leaned on the sofa and spread her feet and Roxanne stepped behind her.
She kicked Lucy's feet further apart, then began to search her as if she were
searching a real suspect. Her hands traveled expertly over Lucy's shoulders,
down over her ribs, then up over her breasts, all very quick and professional
despite the fact that Lucy's blouse and bra were both hanging wide open. Then
Roxanne ran her hands over Lucy's butt, sort of grabbed and pressed against
her crotch at the same time, then searched her legs from her hips to her
ankles. When she was finished she stepped back and said, "Okay, please turn
around and face me."

Lucy did as she was told, asking, "Aren't you going to cuff me?"

"Not yet," Roxanne replied with a totally straight face. "First, I want you
to remove all of your clothing. Slowly, please."

"Oh, okay, a strip search first." Lucy smiled.

"Please remove your clothing."

Lucy's smile disappeared and she said, "Yes, officer," and proceeded to take
off her clothes. She removed her blouse first, then her bra, then knelt and
untied her shoes.

"Slowly, please," Roxanne reminded her.

Lucy got her shoes and socks off, then stood up and unsnapped the button
on her jeans. She glanced at Roxanne, who was staring at her with a blank
expression, still totally professional. She felt a tiny heat stirring between
her legs, and her heart began to beat a little faster. She felt the urge to
smile again but figured Roxanne wouldn't appreciate that. She considered the
idea of resisting arrest, but that didn't really appeal to her, so she just
went ahead and unzipped her jeans, then pulled them down her legs. She
stepped out of them, then did the same with her light blue cotton panties.
Now she stood before Roxanne completely nude. And very turned on.

"Alright," Roxanne said, "now walk slowly over to the bed. And keep your
hands where I can see them." Lucy held her hands up again and walked over to
the bed. "Good. Now, get on the bed. All the way onto the bed. Now, lay down,

Lucy lay on her back with her hands at her sides and her legs together. Her
head was propped up on the pillow so she could watch Roxanne, who proceeded
to undress.

"Can I ask you something, officer?" she said.

"What is it?" Roxanne replied.

"Could you please leave at least part of your uniform on?" She looked at
Roxanne's sexy badge. "Your shirt, maybe?" She absently brought one hand up
to her crotch and touched her pussy.

"Put your hands above your head," Roxanne said, not entirely in a nice way.
Lucy moved her hands on top of her head.

"Believe it or not," she said, "I'm liking the way you order me around. I
never thought I would like that kind of thing, but, I dunno, I feel so ...
controlled ... helpless...."

"Please refrain from talking," Roxanne told her as she removed her shoes and

Lucy kept silent as she watched Roxanne continue to undress. Roxanne took off
her Sam Browne belt next, then her uniform pants and her underwear. Her pubic
hair, Lucy noticed, was just as golden blonde as the hair on her head.
Roxanne removed her uniform shirt next, which made Lucy feel disappointed,
but then, after removing her undershirt and bra, Roxanne put the uniform
shirt back on and Lucy smiled with satisfaction. Roxanne left the shirt
unbuttoned as she bent down and withdrew her handcuffs from their little
holster, then drew her nightstick from the ring on her belt.

"Oh," Lucy said. "You're not going to hit me with that, are you? Cause I'm
ot into violence."

"I asked you not to talk," Roxanne replied, tapping the nightstick in her
palm. "But to answer your question, no, I'm not going to hit you. At least,
as long you behave yourself."

Lucy wanted to say, "I'll be good, I promise," but she'd been ordered not to

Roxanne set the nightstick on the bed perpendicular to Lucy's body, then came
around to the side. She still had her handcuffs, and now she leaned over the
side of the bed and snapped one cuff around Lucy's right wrist. Lucy suddenly
felt a little nervous, but she remained silent as Roxanne looped the chain
between the cuffs around the center post in the headboard, then secured the
second cuff around Lucy's left wrist. There was no way she could get away
now, not even if she wanted to.

