Seventh Heaven: Lucy's Voyages
by The Midnight Writer ([email protected])

Chapter 1: Lucy's Dream

Lucy woke-up in the middle of the night with a startle. She had sworn she
heard a noise. She sat up in bed and looked around the room she shared with
her older sister Mary. Everything looked normal. Her clothes laid out for
the next morning, Mary basketball gear still in the corner by the door.
Everything seemed all right.

She laid back down and about to fall back to sleep, when her heard the noise
again. It had sounded like a moan. Not the kind of moan from fear, but of
pleasure. She opened her eyes and heard the moan again. It had seemed it was
coming form Mary's direction.

She turned her head and look to were Mary was sleeping. She saw Mary had
her knees propped up on the bed, he left hand cupping and massaging her right
breast through her nightgown. Mary gave out another moan, then a long sigh.
Her knees when down, her hand left her breast and she turned over and fell

Lucy had know Mary was masturbating, and this had turned her on. She never
seen someone beat thimbles off in front of her before. She though that Mary
was probably thinking about that new guy she was telling her about. Rob
something or other. As she though about this more, the more she got turned
on. She was a little embrace that she enjoyed watching her sister climax.

She tired to fall back to sleep, but she kept seeing Mary climax. Even though
she never really masturbated herself, she slowly placed her hand on her
cotton underwear covered pussy. In addition, started to rub it, she did this
for about five minutes before she when to sleep.

She started to have an erotic dream. She and Jimmy Moon, her ex boyfriend
was in his father Blazer making out. She knew that wasn't possible because
neither of them where old enough to drive yet. Yet, she continues with the
dream. Well, her and Jimmy were in the front seat kissing. She took Jimmy's
hand and placed it on her right perky breast and let out a low moan when he
started to fondle it.

She placed her hand on his cock and rubbed it through his jeans, he lets out
a moan of his own. Then she notice that both her and Jimmy shirts were off,
her still in her white bra and him with his pale small muscular chest.

He was still fondling her breast, but alternating between them. Her hand was
inside his jeans, rubbing his what seemed Hugh cock through his boxers. Jimmy
pulled off her bra and started to suckle and play with her tits, she had
pulled his cock free from his boxers and stroking it slowly. Jimmy had let
out a long moan as she did this. Jimmy placed his hand over her panties
covered pussy and started to rub it. With in minutes they where in the back
seat totally naked. Lucy on her back and Jimmy on top of her.

They where exploring each other's body with caresses and kisses, Then Jimmy
position himself at Lucy fuck hole and slowly enter. He stopped half way in
to let Lucy adjust to him. After a few moment he started pounding away at her
like a jackhammer. Lucy was just about to climax when she heard her alarm
clock go off. She opened her eyes and notice that her hands half way up her
pussy. She checked to see if she broke her hymen and luckily, she had not.
She got up showered, dressed and when downstairs for breakfast.

When she got downstairs, she saw her younger brother and sister Simon and
Ruthie eating cereal. Her Mom was making everyone's lunch for school. And
Mary talking to her Mom about basketball. She grabbed a box of cereal when
Mary asked her if she was having a nightmare last night. Lucy said no why.
Because you where moaning half the night.


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