Seventh Heaven: Lucy's Voyages
by The Midnight Writer ([email protected])

Chapter 6: Matt And Lucy Fuck (m/f,inc)

When Matt saw this his dick got instantly hard. "What the hell am I thinking?
She's my sister!" he though. But he could see directly down her nightgown,
from her tits to her feet and he realized that she wasn't wearing any panties
at all. He blushed at the sight of his younger sister naked and it was
turning him on.

"So Luc, what did Jimmy and you do at the movies?"

Lucy sat down on the bed across from Matt.

"Well, everything was going normally, we got our popcorn and sat down near
the back. The movies started a few minutes later. We got to about 15 minutes
into the movie when he put his arm around me. Which I knew was normal for
dates at the movie." Lucy lied.

"Yeah, what else happened?"

"Then his arm started to move farther down to my waist and he start to move
it up my side, just before he got his hand near my chest. I lightly elbowed
him in his side and told him to stop. He said come on, I'll let you touch me
if you let me touch your...."

"Your what, Luc?"

Lucy blushed, "Well my breast, but he didn't say it that way."

"He said your tit, didn't he?"

She swallowed. She looked down and noticed that she could see that Matt was
hard through his jeans. "This is turning him on." She thought to herself. She
nodded, still looking at the floor.

"What did you tell him?" Matt got up and sat down next to her only a few
inches separated them.

"I told him no, but he grabbed my other hand and placed it on his penis. He
was excited. Then he grabbed my breast, and try to kiss me. I pushed him away
and ran out of the theater. He came out and told me he called his father
telling him that you weren't felling well. And that if I told anyone, he
would make my life a living hell by spreading rumors about me."

Matt moved closer to Lucy and gave her a side hug. Lucy still looking down
that Matt was still hard. She looked up at him and gave him a small kiss on
his lips. They stared at each other for a few seconds, then Lucy moved closer
and kissed Matt fully on the lips. The kiss was long and hard, Matt was
responding back, but broke the kiss.

"Luc what the hell are you doing? I'm your brother."

"I know, you just looked like you need to be kissed long and hard." Matt knew
that he had a major hard on and Lucy's kiss made him even hard, but this was
his sister, not a girl from school. But he hadn't got to fool around since
Heather. The dear/mute he dated until she left. He looked back at Lucy, and
made up his mind. He leaned back over to Lucy and kissed her long and hard.
She responded and quickly put her arms around her brother. Matt put his arms
around her, but soon was moving his hands down to her ass.

He light grabbed Lucy's ass, and she'd moaned. Lucy glided him to lay down
on the bed, with her on top. She broke there kiss and straddled him. Lucy
then pulled her nightgown over head and tossed it to the floor. Matt stared
wide eyed at his 13 year old sister naked and on top of him. He grabbed her
small firm tits and kneaded them. He sat back up and started to lick and kiss
her lovely perky breast. He hadn't seen this good pair of tits in a long
while. Lucy moan and was rubbing her hands though Matt's hair. Finally after
a few minutes she laid Matt back down and started to remove his belt. She
slowly removed it and started to unbuckle his pants when Matt stopped her.

"Lucy we cant do that, we're related. What would happen if you got pregnant?"

"Don't worry, I already had my period this month. We are perfectly safe,
beside I want you inside me."

She restarted on unbuckling Matt's pants and got them down to his ankles.
"I have dreamed of this since I saw you coming out of the shower, when you
thought no one was home." She grabbed his underwear and gave them a good

Matt's dick stood straight up like a flagpole. He was bigger than Lucy
originally thought. Matt was a good 8 to 9 inches long. Lucy gasped when she
saw her brother's long slong.

"Oh Matt you're so big."

She moved back up to his dick and gave it a light kiss on the head. Matt
moaned. She kissed it again longer this time and Matt moaned longer. She
started to lick the shaft and play with his balls. When she put his 8 inch
dick in her mouth she was afraid she would be able to get the whole thing in
her mouth.

Matt couldn't believe that she sister was blowing him, and she was quiet
good. He wonder where she had learned it. After what seemed like a lifetime,
Lucy could feel Matt balls churning and finally long stream after stream of
semen came out of Matt. Lucy swallowed every last drop. She removed her mouth
from Matt's limp dick and said.

"So are you ready for the main course?"

"Luc, I love you and everything and you give great head. But I still don't
think we should fuck each other. What if mom and dad came home?"

"They wont. You know they stay out all night on 'date night' "

"OK what about Mary?"

"She wont, she isn't going to be home until way after midnight."

"What about Simon and Ruthie."

"Like I said before, they're asleep". "Which is probably true? I'm sure that
the fucked each other, until they fell asleep." Lucy thought to herself

"So we are perfectly safe" Lucy said.

"You sure?"

"Yes, now fuck me brother. I want to feel your long hot dick in my virgin

Matt was surprise that Lucy was talking this way, but thanks to that he was
hard instantly. Lucy sat back up and straddle herself over Matt's hard dick
and slowly lowered herself to it. When he entered her. Matt couldn't believe
that Lucy was this tight. She started moving up and down on him and groaning
with each downward thrust. Matt placed his hands on her narrow hips and
helped her along.

Soon she was riding him like a bucking horse. Finally Matt and Lucy came
together. Both had came long and hard. Lucy could feel stream after hot
stream of Matt's cum hit her not so virgin womb and soaking in. She pulled
out and laid beside him. They held each other and fell asleep in each others
arms. They were both unaware that they were being watched the entire time


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