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7th Heaven: Lucy Goes Black (MF, inter)
by MiaIsDaBomb ([email protected])

Lucy Camedon was a gorgeous young woman at age 18. She had light brown/blonde
hair, incredible full round breasts an awesome figure with a tight sexy butt.
Lucy had always been the good girl of the Camedon family, after all, her
older sister Mary was the wild child. Growing up as the preacher's daughter
she had always made it a point to be a good girl. She was dating a guy named
Johnny. Johnny was very frustrated, try as he might to get in Lucy's pants he
had no luck at all. Lucy wasn't about to go any further than kissing with any
guy. The guys she dated would say they understand, but usually they would end
up breaking it off with her.

Johnny and Lucy were at the drive-in watching a movie, well sort of they were
making out passionately and doing some heavy petting. Johnny was sliding his
hands under Lucy's pink blouse squeezing her breasts outside her sexy pink
bra. Lucy moaned softly as he kissed her neck. Lucy smelled so good he
couldn't help himself but to kiss and nibble all over her neck. Lucy was
feeling up his cock through his pants. Lucy rubbed her hand up and down his
covered cock, getting him harder and hotter by the second. Johnny tried to up
the ante, like he had done so many times before. He went to unhook Lucy's
bra. Lucy immediately pulled back, "No Johnny, that's too far I can't let you
do that."

"God damn it, Lucy! You always do this, you rub my cock like you want me then
give me the cold shoulder."

"Johnny, I've told you I'm not gonna have sex until I'm married, when its
right," insisted Lucy.

"I've told you that I love you and wanna marry you Lucy doesn't that mean
something? I mean were gonna be married someday what difference does it make
if we do it now or later?" Johnny asked.

"Because its wrong Johnny, I've told you that, sex is for after marriage, now
come on kissing is just as good at expressing our love." Lucy extended her
hands to him but he didn't come to her.

Johnny eyed this beauty, she was gorgeous but he had tried for five months to
get in her panties and he was tired of getting blue balls. Plus him getting
constantly teased by his friends at school dating the preacher's daughter.
He was the butt of all jokes knowing that he "never got any pussy" as his
friends would say. He finally had enough.

"No, Lucy, I think I ought to take you home." He fired up his Camero and left
the drive-in. Lucy was shocked, when her and Johnny got together he said he
respected her not sleeping with him. Sure other guys had said that, but had
changed their minds in a week or two. They had dated for five months. It was
only in the last month or so that Johnny had tried going further with her.
Lucy figured it was just a phase he was going through but now it was
apparent, he was being a guy like all the rest she had met, in the end only
wanting one thing.

He pulled his car up to the Camedon house, he barely gave Lucy a glance as
she sat in the passenger seat. There was a long silence before Lucy spoke
up. "Hey don't be mad, I did say you understood."

"Well, maybe I've run out of understanding Lucy! I think we should break

"You don't mean that," insisted Lucy.

"Yes, I do, I think we should see other people, I know I wanna see other

Lucy was so shocked to hear him say that. She didn't even respond she just
got out of the car and slammed the door.

As Johnny sped away Lucy ran up to her bedroom and started crying. She
thought Johnny was the man she would marry, they had plans to marry when
they started their careers after college. Granted that was four years away
with them being freshman, but she thought he would be patient. Now she was
alone again, she was so mad at him she never wanted to see him again. Lucy
pulled off her blouse and then her mini-skirt. She eyed her body in the
mirror. "I'm beautiful, why would he break up with me?" she thought. "Oh
well its his loss." Lucy took off her bra and slipped into bed wearing her
faded white teddy bear night shirt and pink panties. Her nightshirt was so
old it was almost see-through and her nipples were somewhat visible through
the shirt. She got on the bed and laid there, having a hard time going to

* * *

Over at a place called Devil's Beach (a place for swimming during the day
and a popular make out spot at night) just outside Glenoak, Mikael Jones was
making out with a cheerleader. Sara Harding was the flavor of the month, a
sexy blonde with huge breasts (they were implants, her best kept secret) and
an all over tan. Mikael was the only black male who went to Glenoak community
college, and he was also the most popular guy. You see he looked at girls as
a conquest and nothing more. Sara was the head cheerleader and his basketball
teammates girlfriend.

