Seventh Heaven: Lucy's Voyages
by The Midnight Writer ([email protected])

Chapter 5: Lucy Short Seduction Of Matt

It had been a few days since the date with Jimmy Moon at the movies, and
Lucy shot down of getting laid. She figured the only way of her being fucked
was by getting Matt to do it. She knew Simon would do it at the drop of a
hat, but she wanted to safe him for a later date. She wanted to feel her
17-year-old brother's long dick in her, and then she will go after Simon.

It was another night of her parents fuck nights. Mary had a date with
another guy. It was not the one from last month. She had found out that the
guy was spreading rumors that she had put out and was a lousy fuck. Matt was
staying home, but he was planning on to study all night so he would not have
time to sit for Ruthie and Simon. Lucy warned Simon and Ruthie not to make
too much noise, fucking each other, even though Matt was now in the attic,
he could still hear them if they where loud enough. She left Simon and Ruthie
just as Simon was about to stick his dick into Ruthie hairless slit. Simon
and Ruthie had been fucking for about 3 weeks now and Ruthie did not have as
much pain as she did when Simon first stuck his 5-inch dick into her sweet
snatch. Lucy was there for the whole thing.

It was after school, Mary was at a b-ball practice, and Matt was studying at
the library and there folks where at some kind of function at the church.
Lucy had joined them this time for a free for all. As soon Simon and Ruthie
got home and found out that no one was home expect them and ULC, they headed
upstairs. Lucy was in her room, masturbating to the though of Matt sliding
his Dick into her warm and wet pussy. She was about to climax when she heard
a loud groan. She got off her bed and pulled her panties up. She walked down
the hall to Ruthie's room and there was Simon and Ruthie sixty-nining. Lucy
though this was a good time to teach them something new.

She pulled them out of there 69 and brought them to the bed. "I'm going to
show you guys something new. It will be more fun than blowing each other or
masturbating." Ruthie and Simon's eyes widen. I am going to show you guys
how to fuck each other.

"I already know how." Simon said.

"Oh really? How?"

"Well, I stick my dick into Ruth's pussy and move back and forth until I

"Well, you got part of it right. Here Ruth lay down."

Ruthie moved to the center of the room and lay down. Lucy got in front of
Ruthie and spread Ruthie legs.

"OK Simon, come here and kneel in front of Ruth." Simon kneeled in front of
Ruthie. Lucy grabbed his dick and guides it towards Ruthie pussy. "Now Ruth
there is going to be a little pain." Ruthie nodded. Lucy placed Simon's dick
into Ruthie's waiting pussy and slid it a quarter way. Ruthie grimaced.
Simon was about to start fucking Ruthie when Lucy stopped him. "Hold up
Simon, you got to let Ruth get used to your dick in her. Remember she is only
seven. Her pussy hasn't matured yet enough to take a dick of your size yet."

Simon holds off until Lucy said it was ok. 3 minutes later Simon was fucking
Ruthie like there was know tomorrow. Ruthie would scream now and again. When
this was happening Lucy told Simon to ease up and let Ruthie get used to it.
After a half-hour, Lucy told them to stop. She leaned Ruthie into the
bathroom, cleaned her up, and told her to do this every time her and Simon
fucked. Ruthie nodded her head and said that she liked it so much that she
and Simon where going to do this every time. Lucy told not to fuck each other
unless there are sure no one was home of it was just her. Lucy had let them
fuck each other this night because she wanted to be worked up, so she will
have the courage to "seduce" Matt. Lucy left them to fuck each other until
the cows came home and when into her room to change. She was going to put on
something special for Matt.

After she had changed, she headed up the attic stairs to Matt's room. He had
decorated into a modern teenage/young man room. Posters of Athletes, Movie
Actresses, Model and such on his walls. His stereo in one corner, the bed in
the other. Lucy knocked on the open door jam. Matt was sitting in a chair
that his mother had brought up from the basement. He looked up when he heard
the knocking.

"What do you want Luc? I am busy here. I've got finals to study for if I want
to graduate this spring."

"Well, Simon and Ruthie are both in bed and I thought you might want some

"I guess I could take a small break. So what's up in Lucy's world?"

"Nothing much. I went on a date with Jimmy a few days go, but it didn't go


"He kept trying to make me do things in the theater that I didn't want to."

"Did he try to um... you know?"

"Know what?"

"Put your hand on his...."

"NO! However, he kept asking me to. And he kept trying to put his hands on

"Lucy you got to be careful with guys now. Beautiful girls like you can be
taking advantage of very easily."

"You think I'm beautiful?"

"Well, yeah."


"Yes Luc, gees."

Lucy ran over to Matt and kissed him on his cheek. While doing this the
nightgown she was wearing opened up at the top and had flashed Matt her tits
when she bend down.


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