This story is fictional, and not to be taken seriously. It's also an adult
story, so those of you under 18 leave now. (m/F,oral,f/F,rom,cons)

This is a sequel to my original story involving Jennifer Love Hewitt's
character Sara from "Time of Your Life." She falls in love with Lucy Camedon
from 7th heaven.

7th Heaven: Lucy Has The Time Of Her Life Part 2
by MiaIsDaBomb ([email protected])

Lucy was snuggling in bed with Sara. Kissing the sexy brunette softly as her
hands squeezed her big round breasts. Sara's hands weren't idle, as they were
squeezing Lucy's firm chunky ass cheeks, kneading them like dough. The two
young girls French kissed each other as they both wrapped their naked bodies
around each other.

Lucy would have never believed a month ago that she would be in love with
anyone other than Jeremy, her former fiance. However after he cheated on her
with her sister Mary, the two were finished. She would later meet Sara in
what she realized later on, to be a lesbian bar. Lucy was aroused by Sara's
beauty, even then. She ultimately figured, that it wouldn't hurt to do some
experimenting with another girl, something she couldn't do back home in Glenn
Oak. What she didn't realize was that she would fall in love with Sara. Sara
was unlikely anyone she had ever been with. Lucy had never been so happy

Like so many times before, the two went down on each other, sending each
other to orgasms that seemed to be without end. As they lay in bed Lucy
informs Sara that she wants her to meet her parents.

"Why's that?" questioned Sara.

Lucy got up and got in her coat and brought back a little black box.

"Well, I can't tell my parents that you and I are girlfriends, as in the
lovers sense of the word. However I can tell them that I got married and that
they met who I married once."

Sara gave Lucy a puzzled look.

"What I'm saying is..." taking a deep breath "...will you marry me Sara? Will my...wife?"

Lucy opened the box to show a diamond ring to Sara. Sara's eyes grew big at
the sight of the ring. She couldn't speak as she was in shock at what she was
hearing. Then she smiled at Lucy, Lucy smiled back then Lucy heard the words
she was hoping for.

"Yes, yes I'll marry you."

They embraced tightly, and kissed. She slipped the ring on Sara's finger.
Sara loved the ring, and her smile showed it. The two made love to one
another again.

The next morning they packed up for Glen Oak. They discussed the future
and it was decided that one of them should have a baby. That's what married
couples do after all, in Lucy's mind at least. Get married and have kids.
Sara said she agreed and that she had an idea on how to go about it.
Especially since she was ovulating right now. Lucy was curious about what
she was gonna do, but Sara told her to be patient and she'd tell her the
plan later.

They caught a flight to Glenn Oak. Lucy's parents picked them up at the
airport. The two did their best to keep there hands to themselves, so that
they didn't raise suspicion in Lucy's parents. Of course in the back-seat of
the car Sara couldn't help but hold Lucy's hand. This made Lucy nervous, but
she figured her parents would think they were just close friends (at least
she hoped).

Upon arriving home Lucy was disappointed to see that her slutty sister Mary
was there. About a month ago Mary was caught in bed with her fiance Jeremy.
So Lucy totally ignored Mary. Plus Matt was back at home as well.

"Sara, were gonna be short of space with all of our children home, so would
you mind bunking with Lucy?" asked Miss. Camedon.

"No, I don't think that's a problem Miss Camedon." said Sara giving Lucy a
wink and a smile secretly.

That night at dinner Lucy was very quiet. Her sister Mary had a lot to say
as usual, and with Lucy still not talking to her, Lucy didn't engage in much
conversation. Sara couldn't help but notice Lucy's brothers. She had decided
earlier that she was gonna seduce one of them. After all she wanted her and
Lucy to have a baby together, and since Lucy couldn't get her pregnant, she
wanted the baby to still have a part of Lucy in it.

She saw the way Lucy's 16 year old brother Simon was checking her out. He was
a cute blonde kid with two earrings in one ear, it was surprising to Sara
that the preachers son would be allowed to be so hip. She decided that he was
so cute that he was the one she would seduce.

Later that night Sara eased her way into Simon's room. She was wearing a
silky red teddy that showed off her cleavage and had a thong back to it, the
matching gloves were lacey red and matched the teddy. Sara was confident that
everyone was asleep, so she turned on Simon's light. The lights affected his
eyes and he slowly opened them to the hot sight of Sara in the teddy.

"What's um....going on here?" Simon asked in a nervous voice.

"I saw you looking at me during dinner Simon, you like what you saw?"

"Um yes I'm sorry I didn't mean to offend you by staring at you Sara, you are
very pretty though."

"Well, Simon, I wasn't offended at all. I'm flattered in fact. I haven't been
with a man in a long time so I was hoping you could help me out with that."

"Gee Sara I don't no I mean..."

Simon was cut off as Sara slid out of the red teddy displaying her perfect
body. She had a very sexy figure, not an ounce of body fat. Except for maybe
her breasts that were very large for a girl with such a small body frame.
Seeing her naked Simon was at a loss for words as she climbed into bed with
him. He wasn't able to get in a word of protest out as Sara quickly took his
cock into her warm mouth. Her mouth wrapped tight around his shaft as her
hands stroked his balls. She felt his cock grow to a full 8 inches in her
mouth, as he moaned softly.

