Seventh Heaven: Lucy's Voyages
by The Midnight Writer ([email protected])

Chapter 2: Lucy's Discovery

It had been a few days since Lucy had the dream about Jimmy. Ever since she
has had a hard time looking into Jimmy's eyes without blushing. She could
still feel his huge cock, well it really wasn't all that huge, but it was the
biggest dick she has seen. Pounding in her with a great deal of force and she
was still pissed that she awoke just before he and she came together. Ever
time she though about it her pussy would get warm and she was sure wet also.

She has run into Jimmy just before she met her brother Matt and Mary in the
parking lot.

"Hey Lucy, what's up?"

"Oh nothing much. How bout you?"

"Same here, I was wondering if we could go see a movie this weekend?"

"I don't know Jimmy. My parents might have something planned. Why don't you
give me a call tonight and I'll let you know"

"OK, talk to you later then. Bye"


She ran to the parking lot and got in the car.

She had forgot that tonight was her parents "night out" of in her definition:
The night where the parents find a nice hotel and fuck each other silly. Mary
had a date with Rob, Matt had a date with a new girl in school. So she was
stuck baby-sitting Simon and Ruthie, but she knew they would stay in there
room half the night, playing games and shit like that.

Her parents left around 5, Matt a little after 6 and Mary at 6:30. After she
had fixed Simon and Ruthie dinner, ala microwave dinner, they went upstairs
and Lucy sat on the couch watching TV.

About a quarter past seven the phone rang.


"Hey Lucy, It's Jimmy."

"Hi Jimmy"

"So have you though about the movie?"

"Ah yeah, I talked it over with my parent and they said it would be OK."

"Great, I'll pick you up around 6 on Saturday, OK."

"Sounds great, See you then. Bye."

She hanged up the phone and went onto the kitchen to get a snack. She headed
upstairs, to eat her snack and read a new magazine she got the other day, She
passed Simon and Ruth's room and notice that there wasn't any noise that
usually came from them. She put her ear to the door and listened, all she
heard was whispering. At first she though they where planning something they
could do to her when she wasn't expecting.

She got down on her knees and open the door just enough to see into the room.
Everything seemed to be what it should. Then she spotted Simon and Ruthie,
and she couldn't believe her eyes. There was Simon next to his and Ruthie
bunk bed, with his back slightly to the door with his pants and underwear
down to the floor. Ruthie was kneeling in front of him slowly jacking her
brother off.

"Yeah, just like that Ruthie. Nice and slow" Simon had said between slow

"Like this?" Ruthie slowly was stroking her brother cock with both hands.
Going up and down his shaft with even strokes.

"Just like that. You doing great Ruth."
Ruthie liked it when Simon called her Ruth. To her it made her sound more

Lucy was shock on what she was seeing and also excited. Shocked cause she
never knew that they where doing this when no one was home. She wonder if
Simon had fuck Ruthie yet. As she watched she was started to get wet and
horny. She placed her hand inside her jeans and started to rub her pussy.

Simon's dick was the largest she had ever seen, well not really. She had
seen Matt naked but that was by accident. She had came home early one day
from studying at a friends house. When she got upstairs she stopped dead in
her tracks. Just as she reached the top step, her older brother Matt had
stepped out of the bathroom totally naked. She gasped, when she did this Matt
turned around and saw Lucy standing right there looking at him and his dick.
He yelled at her for sneaking up on him and quickly dived into his room. Matt
Dick as what she could see was a good 5 and half inches long, but his wasn't
erect at the time. Simon's seemed at least 6 inches full erect. She started
to rub herself a little harder.

Just then Ruthie asked Simon if she can do what he taught her last week. And
Between breaths he said yes. Lucy wonder what it could be. And when wide eyed
when she found out a few minutes later. Ruthie has started to kiss the head
of Simon's dick then down the shaft from the tip to the small patch of hair
Simon had. Then she was licking his balls and from there licked his shaft in
the reverse way she had kissed it. She licked the head of his dick like a
lollipop. Then with a quick action stuck the 6 inches slong into her mouth.
Simon let out a long moan and grabbed Ruthie's head. She had only got about
half way down when she started bobbing. Simon was firmly holding her head and
guiding it along. He spread his leg a little far apart and lightly pushed
Ruthie's head farther down. With the second push Ruthie had his entire dick
in her mouth, and sucking like she was a human vacuum cleaner.

Lucy couldn't stand it any longer. She unzipped her pants quietly and put two
fingers into her pussy, careful enough not to go to far deep. She didn't want
to break her cherry. She was waiting for Jimmy Moon to do that. She was
finger fucking herself like there was no tomorrow, and keeping an eye on the
two young love birds. Lucy was about to climax when she heard Simon give out
this room shattering scream. Lucy looked up just in time to see Simon's knee
about to buckle, and Ruthie's head going up and down like a mad woman. "Man
she must give good head" Lucy had said to herself. Lucy leaned closer to the
door to get a better look. When the door suddenly gave way and flew open all
the way. Lucy fell into the room. Straddling both Simon and Ruthie. Simon had
turned around so fast that his dick popped out of Ruthie mouth with a loud
pop. Ruthie screamed when this happened.

Lucy quickly got up and pulled her pants up.

"Lucy, what are you doing here? I thought you where downstairs watching TV?"

"I was, but I got hungry and wanted to read a magazine I got yesterday."

"So you always spy on us? How much do you know?"

"Nothing. Just what I saw today."

"You're not going to tell Mom and Dad are you?"

