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7th heaven: Lucy Goes Black Part 2
by MiaIsDaBomb ([email protected])

Lucy Camedon was getting read for her date. Mikael was her new boyfriend, he
was an attractive black man, who she went to college with. Lucy had even
lost her virginity to her new boyfriend. They had been together for almost a
month. Her dad was against their relationship, even though he wouldn't right
out say why, it was because Mikael was black.

Lucy was having a tough time deciding what to wear. She was going for the
sexy look, a look that she worried would be hard to pull off later on when
her belly started to swell. You see, she recently find out she was carrying
Mikael's baby. So far, she hadn't told anyone about her pregnancy, she was
waiting for the right moment. She had hoped that before she told her parents
about her baby that she could get her dad and Mikael to get to know each
other, since they hadn't gotten along, much less spoken to each other. That
hadn't happened yet though. His mom had met him and liked him, but her dad
seemed very close minded because Mikael was black. Not like her dad to be
this way, being a reverend.

Lucy stood in front of the mirror wearing a pink lacey thong with a bra that
was also pink with black trim. She tried a couple different outfits on before
deciding on one of her sexiest outfit. It was a V-cut pink top that really
showed off her cleavage and a black mini skirt. The mini skirt was something
she had bought a year ago, but after she had tried it on she decided it was
too short to wear out in public. Mikael liked her to dress sexy for him
though so she put it on. She realized that it barely covered her crotch, in
fact if she were to bend over, anyone could see her ass and the thong in the
too short skirt. She had to admit though, the skirt really accented her tan
legs. The skirt along with 4 inch black stiletto heels made her feel very
sexy. She smiled at her sexy look, which was finished off with pink lipstick,
Lucy was looking very hot indeed!

In going out to the car when he pulled up, she noticed her dad staring out
of the window as she left. 'God, I wish he would lighten the fuck up!' She
thought. Mikael watched his beauty hurry out to the car, her huge tits
bouncing sexily in her top as she did. Lucy got in the car and greeted him
with a kiss. He planted his hand on its normal place, Lucy's tan thigh, and
off they drove. Mikael was unusually quiet tonight as he drove, which puzzled
Lucy. Lucy knew they were gonna meet up with some of his friends from his
old neighborhood, but Lucy didn't know the whole story.

Mikael was in fact having major issues where he was taking Lucy. It was at
his bro. Tyron's house. He and his friends had always looked at white girls
as a conquest, fuck em and leave em (much like Mikael did before he fell
for Lucy). With black girls it was different, they'd take sista's as their
girlfriends, and then share her with their friends. So when word got around
that Mikael had a girlfriend, naturally they all wanted him to share her.
They were even more glad to hear that Lucy was a white girl, a couple of his
friends had never been with a white girl before. Mikael knew he couldn't
tell them how Lucy was actually very special to him. They would call him
'whipped' and even worse, he'd lose his friends respect, which meant more
to him than anything. He grew up with theses guys.

"Mikael, you all right baby?" Inquired Lucy.

"Yeah I'm good, look Luc no matter what happens tonight just go along with
it, alight? These are my boys I've know them for a long-ass time."

"Sure, don't worry I won't embarrass you." She kissed him on the cheek.

They arrived at Tyron's place around 8 o'clock. Tyron answered the door, and
gave his friend Mikael a hug.

"Been a long time man, what's up."

"Not much T-dog, oh this is my bitch, Lucy."

Lucy was offended by being referred to as a bitch, but remembering what
Mikael said she went along with it and smiled as she shook hands with
Tyron. They made there way inside the house. There was about five men
total counting Mikael and Tyron. Lucy was introduced to his other friends,
Ty, Deuce, and Wesley. Lucy saw the way they starred at her and it actually
made her nervous. They would glance down at her cleavage in her low cut
top, she even felt their eyes behind her, as though they were checking out
her ass. She had never been around this many guys (much less black guys)
before, and being the only girl she seemed to be the center of their

Tyron put on some music, hard-core rap. Lucy did some dancing with Mikael.
Her nervousness didn't faded as they all kept their eyes on her. She felt
like she was a piece of meat dangling on a hook, and that these guys were
wolves getting ready to devour her. The guys chatted quietly about Lucy,
mostly about how hot she was, and what they were gonna do to her when her
sweet pussy was out for all to see, which would be very soon by their
watches. Lucy unknowingly was giving the guys tiny glimpses of her pink
thong panties as she danced in the too short mini skirt, which only stiffed
their hard cocks in their pants.