She could tell as he tried to pump his cock back in her face that he wanted
to shoot his load in her mouth. Sara would have none of that though. She
stopped sucking him and straddled his lap. She pushed his hard cock inside
her. Simon moaned out more loudly at the feeling of Sara's tight pussy. Sara
started to ride Simon grinding her hips into his rod. Simon was in fact a
virgin, so he seemed content to let the beautiful Sara do all the work
considering she knew what she was doing.

Simon didn't last long inside Sara and was soon filling her womb with his
seed. Sara collapsed on Simon chest and stayed there for a few moments. She
then thanked Simon and kissed him. After that she made her way back to the
bedroom. Lucy was still asleep as Sara slid in next to her. She cuddled up
to the sexy sandy blonde and gave her ass a nice pat. Even though she was
asleep Lucy still managed a smile at Sara's touch.

The next morning the two girls got ready to leave. Unknown to everyone they
were gonna start a new life together. Of course not one that Lucy's dad would
approve of. Of course all that mattered to them was that they were happy.
Lucy stopped at a bridal store to get her wedding dress. Sara already had her
dress, so they were ready to go. They got a wedding license and made there
way to a state where they could marry legally. They set things up at a small
church that they could afford.

Lucy was the first to walk down the aisle, she had a long wedding dress with
lace in a V-cut in the front. Looking very beautiful no doubt as she waited
for Sara to walk down the aisle.

She wasn't disappointed. Sara walked down the aisle in a short almost tank
top like white top and a short dress that went above her knees. Her cleavage
showing and her tan legs nicely accented by the short skirt Sara looked good
enough to eat! Which is certainly what Lucy was looking forward to later. The
two girls stood in front of the preacher and said their "I do's" and became
wife and wife.

The two made their way to a nice little hotel in town. Lucy being the bigger
of the two girls carried Sara into the room and straight to the bed. Their
lips met in a hot kiss. Tongues met tongues as they pressed their bodies
close together. Sara slid her short white top down freeing her big tits, much
to Lucy's delight.

Lucy immediately latched on to Sara's left breast, sucking the tit deep in
her mouth. She did circles with her tongue as it flickered across Sara's
sensitive nipple. Lucy repeated the same method with her other breast getting
Sara to moan loudly. Sara reached back and unzipped Lucy's wedding dress.
Lucy stood up on the bed as the top of her dress was pulled down and her bra
was exposed for Sara. Sara pulled the rest of Lucy's dress down and she saw
that Lucy was wearing a 8 inch lifelike strap-on dildo.

"Surprise!" giggled Lucy.

Sara only shot her new wife a sexy smile as she got on her knees and
started sucking on the dildo. Even though Lucy wasn't really getting
physical pleasure from this, she was certainly turned on by how hot
Sara looked sucking the fake cock. Sara though Lucy looked pretty hot
too with the strap-on dangling between her legs while in her white
high heels, and lacey bra.

After a while of getting the dildo wet with Sara's saliva, Lucy pushed Sara
back and made her way between Sara's legs. She licked her lovers pussy up and
down as Sara graciously spread her legs for Lucy. Lucy opened Sara's lips to
lick her insides and found her clit. Sara gyrated her crotch into Lucy's
face, her lovely breasts bouncing freely as she did. With her tongue all over
Sara's hot spot she felt the excitement in her pussy building. Sara grabbed a
firm hold of Lucy's hair and pushed her deeper into her pussy as Sara felt
her explosion ever so closer!

Then it happened Sara exploded all in Lucy's face covering Lucy's lips and
mouth with the sweetest tasting juices Lucy had ever known.

After that Lucy unhooked her bra and fed a breast to Sara. Sara buried her
face immediately in Lucy's cleavage and sucked on each breast. Sara bit on
each nipple making Lucy close her eyes in pleasure. Sara reached back and
caressed her lovers firm ass cheeks giving them a little slap here and there,
as she continued licking her tits. Sara then played with Lucy's clit which
she found easily. After all she had Lucy's incredible body memorized. It took
only a short time before Lucy released her orgasm all over Sara's fingers.
Looking right at Lucy Sara licked her fingers clean, then kissed her lover
again in what seemed to be an endless French kiss.

Lucy put Sara on her back and slid her fake cock into her pussy. Sara moaned
in pleasure. She couldn't help but think of last night with Simon the cock
was so similar in size. Only this time it was with the woman she loved. It
meant so much more to her knowing that. Lucy went deep into Sara burying all
the cock into her. Sara wrapped her legs around Lucy's ass as the pumping
continued. She opened her eyes and looked straight into Lucy's eyes.

Sara then released her orgasm covering the fake cock with her girl cream. The
two laid in the bed spent after the intense lovemaking. Sara came clean and
told her about Simon. Lucy was upset at first, but came to understand it was
indeed the only way Sara would have a baby that has a part of Lucy in it.

After they got back to New York Sara took a pregnancy test. Sure enough her
and Lucy were going to have a baby. The two hugged tightly, then Lucy looked
at Sara's tummy and gave it a gentle rub.

"I love you Sara."

"I love you too Lucy!"

The two knew they had their whole lives in front of them, and as long as they
were together, they would be fine. On thing for certain, they were gonna make
life their own personal heaven.



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