"Not if you give me a good reason why you're letting Ruthie suck your dick?"


"Why don't we start from the beginning"


"A couple of weeks a go Mark gave me this magazine to look at. He told me
not to look at it when anyone else is in the room. I said ok. So I waited
`til everyone had gone to sleep. I opened it up and saw it was a porn mag. I
was looking through it and started to jack off. I got about half way through
when I looked up and saw Ruthie looking at me wide eyed and asking what I was
doing with my thing? I told her what I was doing. She asked if she could help
because it looked like fun. Reluctantly I let her. It just started as her
just jacking my off, when no one was home. Then I saw this picture in that
magazine of a girl giving head. I showed it to Ruthie and asked if she would
try it. Of course she said yes. I showed her how I wanted it done. And we've
been doing it ever since."

"So you haven't fucked her?"


Lucy walked over to the lower bunk where Ruthie was sitting.

"Ruthie, is what Simon say true?" Ruthie nodded

"I like having Simon's thing in my mouth, and I also love it when he calls me
Ruth. It makes me feel grown-up." Lucy smiled at this. Then she notice that
Simon hadn't pulled his pants up. And started to stare at his dick, which
was withering.

She slowly reached out and grabbed his dick. Simon gasped.

"Want me to show you how it can really be done Ruth?" Ruthie smiled and
moved closer to Lucy. Lucy slowly started to stroke Simons dick to get it
erect again, which didn't take long, a few seconds. Simon's dick was at it
full 6 inches and pointing directly at Lucy face. She lowered her head and
gave it a kiss. Simon moaned and moved closer. Lucy started to lick his dick
like a lollipop. Long and slow over the head, down the shaft. She cupped his
balls in her hand and gave a small squeeze. This had made his dick ever
harder. Lucy gentle lower he mouth to his dick. Just the tip at first, moving
her tongue around. Then placing half of it in her mouth still rolling her
tongue around the head of his dick. She started bobbing her head and with one
hand stroking his cock.

Simon couldn't believe that his 13 yr. old sister was blowing him. And she
was way better than Ruthie. He grabbed Lucy head to steady himself. After
what he thought was hours, he felt his balls starting to churn. Then he shot
a long steady stream of cum into Lucy mouth. And what amazed him that she had
swallowed it all, he even couldn't get Ruthie to do that. She always spit it
out into a wastebasket.

Lucy removed her mouth from Simon dick and licked her lips and wiped her chin
of the little bit of cum that dripped from her mouth. She turn to Ruthie and

"Is Simon the only one getting pleasure?"

"I get pleasure."

"So Simon plays with your thing?"


"But I though you just said you get pleasured?"

"I do. I get pleasure for blowing Simon." Lucy smiled at this. So did Simon.
Lucy got off her knees and walked over to the center of the room. She motion
Ruthie and Simon to join her.

"No Ruthie, I mean does Simon play with your pussy?"


"Uh, your thing" Lucy said and pointed to her crotch.

"Oh you mean my pee hole."

"Yes, your pee hole, but it's called a pussy. Ok?"

"Ok. What do you mean play with my pee... pussy?"

"Here lets take off your clothes and then lie down on the floor." Ruthie took
off her clothes, her Minnie Mouse T-shirt, blue jeans and flowered undies.
She laid down on the floor next to Lucy.

Lucy spread Ruthie's legs and told Simon to come in closer.

"Simon, put your hand over Ruthie's pussy." Simon complied. He cupped her
small hairless pussy. Lucy started to tell him how to play with Ruthie's
pussy and soon Simon was getting along pretty well. Rubbing her clit and
lips. Ruthie was grinding her hips with Simon's hand.

While Simon was doing this, Lucy licked her finger and slowly entered
Ruthie's pussy. She enter slow and just with one finger. Ruthie's pussy was
tight Lucy though. Slowly started to slide her finger in and out. She told
Simon to do the same thing but still play with her pussy. Simon wet his
middle finger and enter. Ruthie let out a low moan and was grinding her hips
at a fast place. Lucy and Simon picked up the pace and Ruthie finally came
and came hard. Her whole body shook. Lucy took out her finger and licked it
clean, Simon followed suit.

"That was great, can we do that again?" Ruthie asked looking at Lucy.

"I got another way we can do that and it will be just as fun."

Lucy got completely undressed and saw Simon ogle her breast. She ignore him
for now.

She told Ruthie to lay back down and spread her leg again. Ruthie did so
and Lucy put her face between Ruthie's legs. She place her tongue on Ruthie's
swallowed pussy lips and started to lick up the remaining juices from Ruthie
first orgasm. Ruthie let out a moan and looked over to Simon. She saw that he
was stroking his dick like a mad man, and knew by the look on his face he was
bout to what Lucy called cum. But she was enjoying what ever Lucy was doing
to her to care. She felt Lucy's tongue enter her pussy then exit and explore
her cilt and then back again. Ruthie was in heaven and was bout to cum as

Lucy had really loved eating pussy. She had ever since her friend Casey had
showed her how, during one of time they were study together. It was the same
day that she saw Matt's wrinkle dick. Her and Casey where over at Casey house
study US history. When Casey decided on a little break. They went downstairs
to grab a drink and small brownies that Casey's mom earlier. They talked bout
boys and which TV or movie star they would love to go out with. Then Casey
asked her if she wanted to try something and promise that it would be fun.
Lucy said ok. Next she knew Casey was kissing her, not just a friendly kiss
in the lips but a lovers kiss tongue and all.


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