After a while the dancing got old though, and she and Mikael returned to
the couch and sat down. Tyron who had left the room came back with 6 joints.
He began passing them out. When he reached Lucy though she declined.

"Sorry but I don't do that kind of stuff."

"Well, why the hell not, this is good shit, I mean I ain't offering you
crack bitch, its just a fucking joint!" snapped Tyron.

Lucy's mouth hanged open stunned that someone she just met would talk to
her that way. She looked Mikael's way, and saw that he had already started
smoking his, his eyes gave her a look as if to say 'you said you wouldn't
embaress me.' There was a long pause before Lucy finally gave in and took
the joint. She decided trying it once wouldn't hurt, plus she promised
Mikael to go along with everything, so she lit up. She coughed big time not
used to it. The guys around her laughed. Lucy felt humiliated by this, but
not wanting to come off as inexperienced (too late) she tried it again.
This time she actually coughed very little. On her third hit she was used
to it, and found that she kinda liked it. Lucy was now able to smoke it
without any problem now.

The guys were glad to see Lucy loosening up. As Lucy's awareness faded she
leaned back trying to get more comfortable on the couch as she smoked her
first joint. In doing so she uncrossed her legs and had them slightly open,
unknowingly she was showing off Mikael's friends her pink panties. Lucy was
feeling thirsty all of a sudden. She was handed a glass of wine, which she
guzzled down really quick. Little did she know, they mixed it with ecstasy.

The music started to play loud again. Wesley the older of the guys in his
late 20's asked Lucy to dance with him. Lucy giggled and not even looking
Mikael's way took his hand and they began dancing. Wesley seemed aggressive
with her not hesitating at grabbing her ass as they danced, Lucy was shocked
by this but only protested a little, considering that she really wanted to
dance for some reason.

As one song ended Ty cut in and began dancing with Lucy. His hands also
roamed on Lucy's sexy body. He would even cop feels of her breasts as they
danced. Lucy warily looked her boyfriends way, and saw him into the music
and finishing off his joint. She was feeling really aroused now as she felt
Ty tweaked on her hard nipples. She hoped that Mikael wasn't mad at her for
dancing with his friends, probably a silly thought, but one of the few ones
that were going through Lucy Camedon's stoned head at the moment. As another
song ended Deuce started dancing with Lucy.

Deuce was quite aggressive as he pressed his body tight into Lucy's. She
could feel his huge erection pressing into her. He went under her mini skirt
to feel up her meaty ass. He roughly squeezed her cheeks as he forced his
tongue down her mouth. He lifted her mini skirt up, in doing that he showed
everyone her luscious rear in her pink thong. Normally showing off her
underwear to an entire room would have Lucy blushing with embarrassment but
not now with the drugs in her system. She smiled and giggled and even gave
her sexy ass a shake for the guys who drooled over her derriere.

She felt his hands slid under her shirt and pull on her pointed nipples
through her bra. He couldn't wait any longer, he pulled off her shirt
displaying her sexy bra to the whole room. His hands went under her bra
cups and pulled out her huge boobs. They were every bit as nice as the
guys thought they would be.

Mikael couldn't help but stroke his member through his pants as his
girlfriend was on display for all to see. Her huge tits jiggled as Deuce
finally pulled off her bra all together leaving her topless.

"I get first helping of her sweet pussy, I've known Mikael the longest!" he

Before the guys could even protest he was taking Lucy to the bedroom. Hiking
up her skirt he yanked her thong down to her ankles. Pulling off his pants he
pushed the pretty blonde to her knees. He slapped his meat across her face.
Lucy giggled a sexy giggle then opened her mouth as he pushed his dick past
her pink lips. Lucy sucked him off as he gripped her hair forcing him to
swallow him whole. It was no easy chore as Lucy sucked him off and tried to
regulate her breathing so she wouldn't choke on the huge black rod. He loved
the sight of the beautiful preachers daughter sucking his black member. He
had never had a white girl before but now was loving the perks of having
Mikael as his friend.