Roxanne picked up the nightstick again, lightly tapped Lucy's thigh, and
said, "Spread your legs." Lucy obeyed, drawing her knees up and then letting
her legs fall to each side. Roxanne crawled onto the bed, lay down between
Lucy's legs, resting her body on top of her. The girls' pubic hair mingled
as Roxanne propped herself up on her elbows and let her breasts hang directly
over Lucy's face.

"Suck my tits," Roxanne said in a low voice.

Lucy, still feeling somewhat reluctant, lifted her head from her pillow and
kissed each of Roxanne's breasts. Her tongue poked out of her mouth and she
slowly licked a circle around Roxanne's right nipple, then around the left
one. She felt a little unsure of herself, not just because what she was doing
was sinful, but because she'd never done anything like it before. She didn't
want to be a disappointment.

"Mmm," Roxanne murmured. "That's it, sweetie. That's good, that's good."

Okay, so maybe she wasn't so bad at this after all. Lucy's feelings of
uncertainty soon vanished, replaced by a surprising and steadily rising
desire as she continued to alternate from one nipple to the other. She
could tell that Roxanne was getting more excited too, judging from the
passionate noises she was making, and the way her nipples grew hard as
Lucy licked and sucked and nibbled on them.

"Oh man," Roxanne breathed. "Oh, Lucy, you'"

She began moving her hips and rubbing her pussy against Lucy's. Lucy
responded by moving her own hips, increasing the friction between them, and
she was startled by the immediate sensation of pleasure that shot through
her as their clits rubbed together. She continued to suck on Roxanne's
nipples, although it was a little more difficult now because their bodies
were moving around so much. The women's passions grew in intensity as they
writhed on the bed, both of them sighing and gasping, until finally Roxanne
cried out with a long moan of release, her body shuddering as she came.

Lucy was close to coming too, but she wasn't quite there. Instinctively, she
tried to move her hands down to her pussy but they were still handcuffed to
the bedpost and she made a small frustrated sound in her throat.

"It's okay, baby," Roxanne said softly in her ear. "I'll take care of you."

She kissed Lucy hard on the mouth, then began peppering her with lighter
kisses as she made her way from Lucy's face down to her chest. She kissed her
breasts, licked her nipples, then began moving further down, over her belly
and down between her wide open legs. She nuzzled her nose in Lucy's pubic
hair for a moment, then licked her once. sending a jolt of electricity
through Lucy's body. Lucy instinctively raised herself up from the bed,
wanting more, but for the moment Roxanne wasn't giving her more. She kissed
her thighs instead, licked each of them, teasing her, and Lucy let out
another whimper of frustration. Roxanne looked up at her and smiled, then
dove in, burying her face in Lucy's pussy. She slid her tongue between Lucy's
lips, nibbled and sucked on her clit, and Lucy responded with surprised and
happy cries of pleasure. Roxanne continued to lick and lap at her with
fervent passion, finally bringing her to a moaning, shuddering orgasm.

She went on licking and kissing her for a short while, letting Lucy descend
from her erotic high, then began kissing her way back up Lucy's body,
eventually finding her mouth again. Lucy returned her kiss eagerly, tasting
herself on Roxanne's lips and tongue. They kissed for several long moments
before Roxanne finally pulled away and softly said, "But wait, there's more."

She sat up, straddling Lucy's body, and picked up the nightstick. For an
instant Lucy thought she really was going to hit her with it, but instead
Roxanne moved down to the end of the bed, positioning herself between Lucy's
feet, then slowly brought the end of the nightstick up to her pussy.

"What are you doing?" Lucy asked. "You're not going to....?"

Before Lucy could go on, Roxanne began pushing the nightstick into her pussy.
It was thicker than Kevin's cock (and much much longer), the only cock she'd
ever had inside of her, and Lucy wasn't sure the darn thing was going to fit.
As it slid further and further into her it reminded her of her first time
with her husband, how Kevin seemed to be taking up way more room in there
than there actually was. The only difference was that this time there wasn't
any pain. It felt a little uncomfortable, but it didn't hurt.

Well, okay, Lucy thought, there is one more difference: I wasn't handcuffed
to the bed on my wedding night.