He knew all the right words to say, plus being a good looking guy it was easy
for him to seduce girls. This was the fifth cheerleader for him already in
the school year. For right now at least though, he wasn't admiring all of his
accomplishments. He was sliding his hand under Sara's blue skirt to her red
panties. As the intense kissing continued he slid his hand under her panties
to her pussy, while his other hand under her cheerleading top unhooked her
sports bra.

Sara's hands weren't idle, as she was down his pants stroking what had to be
the hugest cock she had ever felt up. As she pulled his black snake free from
his underwear she got even more hot at the sight of his 11 inch black cock.
Mikael slid down her panties and hiked up her skirt so his fingers had better
access to her pussy as her top was pulled up revealing her luscious tan
breasts definitely a D cup! He sucked on each breast passionately and Sara
pushed him into her cleavage, very much wanting his licking and sucking to
not end. Sara, finally did stop him though as she looked in his eyes and
said, "Make love to me Mikael, I want you so bad."

"I want you too Sara." He smiled a charming smile. Although, down deep he
was brimming with confidence. "I got her now, all this time, well worth the
wait." Getting on top of the pretty cheerleader he slid his cock in to her
pussy. It took a little bit of pushing considering his size but soon he was
giving to Sara what most of her squad already had, Mikael's cock. Sara moaned
and screamed as the two fucked like wild animals right there on the beach.
Usually Sara and her boyfriend just parked the car somewhere when they did
it. Sara knew she was taking a chance doing it here, but when he told her "a
walk on the beach holding hands would be nice", she couldn't say no. She just
didn't know they were going for more than a walk.

"Ohhhh Mikael ohh yessss God yesssss ohhhh fuck me fuck me baby yeah God I
love it I love it so much!" Sara moaned as he had legs were high in the air
as he pumped the sexy blonde hard.

He even teased her by talking dirty to her. "Like that black cock Sara, like
my black dick in yo pussy? Does Glenoak's sexiest cheerleader like black

"Ohhh yesss oh God yessss oh baby your black cock!!!! its gonna make me

He started going at her relentless now pounding her pink pussy for all it
was worth as her orgasm that had been building and building finally released.

"Ohhhhhhh yesssss yessss yessssssssssssssssssssssssssss." Sara came so hard
she thought she would pass out as the biggest orgasm in her life of 20 years
made her body spasm and briefly fall back limp on her back. Mikael wasn't
done with her yet though he rolled her over and started to enter her from
behind. He grabbed her hips and began ramming her hard like a jackhammer.
Sara could only moan in pleasure she was too exhausted to do anything else.
Now Mikael felt his orgasm coming he pumped harder slapping Sara on her sexy
ass as he pulled out and exploded shooting his cum all over her back. "Oh
Mikael, I love you!"

Mikael didn't answer, he just started to get dressed and told her to do the
same. After he dropped her off she asked him to call her tomorrow. He looked
at her "Why, I got what I wanted already, good night Sara."

Sara was stunned, no guy had ever used her and thrown her out like this. She
ran inside and went to bed sobbing on her pillow.

* * *

The next day at school Lucy was still upset about Johnny. Part of her thought
maybe she should have gone farther with him, after all he was only wanting to
touch her breasts under her bra. He touched her breasts before outside her
bra so why was she being so uptight? She decided she wanted to find him and
apologize. When she found him though he was talking to another girl, Debbie
James was known for a bad reputation as the school slut.

"Johnny, can I talk to you? Its important."

"Sorry Lucy, I'm busy at the moment, me and Debbie are having a conversation

Lucy could read between the lines, this fight they had last night wasn't
gonna have a makeup session like their other fights. She had been dumped,
plain and simple. She was depressed most of the day, "To think I gave him
five months of my life and he dumped me for the first slut he finds."

Later in the day she went to lunch by herself, she was eating a pizza when
she was joined by Mikael. Mikael had heard what was going on, he had his eye
on Lucy for quite a while, but knew he had to wait for her to be unattached.

"Hey Lucy, what's up sexy girl?"

Lucy had Mikael in a few classes and he had always been sweet to her so she
wasn't about to send him away. "Hi Mikael, a lots up, Johnny broke up with

"Oh no that's too bad, I'm sorry I hadn't heard that Lucy," he lied.