He bent her over on the bed and started to spread her ass cheeks open. He
shoved his dark meat into her already damp hole. Lucy moaned and helped him
along by spreading her pretty cunt lips. His cock was at least 11 inches
long but even thicker around than her boyfriend's cock.

Deuce's thighs slapped into her and he started to thrust into her pussy. His
hands once again found her huge knockers and squeezed them hard twisting the
erect nipples as he thrust into her harder and faster. Lucy was on such a
high from the drugs, she was acting like a total slut, only wanting more and
more, she was desperate to cum, and Deuce was about to punch her ticket to a
sexual heaven.

Lucy's body started to convulse as her pussy tightened around his black cock.
Soon her sweet juices were covering his shaft as her orgasm seemed endless.
Lucy didn't even notice the flashing cameras as her eyes were shut with
pleasure from the fucking she was receiving. Deuce then exploded deep into
her filling her womb with his seed. Lucy felt her heart throbbing through her
chest. She had no idea that it was the ecstasy in her drink that gave her an
accelerated heart rate. Lucy noticed that the rest of the guys had witnessed
the fucking, some of them even had cameras in their hands. On top of that
they all had their pants down and were stroking on their huge erections.

Lucy smiled she had never seen so much cock around her before at once. All
the black men in the room were huge too, 9 inches was the smallest, the rest
were hung similar to her boyfriend. She shed her thong from her ankles, then
crawled on the floor to Tyron who was stroking his nine inch member. His eyes
loved the view of Lucy's big juicy tits that hung down, as the sexy Miss Teen
USA-type beauty crawled to him. Lucy reached him and popped his pole right
into her mouth. Lucy found him to be a taller guy, and because of that she
had to squat in her high heels in order to be tall enough to suck him. Mikael
sat back in a chair stroking his cock loving the hot sight of seeing his
girlfriend acting like a little white ho.

"Aahhhhhhhhh yeah get that cock all nice and wet bitch, causes its gonna go
up your ass!" He announced to her.

Wesley and Ty moved into the action, their hands started to squeeze on
Lucy's breasts. Both of them had felt up some huge tits on upper class
white girls before, but they were quite pleased to feel that Lucy's were
not implant enhanced. These perfect titties were all natural! Ty's hand
went lower rubbing on Lucy's slick box as she kept sucking off Tyron. Ty
had push two fingers into Lucy and was getting her sexual motor running
all over again. Wesley lowered his hands to Lucy's curvy ass and started
rubbing and sliding his fingers into her tight ass. Both of them kept
sucking on Lucy's ripe melon sized tits as their fingers moved in and
out of both of her tight orfices. Lucy's hands stroked on both of their
black cocks as Tyron was now face fucking the beautiful Lucy Camedon with
his black sword.

Lucy struggled to keep up with the action, slurping on Tyron's long black
rod while she stroked off two other equally large cocks in her small hands.
Lucy felt as if her heart was gonna explode out of her chest. Tyron knew he
would cum soon if this continued, so he pulled out.

"Hey Ty time for you to try the bitch's sweet mouth now, she's quite a little

Ty reluctantly removed his fingers from Lucy's pussy, making sure he licked
them clean and tasted on Lucy's sweet juices as he did. Wesley quickly got
under Lucy wanting to get the next helping of her pussy. He had Lucy sit on
him and she lowered her cunt to his 10 inches of hard cock. Lucy began to
ride him as Ty offered Lucy his cock to her face. Lucy accepted it and was
now taking two black cocks at once. Tyron spit on Lucy's asshole, then pushed
his rod into her ass. Lucy moaned loud as his rod tore up her ass. He wasn't
at all gentle and thrust his full length hard member into her. Soon a rhythm
began to slowly form and Lucy was now taking a black cock in all three of her
opening. Hands fondled all over Lucy's body, Wesley pulled and pinched on her
tits, even licking and roughly biting her nipples, which caused Lucy to
scream in pleasure.

Ty's cockhead tickled the back of Lucy's tonsils as he fucked her sexy face,
thrusting into it like it was a pussy. Tyron knew his orgasm was close as he
watched the hot hot sight of his dick slide in and out of Lucy's round
derriere. Mikael sat and watched, taking an occasional picture, but really
liking the sight of seeing his sweet innocent girlfriend letting herself be
taken like a common whore. Finally Tyron blew and shot his load deep into
Lucy's bowels.