The thought made her giggle, but it was a very short lived one as the
nightstick continued to push further and further into her pussy, filling her

"Roxanne...." Lucy said, concerned that the nightstick was going to do some
damage down there.

But Roxanne seemed calm and unworried. She continued to insert the stick
until it reached a point where it couldn't have gone in any further, then
gently pulled it back out. She pushed it in again, pulled it back, in and
out, fucking Lucy with it. At the same time she leaned down between Lucy's
legs and licked and sucked her clit. Lucy could feel the warm tide of orgasm
building within her again and she wished she could at least reach her own
breasts so she could play with them (she liked to do that when Kevin was
fucking her), but the handcuffs were holding her back. Through half closed
eyes she looked down at the top of Roxanne's blonde head, bobbing
rhythmically between her legs, her tongue lapping at her pussy like a kitten
drinking milk. She thought Roxanne looked pretty, even sexy as she was
performing lesbian oral sex on her, but it still wasn't enough to send her
over the edge. Even the nightstick, with all of its erotic symbolism and
direct physical effect on her, didn't seem to be enough.

Lucy began to moan discontentedly again, wishing she could just come. And
then, out of the corner of her eye, Lucy saw a glint of light on metal. She
shifted her gaze and saw the badge on Roxanne's uniform shirt, bright and
shiny silver and full of authority. The sight of it sent a powerful surge of
sexual heat speeding through her body, starting in her center and flowing out
to her arms and legs, swirling in her cunt, engulfing her everywhere. Roxanne
continued to fuck Lucy with the nightstick and suck her clit as Lucy
shuddered and trembled with the most powerful orgasm she'd ever experienced.

"Oh Jesus," Lucy said. She let her head drop back on her pillow. She felt
drained, yet at the same time she felt new and alive. Her entire body was
tingling with the afterglow of her sexual release and her heart was pounding
in her chest. Roxanne had grown very still down between her legs, and in a
moment Lucy felt the nightstick being removed.

"I really hate to say this," Roxanne said as she got up from the bed, "but I
have to get back to work."

"Did you get enough to eat?" Lucy asked, smiling.

"Are you kidding? I'm more hungry now than when I started."

Lucy watched as Roxanne got dressed. She put on her underwear and bra first,
then her teeshirt and uniform shirt, then her uniform pants. She sat on the
edge of the bed to put on her shoes and socks, then stood again and hooked
her Sam Browne belt around her waist. She used a handkerchief to wipe the
end of her nightstick, then stuck the nightstick in its little ring. Finally,
she went to the cabinet under the television and retrieved her gun. She put
it in her holster, then came back and stood by the bed, sort of posing for

"That is so sexy," Lucy said. "You sure you don't wanna take all that stuff
off and get back in bed?"

Roxanne laughed and said, "I'd love to. But really, I can't. Duty calls, and
all that crap." She pulled a keyring out of her pocket, selected the key for
the handcuffs. "And I'll need those handcuffs back, too." She leaned over
Lucy and unfastened the cuffs, then stuck them in their little holster.

Lucy, finally free, decided she didn't want to move after all. She continued
to lay there on the bed, completely naked, as Roxanne went into the bathroom
to check her appearance. When she returned she said, "Lucy, you're still in
bed. Aren't you going to get up?"

"In a while," Lucy replied.

"Suit yourself." Roxanne leaned over her again, this time to give her a kiss
on the lips. "I had an incredible time."

"Me too. Are you, um, going to come back?"

"Wild horses couldn't keep me away."

Roxanne gave Lucy another kiss, then turned and went to the door, glancing
back at her once with a smile before she started on her way down the stairs.
Lucy watched her go, then settled down under the covers to take a nap. As
she drifted off to sleep, she thought about everything that had happened.
She knew she'd committed a sin, by making love with another woman, and by
cheating on her husband, but she didn't feel all that bad about it. She'd
learned something new about herself, something she'd never suspected, and in
addition to that, she had some new ideas for when she and Kevin made love
that night.



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