This is a fantasy story, not a representation of the characters on the show.
Its just the way they would be if i was writing the show,ha ha.Anyway on with
the story.

7th Heaven: Lucy Has The Time Of Her Life
by [email protected]

Lucy Camedon was finally getting out of her house. After 18 years of her life
with her overprotective parents spying on her telling her how to live her
life she was finally leaving. Much like her sister Mary she was gonna go to
college in New York.

She said she was engaged to Jeremy, even though that was a lie she knew it
would be a good enough reason for her parents to let her go to the same
school as her fiance. She packed her bags as she waited for Jeremy to come
pick her up. She spent a long time talking to her parents assuring them she
would do this and that. She had to promise to call every Sunday afternoon, to
not stay out too late and no drinking or drugs or partying and absolutely no
sex. The same conversations she had with her parents for most of her teen
years. She honestly wondered if her parents met each other in a monastary,
she could never imagine her parents ever having fun.

At last her fiance Jeremy showed up, as far as Lucy was concerned he was like
a knight on a white horse, coming to slay her overbearing parents and take
her to her castle. They said theyre goodbyes and they drove off. Lucy figured
in about two weeks her father would do as he always did and spy on her by
showing up unexpectedly, probably on a friday night, when everyone is
partying. Didn't matter that she was a state away, she knew her dad would try
and find her doing something wrong and then point his holier than thou finger
at her. She planned on it.

He had a nack for that, one time she went to a party of her best friends
older sister. There was alcohol at that party and as luck would have it her
dad was suspisous and showed up. Lucy wasn't drinking but that didn't matter,
her dad felt she should have left the party immedietly seeing alcohol was
there. He called the police and her best friend and her sister got in
trouble. She didnt speak to her dad for two weeks which was no big deal since
she was grounded for that long.

Then a big concert came up where she had to ask her dad for permisson and got
it, she was able to talk to him again after seeing her favorite band. She did
however lose her best friend in the process, she was told not to talk to her
again. This would have been alot harder if her best friend didnt move out of
town the next year. Here she was now though out of that house for good if she
could help it.

She rested her head on her boyfriend's shoulder and put her hand on his leg,
then gave him a kiss as he drove the car. She smiled knowing that today would
be her last day as a 18 year old virgin. She couldnt wait to get to New
York, she drifted off to sleep. Lucy was awoken by Jeremy, they had finally
arrived, Lucy enrolled in her classes, then Lucy got all of her stuff into
her dorm room. Lucy was completly prepared for this day under her black
blouse and leopard print mini-skirt was a black bra that unhooked in the
front and a black pair of see through panties. Instead of wearing pantyhose
like she always did at home she was wearing black stockings with a garter
belt with black heels. Jeremy loved his girlfriend's new look, it was kinda
slutty, if she wasnt the preachers daughter he'd think she was a slut.

They went to his place off campus, they were unable to contain themselves the
second they hit the door. The two of them had waited too long for this. They
locked in a hot kiss, Lucy had his shirt off in record time as she felt his
bare chest, he was pleasantly surprised feeling his way up her legs, feeling
a garter belt and stockings not pantyhose for once. As theyre tongues
intertwined, he unzipped and dropped her miniskirt to the floor. Then his
hands caressed her ass covered by her silky panties. Jeremy slid a finger
inside her already moist pussy, Lucy moaned softly, she had only had one guy
do that to her before, back when she was 15.

Lucy felt him kissing her neck and his free hand unbuttoning her blouse,
revealing a bra that pushed out her awesome cleavage. Jeremy moved faster on
her pussy, sliding a finger in and out her tight snatch, getting it wet and
prepared for what was to come later. Lucy unbuttoned his pants and slid her
hands down his underwear. She stroked his cock down his pants, this had
Jeremy incredibly hard, he had been with other girls before but non so
inexperienced as Lucy. She pulled his cock out and slowly stroked it more
furiously. She was loving riding his finger, her pussy was so tight she was
getting wetter at the prospect of something bigger than a finger entering her
undersexed womanhood. He fingered her like a man possessed, trying to get her
off already. Lucy held back though she wanted her first orgasm with a guy to
be more than just a fingering.

Lucy felt Jeremy unhook her bra, her bra dropped to the floor and he saw her
tits for the first time. Her breasts were nothing short of perfection, large
for a girl her size with big pink nipples, they're very hard looking like
huge pencil erasers. Her suculant breasts had no sag to them at all. Jeremy
took a nipple in his mouth and licked Lucys rock hard nipples cupping the
breasts. Her nipples got harder and harder as he sucked one breast and
squeezed the other. Jeremy then felt Lucy pull back he wasnt sure what was
gonna happen next but she gave him a reassuring smile.

