7th Heaven: Lucy Learns Why She Shouldn't Be The Makeout Queen (mmmf,anal,cream pie,bukkake,rape,dp)
by Dr. Demented 666

Lucy hit the tender age of thirteen and was celebrating her birthday with her boyfriend, Jason, and two of his friends-Adam and Aaron. All the boys were the same age as her and all were aspiring boy models. Each had short jet black hair and toned physiques that got her excited each time she seen them with their shirts off and showing off their tanned frames.

The boys and Lucy were out back of Jason's house in his tree fort and Lucy let each one make out with her; after all, she wasn't called the make out queen for nothing. She was sitting back on the bench with her back against the wall in her blue dress that showed off her pert breasts and perfect legs as Jason worked his tongue into her mouth while Aaron licked the side of her neck. Tingling chills shot up her back as she felt Adam lick his way up the inside of her leg, lifting her dress up over her hips and slowly tugging her panties to the side at her crotch.

Lucy never let anyone go this far with her, but the excitement and sensation was overwhelming as Adam flicked his tongue into her and made her jolt with joy as her soft squeals were muffled with her boyfriends tongue. Adam rose to his knees between her legs and whipped out his 5" erection and tucked it under her panties and let her undies pull him close to her soft pubes as he dry humped her.

Lucy broke her lip lock and looked down between her legs at the bulge in her panties moving back and forth...

"Wait...Don't put it in me...My virginity...I don't want to lose it...Not yet..." Lucy stated, even though she liked what was happening but unwilling to let it go any further.

"OK...How about sucking it instead?" Aaron asked of her.

"You promise you won't put it in me if I do that for you?" She asked.

Aaron nodded a 'Yes' and she watched as he stood in front of her and took his clothes off. Her eyes widened with delight as she seen him naked for the first time in his hairless frame and peach fuzzed nut sac; his tight abs and all around tanned body with his dick sticking out straight and hard for her. Lucy took it in her hand and gently played with it before stretching her lips around its tip and rolling her tongue over it in her mouth.

Aaron was in heaven as he received his first oral sex from a girl, her saliva coating his shaft and her mouth massaging it with applied suction as her head bobbed slowly back and forth on it. Aaron grabbed the back of her head and pulled it all the way on to his dick, cramming it to the back of her throat and surprising her with a hot load of cum in her mouth. Lucy began to choke and he let go of her head, she pulled off his cock and the rest of his sticky mess shot onto her face as Adam and Jason watched with horny delight...

"Wow! Look at that! Jeez, Aaron...You really made a mess on her...That's so hot..." Jason stated as he and Adam took off all their clothes and grabbed Lucy by her arm and lifting her to her feet...

"Stand up!" Jason commanded as she got to her feet and he and Adam began to force her dress off of her as she whimpered and struggled to resist...

"You said you wouldn't do this to me if I sucked you off..." Lucy cried out sobbingly...

"Noooo, Aaron said that; I didn't. I bet that pussy of yours is really wet by now...Lets have a look." Jason said as he pulled her panties down to her feet and exposed her first year of puberty to everyone. He slowly rubbed his shaft against the soft pubic locks and gently pushed it into her, stabbing past and snapping her hymen; making her cry out...

"My virginity! Your taking it! Stop! Please!" Lucy begged, but Adam cupped his hand over her mouth from behind as he plunged his hard dick into her ass. Lucy screamed into his hand as he ass fucked her while Jason pummeled her pussy, giving her first DP experience. Now she lost her vaginal and anal cherry on her birthday.

The boys continued their onslaught of the hot reverends daughter sandwiched between them until they both moaned and gave several final thrusts into her holes, filling them with their cum as she whimpered endlessly; feeling them finish inside of her. She felt as they withdrew their dicks in tandem and their hot cum slide from each of her holes and down the insides of her legs to her ankles. Jason and Adam let go of her and she collapsed onto the floor on her back where Aaron was quick to get on top of her.

Lucy cried and pleaded with the boy: "Nooooo! Stop! No more! Pleeeeeease! NOOOOOO!" She screamed as he plunged into her.

Aaron fucked her relentlessly on the floor as the boys watched her body rock from each of his thrusts into her and shutting his eyes in a squinting fashion as he ejaculated inside of Lucy. Lucy sobbed as he pulled from her and his cum poured out of her like a flood onto the floor and making a white pool. The boys laughed as they stroked their cocks standing over her and saying: "Happy brithday, Luce..."





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