"Ahhh fuck yeah fuck yeah ohhhhhh here it comes bitch take this black dick

The feel of his hot cum there caused Lucy to cum as well, her second orgasm.
Her cunt muscles tightening sending Wesley to orgasm inside of Lucy's pussy.
Ty held back coming, instead he got behind the sexy Lucy and slid his cock
into her ass. He fucked her hard from behind as Tyron's cum dripped out of
her ass and down her thighs. Ty made Lucy arch her back as he really drilled
her ass hard. Lucy's head was buried in the bed as her ass was arched high
giving Ty a perfect position for really hitting her ass from behind hard.
Before long they were both getting sweaty from the hard work. Lucy ultimately
came and came hard right along with Ty, and collapsed with him on the bed.

More camera's flashed getting pictures of Lucy's naked sweat covered and cum
stained body, before they all moved back out to the front room. Mikael helped
Lucy along, her body was so exhausted that she could barely walk. He helped
her clean up in the bathroom. As he cleaned off his girlfriends beautiful
body, he couldn't help but explore it. He had gotten very hot watching Lucy
fucking his friends. Yet even now with her body covered in sweat, her make up
slightly smeared, he couldn't help but see how good she still looked. He felt
up her juicy tits in his hands causing Lucy to sigh softly. Lucy's vision
wasn't the best at the moment, but she could easily recognize Mikael.

Lucy liked his hands they, were so gentle compared to the other hands that
had fondled her tonight. As he squeezed gently on her tits. He took one
nipple in his mouth and began suckling it. His hands caressed her butt as
he sucked hard on her red nip. He repeated the same tender sucking on the
other. Lucy was getting aroused again as she grinded her naked crotch
into his leg. Mikael pulled away and kissed her softly on the lips. Their
tongues met in a big french kiss. Even in her drugged state Mikael found
his girlfriend to be as hot as she always was. Then it got even better.

Lucy kissed down his muscular chest. He moaned as she found his cock. He was
already so hard in being a voyeur to the nights events. Lucy took him in her
mouth, and began sucking him. He started moaning and pinching on her nipples,
he increased the pinching as Lucy deep throated her boyfriend. He grabbed two
good handfuls of her golden locks and began fucking her face. This went on
for several minutes, Lucy amazingly kept up with him and didn't choke. 'She's
becoming quite the little pro at sucking cock' he thought to himself.

Lucy's warm mouth felt so heavenly as he thrust his meat past her pink lips.
Mikael was surprised that he was already ready to cum, and cum he did. He
pulled out and shot his load all over her pretty face. It landed all over
her, in her hair her cheek and even on her nose. When he was done cumming he
looked down to see Lucy looking up at him with a sexy smile. It wasn't until
then he realized she needed cleaned up all over again. So he cleaned it out
of her hair, and watched in delight as she scooped up his cum and licked it
off her face. After she was cleaned he led the naked Lucy Camedon to the
front room again.

Mikael was shocked to find in the room was Tyron's girlfriend Tonisha.
Tonisha was an incredible beauty. She was a heartstopping black beauty in
the category of Traci Bingham. She had smooth black skin, the face of a
porcelain doll, and gorgeous figure, her ass was sexy and round, it jutted
out prominently in her skintight red hotpants. Up her thin waist to her top
half was a white tank top that showed just a teasing amount of her cleavage.
The way her black breasts pushed out against the top showed that she was a
good D cup at least. Her feet were covered by white open toe high heeled
sandals, showing off her little toes done up and nicely manicured with red
polish on it.

Seeing Lucy, and seeing her naked she was immediately curious.

"Who the hell is this Tyron?"

"Oh, well....shes yours hon, remember how you said you always wanted to try
some girl-girl action, well I got her for you."

"Who the hell is she?"

"Oh her names Lucy, she's just a whore."