"That all right though we'd been growing apart," she replied.

"Well, a pretty woman like you, you'll have no problem finding another man,
you probably have a long waiting list don't ya?"

Lucy giggled, she had heard all the rumors about Mikael around school, but
she never read into rumors, she figured the things said about him were just
made up. He was sweet to her and that was all that mattered. To say that
guys were lining up to date the only virgin in college at Glenoak seemed so
funny to her. "No, Mikael there's no list, your probably thinking of my
sister Mary."

"Nah I seen you sister, she doesn't measure up to you, she probably change
her hair color just to look like you."

Suddenly for the first time in a while something made sense to Lucy, her
sister was taking the same college courses as her on purpose. Was Mary trying
to be like her? Nah couldn't be, but it did make sense Mary changed her hair
color to one similar to hers at the same time she sign up for the same
classes. Needless to say Mikael had done his homework in his latest conquest
Lucy Camedon.

"Your sweet Mikael, usually what I get from most guys is your sister's pretty
can you introduce me to her?"

"That's horrible. I guess some guys don't see the honey right under their
nose," he answered.

Lucy blushed she couldn't help it, it had been a while since she got a
compliment over her sister. Even when she was dating Johnny he mentioned Mary
being pretty, which really got under Lucy's skin. Now here was Mikael telling
her how she was prettier then Mary.

"I think they just want your sister since she's so wild, ya know how most
guys are only wanting sex."

"You're not like that though are you?" she grinned at him.

"Nah, if I took you on a date I'd treat you like the beauty you are."

"Well, I guess we'll have to find out won't we?" Insisted Lucy.

"Ya sure. Its not too soon after your break up, I'd love to have the honor of
dating a sexy girl like you."

"Your nice to think of me, but I really think company with a nice guy is what
I need right now."

"Ok then sexy Lucy, wherever you wanna go is fine with me."

"How bout that new movie with Julia Roberts?"

Mikael was puking on the inside, it was apparent they were gonna see a chick
flick. Looking in the paper he said, "Ok it starts at 7:30 pick ya up at 7

"Sounds great I'll be waiting for you." She smiled her pearly white teeth
and sexy face reminding him why he was gonna sit through a chic flick.

* * *

Hours later Lucy was going through her closet trying to find the right
outfit. She hadn't been this excited on a date in a while. She went through
her whole wardbrobe practically. She put on a red thong liking the way it
looked hugging her sexy bubble butt. She was gonna wear a red tank top, so
she debated wheter or not to wear a bra. Ultimately she put on a red bra not
wanting to look slutty on her first date with the most popular guy at her
college. She then put on a loose fitting black skirt that went up to her
knees. "Hope it isn't too windy tonight," she giggled.

She decided against pantyhose, after all her legs were sexy without them and
slid on her 3 inch black high heeled sandals. She put on just a perfect
amount of makeup and got ready just in time to hear the door bell ring.

"Lucy who's this guy your dating tonight?" her father asked.

"His names Mikael Jones, he's on the basketball team, hes the reason we won
the title last year."

"I think I've seen him on the TV news isn't he black, Lucy?"

"Yes, what about it? You said were all part of God's family."

"Yes, but young men like Mikael's kind only have one thing on their mind,
haven't you heard rumors about him, and what he does to white girls he

"Dad, you always told me to not judge someone solely on what others say, and
just what do you mean by 'his kind' you mean because he's black?"

"Lucy, black men only look at white girls as a conquest, he'll throw you
aside when he's done with you that's how they are."

"I can't believe your being so racist dad, I bet if I was Mary you wouldn't
say anything. Lucy Camedon always the good girl, only Mary can be the wild
child, not Lucy. Well, I have news for you dad, I don't always have to be
good especially when I'm tired of it. It's why ever guy breaks up with me,
cause you say I have to do the right thing! Well, guess what, I'm not so
sure your idea of the right thing is the right thing! Don't wait up!"

"Lucy, come back here!"

"Fuck that!" Lucy herself couldn't believe she just sweared at her father
that way. Lucy met Mikael in the car, "Lets get the hell out of here."