That's when he noticed her see-through panties, her pubic hair and her young
pussy lips visible through the black silk. Along with that was her sexy black
garter belt and stockings ,topped off by her three inch high heels. Jeremy
was so hard his cock was at complete attention even after she let go of it.
Then his beautiful girlfriend give him a devilish grin and squatted in front
of him, taking his cock in her hand she licked the tip of his cock, Jeremy
let out a sigh of pleasure never dreaming good girl Lucy would do this to
him. Lucy then opened her mouth and took his hard 8inch member past her pink
lips. "Ohhh Lucy, mmmmmm yeah baby thats it" he stroked her long hair, ever
so gently tugging on her hair hinting for her to swallow more of him.

Lucy didn't need to be given any hints, and her sucking became more intense
trying to get more of his tool down her virgin throat. Lucy used her tongue
to stroke and massage the underside of his cock as she swallowed him. She
made loud slurping sounds as she gave her boyfriend her first blowjob. It
didnt matter that she was inexperienced at this, cause she was more than
making up for it with her enthusiasm. Jeremy looked down at his sweet
girlfriend, the smile on her face as his cock was in her mouth gave him no
choice but to shoot his load right then! His cum shot down her throat and
some of it went down the sides of her mouth. She never tasted a boys cum
before and acctually liked the taste, not salty like she had heard.

They met for another kiss, then jeremy got on top of her on the floor, Lucy
wanted to complain about the hardness on her back the hard wood floor was but
quickly changed her mind. Especially when she saw her boyfriend kissing down
her body past her breasts, teasing her navel with his tongue making her
giggle, then down to the elastic band of her panties. He grapped the lacey
waistband and slide them off her round ass and down her beautiful legs. Lucy
had a hairy brunette pussy, and Jeremy parted her cunt lips then slid his
tongue inside of her. "Ohhhhhhhhhhhhh, yesssss" Lucy moaned ever so softly.
Jeremy went deeper, and deeper inside Lucy. Lucy grapped her left nipple and
gave it a hard squeeze as her other hand pushed Jeremy's head into her

This went on for several minutes Jeremy sliding his tongue in and out an and
out of the tightest pussy he ever had. Lucy squirmed as this new sensation
rocked her young body. Jeremy didn't just tounge fuck her he also sucked and
nibbled on her clit. She pulled on his hair, her pussy on fire and needing
something to grap a hold of for the ride. Lucy was so hot she knew she knew
her body would betray her and she would explode in his face if this
continued. So as much as she hated to, she stopped him, then looked him in
the eye and said to him "Fuck me, Jeremy!"

At that moment the weight carrying Jeremy had been lifted, all the kissing in
the car, all the "Stop, we cant go any further," and the "We can't have sex,
I'm sorry" that was all gone!! Lucy wasn't playing by her parents rules
anymore, and now she wasnt asking him, she was telling him to fuck her. He
helped her out of her heels, but asked her to leave the stockings and garter
belt on. Lucy kept her legs spread for him and watch him position his thick
cock at the entrance of her pussy. Even with Lucys cunt wet it was a tight
fit, it took several trys, in fact Lucy began to wonder if his thick cock
would fit in her pussy. Then finally it happened he entered her pussy, it was
more painful than she thought it would be and she almost wondered if she
should let him. Jeremy thrust into her slowly feeding inch by inch inside of
her virgin hole. After a hard thrust he took her cherry, "Ohhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh
uuuuuuuuhhhhhhhhhh" Lucy screamed. Lucy Camedon was now no longer a virgin.
With her cherry gone the pain became less and Lucy began to enjoy her
boyfriends large fat cock.

Lucy started talking dirty to him whispering in his ear "Fuck me baby, do it
harder, give me all of your cock," then she bites his earlobe. Jeremy takes
his lovers encouagement and starts ramming her pussy. He kisses her mouth
again as he rams her. Her pussy wraps tight around his rod as he starts
pounding into her like a piston. He gets all 9 inches in her, pulling almost
all the way out then ramming back inside her. They hold hands as Lucy's body
starts to spasm, she arches her back as she explodes all over his dick. Her
tight cunt has Jeremy unable to hold back as her cunt muscles grip his shaft,
he shoots his second load, this time inside her as her sweet cunt milks his
cock of all of his load.