Mikael wanted to interject, that she was his girlfriend, but seeing the look
in Tonisha's eyes, it was aparrent that she liked what she saw, so he didn't
interrupt. He watched as the black hottie approached his girlfriend. She put
her arms around her sexy hips and leaned in to kiss her, Lucy showed a bit of
resistance, but gave in to the kiss. Soon all the guys were treated to a hot
lesbian interracial kiss. Only Tonisha's top kept them from being nipple to
nipple. Still Tonisha loved the feeling of Lucy's juicy treats pressed
against hers. Tonisha caressed Lucy's hips and then slid her hands to her
ass. She helped Lucy's hands along and put them on her ass. Lucy was open to
the new experience and caressed her black booty through the tight red pants.

"Mmm she sure is a hot little bitch, I wonder if this piece of vanilla candy
is as tasty as she looks."

With that she pushed Lucy on her back on the floor. Tonisha began to
undress, kicking off her heels, and tossing her top off. The guys whistled
and hollered as her big boobs bounced free. Next she teased the guys pulling
down the skin tight red pants slowly. The guys found it was worth the wait
seeing that she wasn't wearing any panties. In bending over, they even got a
nice view of her dark cunt lips. The guys begged that she put her high heels
back on, so she did. She looked down at the sexy blonde on the floor.

"Spread your legs bitch!" She ordered.

Lucy, undoubtedly still effected by the drugs, smiled then opened her legs
wide. Tonisha licked her lips at the pretty pussy in front of her then
dropped to the floor and dove into it. A tongue was easily the most gentle
thing Lucy had felt all night, and Tonisha's easily found its mark. Tonisha
pushed a finger in Lucy's pussy as her tongue licked on her sensitive clit.
The guys admired the sight of the two girls in this position, especially
the sexy black ass in the air as it feasted on Lucy's box. Lucy was really
getting into it too, she was licking her own nipples and pulling on them as

Tonisha really flicked her tongue rapidly on Lucy's clit as she refused to
let Lucy close her legs, making Lucy practically do the splits as she ate
her out. Lucy's body started to convulse the feeling of another woman doing
this to her, and doing it so well became unbearable as Lucy had another
orgasm. She hadn't been able to keep track of how many she had tonight, but
this one seemed even more intense then the others, as her love juice exploded
on Tonisha's tongue. Tonisha licked it all up finding Lucy to be as tasty as
she looked.

After that Tonisha got on her feet, then squatted over Lucy sitting on her
face. Lucy saw the pussy in her face. Tonisha opened up her lips to show her
inner pinkness. Lucy went to that immediately ramming her tongue deep into
it. Tonisha reached down and felt up on both of Lucy's huge titties as she
rode her face. Tonisha practically suffocated the girl as Lucy's tongue did
the work while her hands fondled the dark skinned beauty's luscious ass

"Mmmmm that's it, mmmm your one hot little whore, stick a finger in my ass I
want you to make me cum all over your slutty sexy face!"

Lucy did just that, sliding a finger into her ass, and not letting up on
licking her pussy, she even used her free hand to rub on Tonisha's clit. The
guys watched in awe at the hot girl on girl sight in front of them, two very
hot but very different looking women in the midst of lesbian lust. This went
on for several minutes their moaning and panting practically echoing in the
room. Then finally Tonisha let out a loud yell signaling release. Tonisha's
orgasm was like a gusher as it erupted over Lucy's face. Lucy licked it all
up, finding the taste of a black woman to be very yummy.

After that the Tonisha crawled on top of her and the two grinded their
crotches together. They kissed and humped their pussies together till they
both rode a second climax together.

"Mmmm you should bring this whore by again sometime, she's as good as she

She gave Lucy one last hot french kiss, much to the guys delight. After
that Mikael helped Lucy get dressed. Then since it was getting late, he
said good-bye to his friends and left. He took her to a small cafe making
sure that she got plenty of coffee to sober her up before taking her home.

After 3 cups of coffee Lucy seemed coherent again. They were on there way
out when Lucy hit him with the bombshell.

"Well, that coffee was good, but I really need to stay away from caffeine."

"Why's that?"

"Oh, I forgot to tell you, caffeine isn't good for our baby."

"You mean, your having my baby?"

His hand went to her belly, and rubbed it.

"Yes, I'm pregnant, I really wanted to tell you earlier, but that alcohol
really hit me hard!"

"Your dad isn't gonna like this."

"Don't worry about him, one thing he always taught me, love can move
mountains, I've only known you a short time, but our life and love together
is just beginning."

Mikael took Lucy home.

End of part 2


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