Seventh Heaven: Lucy's Voyages
by The Midnight Writer ([email protected])

Chapter 4: Date With Jimmy Moon (m/f,oral)

Lucy had made sure that Simon and Ruthie where cleaned up and I bed before
anyone came home. About an hour after she had left them to "play" she came
back and found Simon and Ruthie sixty-nining. She told them to stop and to
take a bath but not to do anything in the tub for Matt and Mary where do home
shortly. She had them in the pi's and in bed about 15 min before Matt had
walked through the door. She asked how his date was, come to find out that it
was a total bust, Carey bitched about everything they did and when he took
her home she said that she didn't want to see him again. 10 min after that
Mary came home. Her date was a little more promising. They went to see a
movie, had dinner in a fine restaurant, and he even gave her a good night
kiss. Both Matt and Mary went up stair. Lucy followed 5 min later after
making sure everything was taken care of.

The next tow days where hell for Lucy, she couldn't wait `til Saturday, a
date with Jimmy Moon and she had a little surprise for him. Finally Saturday
rolled around, Lucy got up early showered, taking her time. She wanted to
make sure she was cleaned good. She took extra care with her hair. After she
got out of the shower she looked at herself in the bathroom mirror. She
grabbed her tits and trust them upward to she if they had gotten any bigger.
They seemed to gotten a little bigger. She was glad that she finely got to
wear a real bra since this summer. Her tits weren't as big as Mary's or Mom's
but they where getting there. She figured at least another year and she might
be in a B cup bra. She looked down at her pussy, the fine blonde hair growing
there was neatly trimmed. She though of herself perfect. Well she wouldn't be
totally prefect by 10:00 tonight.

The day went by slowly for Lucy. Her Dad wanted her to help Ruthie and
Simon with some project for school. Ruthie had to do some stupid mobile of
Dinosaurs. And Simon need help writing a report on the Civil War. It was
difficult enough to keep there hands off each other. Mary wanted her help to
pick out clothes she could wear on her 2nd date with Rob. She told her how he
fondled her tits while in the car just before he let her out. She was hoping
to some more fooling around tonight after they went to his Aunts house for
dinner. Next thing Lucy knew it was 6:00 and Jimmy knocking on the door. She
told her parents good-bye and left for the movies.

Lucy had this all planned out. She told Jimmy at school about a movie she
wanted to see. She was sure that it would be a movie that completely suck.
Well Jimmy's dad dropped them off in front of the movie theatre and told
them he'll be back to pick them up in 2 hours. They went inside and Jimmy
paid for the ticket and popcorn and they got there seat. Lucy told him that
she wanted to set in back. About 10 minutes later the movie started, and 15
minutes into it Lucy notice that Jimmy didn't really liked it. She lean over
to him and told him to follower her. He asked what where they going to do
and she told him to trust her. They left there theatre, Lucy looked up and
down the theatre hall to see if anyone was looking and then darted across
the hall to the empty theatre. Jimmy asked why are they in here, she told
them that she had something plan and that she wanted them alone for awhile.

Lucy moved closer to Jimmy and kissed him. At first just with her lips then
she pushed her tongue into his mouth. She came closer to him and having her
breast pressed against his chest she could feel the hard-on Jimmy was started
to get. She slowly placed her hand on the growing monster that was in Jimmy's
pants. She broke their kiss and told him that his must be glad to see her.
Jimmy just nodded. The Lucy grabbed his right hand and placed it on her pussy
and moved it around for him. He soon got the idea and started to fondle her
young pussy through her jeans. The kissed and fondle each other for a few
minutes more then Lucy told him that she wanted him inside her.

She started to take of her blouse, when Jimmy start to question her. 'Was
this what she really want' and shit like that. She told him yes while
removing her jeans. She stood in front of her first love in just her bra and
panties. Jimmy stared at her for the longest time then started to get undress
Himself. Soon they both where in the underwear, when Lucy moved closer to
Jimmy and placed her hand back on his growing dick. She kissed him again and
then started to kiss in neck and work her way down his chest, past his
stomach. When she got to his waistband she stopped and grabbed his underwear
and pulled them down his ankles.

She was amazed at the size of his dick. She thought it was at least 6 inches.
A little shorter than Matt's but it would do. She started to kiss his head
and while she was doing this she looked up at Jimmy and saw his eyes where
closed and his head back. She continue kissing his head, then she slide it
into her mouth. His cock was a little wider than she ever had but she made
do. She bobbed up and down licking her tongue around his dick and felt him
about to cum, when Jimmy pulled out of her mouth.

"What are you doing that for? I don't want to cum in your mouth" then he
started to jack off and finally came. He shot his cum on to the floor and
gathered his clothes up.

"What are you doing?"

"I'm putting my clothes on," Jimmy said as pulling his jeans on. "Why?"

"Because my dad should be here any minute. Did you want to do something
else?" Lucy looked at him in shock. 'I can t believe this.' She says to
herself. 'I'm standing here in my underwear and all he thinks I want to do
is blow him?'

Lucy gathers her clothes on and puts them on in a hurry. Her and Jimmy come
outside just in time to see his dad pull in. Jimmy opens the door for her,
then gets in next to her. Jimmy dad's drops Lucy off and Jimmy walks her to
the door. He tried to kiss her good night, but she turn away and into the
house before he could.

She ran up the stairs and slammed the door to her and Mary's room. Mary was
on her bed reading a book. When Lucy slammed the door she looked up.

"What happened?"

"Jimmy is such a jerk!"

"Why what happened at the movies?"

"Jimmy won't make out with me. He said he just wanted to be friends."

"There is nothing wrong with that."

"Yeah, I know, but I wanted to be more than friends."

"Well just forget Jimmy Moon. There are other fish in the sea. Night, Luc."

"Yeah, I know, night Mary."

Lucy knew what other fish there was and that fish was just down the hall.


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