"Oh, sure thing," he was shocked no one ever heard Lucy Cameron swear and
she had begun their dated with a swear word. They sped off to the theatre,
but Lucy told him to go somewhere to eat. She wasn't in the mood for a Julia
Roberts movie tonight. They got out of the car and as he walked up next to
her a gust of wing caught her skirt and lifted it slightly to reveal Lucy's
juicy butt in the red thong. Mikael practically pitched a tent in his pants
right there at the sight of her sexy plump posterior. She explained how
disappointed she was in her dad to Mikael. He assured her all fathers acted
the same way at first. Interracial dating still wasn't accepted totally
these days.

After dinner Lucy said, "I wanna talk some more, you know a place that's

Mikael smiled, "Sure do. It's very quiet and private not to mention beautiful
at night."

"Sounds great. Lets go."

Mikael took Lucy to Devil's Beach it was quite beautiful that night with the
moonlight reflecting down on the water. They sat in the car talking to each
other. After a while Mikael made his move and leaned in and kissed Lucy on
the cheek. Lucy smiled and kissed him on the mouth softly. Mikael leaned in
and kissed her neck softly he loved her sweet perfume, and held himself back
at totally jumping on Lucy. Lucy held his hand as they looked in each others'
eyes, then their lips met in a french kiss. Mikael was tender and gentle to
her, she was melting in his arms. Mikael slid his hands up and down Lucy's
smooth tan back.

He went a step further sliding under her top and caressing her back cover
only by a red bra. Lucy was telling herself, "Stop this. Only a slut lets a
guy get this far on a first date." Lucy didn't want him to stop though, she
was hot for him. Lucy slid her hand down and found the biggest cock she had
ever felt. "Dear God, what is he a foot long?" she thought. In one date
Mikael had gotten as far as Johnny had in five months, but Lucy still wanted
more, she fought with her conscious telling her 'no' and listened with her

Lucy felt his hands at her bra clasp, he whispered in her ear, "May I unhook

Lucy nodded and her bra was unhooked, he lifted her tank top off and pulled
her bra off completly. There was Lucy's perfect round tits. He kissed the
breasts they were creamy white with her tanlines, the rest of her top half
had a dark tan. He kissed each breast then took a pink nipple in his mouth.
Lucy stroked his cock even harder as she let Mikael go farther than any guy
ever had. Lucy decided she was gonna further than she ever had before. She
unzipped his pants, and then slip her hand in his underwear. Her eyes grew
big seeing his thick long black cock pop out. His cock was so big she could
barely get her small hand around it. She pumped her hand up and down on his
chocolate rod as he continued licking and nibbling on her nipples.

His hands roamed under her skirt, a place no man had gone before, no guy had
ever even touched her there much less touched her pussy itself. Mikael wanted
Lucy bad and the vibe he got from her was mutual, so he squeezed her big ass
cheeks as her tits continued to get assulted by his tongue. He felt Lucy pull
away and soon realized he might have blown it. However as she pulled away her
head made its way to his lap. Lucy used her tongue to lick up and down his
cock as he squeezed those sexy plump ass cheeks for all they were worth, he
slowly slid her thong down to get a view of Lucy's sexy ass hell bare ass.

Lucy couldn't believe she was doing this sucking guy off on the first date
and letting him feel her up in the process. It felt so good though she didn't
know why she didn't give in before. No more of Mary telling her of the times
she had sex, and what it was like, Lucy was experiencing it for herself.
Mikael squeezed and gently slapped Lucy's ass and pussy as Lucy started to
take his black cock down her throat. He grabbed a hold of her hair and pushed
her head forcing her to take more of him. Lucy was more than willing as more
than half of him was in her mouth. He watched as her big titties jiggled as
she gyrated her mouth back and forth on his dick. He smiled seeing the
dampness developing between her sexy thighs her light brown pubic hair
getting slick with her juices.

Lucy was doing quite well at giving Mikael head, with this being her first
time cocksucking, but he wanted more from her. He pulled her up. "Let me
taste that sweet pussy, Lucy," he requested.