The two lie there on the floor in a pile of clothes thrown aside sticky
juices and sweat. After a while they get up and shower to clean off. Jeremy
sees her bend over in the shower, he had no idea how good her ass looked bent
over, he whispered to her not to move. Lucy smiled "Again, Jeremy?" She
pushed her breasts against the shower door leaving impressions of them, as
her boyfriend entered her from behind this time. Lucy loved it she wished she
hadn't waited so long to have sex. He squeezed her big breasts as he fucked
her doggystyle, this time he pulled out and shot his load all over her ass.
Lucy reach back with her finger and sucked up some of that jism, a taste she
had learned to love. The next day she went to school thinking of nothing all
day except getting back to her boyfriend for another round of sex.

* * *

She decided she couldnt wait anymore she skipped a class and went over to his
apartment. She walked in, she almost called his name as she entered, but on
the floor she saw something unusual. It was a bra, Lucy had always been a
tidy girl and she certainly wouldnt leave a bra out in the middle of the
floor. Walking closer it was confirmed it wasnt her bra!!!! On top of that it
looked strangely familiar. She walked in to the bedroom and there she saw her
sister Mary riding her boyfriend's cock. Her perky breasts bouncing up and
down, as her hair was all over the place as she rode him.Lucy's eyes became
huge her heart became overwhelmed with sadness, but more than anything she
was enraged. "You fucking slut Mary!!!!!!!!she said throwing a book at her
hitting her in the head. "Oh my god Lucy, he....he said his name was Jeremy
but I didnt know he was the Jeremy you told me about, honest!"

"Oh save it you fucking whore, this isn't the first time youve cost me a
boyfriend, you open your legs to any guy who asks you to, but why can't you
leave my boyfriends alone, why Mary why?" Mary was to much at a loss for
words, sure her sister was wrong, she didnt know this was Lucys boyfriend,
but she couldn't believe her sister's language Lucy never swore, even worse
her sister thought she was a whore! Lucy stormed out in tears, she had given
herself to a man for the first time who 24 hours later was screwing her
sister. She went back to her dorm and cried, Jeremy left her message after
message but she wasnt willing to hear any of them, She did hear the last one
saying he was coming over there. Lucy would have none of that so she went
out. She put on a red blouse and black slacks got put on some make up since
her crying had left her face a mess.

Lucy looked in the mirror, "Hey, I'm a beautiful woman, I'm gonna get through
this, I need to get out on the town, that will get my mind off that jerk!"
Lucy went all around New York saw the sights, visited clubs all over.
Unfortunately many clubs only allowed you in if you were 21. She found a nice
club that said "18 to enter 21 to drink" it had good music, kinda pop, kinda
alternative sound. She was glad she came, she was also glad she wasnt getting
hit on, she wasn't in the mood for that. She looked around to see that
surprisingly there wernt any guys in the club. "Hmmm guess it must be my
lucky night."

Little did she know that she was in fact in a lesbian bar. A pretty girl
started a conversation with her "HI i'm Sara!" Lucy was glad to have someone
to talk to, this girl had long dark brown hair amazing brown eyes and a very
sexy body. She looked amazingly like actress Jennifer Love Hewitt, her big
breasts stood out, and her smile was incredible. She was wearing a pink
mini-dress and pink high heels with cute little white lacey socks. Lucy felt
so comfortable talking to another girl about her first time last night.

Sara smiled and patted Lucy on the leg but kept her hand there, this gave
Lucy a tingly feeling. She should have been uncomfortable but she wasnt. Sara
went further as they kept talking, she slid her hand to Lucys inner thigh.
Lucy couldnt believe it her pussy was getting hot at another girls touch.
Sara reached forward for her napkin, and without thinking Lucy looked down
her shirt, she was wearing a pink bra. "Like what you see?"winked Sara. Lucy
blushed turning bright red, why was she acting like this, she wasnt a
lesbian. Or was she? How would she really know if shes never been with a girl
before. She thought about it, and the more she did the more she thought about
taking this Jennifer Love Hewitt look-alike in her arms like she did her
boyfriend last night. How would she do this though?

Lucy wasnt sure how to handle this, she had never tryed to seduce another
girl before. She didn't need to though as suddenly Sara's hands went to
Lucy's waist and she leaned forward and kissed her softly. Lucy felt her
heart racing as her lips touched another girls for the first time it was a
soft sensuous kiss. Lucy broke the kiss, then remembered she just did that
in a public place! After a look around though she saw other girls dancing
together and holding hands together. Then I hit her she was in a lesbian
bar!!! No one was staring at her like they would if two girls kissed at a
regular club. She looked at Sara and put her arms around Sara's waist, then
the two of them kissed again. This time theyre mouths opened and theyre
tongues met.

The french kiss lasted a while before Lucy broke the kiss again. She placed
a hand on Sara's leg any thought of this being wrong had left her mind, now
the only thing she was thinking of was having lesbian sex with this sexy
woman! Lucy in a voice as seductive as she knew how whispered in her ear
"Lets go back to your place!" Sara said "How bout yours instead mine is a on
the other side of the city is that ok?" Lucy thought about it and remembered
that her dorm roomate had a date. "Why not"said Lucy. With that the two left,
Sara held Lucy's hand as they walked out, a few people stopped and starred,
(which considering the size of New York City wasn't very many). Lucy was glad
that she was in a city where no one knew her, just imagine if this got back
to her parents.

Then she thought oh well im an adult, in living my own life now. They got to
her dorm room, Lucy checked and sure enogh it was empty. She and sara walked
in, Sara once again kissed her only this time her hands went to Lucy's ass
as she french kissed her. Lucy, feeling Sara's breasts against her own
instictively reached up and felt Saras breasts through her dress. They made
theyre way to the bed, still kissing. Sara slowly unbuttoned Lucys blouse
while kissing her neck. Lucy was so hot her body just seemed numb. Sara
helped her out of her blouse, Lucy was wearing a pretty white bra with a
cute little bow on the front. Sara unhooked that in the back for lucy. Lucy
grapped the bottom of Saras mini-dress and pulled it over her head, Lucy saw
a full view of Saras sexy pink bra, Sara was wearing a pink thong too. Sara
saw that Lucys eyes were fixated on her breasts. So she reached behind and
unhooked her bra. This was making Lucy crazy with anticipation, she slowly
pulled down her bra straps before finally dropping the pink bra to the floor.

Lucy reached out with both hands and squeezed Sara's breasts they looked so
good, round and with dark red nipples on a almost all over tan body. Lucy
leaned forward and began to suck one breast then the other, she went back
and forth, gently nibbling on a nipple here and there. Sara reached down and
unzipped Lucy's slacks. Sara giggled after getting them down. Lucy looked
down to see that she was wearing her light blue tweety bird panties. "They're
so cute" giggled Sara. Lucy was somewhat embaressed she hadnt planned on
having sex when she went out, so the thought of what panties she should wear
never crossed her mind. So here was her first lesbian lover telling her how
cute her panties were. Lucy didnt have long to be embaressed though, before
she could get back to Sara's breasts, Sara grapped the elastic on her panties
and pulled them off of her. Lucy slide a hand under Sara's thong and touched
another girls pussy for the first time ever.

Sara moaned as Lucys finger penetrated her, she squeezed Lucys sexy ass her
fingers teasingly going up and down Lucys cunt lips and her ass crack. Then
Lucy said words she never thought would come out of her mouth, "Sara can I
eat your pussy for you?" Sara stood up and turned around, her great ass
covered only by a pink thong soon became naked as she pulled it down. Lucy
had her lie back on the bed and she crawled between Saras legs. Sara had
definetly kept her pussy nice and trimmed she had only a small brown patch of
pubic hair right above her snatch. Lucy went to work on her, tongueing her
clit and sliding one then later two fingers in her tight pussy.

"Ohhh yeah! Lucy yeah thats it" Sara moaned as one of her legs wrapped around Lucy's

Lucy licked and tongued Sara she couldnt help but reach back and touch her
own pussy in the process. She felt Sara spasming and then she exploded all
over Lucys face. Lucy licked it all up, she thought a guys cum was tasty but
another girls juice!!!!! Lucy though Saras juice tasty heavenly, and she
licked her dry. Sara then pushed Lucy down on her back and climbed on top of
her. "My turn" she smiled, spreading Lucys legs, already wet between her
thighs with her cunt juices.

Sara was good at licking Lucys cunt, she tounged and sucked so very hard on
her cunt lips as her finger stimulated her clit. Her tongue then entered
Lucy's lips, she tounge-fucked her going as deep as she could. Lucy wrapped
her legs around her new lovers head and squeezed it like a vise. In no time
at all Lucy was coming too. Sara kept licking and sucking and even biting
after Lucy had come. Lucy got the hint, Sara wasnt wanting to stop. So she
told her "lets do a 69 Sara (another thing she shocked herself by saying) I
bet i can make you cum again!" Sara was in a pussy-licking frenzy she didn't
answer she just swung her leg over Lucys head and sat on her new lovers face.
Lucy joined Sara in the cuntlicking party, Nibbling and sucking tongueing
and fingering. The two went on and on. After about 20 more minutes they
orgasmed together and cried out in pleasure. Lucy hoped that know one heard
them, but at this perticular moment it really mattered very little. The two
snuggled up together naked and kissing softly. Lucy couldnt believe how
little she had really known about life til now. One thing was for sure with
Sara with her in New York she was sure to have the "time of her life."


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