Lucy had him lay back and she squatted her pussy onto his face. He wasted no
time sliding his long tongue inside her. He had tasted many girls, but her
sweetness was unmatched by any of the others so he started eating her out
like her pussy was all that was left to eat in the world. He was entranced by
her firm titties that bounced as he fucked her with his tongie. Lucy felt her
orgasm eminate, so she wanted him to feel pleasure at the same time. Lucy
spun around, disappointing Mikael at first who enjoyed seeing her angelic
face in pleasure and those big tits bounce as she rode his face.

Now he was treated to her sexy ass again as he felt her suculant pink
(lipstick) lips wrap around his cock again. The two engage in a hot 69 as
both felt like they could no longer hold back an explosion from within. Lucy
orgasmed all over Mikael's face and he gratefully suck up every drop of
Lucy's sweet nectar. Mikael gave Lucy little warning as he shot his load
hitting Lucy right in the face covering her lips, chin, and cheek with his
white cum. After that Mikael got back on top of Lucy, he kissed her
passionately again. Mikael couldn't believe Lucy was going this far with him
so soon, but he had so much more that he wanted to do to this sexy white

He climbed on top of her sliding his soft but growing cock between her tits.
Lucy wasn't to pleased at the tit fucking at first, but as his cock began to
grow she liked the way his black rod looked between her creamy white breasts.
Something about the skin tone diffrence was such a turn on to her, and she
helped him pushing her breasts together smothering his cock between them.
When he was at maximum hardness again he slid down Lucy's body and pushed his
cock at her cunt entrance. Before Lucy was able to say a word of protest her
voice was taken away when she felt his penetration.

Lucy stroked his back as he started jamming his black dick into her tight
love tunnel. Lucy felt herself bleeding as his pumping ripped open her hymen
taking her virginity. He started going at her harder and harder until his
black stick was buried in her pussy to the hilt. Lucy started moaning, "Yesss
yesss oh Mikael oh thats it baby, make me a women oh yessss ohhh your soooooo

Mikael was in heaven, he had fucked the whole cheerleading squad but not one
of them was as hot and sexy, not to mention a virgin like Lucy was. Lucy
orgasmed yet again as his cock filling her up and stretching her vagina walls
was sending her into sexual bliss and to a high she hoped she would never
come down from. He finally came inside her pussy. "Explain a black baby to
your preacher daddy, Lucy" he chuckled to himself. He wasn't done just yet he
wanted to do one more thing to Lucy Camedon.

He pulled out and rolled her over to her stomach. He got her sexy butt in
the air, and decided there was no turning back, he pushed his cock against
her ass. Lucy was a little more reluctant than she had been all night. He
squeezed her ass cheeks pulling them apart and finding that tight ass. He
roughly pushed himself inside her ass. Lucy moaned in pain. There was some
lubricant on his cock from her pussy, but Lucy never had anything up her
ass before. As he continued fucking her ass though the pain grew less.

Then before long Lucy was begging him, "Fuck my ass, yess Mikael ohhhh God
it feels so good. God, stick that black cock up my asss yessss all the way
in me ohhhhhh fuck me!"

With that thick butt of hers bouncing as he slammed his black pole into her,
and her begging for it Mikael couldn't hold back any longer. He shot his load
deep into Lucy's bowels. Feeling his cum deep in her ass got Lucy so hot she
orgasmed yet again. When they both caught their breath they kissed again as
passionately as their first kiss. Then after getting dressed Lucy asked him,
"So will you call me tomorrow?"

Mikael always had the same answer to that question, however this time, he
wasn't about to blow off a nice piece of ass like this right away, and maybe
deep down he really did like her too. Anyways he told her, "Sure, I sleep in
Saturdays, so about noon."

Lucy smiled her sexy innocent girl smile (although not so innocent now), and
went inside.

As the next couple of weeks went by Lucy and Mikael had many dates, most of
them ending up on Devil's Beach. Lucy was so in love with him, and even he
had to admit he had gotten fond of her too.

One day Lucy got a phone call from the doctor she had been feeling sick and
she thought she had the flu. As she listened to the doctor though it was
something quite diffrent.

Lucy smiled and rubbed her stomach, "Well, I guess daddy's gonna have to
accept being a grandpa, even if it is a black baby growing inside of me. He's
gonna have to know, Lucy Camedon has gone black and she's never going back."

The End


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